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Who Are You With On Election Day?

(upbeat music) – Elect Donald Trump as our president. – I’m voting for Hillary
because I’m a feminist and he’s a psychopath. – I believe that Donald
Trump will lower our taxes, repeal Obamacare, and just
make America great again. – I’m voting for Hillary
because in my opinion she’s the most qualified
candidate for the job. – Hillary and Donald are both very biased, Gary Johnson is the more honest candidate. – I’m super pumped to vote for Hillary. For a woman of color, she
definitely is talking about things that are important to me. – Trump is not a career politician. I believe he’s ingenious when
he wants to put America first and I believe that Hillary
speaks for herself. – When she first started running
she wasn’t my first choice, but then we had this guy come along and like it’s just so unacceptable
it’s not even a choice. – Hillary Clinton is a war monger, she’s got blood on her hands, and that’s why I’m voting for Trump. – I believe in net good, the most good for the
most amount of people, and I think Hillary is
clearly the candidate who will accomplish that. – Honestly, I don’t like Donald Trump, I love him, and I think he’s a great man, and I think he’s gonna do great things when he becomes president. – I support Hillary because first of all, that other one don’t know
what he’s talking about. I’m afraid of what he’ll do. – He will enforce federal laws, and he will get rid of Obamacare, and he will build a wall
to secure our borders. – I feel really uncomfortable
saying I’m with her because so much of why
I stand with Hillary is because I’m in such
opposition to Trump, which I think is a
frail and faulty system. With a two-party system,
you’re more like to get whoever is the wealthiest or more
endorsed by wealthy people as opposed to who might be the
most educated or excellent. – I’m voting for Hillary
because she’s the candidate with the biggest balls.


  1. Roasted
    Roasted May 3, 2018

    i know it's too late but i'm with trump

  2. Lily Forth
    Lily Forth May 4, 2018

    I can't vote 😭😭😭

  3. Lia Luxenberg
    Lia Luxenberg May 5, 2018

    Honestly I don't like or love Donald trump I hate him no offense trump supporters

  4. Jay Sani
    Jay Sani May 6, 2018

    "trumps lowering our taxes" yes but, did you know when you switch to Geico you can save 15% percent or more on health insurance?

  5. Julia Gordon
    Julia Gordon May 6, 2018


  6. Siri. How much is 1 dollar Hobbies
    Siri. How much is 1 dollar Hobbies May 6, 2018

    I vot3 myself

  7. Tana Dawson
    Tana Dawson May 7, 2018

    0:25 made me roll my eyes a lot 👀

  8. Aditi Kulkarni
    Aditi Kulkarni May 7, 2018

    I am with her like if you agree

  9. Kayden Ptak
    Kayden Ptak May 8, 2018

    oh, well shoot… i wanted bernie

  10. Ariel Miller
    Ariel Miller May 9, 2018

    A year and a half later.. trump hasn’t kept any of his promises lol

  11. Hayden Hollywood Hollingsworth
    Hayden Hollywood Hollingsworth May 9, 2018

    I respect what all these people have said, just not there psychopath one! I’m with him

  12. Alexander Marston
    Alexander Marston May 9, 2018

    I’m with him.

  13. Jay Neumann
    Jay Neumann May 12, 2018

    Asian lady is a person of color?

  14. Yasmine Nimr
    Yasmine Nimr May 12, 2018

    Where's the wall, trump?😂😂

  15. SimpleLettuce
    SimpleLettuce May 13, 2018

    “I’m voting for Hillary because she’s a woman and her policies are cool and stuff.” Literally exactly what all the Hillary supporters said

  16. Azure Wolf
    Azure Wolf May 14, 2018


  17. Black Bart Simpson
    Black Bart Simpson May 15, 2018


  18. Black Bart Simpson
    Black Bart Simpson May 15, 2018

    trump is the man

  19. Seth Majors
    Seth Majors May 16, 2018

    In reality there supporting France 🇫🇷

  20. Cami
    Cami May 16, 2018


  21. Kim Jong Roid
    Kim Jong Roid May 16, 2018

    Even though trump won I still voted Hillary

  22. Kari Harris
    Kari Harris May 17, 2018

    You see that. All of the trump supporters were white guys

  23. Calypso Kinder
    Calypso Kinder May 18, 2018

    Who are you with? A criminal who actually committed crimes or someone who you don’t like.

  24. Clorox Bleach G
    Clorox Bleach G May 20, 2018

    Well this was bias. Hahaha

  25. Workout Plan for You
    Workout Plan for You May 20, 2018

    And he WILL build a wall 😂

  26. Courtney Brydon
    Courtney Brydon May 21, 2018

    Ok this is filmed in California what is a democratic state

  27. Santiago Martinez
    Santiago Martinez May 25, 2018

    I like Trump like this quote

  28. JJ's Kaleidoscope
    JJ's Kaleidoscope May 25, 2018

    "I'm a feminist and he's a psychopath."

  29. Vlogsquad is cool
    Vlogsquad is cool May 25, 2018

    I’m with her

  30. kiley mack
    kiley mack May 26, 2018

    I’m with neither

  31. JabberCT
    JabberCT May 26, 2018

    1:36 A rare voter who knows some facts.
    Unlike the Trumpanzees "duh build a wall. I never heard of planes, trains, and automobiles. derrrrr"
    And to show I'm not biased, she was the only one who made sense. The last guy with Hillary made me lose brain cells.

  32. Jillian Noel
    Jillian Noel May 26, 2018

    I’m with trump

  33. Jillian Noel
    Jillian Noel May 26, 2018

    The Hillary people have no clue what there talking about

  34. Tide Pods
    Tide Pods May 27, 2018

    0:40 did she just say woman of color?

  35. live concerts and more
    live concerts and more May 27, 2018


  36. Tyler Holcomb
    Tyler Holcomb May 29, 2018

    Note how diverse the left side is vs the right side

  37. Daddy Dallas
    Daddy Dallas May 29, 2018

    0:58 thats reason enough to vote for trump and not hillary

  38. Finners
    Finners May 29, 2018

    I vote Nicola Sturgeon

  39. Arely Ruacho
    Arely Ruacho May 30, 2018

    Why is Obama care bad?

  40. Connor Gibson
    Connor Gibson May 30, 2018

    Trump 2020

  41. Jaguar2002
    Jaguar2002 May 30, 2018

    I’m not a trump fanboy but he’ll he’s so much better than that evil woman

  42. Ryan Farley
    Ryan Farley May 30, 2018


  43. Peridot Nation
    Peridot Nation May 31, 2018

    I vote for Giant Meteor

  44. Francine 7
    Francine 7 June 2, 2018

    I like neither of them. I'm a democrat. The republicans insult me for my beliefs. Calling me a "baby murderer" or "uneducated" isn't going to make me vote for Trump or become a republican!

  45. SoTotallyNotCrazy
    SoTotallyNotCrazy June 2, 2018

    Trump make me Sick and I'm Australian American in Australia. I don't want to be bullied at school and asked questions about the American political system because I don't know the answers. I want to have a social life and friends still.

  46. squiggles
    squiggles June 2, 2018

    Both sides are a joke lmao.

  47. Ani Valencia
    Ani Valencia June 3, 2018


  48. Big Papa Jew
    Big Papa Jew June 4, 2018

    “For women of color”
    You’re asian, asians and white people are the least cared about people in politics

  49. Crinky
    Crinky June 5, 2018

    Trump trump trump trump

  50. Phoebe
    Phoebe June 6, 2018

    Lmao no women voted for trump in this video 😂

  51. Potato
    Potato June 6, 2018

    The old man who likes trump has been brainwashed…..

  52. Lemonade !¡
    Lemonade !¡ June 7, 2018

    "Lets let terrorist into our country"

  53. Dude Man
    Dude Man June 9, 2018

    That thing at 1:20 shouldn’t have even gotten a say

  54. Christina Hammm
    Christina Hammm June 9, 2018

    Notice how not a single woman was “with him,” demonstrating the fault in the Republican Party. I am clearly a Democrat and I supported and support Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman with extensive political experience and a diverse group of supporters, unlike Donald Trump. He is inexperienced, backed by ~primarily~ white males, and unfit for the position he currently holds. Those who support him, in my opinion, are not correct. #ImWithHer

  55. Katherine Zuniga
    Katherine Zuniga June 10, 2018

    Hillary Clinton

  56. Namjoons Dimples
    Namjoons Dimples June 11, 2018

    IM VotInG foR HillARy BC iM a FEMiniSt and HeS a PsYChOpaTh

  57. Aubrie Williams
    Aubrie Williams June 12, 2018

    I’m with here

  58. Brian Mardon
    Brian Mardon June 15, 2018


  59. Maxyboy
    Maxyboy June 15, 2018

    DWonDalD DwuMp iS BaD cUz hE Is WaCiSt

  60. killer squad
    killer squad June 16, 2018


  61. Hunter Nguyen
    Hunter Nguyen June 18, 2018


  62. Overt
    Overt June 18, 2018

    T rump

  63. NeverWithoutNalani
    NeverWithoutNalani June 25, 2018

    Trump i
    Trump is
    Trump is a
    Trump is an
    Trump is an i
    Trump is an id
    Trump is an idi
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    Trump i

  64. Kaleb Kroeger
    Kaleb Kroeger June 27, 2018


  65. Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns July 2, 2018

    I bet people were too busy wasting time standing there that they didn't have time to vote

  66. Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns July 2, 2018

    1:18 you don't know what you are talking about

  67. Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns July 2, 2018

    1:49 listen to her, she has a nose ring that looks like a door knob

  68. Elizabeth Molina
    Elizabeth Molina July 6, 2018

    Only white grandpas be voting for trump.

  69. Christopher Zulick
    Christopher Zulick July 14, 2018


  70. Thedominator 1616
    Thedominator 1616 July 27, 2018

    My vote would’ve been for Putin

  71. Makeup by Mackenzie
    Makeup by Mackenzie July 29, 2018


  72. Emma Gray
    Emma Gray August 3, 2018

    I try sooo hard not to judge Trump supporters, but the way I was raised tells me otherwise.

  73. HighAFCharisma
    HighAFCharisma August 6, 2018

    I’m Not 18 or Older, So I Don’t Care

  74. Yung Kirby
    Yung Kirby August 12, 2018

    Lets be honest

    Blue Power Ranger should've been president

  75. C_JH
    C_JH August 13, 2018

    Anyone realise that the trump supporters actually had facts to back them up where as Hillary supporters voted for her because they simply wanted a female president and because they hated trump

  76. Grindy McFall
    Grindy McFall August 19, 2018

    The ones “with trump” were all white men! 😂 (or at least mostly… all men definitely.) Hillary’s voters were much more diverse.

  77. fatuwu energy
    fatuwu energy August 20, 2018

    1:38 Yeah well look now we got a president with both education/intelligence and wealth.

  78. kelly cahill
    kelly cahill August 21, 2018


  79. TTD ART
    TTD ART August 22, 2018

    Look at the clowns voting for Hillary 😂

  80. Lena Pearl
    Lena Pearl August 27, 2018

    THE INTERNET IS ONE GIANT DEMOCRAT PERSON AND THAT IS WHY EVERYONE HATES TRUmp. Before he decided to became president everybody loved him and then everyone started attacking him the internet and the news is telling every one that trump is the worst person on the face of this planet but he just wants to stand up for America and make it great again

  81. Fiona Jackson
    Fiona Jackson September 3, 2018

    I‘m still with her, btw did u realise that 90% of the trump supporters in this video were old white men?!

  82. ItBe Lynndsae
    ItBe Lynndsae September 9, 2018

    Sis over here just not gonna vote yeet

  83. Newport Gaming63
    Newport Gaming63 September 27, 2018


  84. Stephanie Grow
    Stephanie Grow October 10, 2018

    It’s funny how the more hideous people voted for Hillary

  85. Sarah Kline
    Sarah Kline October 16, 2018

    The only people who we’re voting for Hilary were people who already work for buzz feed

  86. Anduin Wrynn
    Anduin Wrynn November 24, 2018

    Look, I'm tired of the parties being so nasty to each other. Shaming each other's opinions and values, it's not okay. I was with Hillary she was more align with my personal values, but if people want to support trump I'm not going to automatically call them a terrible human. People constantly jump on me for being a "lying, communist, Hillary lover."

    Let's all just be kind and not attack people. I think in a two party system things can get twisted and people won't be able to see things from both sides. I believe ignorance is never taking a look and respecting your opposing side.

    Whatever that's my two cents.. I'm just 14 so don't @ me.

  87. Namjoons Dimples
    Namjoons Dimples November 28, 2018

    Lmao leftists think trump is satan

  88. neha ghag
    neha ghag December 4, 2018


  89. Max Nevelev
    Max Nevelev January 2, 2019

    He didn’t repeal Obamacare.

  90. Conservative Uno Reverse Card
    Conservative Uno Reverse Card January 17, 2019

    0:35 a woman of color? Asians are the majority of people in the world, hun, you’re not a minority!?!?

  91. Allen Waker
    Allen Waker January 20, 2019

    Theese people should all be killed

  92. Am the Queen
    Am the Queen January 31, 2019

    That old man who voted for trump…. I hate him.

  93. luke hamblin
    luke hamblin February 6, 2019

    Trump supporters give actual facts on what Trump will do while Clinton supporters say he's a " monster " or what ever buzz word they saw on huffinington post

  94. Lil' trumpster
    Lil' trumpster February 8, 2019


  95. hey everybody its Nosaj Ahalb here
    hey everybody its Nosaj Ahalb here February 25, 2019

    I've been frozen for the last 3 years … so who won?

  96. Dalton1937
    Dalton1937 February 27, 2019

    Trump won!

  97. Danmark for danskerne
    Danmark for danskerne March 11, 2019

    This just shows how unintelligent Hillary-supporters were

  98. Aum Patel
    Aum Patel May 17, 2019

    "I'm a feminist" (I left the video)

  99. DoxBee
    DoxBee June 20, 2019

    🤡 🤡 🤡

  100. Kyle Vance
    Kyle Vance June 30, 2019

    Hillary will do the most good for herself and no offense minorities…and they are only minorities because hillary and others make them that way…im not saying all blacks are minorities. Thats all hillary cares about people whats gonna happen when i work hard for my money…which everyone no matter their color,gender or anything else and she wants me to give it away.

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