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WOW! Crisis in California, Kylie Jenner's Record Poached By Egg, & Government Shutdown Consequences

What's up you beautiful bastards! I hope you're having a fantastic Monday. Welcome back to the Phillip De Franco show and let's jump into it. The first thing we're going to talk about today is the internet is weird, dumb, and fantastic news and that's because we're starting off by talking about egg. And specifically, we're talking about "World Record Egg". Who as of the recording of this video has 3.7 Million followers on Instagram Although by the time this video is up, it is probably going to be much, much more. And that is because, this instagram account with just one photo of egg, now holds in the instagram record for most liked Instagram post in history. The photo which was posted just ten days ago, reads, "Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram". Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner of 18 Million. We got this! And unlike the other countless World Instagram Record accounts… They did get it! Just flying past the previous winner which was Kylie Jenner's Stormi Webster photo whose comments now are being spammed with egg emojis. Kylie Jenner appears rightly unbothered by this, posting a simple meme video of her breaking an egg. Which, just after 15 hours was viewed over 20 Million times And judging by the World Record Egg's Instagram account it, appears that they will be selling merch soon. Which I applaud. Congratulations on winning the social media lottery. Now make that money. Egg, is now also "verified", which, uh, I imagine makes uh a few of my YouTuber friends not too happy… cause they still don't have their blue checkmark and that's it, that's the story. It's stupid, it's adorable and none of it matters But sometimes I need a little of that. But, a question I did want to pass off with this story. Why, do you think this, and things like this happen? Like based on the number of likes, there is a pretty decent chance that those of watching right now you hit that like button as well. Was it just like, ha this is ridiculous, be part of the meme Is it like a super deep commentary about how we as a society value ourselves based off of things that get likes and we honor those that are able to get the most likes But then by putting an egg as the number one like getter maybe we realize that life is dumb and a lot of us value things that really have no meaning maybe we realize that life is dumb and a lot of us value things that really have provide no value in our lives We seek the attention and love from strangers without really getting to to know ourselves first


  1. Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco July 2, 2019

    oh hi. how's your Monday going? let's talk.
    Egg vs Kylie Jenner (00:06), California Teacher Strike (1:58), Mass Opioid Overdose (3:16), TIA (5:54), Govt Shutdown (6:45)

  2. jobriq5
    jobriq5 July 2, 2019

    I don't even use intsagram

  3. The Pack Guy
    The Pack Guy July 2, 2019

    If one asks for an increase in wages then proceeds to ask for an increase in services, one creates a paradox. You get one or the other, money doesn’t grow on trees.

  4. Onetwo Threefour
    Onetwo Threefour July 2, 2019

    all this because a useless and overpriced wall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    „best country in the world“

    sure, seems to all work like a charm

    professional politicians at their best

  5. Sunflower's Girlfriend
    Sunflower's Girlfriend July 2, 2019

    Crisis on Earth! The "Youths for Climate" marches that has taken place in Belgium all year every Thursday are for spreading awareness that we are on a ticking bom, and it has taken off but no one has noticed it yet! Students want to change the world, and here they are actually doing it!
    Please cover this story, you would find it incredibly interesting!

  6. Cristalveil
    Cristalveil July 2, 2019

    To answer the egg question is yes

  7. Justine Polanic
    Justine Polanic July 2, 2019

    Dude watching that inspirational deep egg speech high, 10/10

  8. Mimi Jaffer - Clarke
    Mimi Jaffer - Clarke July 2, 2019

    Wow, the first strike in 30 years? We have teacher strikes in the UK 3-4 times a year! It depends on the area of course but they are usually nationwide! It seems crazy that y’all never strike! Mind you Britons are the best procrastinators, any excuse for a Snow Day 😂

  9. Frederick Thorne
    Frederick Thorne July 2, 2019

    the egg says we are collectively hilarious

  10. duhsmersh
    duhsmersh July 2, 2019

    thank god kylie got rekt by an egg. Female don't deserve the world handed to them just cuz they're beautiful.

  11. Caitlin Handshoe
    Caitlin Handshoe July 2, 2019

    I know that his shutdown is horrible and negatively affecting A LOT of Americans, but please don't hurt trees over it :/

  12. Christina DP
    Christina DP July 2, 2019

    i wonder how far this will go before American citizens get the balls to really stand up to their government.

  13. Jory Schultz
    Jory Schultz July 2, 2019

    Just give trump the 5.6 for the wall problem solve that’s nothing compared to what the government spends on illegals a year or are military or other useless things

  14. Jory Schultz
    Jory Schultz July 2, 2019

    They have plenty of money for the schools they just go and waste it on stupid stuff and it Doesn’t go where it’s deserved also California can use all that money they get from taxes on the education system

  15. Sable Marquette
    Sable Marquette July 2, 2019

    Do it for the meeeeeeeeemes

  16. Jenna Lynn Lace
    Jenna Lynn Lace July 2, 2019

    I wonder if the members of the executive and legislative branch had to rely on the government being up and running to get paid the same way TSA agents do, would the shutdown really have gone on so long

  17. Ashley Ann
    Ashley Ann July 2, 2019

    well Im a week late but thanks for talking about Chico. The whole county has been messed up with ODs this last week and you hit it on the head. this is a huge problem for anybody.

  18. Moon Stone
    Moon Stone July 2, 2019

    Love this video

  19. EcnalKcin
    EcnalKcin July 2, 2019

    Support the glorious wall that will keep all people without access to ladders or decent climbing ability out!! We will be a nation without illegal old ladies or cripples stealing our jobs because they won't be able to climb a ladder. Think of all the jobs such a wall will provide as it is built, then upgraded, again and again, until it is marginally effective at keeping people out. We must build this wall for the future of America where only those that own ladders can become illegal immigrants! 'Merica!

  20. Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour July 2, 2019

    Show this to How To Basic

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