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Voting, Governance, Bridging East/West, Regulation, and the Latest dApp News and Updates!

and I think we live welcome back to everything ers the longest-running us podcast thank you so much for joining us for yet another live stream where we're gonna talk about all the good things happening in yose over the past week and what we think might be coming in the future now first and foremost if you're watching with us live let us know in the chat where you're tuning in from hit the thumbs up button and if you're part of the replay crew leave a comment down below the video letting us know that as well but Zack it sounds like we got a special episode coming next week as well is that right we do so we have an update from Peter Kay on the everything iOS developer courses so I wanted to give an update to everyone here I'm gonna repeat this stuff I record it this morning we've had four hundred and sixty two developers enroll in the everything iOS developer courses that cypher glass sponsored Peter Kade that thumb we've got an average four point four eight ratings I think there's been I don't have it in front of like seventy ratings so it's just been going over so well on boarding so many new developers and we're basically going to take it to the next level in the next series of courses so I'm pretty excited for that yes so we have more courses planned right and he's gonna give sort of a sneak peek in that episode he is so basically he's I mean I don't give too much away but the main difference is that for the original developer courses he followed the guidelines of the elemental battles tutorial that blocked one made so he had to basically just stick to it and some of it was really redundant stuff he wouldn't necessarily need to teach him in a more advanced class but that laid the foundation so in all future everything he owes developer courses it's going to be assumed that you already took the first course and you're well on your way to actually building adapt of your own and that's kind of what he's going to get into he's gonna get into obviously some liquid app stuff he's he's basically gonna walk people through how to build a peer-to-peer game it's really cool yeah about that and speaking of the 500 plus people or I guess close to 500 people that we have enrolled it looked like either Sarabia actually also put on their own I guess after this past week or weekend and they use the course as well right they did so I think I got it on the screen I'm trying to get this new software we had some complaints last week but it was really cool like this this lis I don't even know what this room is from US Arabia but you know Sarabia apparently they had a hackathon that they sponsored or hosted and they had their students are their hackathon attendees all take the everything year's developer courses in advance of the hackathon set by the time they got to the hackathon they already knew how to develop a smart contract and they're ready to build an application of their own so I thought that was super cool seeing it in action the other thing that was cool man I just had this conversation with Pete this morning I don't repeat too much stuff but it was really cool in Washington DC and in New York City for blockchain week bumping into people that were actually students of the course and we're given the great feedback we'll get into some of that next week but but I guess I should also state that the reason I pre-recorded this episode for next week is because I will be away on vacation I believe you said you'll be away on vacation so this is the last everything years with Rob and I until next Sunday I believe is when I get back so we'll have another live stream then but I have some content stored up for you guys that I'll be releasing next week so you might not even notice I'm gone here we're Rob perfect yeah it's exciting and we should have more videos obviously on the cypher glass channel as well so if you're craving the new EOS News or whatever is going on head on over to the second class YouTube meeting to check that out there but speaking to the developer courses before we move on we are gonna integrate it in a lot of different places and that's ultimately our goal is to just teach as many developers as possible how to actually build yost apps so big shout out the word proof in yo studio for linking to the developer courses on their pages word proof obviously coming from a company that has WordPress plugins with more than a million downloads on their plugins so a huge potential audience there of developers and people who are using their new word proof plug-in who can now actually learn to build on Co Co studio as well just came out with their web version and included us there as well so huge shout out huge thank you to those guys and if you're out there and you're saying hey I could use those developer courses for something good maybe your own hackathon maybe integrating it with your site reach out to us and let us know there's contact info in the description of the video and I also mention the I keep I'm gonna mention stuff on both videos with you and Pete but one of the things we're also integrating with the second round of courses they're all going to start off with a survey to kind of get an understanding of your developer experience and what you're looking to get out of the course and if you're looking to be connected to projects when you're done with the course we're able to help you with that because developers are the most scarce resource on the EOS main net it's not Ram it's actually developers and we want to link up to both projects and students and we just kind of want to get impossible workers with people needing work and we'll be just doing that at first at least just free of charge we just want to help people out eventually that that could be one of our business strategies here at everything years we're always trying to find ways to make this a sustainable business but you mentioned word proof so there's actually we've talked about this so many times that it's finally here that wordcamp europe 2019 it's the biggest word press conference of the year in our everything he owes telegram channel sebastian came in there he's the CEO of word proof and he shared a video of Matt Mullenweg who is the founder of WordPress having a conversation with them in front of this audience of thousands saying how his time stamping tool was one of the coolest things he's ever seen I hope that goes everywhere cuz it really does that real value to be able to time stamp an article that you write on WordPress and say hey I wrote this first it's here on a blockchain that can't be faked that's pretty awesome use case I mean it really is because Brendan bloomers even put out it was like a tweet awhile ago he said like and things will be fraudulent if they're not likes timestamp things like that so it's really cool because if you ever had two people debating over who had an idea first if this time stamping tool really took off or any time stamping tool you'd have a verifiable way because the blockchain is deterministic that's a feature so there's been a lot of project updates this week almost too many that were probably not even gaming going to be able to touch on all of them but one of them that just came across our desks today is d-mail and shinty have partnered up so I just caught wind of this about two hours ago I think someone shared in the everything year's Channel but it says here on the blog I'm gonna pull it up on the screen for people watching I shot at the silver crypto for the $2 donation thank you sir we appreciate that how many how many got in the livestream I can't have that window up and I I'm trying to be a resource minimum person today streaming this it looks like 63 watching now so shout out to all sixty Caribbean there alright and Nepal I just want to apologize for last week we had some audio issues we said some lag issues but basically no one ever taught us how to do this stuff I'm learning the software as I go and it turns out to render graphics on the fly it actually requires a lot of processing power and CPU so when we get back from our trips for the next episode we'll have two independent machines so we'll be able to render graphics on the fly and do kinds of stuff that I didn't even get to debut last week anyway enough about me d-mail and shinty partnership they're forming a strategic partnership to enable meaningful messages on shinty and automated resource management for d-mail it's starting in the summer of 2019 shinta users will be able to used email to send on chain notifications to users and then the resource management ford email basically means that they're going to handle all of like the the CPU and everything in regard to that similar to how Daniel labs does it and who else is doing these Resource Management besides dunya right now there's a couple of them there are a couple of mount there I forget their names dunya is obviously a big one now jin-tae getting in the game as well but what I'm so excited about this partnership is that it really unveils a use case for D mail that we haven't talked about yet which is there are so many businesses and services like jin-tae or new decks and so many others that you know interact with people on change they don't have a list of email addresses where they can reach out to people their users and contact them instead all they have is in a u.s. account name and right now there's really no way for them to actually reach out to all of their individual users and say hey here's a receipt for you know the ten Blanco is that you were able to successfully least on jin-tae or here's a receipt for all of the trades you made on new decks today with you know your cost average and other useful information so what this gent ID male partnership is really showing is that first business use caseware cinta can now message all of their users and say you know hey we have a new promotion going on or hey you're one of your items was just least successfully or your Rex is about to you know come up for renewal whatever it may be they're gonna be able to contact the users much more easily and it's the first of many many partnerships to come so we're super excited about it I think it's cool seeing some of Kurt's ideas come to fruition Kurt he's the the founder of d-mail and when I first talked I think it's the first time I talked to him about the project he was explaining how if you have a truly decentralized exchange that exchange doesn't even know your email address so how does a decentralized application communicate with its users if it is truly decentralized which gives you a choice of whether or not you want to like share all of your personal information which would include your email address so that use case is really cool and I think that is similar to how he plans to implement it but I'm excited for shouldn't I 2.0 where we could lease everything do we I don't I'm not a hundred cent of the timeline of everything for shinty 2.0 are you I'm not sure I check out their website to figure that out a 2.0 so we also got ever a PD a 2.0 which was pretty amazing looking at the editing flow you know being someone who was there in the very early days of the project when they weren't even on a blockchain system when they were still on a centralized version before the initial US version came out the editing experience alone has obviously I think been solved there were so many user experience problems with going in and editing and saving your content and having to wait several seconds to you know cite a source there were just a lot of UX and UI issues that seemed now to have been resolved in every PDF you point oh the new homepage looks great all the new article formats look great so I'm excited about it and I really like I think most their new tagline which is ever a PDA everyone's encyclopedia sort of you know alluding to the fact that anybody can go on and make an edit or propose a new article so excited to see what happens with that I like it a lot they expanded their login options so that I think they always had a where ID which is one of the most convenient logins I mean if you're looking at your screen right now all the different social logins that or ID allows your Google login your Twitter login your Facebook login and that actually abstract your private keys so you don't actually have to manage them you just use the OAuth but I they added in the functionality of scatter which is what most people were actually used to on other decentralized applications so it's up to the user if you want to use scatter or a third party social account they give their reasonings here and the blog article I'm not going to read them word-for-word but basically if you want more control you scatter if you want something simple and easy that your mom could do use or ID the seamless and enhanced editor that one's big I think you're the one that told me about that was on Wikipedia they have some weird like markup language and it's not even HTML it's not anything normal it's just like clunky and weird it's not a rich text editor so just having that it doesn't sound innovative but for this class of project it really is and real-time chat Activity Feed and one last thing is the enhanced version history sounds cool sounds like there's like a little slider bar like a timeline and you could actually watch the state history of any article change in front of you which I think's gonna be really cool absolutely that's something it's gonna be good for censorship resistance as well so if somebody comes in and they wanted to be malicious and buy a lot of IQ tokens just to sort of force a change on a page through your gonna be able to see not only who made the change and you know which specific part of the article they actually change but you're gonna be able to see what the article looked like before the change and get that correct information in the event of some kind of malicious actor so a lot of good features and that's really what they're trying to solve a censorship where 99 out of 100 new articles posted to Wikipedia just get deleted because they're not important enough so really cool to have a home for all that now mm-hmm someone someone seen scatters confusing yeah yeah I mean I could see for for an average user getting it set up for the first time is it's definitely a little confusing I think we have a ways to go until it just super easy onboarding to get these people under the system but I don't think it's unique to scatter I think it's just managing owner and active keys private keys public keys it's a major onboarding process I don't ever see that scaling to the mass as we talked about this a few weeks ago how the Yubikey could actually be your private key alright and you don't even have to think about it you just think this is my physical key and it has a private key in it somewhere and that's all your mom or your grandpa would need to know if they want to signed something with the private keys I just need this key so moving on we got to go back you said you've had some big updates with AOS DNS yeah no no real major like technical updates but the usage is just continuing so we've been blown away by the amount of people that are actually using it that are you know registering new names on us name service and then linking them to us DNS are using existing names even 12 character names work so using cool names that they have and redirecting them to Twitter or the website or anything like that so if you haven't already good at use DNS that IO you can add the Chrome extension to either Chrome or the brave browser if you use brave like I do now and you can start using us DNS pretty cool system trying to think there's some others I didn't put in the notes I don't think but there was Michael Gucci the founder of a drop stack he runs Malta DSP the DSP Malta for for dab Network now he started its own proxy with the total of its let me go to Aloha three million EEOC looks like 2.9 four million AOS and Michael actually decided to vote for cypher glass so Thank You Michael we really need the votes right now as we you know continue to get jumped by other VPS that are just sort of moving up above us so shout out to Michael Gucci for the votes we appreciate it all right moving along so and this speaking of speaking of voting become actually just recently said that they are gonna begin voting soon so if you look at who the major players are that are really you know the biggest I guess whale voters on the network most of them are exchanges if you look at bid FedEx they have you know several different proxies where they split up 40-plus million euros but a lot of these exchanges like finance like bit thumb all these others have not actually voted yet so it's it's really encouraging to see if I'm now saying hey we're gonna come out and start and voting the tokens that the exchange has so it'll be it'll be interesting to see how that kind of affects the VP rankings so I thought it was interesting so I have a few things highlighted here one they just announced that they're gonna be voting their parent companies the one that they're gonna so it's gonna start that the parent company who just owns a bunch of tokens they're gonna start voting first so it sounds like that they weren't voting previously with just their owner tokens that the exchange itself owns but then they're they intend to open up voting to their users which is what's going to be really unique and the thing that stood out to me is one it says that they're gonna use proxies that align with their interests so I'm curious to see who those proxies will be if there'll be new proxies or existing proxies they pointed out a statistic I don't know how to validate it but Korea owns about 10 percent of all US tokens and lastly this is the one that stood out to me the most is bid hyung will seek quote Best of Breed and quote exchange voting tools and software which will allow it to transparently and fairly reflect the opinions and desires of customers voting preferences with their custodial accounts that is unique because on other exchanges that allow their users to kind of vote BitFenix being one of the examples they kind of make it a little difficult you have to like download a JSON file and then edit it in a text editor then upload it in so it's just like it's a little bit complicated let's just say that and I know they have good developers I know all of these exchanges have world-class developers so I don't really see valid reason for not having great ux/ui to give that control to your users and I hope they they champion this and it catches on to other exchanges I think that's very much needed death line we do know that you know coinbase with their coinbase custody service for the custody assets for institutions we know that they have a governance section on the website this is coming soon so ostensibly you'll be able to use you know your EOS that our custody and coinbase to actually vote for bp's as well but there's no timeline yet on when that will come out but I hope eventually we'll have all of the exchanges all of the major whales and wallets voting because the more people to vote the more I guess accurate the deep voting results will be mm-hmm we had someone in the channel they wanted to they mentioned your hello use interview which I actually that's here to talk about so I don't remember the guys name but he was from hello Leos one of the top block producers in China of very good insights and I watched it Rob at 2x speed and it sounded great like that because of because English obviously wasn't his first language and he was just like very like he thought about everything he said because it's obviously not his first language and I was like usually I can't listen at 2x but this is my first experience doing it it was pretty eye-opening the way they they look at vote buying vote sharing all of that stuff and he his he kept going back to the opinion of he's not going to basically judge a token holder if they want to use their tokens in a certain way who is he to judge that person so right that was my key takeaway what what do you think your key takeaway was from that conversation I think my key takeaway was that I think a lot of the reason why a lot of the tokens that are owned by Chinese holders don't actually get voted to Western VP's it's just because you know the same reason why we're not voting for Chinese BP's we don't speak Chinese and vice versa a lot of them really don't speak English so there's this massive group of token holders in China that I think would vote for a lot of Western bp's if they actually knew what we were doing you know we were up to so that was the biggest takeaway was hey we need more cross communication we really need to start to bridge that gap more so that the east knows what the West is doing in the West knows what the East is doing and we can all kind of be one cohesive year's community so that kind of goes in line did you see oh let me get the link put up here Yost Raider is actually doing some east/west bridge where yeah I was happy to see this I think the more people that go out in and do this the better and it looks like he's working with some existing partner company I guess that already does a little bit of this in this face yeah so I'm reading it here on the screen a partnership with a company called Moran it says they're a consulting firm they say what we just said one of the biggest hurdles and most important hurdles on the US public network is the communication gap between the east and west they have their new Chinese version of their website live at cnaeus radio but anyone listening to this probably doesn't plan to use that site who is Moran this is the question you asked it's a management consulting firm found that in the summer of 2018 the serve whale X on PR marketing and business development not going to read the entire thing have you ever heard of them prior to this announcement because I have not heard of Moran but I've heard of way Lex you know when one of the bigger decentralized exchanges I'm happy to see more of that I saw you letting people know in the cypher glassy and everything is Chino that you and to do more bridging the east and west content you want to kind of give a preview on some of your ideas and what is definitely gonna happen and some of the like wishlist of what we want to happen yeah so starting out we're definitely doing more AMAs with other Chinese bloc producers you know obviously Hello EOS is just one of many Chinese BP's that exist on us now and I think the more that we talk to and sort of ask these questions to and yeah some of the same questions some new questions as well depending on who it is I think the better insight we'll get into sort of how that side of the EOS community really operates so I'm excited about those AMA is coming up I think the dream would definitely be to have a Chinese version of everything he goes with you know two other co-hosts so if anybody out there has a suggestion for who those co-hosts might be let us know we're definitely interested in pursuing that and have taken the right steps to sort of put that process in motion now so that's the dream definitely have a Chinese version of everything yes that exists do you think there do you think there's a Chinese Fincher file out there oh I think he's out there a Chinese Kevin Rose yeah a Chinese egg all there uh we could only hope I hope they have memes for days being shared on WeChat WeChat so while we're on the topic of voting blockchain kid he's raised from the dead I hadn't I hadn't heard from him in a while I haven't I used to talk to him pretty frequently I hadn't talked to him in a while but he actually put out a thought leadership piece recently which I was very happy to see basically it's I guess the concept is deferred block rewards and his idea was let me just start from the top here that his two concerns are that the perceived inequity of the top 21 is due to vote buying and trading among registered producers so he thinks there's BP freeloading from people collecting block rewards his solution is actually to defer block rewards so in this example he says mandatory deferral of 60 to 80 percent of daily block Awards but his idea is only in the top 21 and it would go into like a deferred account with some sort of vesting schedule in his examples were 12 months 36 months I don't think that's fully refined yet but base his idea is that a big chunk of block Awards should go in an account that needs to vest over time to make sure that the interests are aligned with the network there there's a few other parts that were interesting I it's hard for me to read this entire article on the air I read it earlier whenever has taken some notes but I'm happy that there's thought leadership coming out here and shout out to eros block Smith because I didn't mention them earlier but he is blacksmith actually sponsored the article so they probably paid blocks blockchain kid some yose to do this I think that's great I think that's something that I'd like to see more block producers doing I know Rob you do that a fair bit with independent small projects but I thought that was cool but I don't know if this is the right way to go about block rewards because especially in the short term if we would if this would somehow pass taking 60 to 80 percent of block awards and basically taking them away for 12 months that that's going to kind of limit the short-term growth of the EOS main that we may not agree how everyone's managing their block rewards necessarily if they're paying them out for voters or however they're doing it but it's at least still going to someone I've talked to people in the Asian side of the EOS main net and they think that the the vote distribution like from an exchange they think it's helping with mass adoption because there's these thousands of users of their their exchanges and they're getting rewarded INEOS just the same way if I'm staking to pick cos I'm getting free picks yes tokens on a daily basis so it's kind of like incentivizing they think they're getting a network effect from that I have no way to verify it but I I do see both sides and I'll go back to to what the hello yes guy said and if that's what a token holder wants to do like if if we don't like it we're basically just putting our opinion on them and we could all have opinions I I don't know the solutions is the problem here like we have this issue nobody's happy about whose the top 21 at least from Eastern herb not Eastern from from Western conversations I've had nobody seems to be happy about it and then from your conversation with hello EOS they they seem the thing everything's just fine they think the biggest problem from them is that the Western world is not communicating with them right yeah I personally agree to him to some extent that you know you have to respect the wishes of other token holders and let people do ultimately there's nothing we can do to stop somebody from doing something with their tokens you know it's not a it it's a relatively permissionless system where you can just kind of do what you want but at the same time I think we have to be careful of going too far down that path where you know the top one to 81 all of the paid VP slots are occupied by the same cartel owned by the same group of voters that then just collect as much money out of the system as possible until ultimately developers start building on other chains that maybe don't struggle with those same issues so I think it is a balance and I would I guess urge those people in power to not go too far with it where it turns into a liske situation like I've seen happen before that just can really just destroy a network because so many of the people that were adding value are then no longer incentivized to add that value anymore because only one group actually controls the entire chain so I hope that doesn't happen we'll see andrew has a good question in chat who says how would you explain Infinity stones out of California but likes to be all Asian climbing so high so quickly in the VP rankings I think it's it's probably a combination between a lot of these new incentive programs that we're seeing pop up new decks for example just launched a new new Dex POS something along those lines but essentially all you have to do is deposit to recs and vote for their proxy and they give you something like a 5% annual return so there are a lot of people that are kind of doing this indirect and vote buying in a lot of way where they're giving you a higher return if you vote for their specific set of BP's so I think maybe that is part of the reason why Infinity stones is gone ty maybe they own a lot of videos there are a lot of variables that go into it but if you look at the top 50 there are a lot of BP's that have now sort of climbed through the ranks up into the top 50 that are all being voted in by the same groups of holders so it's been really I guess disheartening in a lot of ways to just see these same bps oh look it's those 10 wallets again voting for a new VP now voting for another new VP and seeing legitimate VP's like ourselves in gray mass and so many others just slowly slide down the ranks due to the same wallets being able to vote in more and more VP's on top of each other so hopefully in the long term that gets resolved in some kind of way with its governance change maybe block 1 allows their 100 million to be voted thanks to you know us voice ID we're unique users could potentially divvy up those votes in some way I don't know what it will be but I think we have to sort of correct the course at some point or we'll just turn into another list or rise or one of those projects that went downhill due to governance so I don't even like having this conversation and a big reason behind it is because I don't have the answers I don't want to be one of those people that just kind of complains about something and doesn't actually have a way to fix it absolutely but but I do think about it a lot and I asked this in the everything year's channel a while back like a week or two ago and would people's opinions of the top twenty one be different if those companies were still chinese-owned but they had their infrastructure globally distributed with because right now everyone's saying that the the nodes all shouldn't be in the same place geographically and I understand that a hundred percent III think that's a huge risk but III don't see people complaining necessarily about the ownership they're saying that geographically this doesn't make sense so what would your thoughts beyond that if that was one way to solve it was they agreed to geographically diversify their servers yeah I mean I think that would solve half the problem right because part of the problem is that geographic diversity all of the nodes are in one location so you know god forbid there's some horrible earthquake or something and you know all the power in China goes out a significant chunk of those top 21 nodes are gonna go out as well because they're all sort of located in the same area but the other part of the problem is even if they geographically distribute the infrastructure there's still a centralization of ownership where potentially if those bps are you know voted in by the same person that one person still has that one group or entity whatever it is has a lot of control over the network still so I think absolutely splitting it up geographically would help a lot but would not solve the whole problem so to kind of go along with that idea I the cool not cool one of the things that makes a rule like that enforce if it were to be enacted sometime in the future is when the es may net first launched there were a lot of BP's running Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure right you were one of the big proponents that said hey you guys all need to get on bare metal and you think it's safer glass you guys were bare metal from day one yeah right now I think for the most part almost everyone at least in the top twenty one is bare metal is that true because yeah that that was true about a month ago I don't know if it's still the case cuz there's been so much shake-up and new people that sort of moved into the top three one but as a prevent a month ago that was definitely the case so I mean we we have I think improved the network in a lot of ways through you know similar thought leadership that es New York and other people do where it's like hey this one thing would be very good for the network maybe you know geographic diversity of infrastructure is the next thing that could help out so that's what I'm saying is if you have a bare metal infrastructure that means you could install physical components into your your data centers so if there was a device that had a proof of location type of component built into it from let's say platon or there's another one like X Y Z but platon is the one that's an es VC investment right what if there was like an unhackable way to get a proof of location from a piece of hardware that said geographically where it was located in the world and then you could enforce that rule programmatically through like the system contract to make sure that the the holy-o's main that was always geographically diverse III think that's something that we should think about as that technology gets closer I mean we're it's it's still really early now I'm just throwing the idea out to even have a conversation then it definitely an interesting idea I mean restricting like hey this X percent you know of the total networker of the top ten one can only be in one country but I think would be hard to get the top 21 to implement it and that's the kind of weird situation that we're in now is that let's say we do come up with some kind of a solution that makes you know voting more decentralized and makes the VP ranking were too centralized you need that 15 out of the top 21 to actually approve that change to the network so it's it's in a weird situation where it's like could we implement a change even if you know the majority of token holders agreed on it or majority of community members agreed on it it would be very difficult I think to implement that change but I don't mean to be be too bearish I still think a lot of these issues can be solved and they do take time to solve it's people having conversations with each other trying to bridge that gap learning what you know both sides are interested in and kind of going from there mm-hmm you're right though any of these major changes like blockchain kid love the thought leadership of the aligning incentives article and he had a forward-thinking when a while ago that it was proxies somehow some way to incentivize proxies because they spend a lot of time doing their due diligence and research but anyway seeing something like what he proposed even if I was in love with the idea completely and I think there's some good aspects to it I think it'd be very hard to get any of that approved by 15 out of the current top 21 I think it'd be it mess up all of their business models for the most part so I think it'd be really hard you'd have to have a referendum that was overwhelmingly supporting it and then kind of forced their hand I think that's going to be the only way we'll be able to ever shake up the the 15 signatures required on a malt on a 15 out of 21 VP multi-sig is if it had incredible like referendum support but if you had incredible referendum support I'm assuming that the block producers that those voters on the referendum liked would also be higher up in the ranking so um we haven't had anything radical yet let's write everything that's been passed I guess that yes user agreement was the most radical thing for some people but I think I think it's been an improvement ever since so I think only the e calf camp disagreed with that so I have some notes here about Facebook and Libra you know we don't have to talk too much about it but not now that it happened what what were your thoughts on it ultimately I was surprised by a lot of the stuff they did I was surprised that it's you know ultimately going to be a permissionless system within five years they said they'll start the transition that totally permission list but also that accounts or pseudonymous so I thought for sure that you would have to link a Facebook account to a Libra account or you would have to you know go through kyc to actually make an account on the chain but there pseudonymous and but he can make an account without linking it to any of those existing services without going through kyc which i thought was pretty cool what's interesting about it and what's making me very warm and fuzzy inside is how the the regulator's are reacting to this and I just love seeing the government you know it's sort of realized that they're losing control over these systems and and you know freaked out in whatever way they can and a lot of regulators are calling for them to stop what they're doing which seems pretty ridiculous to ask a software company to stop building software that is breaking no laws just seems totally crazy that politicians would even go that far and say hey you know I didn't read the white paper but you need to stop what you're doing stop working on it until you sit here and explain it to me because I'm too lazy to go and read the you know 40 pages but ultimately if you look at the details and look at the preparation that Facebook has put into this they obviously we're expecting some kind of regulatory pushback when they start to enter the the fiat money scene and you can see this that they're already licensed to do exactly that they're not breaking any laws there's you don't need permission to you know make a basket of fiat assets and issue a token they have a money transmitter license in all 50 states in the u.s. to actually operate the calibra wallet and have all the regulatory clearance it appears that they need to launch that system so I think it's really entertaining and honestly in addition to Facebook being a huge on-ramp to the total space especially Bitcoin I think it's also interesting cuz it adds and this was a point that Caitlin long made who's done a lot of really great Pro you know Pro blockchain legislation stuff especially in Wyoming but she was saying that Facebook is now you know another ally in this army of putting in positive regulation that will allow people to launch tokens and unfortunately we've seen the US regulation and sort of the lack of regulatory clarity or having regulators try to jam hundred-year-old legal frameworks and you know take a token and sort of jam it into that we've seen a lot of companies now pulling out a US and it really is sad we have bank or who's cutting off US service on July 8th we obviously have finance who's cutting off service in the US and I think that's September they're launching obviously financed us but obviously the trading selection will be much more limited the patria stokin is now totally defunct as of June 20th they've cancelled that due to regulatory uncertainty but hopefully you know Facebook and block 1 now with this massive sort of lobbying firm that they've hired hopefully they can all go to regular and say look guys you're missing out on the next big technical revolution this isn't just some fad some phase that's gonna go away this is going to be as transformative to society if not more transformative than the internet was and right now the u.s. is kind of locking themselves out of being the beneficiaries of that innovation so I'm really hopeful that their tune will change but if not crypto will continue and the US will unfortunately suffer that was one of the big things that Ken was doing that was kind of impressive was rather than it would settling with the government they ended up they're gonna take it all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to I don't know I don't know enough about it to know if they're right or wrong I saw some of the evidence it looked pretty damning but I've also read legal analysis that said it's they probably have like a 25 percent chance of winning which is actually really good going against anyone in the federal government yeah it seems like the regulatory non clarity is the biggest hindrance of innovation in the blockchain space in the United States that there could ever be if they want to have harsh regulation do it just make a decision and make it crystal clear what we're allowed and not allowed to do not knowing what you're allowed to do is just it's ruining lives people could literally and go to jail for doing the wrong thing by interpreting the government's vague rules in the wrong way that's part of the problem right now is that in response the people asking for the government to have more regulatory clarity the CFTC for example came out and issued some guidelines that basically said if you want to launch a token you're it's basically what they're telling people like due to all of these specific requirements and and referencing you know legal frameworks that are literally a hundred years old they're essentially saying you can't do anything and that's part of the process that's so frustrating them being in the US and then also being in crypto is that there have been so many creative projects that I've almost been a part of or been about to launch that have a token element and the token element is crucial and then what you inevitably do that I think a lot of people are sort of facing now like Petrea is with their token you pay some lawyer a thousand dollars an hour who says they're a securities expert and ultimately at the end of it they say well I can't with reasonable confidence tell you that you can launch this token like thank you for your money we appreciate it but we're not going you any any real clarity there because now the CFTC has kind of put a blanket over a lot of things so it's gonna be interesting to see how it develops obviously the government is not the fact that the fastest acting entity in the world but hopefully they'll be a little bit faster in sort of correcting the course on this and bringing some of that innovation back back on our shores how so going back to Libra and then we'll kind of intertwine and voice here do you that helps voice hurts voice or has no effect whatsoever on voice I think it either helps voice or has no effect on it but realistically I think the biggest way it could hurt voice is if Facebook introduces some kind of an incentive model into Facebook and obviously we don't know anything about the way it's integrated it seems like based on the white paper and the other materials their beliefs that Libra is gonna start out being you know just for payments at the very beginning developers can't even build their own modules onto the system they can't write their own SPARC contracts for it so it is gonna be just payment based for now I think the way it hurts voice is if they add a similar incentive model whereby posting on Facebook you can actually earn Libre tokens I don't think that will happen because that would be a dramatic change to Facebook's overall business model but if it did I think it could hurt it however what I think is more likely is that Facebook and Libra dramatically helps voice by not only bringing more people into crypto but then also showing them sort of the antithesis of what Facebook is doing okay you know you can come over here earn money instead of allowing Facebook to sell your data and earn all that money without giving you a cut I think the biggest advantage voice has over Facebook is the fact that it's not a publicly traded company so for Facebook to be able to share revenue with its users it's gonna take a dramatic shift in in the revenue stream for the the shareholders themselves and the board of directors everyone at Facebook has to basically be at the whim of the the public stock holders the equity holders of the company and they expect certain levels of revenue and certain levels of profit so for them to even consider sharing any of that it they have to be able to increase them dramatically set their making just as much as before and then they're only sharing maybe what's extra on top of that I don't see that happening especially very soon so I think voice is going to be much so a lot of times we get frustrated because block one's not as agile as we want them to be because they're protecting four billion dollars and a lot of other things and they're trying to do things right but Facebook's gonna have to move even slower because they're publicly traded already they've got a lot of investors they have to adhere to and they're they're not gonna want to give up their money easily so I think is planning to share attention and ad revenue from the token model from the start whereas Facebook even though they have the Libra token they don't have like anything similar to voice that's been announced yet but we'll see I'm not saying it's impossible right I'm just saying that block one in this instance will be more nimble in the social media wars and we also don't know yeah we also don't know what stuff Dan hasn't even released yet I think that one of the bigger things is going to be private ownership of data like it now as far as I understand everything is either on the block one servers or on the blockchain there's like no like private privately securing like data on the blockchain that I've seen or heard of yet for that I had a thought here but I think I lost it so I think like the biggest issue that you know either them is gonna face at least in the u.s. is regulation Facebook has the advantage I think with being a global company that serves you know a huge percentage really the majority of its users outside of the US so even if they have to turn off Libra for the US and go after the other two billion people that have a smartphone but don't have a bank account I think they have a huge amount of room to scale there I guess obviously block one is a global company as well hopefully they can do that same you know strategy but it'll be really interesting to see how it unfolds I think what a lot of people have been mentioning which is interesting is that we have block one which is a blockchain company moving into the social media space and we have Facebook which is the social media company moving into the blockchain space so it's kind of interesting to see how this is all evolving if everything happens the way we wanted to den has mentioned he wants to put out a giant bounty for putting the etherium virtual machine in a smart contract ah Neos and right after the Libra news came out I think he said something and telegram about he'd love to see a smart contract with with like Libra and and their chain in a smart contract and I think that's the future that we're ideally going to see is all block chains being interconnected just like with today's internet I mean you could have different databases communicate with each other it's just gonna be an open version of that and I think we're gonna see or we could see yo Co connected to facebook also Libra doesn't have any smart con doesn't have deep smart contract a capabilities right out the gate it does have some but there's other chains like Biden's did you have by Nance doesn't have smart contract capability yet on their child interesting so I'm interested to see how that all plays out because they clearly needed I was reading something like a month ago on in coin Telegraph about that I didn't realize it and until someone told me about it well yeah I mean it's not gonna be very interesting and for the record I'm I'm pretty excited about wait just for the transformation that I think it it transformation potential I guess that it has for the world to really change the way the people look at fiat currency to get people into crypto and and so much more so I'm Altima Lee very excited about the days all right we're coming up on an hour we're gonna and this we're not going to go too long on this one hopefully the the production went okay we simple to made it simple but I have a giveaway here I'm just going to announce how I'm going to give it away because I haven't actually done it yet I didn't have time today so our buddy bonds manifest is his name on telegram I he has a real name we might have been a DC I think you met him in New York a couple months ago to New York event he's he's a friend of everything yes active member of our community he's working for a project called prospectors it's an MMO game I think it launches it launches in 5 days from today but they have these early access golden tickets which are going to give you access I think three days ahead of the net launch in five days so we'll be giving those away and here is how you are going to earn them literally I am going to make a comment on this video I don't think you're able to comment during a livestream so as soon as the live stream is over look in the YouTube comments I'm gonna make a comment saying if you want a golden ticket for prospectors leave your EOS account name as a reply to that comment and then bonds is gonna go through and collect all of your EOS account names as you can going to send you a golden ticket and these things are being auctioned off on the prospectors website so they have real value I'm not sure exactly how much but if you want to get early access the games in MMO game I played it on jungle for a little bit as much as I want to pretend I'm a gamer I mostly just play sports games this kind of it was pretty advanced I mean I felt like it was or not even we're gonna trail but you basically you mind gold which is their pgl token you hire help you could build stuff just check it out guys anyone who's interested in this you can check it out it what is it prospectors I don't have to link up prospectors down IO okay perfect so look for the comment as soon as the livestream ends look for my comment or be from the everything us account and you'll have instructions there but just reply to it with your account name there it is limited it has to be this weekend I don't know if we have an exact cutoff but I think it's maybe the first 25 people I'll say that sounds like a safe number sorry bonds if that's higher than you're able to give out I apologize if you say something and don't get one but I think at least the first 25 to maybe even 50 people if you just give us your account name we're gonna fire that golden ticket to your account so look for that with it we have another giveaway Rob we didn't do it last week we had some complaints we had some complaints it's here we got the Blanco so we're gonna pick a number is a quant you go ahead and send me a number between one and a hundred and in the order that we see it on our screen whoever is the first to type the number 1 to 100 in the chat will win the Blanco I'll mail to you anywhere in the world so go ahead and send me that number all right I got it I had the number type away in the live chat whatever number you think one to a hundred to win the Blanco well wait till we see it actually popped up so people are closed they're come to numbers oh now yeah you're gonna have to pick it out yeah I'll pick it that I'm lost here look I'm go not yet still not yet Billy Carl with number 13 congratulations Carl it first went to type 13 that we saw DME on telegram at Finch fi fi n CH i FY and I will get your mailing address and send you this blank Oh Congrats Carl and thanks everybody else for playing alright so that about wraps it up let me see if I can kick on some music this is my one fancy thing I'm gonna try to do today I hopefully there's some music playing in the background I can't tell at the moment but we'll be back you'll see a video with me next week at least one but it'll be pre-recorded you'll see me and Rob for another everything Year's weekend livestream let us know what you think of the new format the new graphics they'll get better each week but let us know what you thought of this episode we'll see you next Sunday once again I'm Zack go I'm Rob Finch and this videos go yes see you guys


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    It’s pretty interesting how when the west were mostly in the 21 BPs, people did not cry foul but since the east have started dominating people have started crying foul. Pretty hypocritical! I grew up in a third world country but live in the west. I see that play out here in the US all the time. Nobody complains until minorities start dominating in a particular field and then people start complaining and looking for ways to hinder them. I like it that at least, these guys are thinking more about collaboration than complaining. I think it might be a little too late.

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