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WGS17 Sessions: The Japanese Model in Diplomacy

my name is tamago and it’s a great honor to be here today and especially this year that Japan is one of the gift countries i have so I’m very very honored to be here today and then moving all of your hair and this on the floor so again it’s great play their behalf i like to be sharing my passion in history today so I’d like to be telling a story and the story focusing on two fields diplomacy and the lady summer so that’s relevant for you example the form of reactive force them over the people are looking at me what you mean by the lady from right and that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about today possible so when do we have to go to meet the lady family so i will take you to the end of the 16th century for the end of the 16th century that means right before maybe that yeah 1,500 so if we get we are going to be going to Japan at the end of the 16th century for example the time like eight 1588 so now we’re going to have a setup right right so we are all going into the 16th century Japan 1588 as a focal point ok 1588 I don’t know what happened here in divided and then I don’t know what happened to Japan at that time so first of all just a brief introduction of what was happening there in Japan will be livened sell share a very very short short slideshow of the samurai who lived at that who did your feet might be able to summarize have expected more or less for example that partner back on horseback respect another hair has a matchlock this session of the hair the fam right with a fear that happened over there with short so those are the typical image of the mail from rye of that time so I’ve been to the 16th century what you expect is a conflict samurai were fighting against each other but why do they have to fight really so there was a it relates to the time where they live the family did not really fight all the time from the time that they were born but at the pine 1588 they were filled many flow domain in Japan because there are no government without a central government the domain it around japan and then my were guarding each other fighting each other and protecting their domain that was the situation at the end of the 16th century the key here is that very no government yep so when I bring up the one inside of story into it you’ll be more complicated so we guess so some figures like the thumb right but when i say how about the ladies and i will be more puzzled gives many of you and getting that you never heard of the word the lady summer or if I just say the lady some right you would think that maybe that’s the female version of the family that means you know had four skills the female had a fear and it could go to the battlefield actually no that was not the lady some right that i’m talking about the first of all ladies samurai were not the fighter recruit we’re going to meet today we’re not to fight this and that’s a very important point another point that i have to qualify is that the lady samurai were not also those figure you might be familiar with for example if I’ve written by the 19 think century Impressionists painter and then his name morning so for example like this painting the Mona was really really popular in the West and the other countries so when I say the lady samurai people would think that the female who work the chemo not will be cloudy flat classified to be called the lady Sandra another example the same sort of things the 19th century Impressionists and again the woman in the kimono which presented beautifully about the identities but here again i am not going to be talking about the woman have to be in a beautiful tomorrow will be a little more than that so the lady samurais story that we are going to be talking about today again we’re not fighters they are not guests quickly in a coupon ok let’s meet the first person that I call the lady something her name is because she came from a domain after in a loss so that area has a domain like a huge domain and then there was a household that was Rudy moving the entire domain so again no government no central government but there was this house moving entire domain this house because he was born had a rival rival house always had a fight with the rulers trying to get the solo leadership of this domain so again this thing through the summer I one fight all the time so she got these marriage was arranged to love those two houses so if you can see goes to marry the house then the house is technically one so we could avoid the conflict so the marriage of the Rings what you guys and then that actually worked for some is around the time in 1588 like by the time around that time 15kv there are no conflicts thanks to her marriage domain was before everything is ok but when he got his husband passed away things have changed unfortunately my ruler of this domain so that the gases rather have fun they studied believe two armies and then they do you feel about your class that we wanted to get the federal rulership of this domain before she got to be that’s really bad youth because if that will happen you guys who will lose either have fun or her brother you don’t want to lose no brother or some so she should do something about it they’re abusing few son you didn’t fight because as a female figure that she knew that maybe she doesn’t have a good possibility to win over the battles with men she didn’t fight so she killed a different approach what could it be maybe so at that time what she decided to do is that instead of fighting she gave up on reference went into the battlefield in this carriage this is a carriage so you can see the woman can be going in and then like you know carried by someone so this is a very privileged vehicle for the women to be using so on the battlefield when her brother in the house and was about to fight he decided to get in the middle of this battle and if you make this carriage as a fortress so that no one can actually crashing tip so in this situation we can’t be dust there she decided to send out letters to both sides she sent letters to her brother she sent letters funds so that hopefully that two sides will come up with a condition for truth here the question for you she won’t let her but then how long did the negotiation blast can you guess maybe add a few days one week a month 40 days actually he stayed there in the middle for about 72 ap date negotiation took time so she got us very very patient and then trying to parse it both I by the words that she writes for example if you want something like this IC and an undesirable battle have happened hair i heard that you’re not happy but please be fortified with the following condition if you continue continue continue so the great skill to have and also just to note that the letter were at the standard and also full ball tool for the the height elite class people to be using so that she was literally to know and how to write how do you send letters house you can’t work in the proper format so the power of Penn actually help her and in 25 did not fight at the end they came up with a turn of truth you guys do strategy of not fighting but relying on words actually worked that was the first person that we met to know that we could call the lady some right she wrote and then she negotiated let’s move on maybe you might want to meet another person have to make sure that the lady family get something good for us her name is named this person this woman who are not from a privileged house she was born in a low status class she was like people are not a princess and she was not in the high-class of one of the domain and she was not really like belonging to any high-class elite household of the summer Rae but then what was happening at the time of her marriage is that she was married to a foot soldier who have who initiated the unification of Japan so what was happening there is that the time of May around the same time was picked out 15 a piece what happened was that those 250 domains we’re going into governed by one government so there are some people call the unifiers they started you know initiated an action that it should be one government to be ruling the Empire nation her name was at the time married to a foot soldier but then the foot soldier was a serving for the first unit buyer of Japan so the first made by of Japan who started this whole unification process was succeeded by late husband and then another person succeeded him so with those people succeeding this product entire project of uniting 250 domains in 21 japan was becoming a nation so they’ve had been different this person used to be a foot soldier but then by winning battles after battles he went on top of everyone so what happened at that time of that may also was not in a previous class but it was his success he became their first first lady so that was very remarkable in offense that someone like no one that we knew of became the first first lady so made story was very remarkable in a sense of lightness a little bit different from Lady gases time but she did not assume that she could fight either to protect herself at that time she knew that writing like something very very important for the unification process so the first lady Mae what he did was that we stayed in a castle and then try to use the power of pen once again so before we take a look at her writing i would like to invite you to Hardcastle have to see where you live and then where she was conducting hard negotiations so because another very small fly show that tells you where he left and then what Hardcastle town looks like she was probably this person in the kimono we can’t see her face so that we are not sure that that’s actually hard but it is said to be that this figure in the rectum on his name to the first first lady of Japan so her letter writing practice started when her husband was still going through the bottles so that they were staying in this castle and then her has been was going into the battlefield with the distance they had to communicate unification was not gas on the battleground but you have to help him out at the castle for example this has been trying to say in the letter during my absence previously firm orders to keep everything working also previously careful with fire so what’s happening at that time but for that when the unifiers unifier was away he was delegating his power through the person prepared river the first lady to take in terms of his projects so they become very important thanks to the letter that she exchanged with her husband and the story gets more and more interesting after this unification started the progress more and then how had one does not have to be away now in the castle and then they did a bit together could rule the country and in a country it used to be 250 domains now that if you welcome foreigners example so there are more issues to deal with than justice internal conflict at that time so at the end of the 16th century again unifying 254 means and also welcomed in the foreigners or to communicate with the foreigners the letters becomes very very important and then one thing that we didn’t know at that point is that the newsletter i sell like many many letters like they passed it to four feet there are no actually that interesting but then those no interesting letters tell me something about the connection between the lady samurai and diplomacy so to conclude we like to show you the truth I’m interesting letter that actually tells us something about diplomacy the first one is this i am sending gifts for the new year we show them around I wish you great happiness so this letter doesn’t seem so important then doesn’t have much information in it and then it doesn’t have anything spectacular i thought i would be ignoring those things but in there are bunches of them 30 second one for example I repeat a white filk for Federation i am very happy and then I will be admiring it for a long time you live very far away but you’ll never change i heard that your son will come to kill bill in the spring I’m waiting to see him here please take care thinking it’s more like a letter that somebody’s coming to see her I feel again nothing seems to be very interesting so this is a key point the exchange of letters or somehow important and then there was a reason why may have to keep writing even after the unification was completely and they had to send gift at the certain occasions they had to be writing and feel the end of her life why is that so that was a clear point i came back to the other historian I came up very interesting in terms of the pharmacy so what was really happening let no food letters those letters that do not look like important but actually very very important in cultivating a sense of diplomacy so let’s think let me talk about why those are the important things here the writing to someone to keep in touch is a diplomatic gesture the continuity of conversation was essential to maintaining a good relation with others have many of here agree or media communities on this point diplomacy is an art a night of continuing dialogue it is a constant effort and it is continuous conversation between the two and in my opinion by looking at those letters that does not seem important but actually important in terms of making that face of diplomacy so Japan becoming a nation the family fault but what ladies and I contribute that really is the cognate offense of diplomacy neighborhood for the stability of the new government and buildings burned connections with those who live in the more places to help to prevent unnecessary trouble and aggression the ladies and rewrote and we have never seen active diplomacy especially by the women in Japanese history before hard time so now what do we get from it what have we learned from the lady some rain what is a message here we live in the 21st century and we do have nation-state already but even with nation we still think of forms and effectiveness of governance like we gather here today at the summit we are trying to create a global network that can provide us a long-term stability we are trying to create a greater network of intelligence and empathy that is our everyday work we write to ensure fairness independence freedom and safety of human beings in distance we still share the similar concern with lady Jackie and lady named the position that they were at that time could be very similar to many places that we live right now the lady somewhere i wrote to negotiate and what to avoid instability and believing in careful work and all paper they sent out trust and hope are we doing the same now that is a question that is something for us to think about every day and then that is why I share the stories of the lady samurai throat and negotiate and then trying to tell us what you re doing hair by woods and by banking thank you very much

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