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Vellore Lok Sabha Election: ஏ.சி.சண்முகத்தை ஆதரித்து எடப்பாடி பழனிசாமி பரப்புரை| Edappadi Palanisamy


  1. rajesh rajesh
    rajesh rajesh July 27, 2019

    Nee muthala neraivettru

  2. kannan panneer85
    kannan panneer85 July 27, 2019

    அடா தூதூதூ

  3. Ponnusamy Subramanian
    Ponnusamy Subramanian July 27, 2019

    Without any delegate feeling Telling lies by this CM… Cheating the ignorant people..
    he was not ashamed of telling one time who is Sasikala
    next time telling… where is tuticodi what happened..
    as ignorant CM…… killed innocent people
    without any conscious feeling

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