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WOLFBLOOD S2E1 – Leader Of The Pack (full episode)

y-you smell ah Tom brought us a present dog chews I'm sure he meant well – do you know what these things are made out of men are an animal hiding Merrill and we're in the den dad Oh present from Shannon apparently it's the wise old owl from the forest keeping a watchful eye on all wolfbloods hmm bashing him on the ad she just wants to be part of things at least we know Shannon won't betray a secret nothing can break that special bond between a girl and a dog um I'm not a dog promise that I keep I'll never share I'll never speak to my grave the secret through this fuck you boobies and there you are home how'd she find me your mom said you're staying over at Maddie's on the full moons oh well I thought at my help if it looks like they're visitors on a full moon no one will suspect a giver will you actually do Shannon you did it well that's the science Tom it is vital that we know Maddie's not an experiment in a lab she's our friend Shan well you won't want to watch this then are they going to transformation is not instantaneous all three of them seem to have changed slightly different times you've got what you wanted right so let's just sure Maddie is attempting to get out of the cellar sure her parents seem agitated too of course this could just be the natural reaction to being locked up Shannon what do we do would you is is yridian vidiian peace poor friends they're not friends so what do we do fun good you okay okay I'm on it I'm not Tom and Shannon didn't have a choice but it's embarrassing the dens private there's not much then he's wild wolfbloods didn't stay long I hate the human world I didn't think they'd follow me this far who were they Aaron a minor they're just beta wolves henchmen and Orick and he's all the way you're being chased by the pack leader what happened broke the rules what rules office don't just leave the pattern he chased you all the way here how did you make him mad angry not unless you did something unforgivable he hated me okay cuz I was new cuz I didn't obey stupid laws because it was different in fact he hate me for the same reasons that you hate me scrambled off right come on ready and we don't we don't hate you you threw me out of your pack this isn't about us it's about why there's a wild alpha male roaming around our territory putting us all in danger I didn't mean for this to happen well done ma'am don't worry about me I'm gone nowhere to go come back inside your parents don't want me here they're just scared that there's more going on than what you telling us but you know what I don't care so I'll Rick's out there running around big deal maybe you did some bad stuff out there who cares all I care about is you to come back inside am you part of the pack of them okay so how we're gonna fix this we'll make some calls social services lots of social services on back they've sent me to a home there are people we can go to wolfbloods in positions of authority that can solve problems the rest of us count oh cool it's at wolfblood mafia Tom stop it first thing let's get you to home so you can change for school well have fun in double physics now what makes you think you're not going young lady and don't forget tonight's school's first-ever judo class starts I see we have some takers already martial arts are an excellent way to develop self-reliance so from 4 o'clock today I don't understand why they've chased him all this way must be something he's not telling this listeners are me really bad he looked terrified good job you're in the woods last night so I hope a lot of you will be there I'd also like to thank James for organizing the lunchtime taster session so it's a real display of initiative on his part something this school could weld it with more of so are you coming to judo then said I hear it's a good exercise for the more mature man you go for I use my black belt in origami Geoffrey oh yeah I hope you're proud of yourself are you two ready I'm not gonna tell her about the camera and neither will you shut up wolf blows we'll get found out one day the internet camera Falls CCTV it is gonna happen and whoever finds them might decide that they're a danger to humanity for their evil but I'll have evidence proving that they can control their instincts and there peacefully among humans the day the secret finally comes out my evidence might be the only thing that can save it oh that's actually really smart it's true Tom I'm doing it to make them safer fine I won't tell if you take the camera then what you just said yourself you already have enough evidence yeah I saw at least even one place where they can be themselves why don't answering you get an into a state about nothing Matt's what if the wild wolfbloods never left what's their tuck in the house right now those wolf bliss a halfway back to the frozen north find out exactly your parents are just sorting out with you and everything's gonna be fine like my sensei will tell you tonight in judo never oppose strength with strength work out your opponent's attack and use their weaknesses against them so who's first me brilliant remember what I said guys Quan Jimmy all right Kay stand square on the map and spread your weight evenly between bites be pretty sure they're fine yeah have you been Wow you really need a haircut what what seen the last of you where've you been betty was on the run from who the hairdresser's when his running away made anyone a hero no one called him a hero so why's everyone treat him like a rock star he's just a kid who ran away so what is this Jimmy a pajama party judo actually kid stuff really tried to grab me like hailey come on Jimmy right hey same old Rhydian No we don't think it is world of 1918 was very different hurry up Rhydian you're already three months late it's not make it any worse soldiers returning from the front they were changed by their experience they returned uncommunicative prone to mood swings and unable to adjust to their old way of life daddy cardstock got a photograph the doodle oh wait I'm sorry I did it mommy sorry Rhydian and you just go and do the same or stupid thing again coming back from the world it's not like coming home from a holiday hey everything's changed you've changed what did you expect I mean the things you're doing the world they're different and then you come back and you just feel Moody apparently why does it always have to be my fault I'm just trying to help here is just trying to help me what by asking questions all the time we just stay out of my head okay you you hey outside Cosby they have look he's a ring your parents to keep everyone inside they won't come on to the school not were they were humans here I'll go out and lead him away don't be stupid ideas they're trying to kill you you can't just is my fault I brought to me yeah it is your fault you still not going out there alone remember how judo is about understanding your enemy using their strengths against him I don't think Gia's gonna help Asia no but Britain understands the world part a bit and we can use that we shouldn't be here on this risk for the find cub who made your pond Alec isn't it I came for him no don't believe without it you can defeat your leader what's up Alric scared of a few kids oh no electricity light walls catch quick get going if the smell you hear run to the Teen Wolf of you she don't protect you whatever villians done it's over you don't belong here tell ad to him he encouraged my pack to contaminate themselves with human contents not wrong cervix with humans we mix with them we become like them we become with you brought that weakness into my back and you will pay for it you're breaking the rules King this is our territory and brilliance one of our pack and you need to leave now brief words for Teen Wolf look at yourselves your eyes your veins look at all the evidence I reckon there are humans everywhere what if they see this what's the number one rule don't let humans find out what I will do that won't work one click of a button and I'll send them halfway around the world or I can make the evidence disappear if you leave and you never come back you have to do as the coach says I told you we should have never entered human territory required you mewling cowards your team wolfblood nose see what the mush the most important thing to me is my part my friends if it means saving Rhydian I'll tell the entire forget this your responsibilities to your back if you won't do the right thing no no need at all yeah and don't come back you aren't Rhydian you keep him on your back and my pack we are enemies now to save Rhydian I'll tell the whole world I had to say something he wasn't gonna punish you Rhydian he was gonna kill you look whatever you did it's your business but next time you annoy your pack leader so much that he breaks all the rules and as the human world lets himself get photographed just gives a bit of warning yeah because our shots would have looked a whole lot better on the 35 millimeter camera I'm glad a claim but not hot off as glad as I am you you


  1. jakharicowan
    jakharicowan July 12, 2019

    shannon is a crazy BIT SKUT

  2. Heron Geda
    Heron Geda July 12, 2019

    did anyone see shannon hit tom because he laughing how redihyn push down that guy lol

  3. rogue warden
    rogue warden July 12, 2019

    Stop at 17:32 on the left paper sign it says damn it and something about batteries🤣

  4. Ciera Griffin
    Ciera Griffin July 12, 2019

    I Love 🐺

  5. Mohammad Chowdhury
    Mohammad Chowdhury July 12, 2019

    Shannon had me so pissed with the video camera. Not even 3 mins in and already she's being invasive.

  6. Joseph Joseph
    Joseph Joseph July 12, 2019

    Did you see shannon and Tom 14:39

  7. Alana Haye
    Alana Haye July 12, 2019

    Hit the like button if u want to be a wolfblood

  8. Simon Vaeta
    Simon Vaeta July 12, 2019

    I am so in love with wolfblood but what's wrong with Shannon

  9. Dana Khalid
    Dana Khalid July 12, 2019

    i just HATE shannon cause of her obsession with wolf bloods like shes just so into it i cant

  10. FieryWolfDancer
    FieryWolfDancer July 12, 2019

    I hated Shannon in season one, I hate Shannon all the way thru season two, and guess what, I think Shannon is the most annoying character in season three as well.

  11. Fyre Vorce
    Fyre Vorce July 12, 2019

    23:34 that smack to the door

  12. Alexandra Boyadzhieva
    Alexandra Boyadzhieva July 12, 2019

    The Ks charging at Jimmy 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Almetris Crowder
    Almetris Crowder July 12, 2019

    A bad one

  14. Almetris Crowder
    Almetris Crowder July 12, 2019

    I think Shannon is a friend

  15. Elussive
    Elussive July 12, 2019

    I got triggerd when i saw the camera in the owl

  16. Ahmet Taş
    Ahmet Taş July 12, 2019

    Türkçe çeviri istiyorum

  17. Maarten Bakker
    Maarten Bakker July 12, 2019

    Good serie

  18. Daisy Lozano
    Daisy Lozano July 12, 2019


  19. Ruby littel
    Ruby littel July 12, 2019

    Is this seoson on Netflix?

  20. Phoenix Aishii
    Phoenix Aishii July 12, 2019

    Wolfblood mafia 😂 😆

  21. Sila Whoop
    Sila Whoop July 12, 2019


  22. Xischaune Ulhaq
    Xischaune Ulhaq July 12, 2019

    Hey i see alot of bad comments about shannon even though i agree to it but it is not the actors fault that she has to play that character . It is the character Shannon of the books that we are talking about not the actress so stop being mean cause no one asked for your opinion

  23. Younes Forkhani
    Younes Forkhani July 12, 2019

    Am i the only one who watched it on netflix and searched for season 2

  24. Nelly Cárdenas
    Nelly Cárdenas July 12, 2019

    Can you see it with subtitles? Is that I would like to see it subtitled :3

  25. Atxnxs
    Atxnxs July 12, 2019

    I love this serie but…the jokes are cringy just focus on maddie and rhydian hahaha

  26. Warrior Cat Fan #1
    Warrior Cat Fan #1 July 12, 2019

    I don’t understand this episode the pack chases off
    Rhydian and they now want him back?

  27. ranisha richards
    ranisha richards July 12, 2019

    Really Shanna first thing I see is you spying you really don't want ppl to trust or like you

  28. Patricia Arroyo Estevez
    Patricia Arroyo Estevez July 12, 2019

    I really don’t like Shannon im sorry but I don’t

  29. Hilma Ndakola
    Hilma Ndakola July 12, 2019

    Shannon is just too much

  30. Sonia Martin
    Sonia Martin July 12, 2019

    Shannon is so desperate

  31. Shona Rose
    Shona Rose July 12, 2019

    Uhm… I'm pretty sure that's not how packs work??? Packs are all one big family, and the alpha male is usually the grandpa or something, so why would he want to kill his own kin? A pack constructed of different families is very rare, at least in the real world.

  32. Myrlanda Charles
    Myrlanda Charles July 12, 2019

    why shonn have to spi on maddy one of my friends would naver do that to me

  33. Kelesha Arboine
    Kelesha Arboine July 12, 2019

    What happened to leanie or whatever he's called hair.

    I love it

  34. Queen Imani
    Queen Imani July 12, 2019

    Shannon is so sneaky

  35. David Guava
    David Guava July 12, 2019

    What the he’ll happened since season 1?!?

  36. Ice wolf
    Ice wolf July 12, 2019

    Does anyone notice that his legs look smaller and he looks like he is not sitting down14:58

    NADIRA CHOONARA July 12, 2019

    That female wild-wolfblood looks nothing like Jana in season 2, 3 and 4😪

  38. Jenaia Vanna
    Jenaia Vanna July 12, 2019

    10:56-I agree with Shannon because if people finds out they are wolfbloods one day,they will think they are dangerous to humanity and they will want to get raid of wolfbloods, and they may think that wolfbloods can hurt people when it's a full moon 🌕 so now Shannon has a video to prove that that is what wolfblood do to keep people safe and protect their secret from people hearing about it and keep wild wolfbloods away.

    Hope u guys agree with me 😊

  39. elemental emeralds
    elemental emeralds July 12, 2019

    I have a question. Why isnt rhydian in the credits?

  40. unknown b
    unknown b July 12, 2019


  41. Antonio Owens
    Antonio Owens July 12, 2019

    I do

  42. Summer Hope
    Summer Hope July 12, 2019

    I don't like Rhydian's hair like this

  43. Geenie A
    Geenie A July 12, 2019

    I absolutely hate Shannon. She's a horrible friend

  44. Debora Getahun
    Debora Getahun July 12, 2019

    He better get that hideous head of hair fixed!

  45. krazy k
    krazy k July 12, 2019

    My friend: What the hell kinda crap is this.
    Me: GRRRRRR.
    My friend: dude what's up with your eyes?

  46. سلطان المنعي
    سلطان المنعي July 12, 2019

    Love you guys sooooooo much

  47. Katlego Prince Goitseone
    Katlego Prince Goitseone July 12, 2019

    omg mardy

  48. Shadowclaw beta
    Shadowclaw beta July 12, 2019

    Wolf blood squad!!! 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  49. GachaLover Foreve
    GachaLover Foreve July 12, 2019

    woah woah woah! what happened to rhydian hair!

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