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U.S. gov’t, Congress to give warm welcome to Pres. Moon in first U.S. visit

The South Korean leader and the First Lady
will get a longer than usual stay at Blair House, where the U.S. President’s guests are
accomodated. They’re also both invited to an official dinner. Oh Jung-hee zooms in on theTrump administration
extra warm reception. President Moon Jae-in will be staying at Blair
House in Washington D.C. during his four day visit to the U.S.
Located across from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue,… the 115-room residence has served
as the U.S. President’s Guest House for visiting heads of state and ambassadors since 1942. The first Korean to be put up at Blair House
was the former President Park Chung-hee in 1965… and all Korean presidents visiting
the U.S. since then have also stayed there. President Moon is the first Korean president
to spend three nights at Blair House on the first official visit to the U.S., and tightened
regulations are making such long stays quite rare for any head of state. President Moon’s trip to the U.S. is what’s
called an “official working visit.” It requires lower-level protocol than a ‘state
visit’ or ‘official visit’ But that also means fewer formal engagements,
and therefore more time for diplomatic activities. Diplomatic sources say… that’s why the presidential
office of Cheong Wa Dae chose a simpler form of visit. The U.S. government has shown a warm welcome
to the Korean president, with U.S. President Trump inviting both President
Moon and the first lady to the official welcoming dinner,… something that he hasn’t done for
the spouses of other world leaders since taking office. U.S. lawmakers have also adopted a bipartisan
resolution welcoming President Moon’s trip to Washington… and a few are requesting
to the Speaker of the House of Representatives… that President Moon address a Joint Meeting
of Congress during his visit. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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  1. Alessa N.
    Alessa N. June 28, 2017

    US sells them beef and bombs, they sell us TV's, cell phones, cars and ramyun. A great trade partner.

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