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Wilbur Ross says House contempt vote is 'political theater'


  1. gary glackin
    gary glackin July 19, 2019

    F*** the house what is the deal with these idiots!

  2. niacal4nia
    niacal4nia July 19, 2019

    Idiot old farts running the country.

  3. Norwall Music
    Norwall Music July 19, 2019

    Always flying high watching your videos. ✈️😊

  4. Phill Pauley
    Phill Pauley July 19, 2019

    Could this guy’s voice be any more droll? Somebody give this man an energy drink!

  5. nodozz2
    nodozz2 July 19, 2019

    House has completely become inept and a entire joke..

  6. Pierrette Gagnon
    Pierrette Gagnon July 19, 2019

    Skullduggery,,,,island pirates, voodoo

  7. Pierrette Gagnon
    Pierrette Gagnon July 19, 2019

    Pelosi and the piggy bank khangrassmints panic, panic,,,,,with the Notsee Truth Free-land scallywag

  8. J R
    J R July 19, 2019

    Congress,should be held in contempt. Many should be expelled from the halls.

  9. Shirley Blaylock
    Shirley Blaylock July 19, 2019

    The Democrat party has been co-opted by communist and Islam controlled United Nations. They want world govt. with no borders. Actions like this are a communist tactic intended to destabilize the govt. They are subversives. They have wasted 2 + years on frivolous investigations based on false premises, and have defied the will of the people by ignoring needed immigration legislation, funding the wall, etc.

  10. pauline palmer
    pauline palmer July 19, 2019

    I cannot believe American taxpayers are paying these clowns to do nothing ,but harass the GOP to get to the President. They should not be paid a dime until they start working for the American people.Only in This country could they get away with this nonsense.

  11. Bruce Wing
    Bruce Wing July 19, 2019

    Stupid is as stupid does, democrats at ??????????????????? Theatre

  12. Me
    Me July 19, 2019


  13. dafttool
    dafttool July 19, 2019

    Ross should be rotting in a prison cell. He has controlling interest in a bank in Crete that is notorious for money laundering for the Russian mob & sketchy oligarchs. He should’ve never been confirmed, but the GOP sycophants didn’t dare upset the Tyrannical Toddler

  14. F L
    F L July 19, 2019

    Isn’t all politics theater?

  15. Bri Ba
    Bri Ba July 19, 2019

    Ross needs to munch his oatmeal and get lost.

  16. Chef Asbury
    Chef Asbury July 19, 2019


  17. Michael Lefler
    Michael Lefler July 19, 2019

    I f you are subpoena to give testimony you cannot ignore it, once you are there you can invoke your. Fifth amendment rights. Ignoring that subpoena you can be arrested for contempt. If you do ignore it than you are contemptible! Anything else is an effort to cover up.

  18. JB
    JB July 19, 2019

    Same rich guy that said we should get a bank loan to buy groceries when Trump shut down the Government

  19. TraitorDrumpf
    TraitorDrumpf July 19, 2019

    They, just like the racist in the Oval, are traitors and have broken the law. They do not get to ignore a subpoena, anymore than any other person in this country. That is a valid, Congressional subpoena and they are required to appear. I'm not sure how this law breaking bunch of dipshits haven't already been impeached, but rest assured retribution is coming.

  20. Captain Ron II
    Captain Ron II July 19, 2019

    Wilbur Ross is another Zionist criminal

  21. Preaching2 Surveillance
    Preaching2 Surveillance July 19, 2019

    ~~~🇺🇸WHO PAYS FOR AMERICA 🇺🇸~~~
    Dem's💩Socialists racebait 4 White💰tax's.
    White's contribute annual tax surpluses of over $553.52 billion or $2,795+ per capita.
    ~Asian's scam🇺🇸 to support🇨🇳dictators.~
    ~Black's race💩bait 11k deficits per ea.~
    ~Brown's race💩bait 8k+ deficits ea.~

  22. rich s
    rich s July 19, 2019

    He's getting fired next

  23. Sandra Claxton
    Sandra Claxton July 19, 2019

    My My the HIPPO-Crits are something else. Eric Holder was not only charged in contempt and got away with it. He also was responsible for and got away with GIVING guns to drug smugglers. He was never help responsible. Nor was Obama and Hilary for selling uranium to Russia. A different set of rules for the rich and famous in this country.

  24. Beverly Rutherford
    Beverly Rutherford July 19, 2019

    Hopefully the people are really seeing what’s going on:). They are trying anything to get President Trump out of office! And I pray the American people see what the Democratic Party is all about. They are accusing our President of things they are guilty of because they are scared what the President is doing, trying to drain the swamp!

  25. Disappointed Steve
    Disappointed Steve July 19, 2019

    Go change your diaper! 🤡

  26. Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel July 19, 2019

    Fox News is absolutely useless. The question remains, did Wilbur Ross screw up? Or, is this all part of President Trump's
    strategy to expose the Democrats in some plot to undermine the Constitution? Under the 14th Amendment, the President
    has a clear mandate to identify who is and is not a US citizen in the US Census. Wilbur Ross has an iron clad path to getting
    the citizenship question on the census questionnaire. Why didn't he use it? Does Fox ask? What bunch of crap!

  27. Jeff
    Jeff July 19, 2019

    WwwwWiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbBBbbbbaaa you belong in a nursing home you pervert.

  28. Coffee Hound
    Coffee Hound July 19, 2019

    The dems can unite in voting against Trumps tweet of truth, but they can't vote against antisemitism speech by members of their own party or do the people's business like they have been elected to do. What a bunch of inept hypocrites.

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