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Wind Cancer, Dumps, and Babies: Songify the News #18

This, is a picture of Aquaman. Tontons, Mr. President! This is a beloved species. Okay, i’m a little lost, but I like the
direction you’re going in so let’s just do key of Dm…and…go! This is Ronald reagan of course Riding on a dinosaur A rocket launcher, a machine gun, Unmistakable patriotism Reagan is super strapped Holding up a tattered American flag This is the real solution to climate change: Babies. American babies They’ll fix our problems American babies, babieees
American babies So we don’t have to solve ‘em
American babies, babieeees The real solution to climate change is:
Fall in love and make some frickin’ babies My aspiration
American babies, babies Is population
American babies, babies x2 Wind I know a lot about wind, wind’s not
so good. No, it doesn’t blow, you can forget about
television windmills, the noise causes cancer, kills all the people windmills, just like a graveyard, they wipe out the bald eagles wind cancer, rahr rahr
wind cancer, rahr rahr Do they call cancer just give us an answer The science tells us no. Julian Assange said there would be a, quote, massive dump Said there would be a massive dump So Mr. Trump Was aware of the upcoming dump? Yes. Though, sir, I don’t know whether he knew What the substance of the dump was Only that there was going to be a dump On speakerphone? Yes. And he was aware of that before the dump occurred? Yessir. Going to be a dump a massive dump a massive dump
quote, massive dump, a dump I am ashamed that I chose to take part in
the cover-up The cover-up of the dump
A massive dump A massive dump
quote massive dump A dump! I pray the country doesn’t see the dump I did many times How many times? 50 times? More. 100 times? More. 200 times? More. 500 times? Probably. It is painful to admit
And so I lied about it Massive dumpWas that disruptive?Was that disruptive? I know that you mean no disrespect But 10 years now for current events We’re like Oprah out here giving out bops Hit that horn and bring the dropHow much louder do you want it More 10 times More 25 times More 16,000 times More American babies A massive dump American babies, babies Wind cancer, massive dump wind cancer, rahr rahr American babies riding on a dinosaur rahr rahr, american babies Sharks with fricking lasers on their heads I would like apologize to all my ancestors who are ghosts watching right now for this display of dumbitude. Come be a part of the SCHMO FAMILY by joining the channel! and getting all the tracks and goodies! and happy 10 year auto-tune-i-versary! auto-tune the news SONGIFY THE NEWS everything sounds better in perfect tune


  1. schmoyoho
    schmoyoho April 9, 2019

    Anyone watching this who is a 0-year-old baby, thanks for fixing our disasters 🙏 / JOIN THE CHANNEL AND BE A GREGORY:
    replay buttons: *wind cancer*: 0:59
    massive dumps: 1:29
    even more massive dumps: 1:52
    air horn that we did not edit into video: 2:23
    dinosaurs, aquaman, and babies: 0:14
    mining for gold: 2:09

  2. Corey Poynter
    Corey Poynter April 11, 2019


  3. 李佳
    李佳 April 11, 2019


  4. L D
    L D April 11, 2019

    still got it!

  5. Skye Garcia
    Skye Garcia April 11, 2019

    For anyone who wasn't aware, the scene with the raptor and American babies and such, was real, but was meant to satirize the Green New Deal, so as to be equally unrealistic. So yeah, enjoy that extra piece of context.

  6. Martin Murillo
    Martin Murillo April 11, 2019

    Love to see this

  7. Paul MacDonald
    Paul MacDonald April 11, 2019

    45 👎as I type this🤣

  8. hollow gamer
    hollow gamer April 11, 2019

    wtf is the news anymore?

  9. RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 April 11, 2019

    This song cured my wind cancer, didn't even know i had it, it's THAT good.

  10. tetraxel
    tetraxel April 11, 2019


  11. Sierra B.
    Sierra B. April 11, 2019

    my new favorite word: dumbitude

  12. O'Malley Caboose 5
    O'Malley Caboose 5 April 11, 2019

    How can you be lossed lol. It's pretty self explanatory. The tartans were a more serious concern than the bogus green new deal.

  13. HellsPlumber
    HellsPlumber April 12, 2019

    I had to go an check if Trump really said those things about wind turbines.
    I hoped it was just some good editing, but he sure did. Of course he did.

  14. ExtraJimmy
    ExtraJimmy April 12, 2019

    I love this one. I love you guys.

  15. sad and gay
    sad and gay April 12, 2019

    He seems awfully concerned about cancer for someone who lives on a fucking sunbed

  16. Osa Omoragbon
    Osa Omoragbon April 12, 2019

    This is a smash hit but when is Katie Couric (the Marvel Stan Lee of Autotune the news) making her return? She should at least be having cameos and shit.

  17. JoAnna Edssay
    JoAnna Edssay April 12, 2019

    Thumbs up 🙂

  18. Seiko
    Seiko April 12, 2019

    I… What? How much if this is legit news footage?

  19. James Kaplonek
    James Kaplonek April 12, 2019


    Was that disruptive?

  20. Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump
    Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump April 12, 2019

    Save the children

  21. Cypherous
    Cypherous April 12, 2019

    I too need a massive dump

  22. mmagos
    mmagos April 12, 2019

    Where/how did you get your hands on an old Tecumseh Band uniform?

  23. Sirmemesalot
    Sirmemesalot April 12, 2019

    They call you Jabba the hutt for a reason

  24. Fidel Spears
    Fidel Spears April 12, 2019

    I heard the air horn and I thought it was a collab with Vic Berger for a moment.

  25. Saff Michael
    Saff Michael April 12, 2019

    Massive dump….you are better than that Schmoyoho

  26. Kindle Fire
    Kindle Fire April 12, 2019


  27. Irongutz
    Irongutz April 12, 2019

    10/10 would give mysterious blonde actress babies

  28. CandCfans101
    CandCfans101 April 12, 2019

    I knew this was coming the moment I saw Mike Lee spend 20 minutes of CSPAN airtime shitposting.

  29. myles adams
    myles adams April 13, 2019

    Damn it's been ten years I've been down since we where songifying history.

  30. diamondkid300
    diamondkid300 April 14, 2019

    Wait was was the actual context with the wind one

  31. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln April 14, 2019

    I just unsubscribed, make fun of both sides or you aren't funny, you're partisan.

  32. AllEgEd PAncAkE2
    AllEgEd PAncAkE2 April 14, 2019

    Songify Robin Williams

  33. Niwa
    Niwa April 14, 2019

    The woman next to the picture is trying so hard not to burst out in laughter

  34. drunkin12Many
    drunkin12Many April 15, 2019

    that was trash.
    Complete and utter trash

  35. Raul A. Pinto
    Raul A. Pinto April 15, 2019

    "Ain't that Mr. Mister…?"

  36. Causeless Rebel
    Causeless Rebel April 15, 2019


  37. Gustavo Widman
    Gustavo Widman April 15, 2019

    This should be qualified as its own genre of music

  38. Pennywaffer
    Pennywaffer April 16, 2019

    So happy you guys are still around

  39. ExtraJimmy
    ExtraJimmy April 16, 2019

    I want to add that the zoom in on Michael is awesome and the lighting blends very well. This is all in addition to the great song. I will ask my parents to sign up for your patreon as well as ERB. Fuck all the haters you guys rock and have for a decade.

  40. originalleetbeast
    originalleetbeast April 16, 2019

    DAMN GUYS!!! I wanted this series to come back but never thought it would. I hope to see more as the election race picks up!

  41. ReflectiveWolf
    ReflectiveWolf April 16, 2019

    Man, I feel like I missed some bs because I don't even know what is going on in most of the 'news' used. LOL.

  42. Sumtinrandom
    Sumtinrandom April 18, 2019

    I looked up some of the sources for these videos.

    The USA's political landscape is a carnival.

  43. Torii Lee
    Torii Lee April 19, 2019

    Please do a song about this article

  44. SSpankin Stangs
    SSpankin Stangs April 19, 2019

    The title makes sense now

  45. Jessica H
    Jessica H April 21, 2019

    This is really good lol

  46. VocalCalibration
    VocalCalibration April 26, 2019

    Am I the only one who's still caught up on
    "This is a picture of Aquaman"
    Was that real?

  47. Martin Ramaker
    Martin Ramaker April 27, 2019


  48. Matthew 2400000
    Matthew 2400000 April 28, 2019

    A massive dump

  49. Cole Kiker
    Cole Kiker April 28, 2019

    Can't help but watching the woman in glasses on the right at 2:14

  50. Jan Sanono
    Jan Sanono May 1, 2019

    Looking back at this, you shouldve brought back the giant yellow green screen heads for old time's sake.

  51. David Umstattd
    David Umstattd May 14, 2019

    When I saw this I thought “they better signify this.”

    He right though. Geniuses figure solutions that solve these major problems. More babies increases the chances for more geniuses.

  52. Friendlyfire22 K
    Friendlyfire22 K May 21, 2019

    What massive dumps…

  53. Nathan Albritton
    Nathan Albritton May 22, 2019

    This video cured my wind cancer. Thank you Schmoyoho!

  54. Good Aldred
    Good Aldred May 28, 2019

    We need the Bill Nye rant autotuned!

  55. Bobert Johnson
    Bobert Johnson May 30, 2019

    In this episode of “did Trump actually say that?”,
    “Wind turbines cause cancer”

  56. Blah Blah
    Blah Blah June 3, 2019

    Wind cancer wweeeerrreeewr

  57. cws006
    cws006 June 3, 2019

    16,000 times more please!

  58. ksol1460tv
    ksol1460tv June 7, 2019

    They took a dump with Donald Trump!

  59. RobinFlysHigh
    RobinFlysHigh June 17, 2019

    1:23 Shout out to my local news station kcci channel 8 👍

  60. Morenob
    Morenob June 19, 2019

    That American Babies hook sounds so dope damn I'm gonna copy this beat

  61. Ruffnek
    Ruffnek June 22, 2019

    Be aware of Lasersharks.. luvIt cheers mate

  62. Ruffnek
    Ruffnek June 22, 2019

    2:51 min awesome 😂😂🙈💃💃💃

  63. Emergency Shotput
    Emergency Shotput June 22, 2019

    wholy shat your POTUS now?

  64. golden gorilla
    golden gorilla June 23, 2019

    I wonder why on the news they talk about the weirdest things

  65. MacheteSquad121
    MacheteSquad121 June 28, 2019

    Tontons are the greatest threat to the free world

  66. a cat
    a cat July 5, 2019

    You guys always compose in the weirdest keys.

  67. Bobert Johnson
    Bobert Johnson July 7, 2019

    Are the windmills spinning backwards yet?

  68. Corban Thenoob
    Corban Thenoob July 9, 2019

    1:05 the way Trump says “it doesn’t Blow” gave me cancer

  69. Halby G
    Halby G July 11, 2019

    I think your stuff was better when you just took the raw footage, and didn't put your own face in stuff.

  70. Callen Wagner
    Callen Wagner July 16, 2019

    My coworkers /say/ they hate me for playing this at max volume once a day for a month. …but i know they love it.

  71. zlac
    zlac July 17, 2019


  72. Maddy
    Maddy July 22, 2019

    Songify the news is my fave 💗

  73. davidilogho
    davidilogho August 1, 2019


  74. Ljink
    Ljink August 8, 2019

    "I pray the country doesn't see the dump"


  75. Koolgril21 a
    Koolgril21 a August 11, 2019

    Y O O F

    (Yikes and oof)

  76. jim haglund
    jim haglund August 12, 2019

    fuck tha danish, apparently..

  77. JY Bong
    JY Bong August 17, 2019

    Dad: what are you watching?
    Me: News

  78. Liliana Hudler
    Liliana Hudler August 17, 2019

    Honestly, outside of Spanish Literature, I have never seen a man with a more intense and irrational hatred of windmills. In fact I've literally never seen someone with any hatred of windmills whatsoever other than Don Quixote and Donald Trump. Like… I think pretty much everyone is pretty indifferent about them. They are windmills.

  79. B T
    B T August 20, 2019


  80. Bribwan1 Bribwan1
    Bribwan1 Bribwan1 September 4, 2019

    Lol I can’t believe that happened.

  81. Lex Rondon
    Lex Rondon September 10, 2019

    jessus fucking kryst.. guys stop please im going to use all my laughing juice and i wont have any laugh left. im only 27 and im using all my laugh on this channel.

  82. Martin Olson
    Martin Olson September 11, 2019

    Brilliant. Loved the camera shakes.

  83. P.S.Y.
    P.S.Y. September 17, 2019

    I'm going to take a massive orange dump on trump.

  84. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln September 21, 2019

    I dont think you guys understood he was actually making a joke, so you are trying to make a joke of someone who was making a joke of you.

  85. Alexander James
    Alexander James October 5, 2019

    This one took me a bit to get into. But now OMG 🔥🔥🔥 the old folks when Trump is BSing about wind cancer 😂
    (Greg bros plz father my kids, y’all are GODS)

  86. Silencer01
    Silencer01 October 13, 2019

    I want that portrait of Ronald Reagan on a raptor hanging in my man-cave. It's so majestic.

  87. Lollipop Cop
    Lollipop Cop October 17, 2019

    R.I.P Elijah Cummings

  88. Brandon McCoy
    Brandon McCoy October 18, 2019

    Anyone: So, what kind of music do you listen to?

    Me: It's complicated…

  89. Brett Batterman
    Brett Batterman October 21, 2019

    Rip Elijah Cummings

  90. Shini
    Shini October 22, 2019

    Oh the irony when the most absurd and hilarious parts of the video actually arent edited and are totally in the real context : D

  91. Herp Derpington
    Herp Derpington October 22, 2019

    The part starting from 1:30 was really mesmerizing

  92. Anti Dote
    Anti Dote October 26, 2019

    I like that the parts that really should have been the edited ones weren't

  93. Corey Lancashire
    Corey Lancashire October 27, 2019

    This is the best one I've seen😂. Bravo boyz👏🏻

  94. sisforshayla
    sisforshayla October 30, 2019

    One of your best!!

  95. Shreem
    Shreem November 4, 2019

    Sounds about like the House and their media freaking out about anything Trump related, including his bowel movements.

  96. Karma 1233
    Karma 1233 November 5, 2019

    I wonder if any of these political figures ever stumble upon any of this.

  97. Alex Dopp
    Alex Dopp November 17, 2019

    Shmoyoho: I'd like to apologize to my ancestors for this display of dumbitude
    Trump: hold my lead-water

  98. DieKenny20
    DieKenny20 November 29, 2019

    This is such a great tune y'all. Keep it up!

  99. kakarroto007
    kakarroto007 December 1, 2019

    My neighbor thought there was an Earthquake, but it was just AutoTune the News.

  100. Kimberly25christine smith
    Kimberly25christine smith December 4, 2019

    Ive been singing the trump part in my head for 2 days now.

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