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Trump says he did not discuss election interference with Putin

-Mr. President, Robert Mueller said last week that Russia is interfering in U.S. elections right now. Did you raise that with Vladimir Putin yesterday? -You don’t really believe this. Do you believe this? -He said it last week. Did you raise that with President Putin yesterday? -We didn’t talk about that. I spoke with President Putin of Russia yesterday. They’re having massive fires in the — in their forests. They have tremendous — I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s very big. I just offered our assistance because we’re very good at putting out forest fires, frankly. And if they should need it, I offered our assistance. We had a good talk. A short talk but a good talk. And I think he appreciated it. So we would be able to help them. These are massive fires like I haven’t seen. That was the primary importance of the conversation. And I think they very much appreciated it. -On the feds, sir. -Mueller said, right now, he believes Russia is interfering in the election. -Well, I watch Mueller. I’m not sure Mueller knows what’s going on, if you want to know the truth. But all I do know is he said no collusion with us — no collusion — and, ultimately, no obstruction, because it led to no obstruction by a very smart group of people, including our Attorney General. So, no collusion, no obstruction. As far as Mueller’s performance, you would have to say it was maybe not so good. Not so good. No questions.


  1. Sweet Lemon
    Sweet Lemon August 1, 2019

    Putin is his friend they both drink vudka together

  2. Randall Marsh
    Randall Marsh August 1, 2019

    Wait, this POS offers to help Putin with Russian forest fires but when they were in California all he could do was bad mouth California for not raking the forests………….this "man" is criminally insane!

  3. Fact of Reality TV
    Fact of Reality TV August 1, 2019

    did he just say he is offering russia help with our tax money because of "forest fires"?! what in the ****!!!!!!!!

  4. Trevorkian
    Trevorkian August 1, 2019

    Imagine if Trump had discussed election interference with Putin then the fake news would be accusing him of trying to collude again and cover-up the collusion that never existed, there is no way that the fake news media was going to somehow make this a positive story no matter what Trump did

  5. LATINO OG 13
    LATINO OG 13 August 1, 2019


  6. Soundtracked
    Soundtracked August 1, 2019

    Why would Donald "I love Wikileaks" Trump want to protect America's elections? He wouldn't be President without the help he asked for and received from Putin and the Russian Military/GRU. Same reason Moscow Mitch won't allow it to be made a crime for a campaign to accept help from a foreign nation's government, military, and intelligence services.

  7. Anita Foster
    Anita Foster August 1, 2019

    Way to kiss Ruski tush, Benedict Donald.

  8. Matt Foster
    Matt Foster August 1, 2019

    wait…..this POS offers US firefighters and equipment after blaming us for the California fires? ….you grab a rake and head there first donnie boy

  9. Eidelmania
    Eidelmania August 1, 2019

    Troll farms work double time on WAPO

  10. John Publius
    John Publius August 1, 2019

    In order to discuss election interference we would need the DNC, FBI and Silicon Valley to come to a sit down.

  11. alex M
    alex M August 1, 2019

    Trump and Putin should become friends and our country's could enjoy a great relationship instead the deep state keeps us divided

  12. rich s
    rich s August 1, 2019

    Trump gave Putin a BJ and lick his anus

  13. Jack Ames
    Jack Ames August 1, 2019

    "Massive fires like I haven't seen." He must have been asleep at the wheel while wildfires ravaged California last year. Nothing new there.

  14. Hans
    Hans August 1, 2019

    Talk to Google about election interference.

  15. Lance Morrison
    Lance Morrison August 1, 2019

    You know, Our CIA is quite attuned to putting out "fires" just saying!

  16. Baulzzz Zzzz
    Baulzzz Zzzz August 1, 2019

    Hahahahaha man you guys are just dying for something to happen that will never happen. Trump hasn’t done a darn thing wrong…he is the master of the grey area

  17. hugh jorgan
    hugh jorgan August 1, 2019

    Among a dozen serious topics Trump covered in a 20 minute press scrum, WaPo cherry picks the Russian topic. smh.
    For those interested in something other than the irritating Russia topic, here's some of the other issues Trump talked about:
    1. The Dem debates
    2. North Korea's missile tests
    3. Comey
    4. Supporter chants
    5. Kashmir
    6. Bin Laden's son
    7. Military support.
    8. Baltimore
    9. Hong Kong protests
    And others.
    I encourage people to watch the full scrum. Trump continues to do an excellent job for the country and his openness with press is unprecedented.

  18. Jess Stuart
    Jess Stuart August 1, 2019

    Trump will be begging Putin for help (again) about a month before the 2020 election.

  19. Quy Le
    Quy Le August 1, 2019

    Why does he always do those hand gesture when he speaks? Is it like a Jedi mind trick that he uses on his supporters?

  20. caltex1969
    caltex1969 August 1, 2019

    Let it burn

  21. Michael Tobin
    Michael Tobin August 1, 2019

    No she just asked Putin to interfere

  22. QueenMerci
    QueenMerci August 1, 2019

    "Good at putting out forest fires" LMAO, California disagrees

  23. ctwatcher
    ctwatcher August 1, 2019

    Putin is a hero to his people. Wish we had one that could tell all the truth like he used to about 9/11 and so much more. Will write in Hitler next election for all that are running.

  24. MysticFiddler1
    MysticFiddler1 August 1, 2019

    Trump is such a dolt.

  25. Blud Clot
    Blud Clot August 1, 2019


  26. Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger August 1, 2019

    213 views, and trending? Man the Washington Post is pissed because Trump called them a Russian agent a few days ago, now that's all wapo does is call Trump a Russian. Pretty juvenile. I know you are, but what am I?

  27. dafttool
    dafttool August 1, 2019

    Trumplethinskin throws a proud tantrum,
    But his terrible threats are loud phantoms.

  28. Khalis Saeed
    Khalis Saeed August 1, 2019

    He did only sleep with Putin

  29. DL S
    DL S August 1, 2019

    Trump is a Russian asset. Bottomline

  30. Mr. Underhill
    Mr. Underhill August 1, 2019

    When Trump stands before the judge for sentencing, instead of sending him to prison for life, let's deport Trump and his vile henchmen to Mars to see how long they can survive.
    You know, for science.

  31. Large Beniz
    Large Beniz August 1, 2019

    "You dont really believe this, do you believe this?" What a cocksucker.

  32. chris lopez
    chris lopez August 1, 2019

    Haven't seen anything like it? Didn't he visit "Perfection", CA?

  33. Godzilla
    Godzilla August 1, 2019

    The news media is like a pack of wild dogs and they sound like one too! If I was Trump I would tell them one at a time or no questions at all!

  34. Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera August 1, 2019


  35. Rebel X
    Rebel X August 1, 2019

    What the absolute hell

  36. Gavin
    Gavin August 1, 2019

    Wikileaks exposed Hillary's emails not Russia or Trump
    Get a new conspiracy theory this one has been debunked Dickheads

  37. calvin watson
    calvin watson August 1, 2019

    What a treasonist coward!!!

  38. birdy1numnum
    birdy1numnum August 1, 2019

    Dude talks like he's still on the Apprentice in particular by saying Mueller's "performance" was not so good. The Orange Draft Dodger is doing horrible in his performance as President!

  39. Jeff Novack
    Jeff Novack August 1, 2019

    Trump won't protect the country from the Russians, who have been proven to have attacked not just our elections, but also our infrastructure, power grids, nuclear plants and aviation. I just wonder why Trump is such a traitor and why he bows down to Putin?

  40. Mournstar
    Mournstar August 1, 2019

    You can't have that conversation without Hillary being present.

  41. Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera August 1, 2019


  42. Q & A
    Q & A August 1, 2019

    He doesn’t need to discuss it. It’s dun deal already.

  43. Brenna Ober
    Brenna Ober August 1, 2019

    I'm lying is written all over his face 🙄

  44. Sami Islam
    Sami Islam August 1, 2019

    Fake news Are the enemy of the people?

  45. Angry Oldhead
    Angry Oldhead August 1, 2019

    A short good conversation about uhh massive uhh fires…..

  46. david zero
    david zero August 1, 2019

    Dump Trump 2020!

  47. Blake Fin
    Blake Fin August 1, 2019

    What a dick.

  48. cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher August 1, 2019

    How long are you gonna kick this dead horse W(soros)P???

  49. Garry Miller
    Garry Miller August 1, 2019

    Mueller gave 10 examples of you obstructing justice. Trump would be in jail if he wasn't the president. That's all that's saving him now. He either gets re-elected by the last remaining morons in this country or he goes to jail. Protect your favorite criminal trumpists

  50. Merendo Bereglidditz
    Merendo Bereglidditz August 1, 2019

    Blah, blah, blah.
    And the lawn gets fertilized.

  51. Harry Palm
    Harry Palm August 1, 2019

    99.9% hes lying

  52. George Vangordon jr
    George Vangordon jr August 1, 2019

    Everybody keeps talking about Russian interference in our elections… but nobody ever say what they did or how they did it.. it’s just a general blanket statement Russia interfered.. what did they take out an add in Facebook ? Put out a video on you tube ? Or did they break into our voting machines and change the votes.. some kind of covert mis-information ? What could the Russians do to change my mind on how I vote.. I listen to the candidate I don’t depend on any media social or otherwise to make my choices if you choose a candidate because you listen to any media or celebrity. Then your lazy and don’t care what happens to America follow the leader is not a well informed way to make a choice no matter who that leader is..

  53. justakissinla
    justakissinla August 1, 2019

    So what if he did.🖕Democrats and all this BULLSHIT
    MAGA 2020

  54. Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro August 1, 2019

    Somethings wrong. Putin must have the pee pee video.

  55. Jordyn
    Jordyn August 1, 2019

    Just like Bill did not have sexual relations with that woman?

  56. My name Is Joe!
    My name Is Joe! August 1, 2019

    " Google!"

  57. Nancy Prevost
    Nancy Prevost August 1, 2019

    The old fool is actually preening. Mueller doesn't know what's going on? From the man-baby every opposing leader is manipulating with ease?

  58. Visteo Bman
    Visteo Bman August 1, 2019

    Putin offered his assistance with the election.

  59. Samson
    Samson August 1, 2019

    Lol. Russia is a backwater country. Get real, we all know that Google and Big Tech are way more influential than any government on the face of the Earth when it comes to so called "free" and "open elections".

  60. CountryfiedLinux
    CountryfiedLinux August 1, 2019

    Is it really impossible for journalists to believe that he had positive things to discuss?

  61. law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe
    law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe August 1, 2019

    In the meanwhile Trump will be deploying his brigades of golf course landscapers to rake away the terrain.

    Semper Fi oorah

  62. H Pn
    H Pn August 1, 2019

    The post missed the news of today….look at the satellite weather map… Siberia.
    Good God that's a massive fire!

  63. Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera August 1, 2019

    Bullshit 💀💀

  64. clever monicker
    clever monicker August 1, 2019

    We should start a charity to help put out fires in Russia

  65. NvrMindWhtEvr!?
    NvrMindWhtEvr!? August 1, 2019

    Perhaps you should suggest raking as you did responding to the California fires dumb s*** whatever? Addendum magma is rising all over this planet wait to the peat bogs not to mention the projective casings protecting the Radioactive rods ignite throughout the world one big chain reaction nevermind whatever?

  66. clever monicker
    clever monicker August 1, 2019

    The day you leave office …..,.we send you to PRISON

  67. Thug Lyfe
    Thug Lyfe August 1, 2019

    Unable to hear the questions.

  68. mike5556
    mike5556 August 1, 2019

    Why are they still letting him claim "no obstruction"..?

    Fires….yeah, right.

  69. tonykeo83
    tonykeo83 August 1, 2019

    Wait I thought Trump put America first so why is he worry about Russia forest fire?

  70. Rob Roland
    Rob Roland August 1, 2019

    remember the time he went to Russia, and spoke with Putin over the election interference? he said, would instead of lying to say should or could. or something. so this would be lie #1 billionth and counting?

  71. Mr.mixes piglets
    Mr.mixes piglets August 1, 2019

    Meanwhile under Meg Griffin‘s braw

  72. Salacious Crumb
    Salacious Crumb August 1, 2019

    Yeah, bullshit.

  73. Rob Roland
    Rob Roland August 1, 2019

    after the main point, the rest is just plain babbling.

  74. afro hammite01
    afro hammite01 August 1, 2019

    Not a real win. You cheated mr. president. You'll try to cheat again but you'll lose this time.

  75. Derice Portley
    Derice Portley August 1, 2019

    They're gonna rigg the election in 2020..that's what they're working on now

  76. Xor rd
    Xor rd August 1, 2019

    He spent as much time discussing election interference as 2 days of Democratic Debates did.

  77. little rascal
    little rascal August 1, 2019

    what a smacked a$$!!!

    and mueller wasn't performing!…..he was testifying!…..unlike your daily pomp and circumstance!!!

  78. Lukenukkem
    Lukenukkem August 1, 2019

    Tell them to get off their asses and rake up their forest floors, "It's a disgrace!" Oh wait, I see, send in the fire fighter spies.

  79. C P
    C P August 1, 2019

    Donald Trump welcomed Russian interference during his campaign; including calls for violence. What a terrible person for America. Completely antithetical to this countries system of beliefs.

  80. Dee Alex
    Dee Alex August 2, 2019

    Za chto menya sudit chto ya sdelala

  81. David Van Bockern
    David Van Bockern August 2, 2019

    The sad part Mr Trump believes that lie! What a bunch of horse 💩 …………DUMP TRUMP 2020

  82. Gen. Snoball
    Gen. Snoball August 2, 2019

    With all the crap ol Trumpy Dumpy spews, it's no wonder the WH lawn looks so green!

  83. M Infanger
    M Infanger August 2, 2019


  84. Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa August 2, 2019

    Trump keeps winning and winning.

  85. Sebastian m
    Sebastian m August 2, 2019

    I heard President Trump controls the ebola virus…😱

  86. baked beans
    baked beans August 2, 2019

    Of course he didn't, he has no balls

  87. Therese Martin
    Therese Martin August 2, 2019

    Way to go America First…threaten to withhold emergency assistance for the California fires…but Putin can have what he wants! I hope Trump volunteers to go to Russia to teach Putin to rake!

  88. Thelma Atkinson
    Thelma Atkinson August 2, 2019

    I wish the pilot just start off then we can here his suwage words

  89. Mister Sarajevo
    Mister Sarajevo August 2, 2019

    Is it me or is his comb over getting worse?

  90. Pink Panther
    Pink Panther August 2, 2019

    Forest fires have destroyed more than 7.9 million acres (or 3.2 million hectares). Absolutely devastating to the environment. 🌲

  91. Vince Fernandez
    Vince Fernandez August 2, 2019

    How has the his guy not already suffocated because he forgot to inhale?!?!?! Just wondering.

  92. Christine C
    Christine C August 2, 2019

    I still want to know what kind of help Obama gave Putin when he said off mic that he could do more after the election and the Russian said he would Putin know.

  93. Denyze
    Denyze August 2, 2019

    Did Trump suggest sending rakes to Putin and supplying forestry conservation advice to Russia?

  94. David Fenton
    David Fenton August 2, 2019

    I offered our assistant forest rakers

  95. Trump Sucks Cock
    Trump Sucks Cock August 2, 2019

    Of course not. Why bite the hand that feeds you.

  96. rumplestiltskin
    rumplestiltskin August 2, 2019

    USA just spent the last couple of years trying to destroy Russia, now they want to put there fires out, does America put crack in its water, this country is a demented horrible mess.

  97. Fanda Novák
    Fanda Novák August 2, 2019

    There is clear evidence that these two are envolved in corruption of high politics in a way that history will never forget. And why? Because he was elected by mean, selfish and pusillanimous people whom hide behind false relegious reasons. Cannot you see these two manipulate you? Fcb collects data, sells to Analitica, it sells to Russia, Putin calls who wants win the election in any country round the world I give you help of my troll's farm but I will give you the piecework after you win.

  98. Giovanni Soave
    Giovanni Soave August 2, 2019

    Trump: I believe Putin not US Intel.

  99. Laurie Gogas
    Laurie Gogas August 2, 2019

    Vlad and Kim rub their hands together and snicker evilly everytime they watch a video about Trump… Unlike his base, they know he has the intellect of a 5th grader that wants to be a bully but isn't quite sure how to do it properly…

  100. Jess S
    Jess S August 3, 2019

    Yeah right…. And the meeting with Veselnitskyawhatever, the “representative of the crown prosecutor of Russia” at trump towers with Manafort, Kushner, and Donnie Jr. was about “adopting russian children”.

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