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US President Trump will approve bill to declare Pakistan a terror state

US President Trump will approve bill to declare
Pakistan a terror state? US President elect will approve a Congress
bill to declare Pakistan a terror state when the legislation reaches him in what would
be a shot in arm for India’s antiterror narrative, said Shalabh Kumar, a key Indian-origin
member of Donald Trump’s advisory council and prominent businessman. “President Trump
and PM Narendra Modi will undoubtedly share a good chemistry. The Indo-US partnership
is expected to touch new heights under Trump Presidency. A key step that the new president is expected
to take is to give assent to the US Congress bill that has been introduced in the house
to declare Pakistan a terror state when the legislation reaches him,” Kumar told ET
in an exclusive interaction over phone from USA days after the presidential polls. Mounting pressure on Pakistan in the backdrop
of the Uri terror attacks, two influential US Congressmen for the first time ever introduced
a legislation to designate Pakistan as a terror state by the administration in Washington
last September. Congressman Ted Poe, the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, along
with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher introduced the ‘Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism
Designation Act’ in the House on Tuesday. The legislation calls on the US administration
to provide a report on designation of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism. “The stars have aligned – Modi took the
bold step to initiate demonetisation to fight black money and within hours Donald Trump
became the 45th President of USA,” noted an ecstatic Kumar, indicating good days ahead
for the bilateral partnership. Kumar, who made a fortune as an entrepreneur after migrating
to the USA in the 1960s, said the transition team of the president elect is well versed
with Indian affairs. He claimed that senior members of Indian government are in touch
with Trump team enabling continuity in Indo-US ties. Dismissing fears of loss of jobs for Indian
IT professionals under Trump presidency with stricter rules for H1-B visas, Kumar claimed
that as US economy will grow by 4-5 % annually under Trump and will boost America’s service
sector. “This will increase the demand for Indian IT professionals in America. You will
recall positive noises that Trump made about India during his campaign.” He also predicted
an increase in Indo-US trade over the next four years. An area that is expected to receive further
boost under Trump presidency is the Indo-US Defence partnership, Kumar said. However,
he suggested that India must initiate further steps to encourage ease of doing business
including tax reforms and favourable legal mechanism to attract American investments
in India. who maintains close contacts with both BJP
and RSS, is a member of Indian American Advisory Council of Trump and member of Asian American
Advisory Council of Trump. Kumar, the owner of an electronics manufacturing company (AVG
Advanced Technologies) and founder of the Republican Hindu Coalition,
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  1. Shaikh B Sahab Indian
    Shaikh B Sahab Indian November 18, 2016

    very good

  2. Prranjal Shrivaastav
    Prranjal Shrivaastav November 21, 2016

    That's very important to force pakistanis into abandoning the terrorism and expansionism. pakistan is already a communist country and it's military has always been the main ruler.

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