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Why Red States & Blue States? | Democrat & Republican History

Why RED states and BLUE states? No, I’m not talking about why we have Democrats
and Republicans (I did that already) WHY THE COLORS?!?? Okay, Betsy Ross, I get it, the American flag… But Republicans/Red Democrats/Blue, through
history, its actually been all over the place. Back in the Civil War days because of the
uniforms, BLUE was often used for the North, which was controlled by Lincoln and the Republicans. Then into the 20th century, RED started to
be linked with Communism and Socialists, so the liberal democrats were often called Red. But really, for awhile, anyone tuning into
television didn’t even see colors. Through the 70s and 80s, NBC continued the
trend of using blue for republican, famously referring to Reagan’s landslide a suburban
swimming pool. Then, by the time we got the 2000 election,
maybe because tv was more sensitive to adding too much meaning to colors, for maybe because
Red and Republican start with R, many networks started to settle on Red/Republican Blue/Democrat. t was this election, and its controversy in
florida which seared the Election map into American’s brains. You can also thank journalist Tim Russert
for being the first terms “Red States” and “Blue States on national tv. Ya know, its all really more of a purplely
color when you look at the popular vote, anyway… The rest was history.


  1. Ariel Medellin
    Ariel Medellin November 8, 2016


  2. black jesus
    black jesus December 8, 2016

    red is to symbolize communism. thats why liberals took the blue from conservatives. so they wont look like communists which they are

  3. Roy Long
    Roy Long November 14, 2017

    There more conservatives than liberals in America, but liberals control the US:
    1. Hollywood
    2. Colleges and universities
    3. Silicon Valley (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.)

  4. Gary Sheldon Jr
    Gary Sheldon Jr February 20, 2018

    Y is texas colored blue 1:05 Gore did not win texas.

  5. Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable January 24, 2019

    This change has pissed me off since the Democrats stole our color and the stupid GOP let them.

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