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  1. Tina Bibles
    Tina Bibles May 29, 2019

    This message By Mr. Posner were very helpful and outlined this subject with expertise.

  2. John Watt
    John Watt May 29, 2019

    Trump demonstrates that people are also willing to follow someone who lacks these qualities…

  3. Laurie Osborne
    Laurie Osborne May 29, 2019

    I found this video to be very educational and inspirational.

  4. Neesie B
    Neesie B May 29, 2019

    Here for Ashford…hmmm

  5. saumitra yadav
    saumitra yadav May 29, 2019

    Honesty , Transparency , unbiased & Empathy are the key elements of being a Leader. If you are not honest , you will be a fake & you can never be a Leader. If you are not transparent then people will loose trust in you , if you are biased then you can be a boss of small group of people but not the leader. Finally if you do not have Empathy , you will ultimately be detached from reality & will never be able to understand human nature & how it behaves in different situation.

  6. Mustakizah Zakaria
    Mustakizah Zakaria May 29, 2019

    Integrity,humility,good governance with a high emotional intelligence are the skillsets we are looking at in a good leaderships traits.

  7. Bluntly Blondie
    Bluntly Blondie May 29, 2019

    My mind is ruined from years of social media. Every time he said “followers” I had to remind myself he was not talking about Instagram.

  8. Kim Townsel
    Kim Townsel May 29, 2019

    Honesty is a top characteristic that I want from my leaders. Once I learn that someone has been dishonest with me, I lose faith in his or her ability to lead properly. Deceit is a method of control used to manipulate others. A good leader should not resort to such tactics. Thank you, sir, for this valuable research.

  9. alireza ghorbani
    alireza ghorbani May 29, 2019

    good presentation

    MARLON ALARCON May 29, 2019


  11. luke dawson
    luke dawson May 29, 2019

    God this is boring, like pretty much all Ted talks.

  12. Tony Sardjono
    Tony Sardjono May 29, 2019

    Thank you Barry Posner. You are an inspiring speaker

  13. Alexandria Schulz
    Alexandria Schulz May 29, 2019

    Had to immediately thumbs down this video for it's headlining caption. Do you see who is president of the U.S.? Credibility? Yeah. right.

  14. Linda Clandes
    Linda Clandes May 29, 2019

    Wonder what he thinks of Bloomberg.

  15. Kimberly Wiefling
    Kimberly Wiefling May 29, 2019

    Barry's research on people from 70 different countries has proven that over 80% of people expect their leaders to be honest. That's the #1 quality that people want in a leader that they willingly follow. And a vast majority of people also require that their willingly-followed leaders are forward-looking, inspiring and competent. As someone who has worked with people from over 50 different countries, I can tell you that people are people the world over, and this is something that is fundamental to all kinds of people from all over Our World. 

  16. jim dyer
    jim dyer May 29, 2019

    As a former student of Prof. Posner, I will testify he's a gifted speaker, who spent a full career on leadership. He is very clear.
    For decades he has worked with the former top of the Tom Peter's organization. Both the length of partnership and the status speak well of both men. Posner was the dean of a good-sized university business school in Silicon Valley.
    This talk asks, What do followers seek when choosing a leader?
    He offers four core answers:
    a) Honest
    b) Passionate, full of feeling
    c) Smart and Expert (in the areas where they lead)
    d) Forward-looking (has a plan for where to go)
    This is a great introduction to a well-spoken writer and teacher, a leading authority on leaders.

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