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Tulsi Gabbard not likely to make third Democratic debate


  1. Justin Wayne
    Justin Wayne August 30, 2019

    Does anyone have the official link to the petition to let her debate?

  2. Manny Madrox
    Manny Madrox August 30, 2019

    Did she forget to make donations to some democratic foundation or fund? Maybe she can't afford to pay for classes to be a proper democrat?

  3. Mark
    Mark August 30, 2019

    I don’t agree with her much politically, but I think she has the most integrity of any other Democrat nominee. It’s too bad someone like her is not moving forward, when the anti military neo Marxists are moving forward

  4. Mark
    Mark August 30, 2019

    I think she would be a great independent candidate. I think she could attract moderate Democrats and Republicans.

  5. Romans 3:4
    Romans 3:4 August 30, 2019

    She's not a warmonger..period.

  6. LumabeeLumabop 4321
    LumabeeLumabop 4321 August 30, 2019

    I can NOT believe they dont want her as a fron runnner… blows my mind. She could really really win. Hell i wouldve voted for her.

  7. Savio Angelo Dias
    Savio Angelo Dias August 30, 2019

    I love Tulsi, honerable wise woman

    (with courage, honesty & integrity, a true leader and deserves to be commander in chief of the military, MSM etc.)

  8. indakut
    indakut August 30, 2019

    Anti semitic

  9. Simple Chronology
    Simple Chronology August 30, 2019

    Plus, at least as far as Presidential candidates go, she is a babe.

  10. Muddy Shoes
    Muddy Shoes August 30, 2019

    I WANT the opportunity to vote for her!!!! She's legit

  11. The Populist
    The Populist August 31, 2019

    It's ironic, they shunned the only one who can beat Donald Trump, and that's (apparently) their only goal. They've lost the plot 😂

  12. Steven Berge
    Steven Berge August 31, 2019

    Leopards don't change their spots. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's probably a duck. In other words, I would be suprised if they don't cheat in the primaries again. They actually changed their rules to make it easier to do it. They wouldn't do that for no reason eh? Our country won't let the united nations elections security people observe our elections for a good reason, good for "the system" that is.

  13. Bear - In Mind
    Bear - In Mind August 31, 2019

    Tulsi will be running Republican by 2024

  14. COMtnPilot
    COMtnPilot August 31, 2019

    “We the people” are doomed! But, only if we allow this tainted political rhetoric to continue! We need to take back our stance and reclaim our power as “ The People”! We cannot allow these political criminals to run our government! “The people” run the country, not the politicians!

  15. Joseph De Julius
    Joseph De Julius August 31, 2019

    I would have voted for Tulsi…and I'm definitely not a Democrat.

  16. shaneeda! zoinks
    shaneeda! zoinks August 31, 2019

    She should come to the dark side and run in 2024. I'll vote for her!!!

  17. Ghulam Abbasi
    Ghulam Abbasi August 31, 2019

    Bernie Sanders is not speaking for Tulsi
    Elizabeth Warren is not speaking for Tuls.
    Who will speak for BS and EW when they do same or similar with them!!

  18. W
    W August 31, 2019

    I'm voting Tulsi no mater what

  19. Elwood Anderson
    Elwood Anderson August 31, 2019

    For Tulsi Gabbard it's time to start thinking about 2024. The DNC has sidelined her as someone who is more of an independent, and not really loyal enough to the Democratic Party. She must continue all the way to the convention. Her message is such a contrast with the establishment candidates. By the time the Democratic convention takes place and the DNC pushes the nomination to the second ballot and brings out party owners with their free votes to throw the nomination to their anointed candidate, voters will realize they made a mistake and start looking to an independent candidate for 2024. If Tulsi is still there and shows she is what they really wanted she will be the likely person they will focus on for 2024.

    Forget fringe parties. They're a distraction that goes nowhere. Political parties are the problem, not the solution. They are a relic of the past. We have two too many right now. The quicker we abandon them, the sooner we will be electing independent candidates.

    The turning point for Tulsi will come right after the convention. If many in the Democratic Party are disillusioned with the candidate who wins the nomination, Tulsi should leave the Democratic Party and run for congress as an independent. If she wins she should spend the next two years as an independent congresswoman promoting her policies and the election of independent candidates. If she wins again in 2022 as an independent, she will be in a prime position to run for president as an independent in 2024. If she loses it's probably all over for her, and we'll have to wait for the next generation to take over American government.

  20. Tzsahall Thomas
    Tzsahall Thomas August 31, 2019

    Dont need a Dove in the White house in this day and age anyway. But as a Libertarian, I liked her anyway.

  21. c z
    c z September 1, 2019

    Too moderate, too attractive, too much common sense. Therefore, she's out for the lunatic Dems. If we can take one good thing away from her involvement though, she killed Kamala Harris Presidential hopes in less than ten minutes. Which may be another reason why she's out.

  22. NFLClip2019
    NFLClip2019 September 1, 2019

    She is a sexy mummy

  23. cinemar
    cinemar September 1, 2019

    Apparently the dems have some conditions re winning the Presidency. Shutting down the only real hope they have of beating Trump in 2020.

  24. Sam Silva
    Sam Silva September 1, 2019

    For once Fix News is correct.

  25. Coffins
    Coffins September 1, 2019

    Besides "Open Borders", i love everything she's about.

  26. Mark DeVaul
    Mark DeVaul September 1, 2019

    I hear that fox news will hold a debate for the candidates that the democratic party has rejected . checkmate

  27. Mark DeVaul
    Mark DeVaul September 1, 2019

    I hear that fox news will hold a debate for the candidates that the democratic party has rejected . checkmate

  28. gary noland
    gary noland September 1, 2019

    They can't afford to have a workin brain in the debate.

  29. FireTurkey Fly
    FireTurkey Fly September 1, 2019

    Deep state democrats make sure they are running the country, not a proper president. That’s why Trump has a hard time dealing with the enemies within.

  30. User Name
    User Name September 1, 2019

    Tulsi is the DEMS ONLY chance. The DEMS need to wake up

  31. Tony
    Tony September 2, 2019

    How about the fact Tulsi wants to break up Big Tech? Think about the power and money she just threatened? I believe that's the real reason.

  32. John Smith
    John Smith September 2, 2019

    she cute but annoying.

  33. Punch Aim
    Punch Aim September 3, 2019

    tulsi gabbard is the best demacratic elect for the run against trump even though I do agree with trump and if was legally able to vote I would for trump

  34. nigel rickard
    nigel rickard September 3, 2019

    Looks like Trump wins next election

  35. David Bennett
    David Bennett September 3, 2019

    Tulsi or Bust

  36. AHoy AHoy
    AHoy AHoy September 4, 2019

    It is so obvious that they are trying to keep her from winning they know she has a strong voice and she is going to do right by the people so I had a feeling this would happen not this exact thing but some type of bull. This is so f**** sad now they're going to do everything they can to keep her from winning. I will vote for her and so what a shitload of people

  37. AHoy AHoy
    AHoy AHoy September 4, 2019

    They know her voice is powerful so they are going to out her so sad. I don't think she shouldn't give up though I can totally 100% see her as our next president a really good one at that

  38. Mathieu van Leeuwen
    Mathieu van Leeuwen September 4, 2019

    Tulsi should be winner of the primaries, she has the guts, the brains, and … I'm sorry to say: the looks. (C'moooooooon, we're all thinking it)

  39. Samba Warrior
    Samba Warrior September 4, 2019

    The democarats are the enemy of democracy. They just want a black woman to be president, even if she is corrupt and morally deviant.

  40. yongBane
    yongBane September 4, 2019


  41. Jacob Egleston
    Jacob Egleston September 4, 2019

    Sounds like the fix is in… again.. starting to see a pattern here, or maybe I'm being paranoid lol

  42. Jae White
    Jae White September 5, 2019

    TRUE🌟PROGRESSIVES ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
    #1 Mike Gravel
    #2 Bernie Sanders
    #3 Tulsi Gabbard
    #4 Marianne Williamson
    #5 Andrew Yang
    2020 For The People Not For The Corporations Greed🇺🇸

  43. Marin Vegas
    Marin Vegas September 5, 2019

    Dems pissing me off so much I may go red lmao

  44. Sarah Michelle Gilligan
    Sarah Michelle Gilligan September 5, 2019

    Bernie will pick her for VP if he gets the nomination. So she can run for President in 2028.

  45. Lou Bisignani
    Lou Bisignani September 5, 2019

    I can see why the DNC will keep her off the debate stage. She speaks truth to her other candidates, and this is
    something that will not be tolerated. They want all the candidates to be on one side…Socialism, free money for all, free imigration across an open border for all who wish to come to the land of honey (USA), and most importantly…GET RID OF TRUMP !!!!!

  46. don jonson
    don jonson September 6, 2019

    not slamming tucker, but its sad hes by far the best msm news host at the moment

  47. toady
    toady September 6, 2019

    Tulsi's faux pas was during the debate when she humiliated the African-American candidate, and is now experiencing a latent blacklash.

  48. Gargola18
    Gargola18 September 6, 2019

    Lmfao tucker is awesome, thanks for giving tulsi some type of audience!

  49. sky sky
    sky sky September 6, 2019

    Tulsi and Yang are the only two last hope of the democratic party.

    BRIAN KELLEY September 6, 2019

    Tulsi's a threat to the establishment.

  51. Marcangelus1
    Marcangelus1 September 7, 2019

    If Tulsi doesn’t make it to the final debate, then what more proof do you need that the American political machine is broken. She’s the only making sense and saying what the people really want. The fix is truly in.

  52. William Kiene
    William Kiene September 8, 2019

    Tulsi Gabbard is too honest to be in politics today. It is all rigged……………..

  53. Mark Rigsby
    Mark Rigsby September 9, 2019

    Tulsi, is the only one with common sense.

  54. Mark Rigsby
    Mark Rigsby September 9, 2019

    Dummycrats are ignorant

  55. Steve Garcia
    Steve Garcia September 9, 2019

    now that she's been shunned by the dnc, she should switch parties and run for prez in 2024 and win so she can tell the dnc: " ha! eff you aholes. i'm prez now. who's your daddy"?!

  56. YouKnow Who
    YouKnow Who September 10, 2019

    Its just a Trick sheˋs just pretending to be more moderate .Dont fall for it ,just a different angle and aproach. Democrats are a collective, theres no free agents anymore ,hasnt been a looong time.

  57. Orson Jaques
    Orson Jaques September 10, 2019

    These Democratic debates are not forms of campaigning. They are advertisements for the mute button on your remote control. Good for Tulsi! She should stay on the road!

  58. D. M. Gerber
    D. M. Gerber September 10, 2019

    The DEM's need to get rid of Gabbard and Yang, especially.

  59. Da Name
    Da Name September 11, 2019

    Google froze her ad campaign after the first debate, when she was the most googled debater of the night. Her campaign could not run ads. She is suing Google. Gmail who is owned by Google, started filtering her emails to junk bins.

  60. Ed Murphy
    Ed Murphy September 12, 2019

    Out of one side of their mouths the Dems promote diversity. Out of the other side of their mouths they plot to exclude those that don't regurgitate the party line. I do not agree with everything Tulsi says, far from it. But what she says needs to be heard. The DNC should let her in even if all she does is expose the others. Isn't the point to find the strongest candidate? The one who can compete ? Apparently not anymore for the DNC

  61. Elaine C
    Elaine C September 12, 2019

    She if the best the Democrats have and they won't even allow her on stage for the next debate.

  62. ermal beqiraj
    ermal beqiraj September 13, 2019

    That’s sad…she was the only hope for democrats

  63. Nelson Mendez
    Nelson Mendez September 13, 2019

    She is a a Valuable Voice, and I was hoping to hear from her more than anyone else !

  64. Jeff Matthews
    Jeff Matthews September 14, 2019

    I am voting Trump/Gabbard 2020

  65. CromLaughsAtYourFourWinds
    CromLaughsAtYourFourWinds September 14, 2019

    Will you listen to these two guys? "I don't want to say conspiracy". The deep state has weaponized that word. But conspiracies do exist! And they exist in the federal govt. For the person who sees them around every corner that's paranoia. But they do exist.

  66. rockridgefarms
    rockridgefarms September 16, 2019

    a shame the best choice will not be heard

  67. Robert Mccarthy
    Robert Mccarthy September 17, 2019

    If Trump went off the rails she'd be the only person in the Dems debates I'd consider. I think she has got a lot of growing but I think she could be a valuable politician one day.

  68. reginol invincent
    reginol invincent September 18, 2019

    I would vote for tulsi gabbard I am pro-trump but not for his war war war nor if he capitulates on 2nd amendment rights. what would I have to lose if he lies about the war in the middle east and Venezuela I am Spanish I am an independent voter.

  69. reginol invincent
    reginol invincent September 18, 2019

    DNC is foul liers cheaters traitors gabbard is a patriot I like her I trust her she is out front honest even if leftest, in many things.

  70. Outhouse John News
    Outhouse John News September 19, 2019

    She just another Sniveling Beady Eyed Liberal Rat Succubus

  71. Outhouse John News
    Outhouse John News September 19, 2019

    She just another Sniveling Beady Eyed Liberal Rat Succubus

  72. Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen September 19, 2019

    Martha MacCallum ate her lunch and exposed her as a TRAITOR or stupid ???
    Letting IRAN self inspect them selves is tantamount to giving IRAN the BOMB in less that 10 Years

  73. Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen September 20, 2019

    just another pretty face with nothing behind it ????? next ???

  74. JW Cruz
    JW Cruz September 23, 2019

    Jump ship and run as an Independent or Republican.

  75. noopdoggy
    noopdoggy September 24, 2019

    eventually she will realize she's NOT a Demonrat! she is just being paid to hate Trump!

  76. LJT L
    LJT L October 1, 2019

    Just because she calls herself a progressive doesn't make it so. Her principles are closer to conservatives. Plus she's a supporter of the India's ultra right wing regime.

  77. craig ike
    craig ike October 3, 2019

    why is fox news endorsing progressive democrat liberal leftist socialists? Conspiracy?

  78. gary webb
    gary webb October 10, 2019

    I am a conservative Trump supporter. She is a threat to Democrats. Would actually be the only threat against Trump. Her handicap is running as a Democrat. There now labeled as the socialist party.

  79. Dire Jack
    Dire Jack October 18, 2019

    Seems she has a brain. She should be with the new wave of Republicans.We need fresh blood. The old Republicans seem to want to live a world that just isn't there anymore.Term limits !!!

  80. Zachry Zimmerman
    Zachry Zimmerman October 19, 2019

    This didn’t go the way CNN wanted it to go

  81. Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell October 21, 2019

    I am fairly conservative, but prefer Tulsi to Trump(due to the fact that he is a lying scumbag, a fact that many conservatives seem not to care about or overlook).

  82. Scott Harris
    Scott Harris October 21, 2019

    Tulsi Gabbard is a breath of fresh air to all politics! Her vision of a new Democratic party aligns with those of us who supported Trump's new vision of the Republican Party. Looks like both parties are getting overhauled by the American people..Aloha Telsi you have my support

  83. Greg Walker
    Greg Walker October 22, 2019

    I am a moderate Republican and would vote for her.

  84. Madeleine Maje
    Madeleine Maje October 23, 2019

    So the only person who can bring together the country, is not in the race? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  85. nox scythe right to the face.
    nox scythe right to the face. October 25, 2019

    That's funny, I walked onto campus at WSU just yesterday, and for my school project was asking questions about who would be voting, I slipped in two questions #1 Are you interesting in voting dem? and #2 Name a candidate other than Biden you might vote for, if so. Well, Of 72 students, 2 said Warren. 29 said Tulsi. 17 said Bernie Sanders. 2 said a name that wasn't even in the race, Jill Stein. and 22 had no clue, and implied they would vote for Biden because they weren't sure what was going on in the primary. So can I ask who the msm is polling??

  86. adi gordo
    adi gordo October 27, 2019

    I understand her, being a woman and being in politics, she doesn't get along with each other …

  87. Kathryn Conti
    Kathryn Conti October 29, 2019

    She is the most “likeable” candidate

  88. Satish Vengatangu
    Satish Vengatangu November 3, 2019

    What I want to say about tulsi isss…that she is really very charming and beauuuutiful not only on the surface but also within her heart and mind..I can also see a great compassion towards American family….I am sure if she becomes the president of United States of America…Whole world is going to be a better place to live with justice and opportunity ….for everyone..God bless tulsi and america

  89. ymc m
    ymc m November 11, 2019

    Gabbard v Trump!!!! or vice versa in 2020…now this would be interesting……

  90. Steve Bardosy
    Steve Bardosy November 25, 2019

    I’m for Tulsi 2020

  91. Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev November 25, 2019

    She's the one who can speak to both sides of the aisle, and that's why the DNC didn't like. The establishment likes the divisive country, then rules.

  92. thealize808
    thealize808 December 17, 2019

    I might vote for Tulsi Gabbard

  93. siddbastard
    siddbastard December 24, 2019

    Rogue 4 POTUS !

  94. Don Vickers
    Don Vickers December 28, 2019

    She posed with Antifa activists, that's way too repugnant for me.

  95. UnderStructureRepair
    UnderStructureRepair January 6, 2020

    The media followed Clintons commands. We vote in Dynasties, not real,people. Tulsi, as a patriot , tried to stop these murderous wars. I gave to her campaign. It's all rigged. She could be at 20%, but we will never know. A Trump-BIden runoff is what Goldman Sacks and the MIC want and the sheep will give them what they want. They are followers. Whose family will get the first Gold Star ?

  96. justin carroll
    justin carroll January 12, 2020

    Thank god.

  97. Theodore Kushaba
    Theodore Kushaba January 23, 2020

    People who vote Gabbard they Will Vote Republican in 20/20 and they will walk away from Democrat Communist part who lost Tech with Americans people

  98. D
    D February 12, 2020

    I AGREE with Gabbard on Harris and regards her lawsuit against Hillary … HOWEVER … All her motives are wrong … she is just eliminating her immediate opponents, that's all!

    FOX and others, you give this anti-American, Socialist abortionist, who knows zero about economy or international foreign affairs, with extreme LEFTIST policies, way too much coverage. We have had enough of Fox interviewers pushing Gabbard every chance they get. Gabbard CNN and MSNBC is your friend – Stay off Fox!


    I've been following her interviews. She is INSINCERE. No to this one!!




    ALL DP candidates /nominees /politicians /speakers/former Obama administration criminals still operating today/Antifa/CNN/MSNBC …


    America's President Donald Trump God bless him and America forever!

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  99. kiddidok
    kiddidok February 28, 2020

    As a country, I cannot believe we have allowed so much resources to be wasted on war. Imagine the possibilities! It is the greatest transfer of wealth to multinational defense contractors. Congress keeps up the chaos to keep people confused & keep wasting the money.

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