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US President Donald Trump on Pulwama says ‘India is look at something very strong’

Reporter: Mr President, last year you have
blocked US assistance to Pakistan because of terrorist coming from that country.
President Trump: I stopped Pakistan paying 1.3 billion dollars that we would be paying
them. In the meantime, we may set up some meetings with Paksitan. Pakistan was taking
very strong advantage of United States under various presidents and we were paying Pakistan
1.3 billion a year and I ended that payment to Pakistan because they were not helping
us in a way that they should have and I honestly we have developed much better relationship
with Pakistan over the last short period of time that we had; But I did ended the payment.
We were paying the Pakistan 1.3 billion dollar a year I ended that about 9 months ago a lot
of people don�t know that but I ended that 9 months ago.
Reporter: But terrorist coming from Pakistan attack Afghanistan and India
President Trump: What you taking about.. what are you referring to� you have to speak
up. . Reporter: Yea.. terrorist coming from Pakistan
and attacked Indian forces in Kashmir.. President Trump: No, terrible things going
on between Pakistan and India is a very very bad situation and it�s a very dangerous
situation between the two countries. And we would like to see this stops. Lot of people
were just killed and we wanna see this stops. We are very much involved in that and that�s
what you referred to. Reporter: India is seeing right to self defence.
President Trump: No India is looking that something very strong and I mean India would
just lost almost 50 people and with an attack so I can also understand that but we are talking,
lot of people talking it is a very very delicate balance is going on right now there is a lot
of problem between India and Pakistan because of what has happened in Kashmir. Are you talking
about Kashmir. In Kashmir, it is very dangerous.

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  1. J. JOSEPH
    J. JOSEPH February 24, 2019

    God bless USA! Trump just became president by luck but Trump's luck=USA's bad luck!

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