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  1. Bruce Mincks
    Bruce Mincks May 24, 2019

    3:00 We should remember that Barr's decision, not Trump's authority, makes any concept of agency in a context of principal impossible, either for purposes of contract or the torts among those parties.

  2. John Carter
    John Carter May 24, 2019

    This country is booming lowest unemployment in decades,stock market soaring,bringing our military back from decay,a VA that’s finally helping our vets on and on,so with all this success ,how about we dig into to this tax situation,sounds like the logical thing to do to me…you guys are pitiful.You have to keep coming up with conspiracies and allegations to distract from the rigging of election and framing of a presidential candidate.The boot is about to drop ,bye-bye

  3. Mike Turner
    Mike Turner May 24, 2019

    Wolf Blitzer is a absolute JOKE!! Cnn is fake news And is about to be shown how pathetic they are. Fake news "Barr" NONE!

  4. Leonaza7
    Leonaza7 May 24, 2019

    I dont agree here. On any level.

  5. Marton Steve
    Marton Steve May 24, 2019


  6. TheJagjr4450
    TheJagjr4450 May 24, 2019

    Jeffries admitted the purpose of requesting Trump's taxes was illegitimate. He said it was to bring Trump into compliance with what other presidents have done in the past… then pass a law, the law states that it must be in a legitimate purpose that the request is made… it is not.

  7. Arman M
    Arman M May 24, 2019

    I’m allergic to your voice and that stupid background music bro… retire already

  8. Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez May 24, 2019

    CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "Almost A Complete Vindication" Of The President By The Attorney General

  9. Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez May 24, 2019

    Wolf is full of bullshit,. Fuck you puto vendio

  10. Gregory Hawkins
    Gregory Hawkins May 24, 2019

    House of rep stop wasting your time with Wolf Blitzer he got you talking nonsense he look like he a robot

  11. Gregory Hawkins
    Gregory Hawkins May 24, 2019

    House representative not just the Republicans out of control the Democrats out of control 2 and the reason why y'all not for the people

  12. Gregory Hawkins
    Gregory Hawkins May 24, 2019

    House rep why you still talking to Wolf Blitzer might he asking silly questions he's too intelligent to he playing you

  13. Gregory Hawkins
    Gregory Hawkins May 24, 2019

    I see why Trump calls CNN fake news don't waste your time you too intelligent for that you know what time it is Trump been sold his soul for a jelly roll you have to be deaf dumb and blind talk to me house rep

  14. Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks May 24, 2019

    Confederate News Network = CNN. You fought hard to ban Infowars and Alex Jones and now you get to hear comments by someone like me right on your site so when we search something we get various MSM related videos. Seems like someone wants to stay relevant and watched. I'm one of those 'trolls' you read so much about. Your welcome CNN. If you want have Wolf himself clap back at me. I'm his intellectual superior so let's hear it Wolf. Speak your mind. Remember Trump supporters are suppose to lack intelligence. Dazzle us Wolf with your brilliance.

  15. Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks May 24, 2019

    I totally want to know what Wolf Blizter King of Fake Media thinks about this. They didn't get Trump on 'collusion' so the true reason was finding ways to investigate to find something, anything to use against him as a person, and a president, and now they move on to the tax return. What they actually expose is this false idea that is precedent to release the tax return by presidential candidates and now argue it is their 'oversight duty'. If that were true then why not make it a law long ago that required it. They are making up BS to achieve their political ends and agenda.

  16. Rose Phoenix
    Rose Phoenix May 24, 2019

    This is what happens at many people are not returning of the releases of tax return that to everyone to make sure that is falling divorce making more excuses bringing more lawyers and making more of how you say what's going on to America especially for American people who is responsibility and who is not responsibility and everyone went to find out is the real facts already when it come out the answer in the truth that anyone could say about it that some of them are returning direct tax returns released some of them and some of them are not and this is why they had to make sure that to trust them trust each other and Trust over somebody else to make sure that everyone follows divorce after tax return this is the way it is but some of them are not returning for they tax return then I cannot tell you anything about it because the rest of the story you already know some of you do know some of you you don't know I'm not very sure about it but this is going to be like some suspicious but let people decide that they really want to see of a tax return that everything is fine but if they do not release it of tax return that they could be hiding of a covered up and some bizarre and suspicious about it that of America people that what's going on with the tax return I mean many others want to find out many other want to answer as many others want to find out if they could trust somebody that's the real truth this is especially that making more excuses all the time for over like the Thai year for the past to the present into the future but that the decision is going to be that the people of inside that make their own decisions and make sure that they could trust people and other people in it they are released today tax return a day do the right thing because everyone need to photo divorce by the Law & Justice from America every 50 states small Two Towns big cities in what kind of other stuff

  17. Andrew Christopher
    Andrew Christopher May 24, 2019

    Hill or valley, or even broad plain, the important thing is for Democrats being "willing to die." Now can't be soon enough. America must shrug off its degenerate effluvia. People like today's Dems would never have fought WWII. They would died.

  18. Sheik Yo Booty
    Sheik Yo Booty May 24, 2019

    ONLY racists traitors criminal morons and sexual predators support this pussygrabber POS DRUMPF

  19. Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow May 24, 2019


  20. Marco Mboya
    Marco Mboya May 24, 2019

    So the issue is the practice of releasing tax returns, IS IT ILLEGAL?

  21. 17 76
    17 76 May 24, 2019

    They're dieing by blocking college financial aid to vets but same day giving 27 million to illegal immigrants.

  22. 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 May 24, 2019


  23. James Vincent Franco
    James Vincent Franco May 24, 2019

    He failed to get Manafort to Talk. He Murdred Putin and All of Russia,all of yours And everyone elses Billion Distractions a Second. Every Lawyer Politician General and Basket Ball Star was on All the Stations with an opinion and A tid bit of Info, a distraction from The Truth Manafort Was the only conduit Directly From Putin To the to Trump

  24. James Vincent Franco
    James Vincent Franco May 24, 2019

    I do not Like You, CNN. You have less loyalty to the Truth Than Trump has to anything. You pushed with The Force of A Hundred Rhinos. In 5 mins You took Muellers Failed Report and Said . Well I guess thats Over. Mueller Failed. Show your Viewers the Line from Putin To Manaforts Uk President ( boss) escape to Putin and then Manaforts Arrival to Trump

  25. Thai Craft
    Thai Craft May 24, 2019

    ANSWER: Let’s hope so

  26. Paul Bouchard
    Paul Bouchard May 24, 2019

    Wolf, this is desperate manuver, in the lee of a failed. mueller investigation.
    Atty General. Barr has moved forward assembling a special investigation team, spying on a political campaign. Hopefully a 30 million dollar budget employing 19 partisan attys, and 40 FBI agents , 22 months might get it done

  27. kleptobyte
    kleptobyte May 24, 2019

    "Tax returns can be released to the public even if you are under audit." She missed one important word…..VOLUNTARILY released. No tax returns can be released to the public by the government. Violation of 4th Amendment protections and the inherent right to privacy decided in Roe v Wade. Do dems want to unravel Roe? Really?

  28. Lee Melton
    Lee Melton May 24, 2019

    I don’t know if Democrats will die on this hill, but I’ll bring the shovels!🕳⚰️🥀

  29. Osmon Frances
    Osmon Frances May 24, 2019


  30. Osmon Frances
    Osmon Frances May 24, 2019


  31. Jeff Tatus
    Jeff Tatus May 24, 2019

    You have to go all the way back to when Trump was being updated by Obama on the transition. I still cannot get over the looks and posture of Trump during this time. It is clear to me that Trump finally realized the consequences of being elected POTUS. When you see Trump's face and posture… you have to wonder how scared Trump really was. This is why Trump cannot keep any Cabinet Members for very long. Trump just isn't "built" for running this Country… as he ran the Trump Organization. I think that Trump would rather "Resign" than face the truth about his wealth, finances, and; the scams he needs to run to protect himself.

  32. JR N
    JR N May 24, 2019

    What is Trump hiding? He is so smart but he hides his grades.
    He has been exonerated but we can't see the report.
    He is a billionaire but they are hiding his tax returns…why? Why so many lies and cover-ups in plain sight?

  33. 888strummer
    888strummer May 24, 2019

    This is so stupid. There is NO law on the books that says the president must show his tax return, so the dems cannot overturn the law. The dems haven't stopped crying since President Trump won. It doesn't matter if every president chose to show their taxes to the public. There is NO law on the books that says the president must show his taxes. If the economy holds up, trump is re-elected and president until 2024. Dems got 6 more years of crying

  34. Cesar Sánchez
    Cesar Sánchez May 24, 2019

    CNN fake news, the enemy of United States of America.

  35. Kolypsa Disruptive Technology
    Kolypsa Disruptive Technology May 24, 2019

    Why is CNN using political extremism headlines like "bloodbath at the border" and "die on this hill"? Kind of dark.

  36. genaroman78
    genaroman78 May 24, 2019


  37. Tom Gunz
    Tom Gunz May 24, 2019

    Oh, now we're doing this again? CNN, you are a very sad "news" outlet.

  38. DeskAgent
    DeskAgent May 24, 2019

    Doesn't matter. Democrats die a little bit each time they open their mouths. Kinda like CNN.

  39. Nicole Love
    Nicole Love May 24, 2019

    donald j. trump stated that he actually "grab 'em by the …." and how kiss on the women, (because he believes that his wealth and his name gives him that right) and his delusional, deplorable base condones his behavior. But Former VP of POTUS 44, Joe Biden, did no such thing to harrass anyone!! he only hugged a few folks, without any bad intentions, (hec, donald trump hugs Ivanka more intimately than we've seen Jared do) ~ and now they tried to use trump's dirty tactic of trying to call foul, because they're feeling a little intimidated by the upcoming election.

    Not only will the people remember the evil deeds of donald j. trump, they will also remember how he played his "base," and the sounds they made.

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