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Why are big tech employees donating to Elizabeth Warren? | Tech Wash

The race to become
the Democratic nominee to take on Donald Trump at next
year’s US presidential election rumbles on with a field of
candidates gradually being winnowed down. I was recently going over
some campaign finance data, and one thing in particular
jumped out at me. Among the most generous donors
to the campaign of the leftwing firebrand Bernie
Sanders were employees of Google, who have so far
donated around $135,000 to the Vermont senator. But even more surprisingly,
Google employees make up the single
biggest group of donors for Elizabeth Warren, the
senator who says she actually wants to break up their employer
and other large tech companies. So why are people who work for
some of the world’s largest tech companies actively
supporting candidates who say they want to dismantle them? Well, in recent media
interviews some Google MPs have said they think it
would help their company to be a bit smaller. It could make it more
nimble, more efficient, more innovative. But something larger
is also going on here. There is a growing
rift between people who work in Silicon Valley
and the bosses they work for. Nowhere was this more
apparent than last year when tens of thousands
of Google employees helped push the company
to reverse its decision to work with the US military
on its artificial intelligence capabilities. The Google employees
said they didn’t want the company becoming
involved in what they called the business of war. Well, to push the company
to reverse one project is one thing. But if they successfully help
bring about its actual breakup, that would be one of the most
astonishing displays of worker power I can think of.


  1. Rob Brown
    Rob Brown September 9, 2019

    The statement above is written incorrectly. It should read "Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders take hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from people who work for Silicon Valley companies".

    The way it is currently written implies the candidates are taking money from Silicon Valley companies.

    Even if the author does not agree, the ambiguous wording is not very good English. I would give him a C- if I was his teacher.

  2. Jay Muller
    Jay Muller September 9, 2019

    Does make you wonder when Trump has our economy running so smooth why would they want this woman to bring it down.

  3. Derek Tober
    Derek Tober September 9, 2019

    I WILL be using this video for my more advance Business ESL classes. Thank you!

  4. edward8489
    edward8489 September 9, 2019

    So basically because they're educated and can vote holistically instead of being dumb*ss single issue voters?

  5. Nami Blogmoonchild
    Nami Blogmoonchild September 11, 2019

    If you want to know the truth about this world, you should follow insiders in different fields, not only politics & financial or we’ll be lost. Anyways we’re trancending into a new world full of changing… every media is now only based on surface 🙂

  6. Bhangra Fan
    Bhangra Fan September 11, 2019

    I thought they would all be Yang fans.

  7. Bhangra Fan
    Bhangra Fan September 11, 2019

    Warren is a Trojan, a corporate puppet pretending to be progressive so she can steal all of Bernie's supporters. Her only political function is to keep Bernie out. Beyond that she is the perfect: will say, do, think, believe anything her clients pay her too.

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