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Who to Vote in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

Hello everyone which party to be voted this time. BJP, congress,AAP,BSP,samajwadi,AITC etc or something else. Which Leader to be voted Narendra Modi,Rahul Gandhi,Arvind . This is the question which you have asked me several times. So lets find out whom you should vote and who deserve your vote.Come lets see. If not Modi then who? If not Indira Gandhi then who . If not Modi then you want Rahul Gandhi to be PM. You will see lots of news about this topics in mainstream media.Because they want you to vote only one person the PM. As if he is the king of India,but the truth is something else.Our country is parliamentary democratic that means you vote for MP. The one who is standing from your contituency and they meet rest of the MP’s to select Prime minister. In country like America they vote directly for President.This is called presidential form of democracy. Historically we have seen Parliamentary democracy is more stable then Presidential democracy. In Presidential democracy they are scared that one person dont have all the powers and country will fall towards dictatorship. In Kyrgyzstan, two times their elected president became dictator. and finally after revolution they decided that they need a parliamentary democracy in their country. In Presidential democracy unqualified persons like Donald Trump becomes President. So we are fortunate we have parliamentary democracy. On this topic we will discuss in future but what i want to tell you now is in general elections you will vote for you MP’s and they all will select our PM. And in state elections you will vote for your MLA’s and they all will select the CM.what I believe is you should check the 4 criteria before electing. Firstly MP/MLA second performance of govt, Third PM/CM and fourth is political party Lets get a detailed information. In your constituencies who all are the candidate their educational qualification,their criminal record,property assets this all information you can find it on Neta app. Neta app is a very smart app when at first you open the app it will search your location and will tell your constituency and your existing MP?MLA’s. and their details. Even the details of the candidate for the next elections.Additionally you can even rate your MP/MLA from rating 1 to 5. And even you can tell everyone about their performance.They are still working on the comment feature but you can post your message video. In video message you can talk about their rating and their performance of the candidate so that even he can know where he lacks in his works. Through this app you can even virtually vote so the parties will know about their strong candidate before elections. Infact even you can be a candidate in this app to find out your winning percentage. Now the question here is how long this app will survive from fake ratings. I Think this app will survive because after mobile verification you can only vote once. And for additional verification they check through true caller, public voter row and through random calling.All this info has been provided by Neta App founder He even told me many politicians tried fake ratings but it didn’t worked. This app was launched by Pranab Mukherjee and Arvind kejriwal In the presence of former election commissioner and few BJP and Congress leaders. Overall you can say its a very politically neutral app. You can find the link in top comment box for downloading the app.But do remember one thing do not depend on others views and ratings. You have to make your opinion on your candidate and you can do it through google search by finding the candidate information. You will find many news articles about them and their controversies their statements and promises. And even what promises they have delivered. Just because its a local constituency best way to judge is check at your ground level about the roads, hospitals,schools,park how many trees are planted. Go through all the information and then through Neta app share your views On what criteria & parameters you can judge a government performance. I have made you understand in below this two videos. In both the videos i have told you about many parameters like human development, environment protection etc by watching both the videos you can judge govt. performance. And if you want to judge MP/MLA’s you can do it through MPLAD & MLALAD. Every MP gets 5crore yearly to develop their constituency. This is called MPLAD Fund LAD means local area development. You can get the detail information about the usage and transactions on website. But unfortunately the latest data on the website is till 2016 and one more drawback is you can’t check the details where the MP has utilized the fund. The MPLADS website only tells you the amount withdrawn and the expenditure it won’t tell you the exact amount utilized. In September 2018 our CIC (Central info.commission) asked Rajya & Lok sabha to keep transparency about the MPlAD fund between the public about the fund utilization. I do believe a quick action will taken and the info. will be shared publicly.Because there’s a no better way to judge a MP about their job done. You wont believe that a whopping amount of 12000cr unspent funds still remains in 14 there are many MP’s who have never utilized this fund. In both the above points you should concentrate before giving vote as there is less priority but it should not be neglected. Most of the time if a political party & MP agree to a same point and one MP disagree. So at that time he is forced to agree with the party, He has to change is opinion with the party. Generally you should vote for a party with lowest criminal cases,more educated & some one who talk more about real issues. Like education , Healthcare,roads,water supplies.environment etc rather than religion and you should never vote for party who cast vote against religion They think if you belong to same caste & religion and you vote them so they dont have to think about other issues.Because there vote is fixed in name of religion. In an ideal case if everyone in the country voted for a good candidate irrespective of the party.. The good candidates will outnumber bad ones in all parties This is why I say, give more preference to local candidate & less to party. So any decision will always be on good side and they will always select a good PM candidate And many a times you can see the local candidates keep switching the party’s finding opportunities to win. If you focus mainly on local candidates even this practice will stop. What should you not vote for? The answer is very easy but I will tell you once again. Dont cast your vote in the name of religion, caste and emotions. Dont fall into false promises and Jumlas if you think on all this topics and vote then it will be of no use . So think about the points I mentioned, and make a choice logically & rationally because your vote will make a difference. So please share this video with everyone and if you like my video support me on patreon. Your support helps me make more informative videos for you. Thank you and see you next time 🙂


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    Technical guruji. 1920 May 10, 2019

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    Technical Gyani May 10, 2019

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    Sarcastic Sukhbir May 12, 2019

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    Sarcastic Sukhbir May 12, 2019

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    Mallika Kv May 12, 2019

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    NAGESH KOLAMBKAR May 22, 2019

    धर्म के नाम पर तो काँग्रेस और महागठबंधन वोट मांग रहे हें। राहुल गांधी जो हिंदू से वोट मांगने के लिए जनेऊ और माला पहनते हें। मुस्लिम वोट के लिए चादर चढाना। ईसाई वोट के लिए क्रॉस पहनना। 72 हजार काँग्रेस दे रही हे। मायावती दलित के नाम पर वोट मांग रही हें। परिवारवाद एक ही घर से सब pm और नेता बने हें।
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  49. Ritesh Shah
    Ritesh Shah May 22, 2019

    Abey ghochu, municipal corporator aur MLA ka kaam dekh kar MP ko select karne ko bol raha hai? MPs are not mere allocators of 5 crores of MPLAD funds. They are also lawmakers and they present the issues of their constituencies in the parliament.

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    Anonymous May 23, 2019

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    I know Cause I'm BatMan. May 26, 2019

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