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Weekly Gossip In Hashgraph – Hashgraph Ecosystem Update, Governance & Roadmap Coverage + Livestream

(light music) – Updates from the Hashgraph ecosystem, a look into governance and the roadmap, plus live streaming with the Gossip Guy, cue that music. What is he talking about? And who am I? That a secret you obviously know. You know you like me. Hashgraph, Hashgraph. Welcome everyone, I’m the
guy, your trusted source for news and developments in
the world power by Hashgraph and for this weekly update I’m going to keep things fairly brief partially because it’s been a relatively quiet week from the world power by Hashgraph and also the gossip guy
has been busy developing some other content along with life. And before we get started, if you find this video to be informative be sure to leave a like as
this helps the Gossip Guy’s content get discovered on YouTube. All this being said let’s
dive into the episode. Kicking things off we take a look again within the Hashgraph ecosystem
starting first with ARTBIT, a direct compensation platform for artists and creative entrepreneurs set to be launched on Hedera Hashgraph. For those that have been following this project we recently
received an update indicating that the ARTBIT alpha
version of their application is set to be launched on IOS and Android. This is pretty cool news as
hopefully we’ll get the chance to get her hands on one of the first applications
coming out the ecosystem. Next step we have Trakinvest, a virtual social trading platform which appeared to have
provided a comprehensive update on the product back in June. By the looks of it Trakinvest announced that they’ll be releasing an early version of there wallet along with a preview into there AI price prediction tools. Now I don’t know if any
of these product updates are connected with their plans to launch on Hedera Hashgraph, however it’s good to hear that the track invest
team is making progress. As far as some of the other
projects officially announced within the Hashgraph ecosystem it sounds like many of the teams have been granted access to
the Hedera Hashgraph test net and it began developing their dapps. So I’m sure we’ll hear some
more updates in the weeks ahead. Now in addition to these
officially announced projects, I’ve also heard the gossip that there’s a very healthy pipeline of over 100 other projects set to be announced soon within the
next weeks and months ahead. I’ve recently been in contact with a few of these projects which I’m unable to
disclose the details on at the current moment but let me just tell you there’s certainly some very interesting use
cases taking advantage of the benefits of the
Hashgraph consensus algorithm and features of the
Hedera Hashgraph platform. It also sounds like Hedera Hashgraph will be making their APIs available within the coming weeks ahead which is certainly some good news as many developers would
likely want to get their hands on it in advance of the
Hedera 18 developer conference later this year. Before we wrap up the segment, I’m curious to hear more
about some of the projects you are personally following. So let me know by leaving
a comment down below and hopefully I’ll make
some more content focus on those projects in
the coming weeks ahead. Moving on governance and the road map which were the two topics
focused on in an interview that featured Mance Harmon,
the CEO and co-founder, of Hedera Hashgraph that was circulated on YouTube channel, Blockchain Marquets. This was a similar interview that many of us have
heard before outlining the Hashgraph consensus algorithm and the Hedera Hashgraph platform, however Mance provides the opportunity to provide a very descriptive overview of the governess model
for Hedera Hashgraph which focuses on the Hedera
Hashgraph Council composed of 39 global enterprises that will provide
oversight to the platform. Now I’m not going to provide a summary of this video as I definitely recommend that you go check it out. However adoption and instability seem to be the two core factors
into why the 39 members were selected for the
Hedera Hashgraph Council. Think of it this way, the 39 members will guarantee that nodes are set up on the
platform encouraging others to set up nodes for themselves and ensuring of the
growth of the platform. In addition Mance also
provides some insights into the road map for Hedera Hashgraph specifically it looks like the mainnet will be launched sometime in Q1 2019, along with several other events
taking place over the course of 2018 including the Hedera
18 developer conference and other releases of the test net. And on our final segment,
in case you missed it, I hosted inaugural livestream which served in place of my weekly gossip and Hashgraph series last week. We covered several topics from
the world power by Hashgraph including the Hedera 18 conference and some other announcements coming from the Hedera Hashgraph team. This was a unique
opportunity as the goal was to solicit more engagement
from you within the community and to hear more about the
topics you’re most interested in. I’ve since received a lot of good feedback about the livestream and I hope to incorporate other members of the community going forward. Most importantly special thanks to my co-host and active
Hashgraph Community member, Supermax67, who helped me
put together the livestream and more importantly help
me launch the gossip groups, a community discord server
focused on Hashgraph. We’ve also use this discord server as part of my live streams so if you
haven’t had the chance already be sure to join us in her
ever-growing community and before we wrap up here I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my next livestream on Saturday July 28th at 11
a.m. eastern standard time. Thus I look forward to seeing you there. So that’s it. That’s all I have for this week’s episode but before we wrap up, it sounds like Hedera Hashgraph is going to be coming out with a very important announcement within the next week or two. Now I don’t have any specifics
into the announcement however it’s certainly
something we will want to keep a close eye on. as always you can count on the gossip guy to keep you updated on
the new and developments coming from the world
powered by Hashgraph. and of course be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already and tap that like button
if you found this video to be informative. Broadcasting from New York City this the Gossip Guy signing
out, thanks for watching.


  1. Arvydas Dabulskis
    Arvydas Dabulskis July 23, 2018

    Great stuff like always!

  2. Supremax67
    Supremax67 July 23, 2018

    That name in the video looks familiar!?

  3. Wes Honkomp
    Wes Honkomp July 23, 2018

    ooh boy, I live for exciting announcements from the hedera team!

  4. Wes Honkomp
    Wes Honkomp July 23, 2018

    ooh boy, I live for exciting announcements from the hedera team!

  5. Wes Honkomp
    Wes Honkomp July 23, 2018

    ooh boy, I live for exciting announcements from the hedera team!

  6. Hedera Hashgraph
    Hedera Hashgraph July 24, 2018

    Nice!! 🙂

  7. Doulia Roberto
    Doulia Roberto July 24, 2018

    whats the incentive for the 39 organizations to join hashgraph as you are so confident of no collusion due to brand value of individual members.

  8. aflu aflu
    aflu aflu August 3, 2018

    How can invest in this platform?

  9. Martin Siegmund
    Martin Siegmund August 12, 2018

    will there be a crowdsale for non accredited investors?? or do i have to wait until its on the exchanges to invest??

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