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Trump Caught on Mic Self-Congratulating About Dumb Insult

. A lot of hot mikes this week at the NATO
summit in the UK and now Donald Trump has been caught on one. So I told you that Donald Trump, after finding
out that other world leaders were laughing about him, he is a literal laughingstock among
world leaders. He threw a tantrum. He left the NATO summit early, but he also
insulted Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. After that happened, Trump was caught on a
recording congratulating himself about the funny zinger of an insult against Trudeau
calling him to face. So let’s go through it piece by piece first. Here is Donald Trump calling Justin Trudeau. Two faced you be the judge about how much
of a biting zinger criticism this was. Well, he’s too fast and honestly with Trudeau,
he’s a nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy. But you know, the truth is that, uh, I called
him out on the fact that he’s not paying 2% okay. And then Trump later really apparently thinking
that that was a great insult. Caught on a hot mic saying wasn’t that so
funny when I called Justin Trudeau two faced, he didn’t do it. He didn’t do it. It’s funny when I sent the guys too. Oh yeah. It was super funny when you said he was too
faced. Right? Who? Who else heard it? Because that was really funny guys. Did you hear me? This is cringe-worthy. This, this is like the kid in school who one
time said something that was like a two out of 10 on the humor scale and then for weeks
at every opportunity brings it up. Remember that time when I said that one thing? Oh yeah, but we’re talking about something
else. Oh yeah. No, but it reminded me of that time where
I said that really funny thing. Don’t, don’t you guys remember how funny that
was that that’s what this reminded me of. This is such an insecure person at heart. He’s giving a blow by blow of just a lame
comeback to remind people of how he really got the last word and came out on top before
he fled back to his airplane and flew back to the United States. What’s super clear from this is that Donald
Trump is really embarrassed as he should be. Now, I know a lot of people say David, he’s
not embarrassed. He’s, he’s unable to feel shame. He always thinks he acted correctly. I think that it’s a combination. I think it’s a combination of his delusions
of grander, but he is embarrassed to some degree. It might be perceived as anger. He may even see it as anger, but at this point
it’s clear that deep down somewhere in there, there is embarrassment there and this is all
he can do to fight back and in some sense it’s sad. In another sense, it is hilarious to watch
it from the sidelines, but the big picture that I want to mention is that this is so
emblematic of the problems in the world right now. World leaders are caught expressing concern
about Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior. In other words, world leaders, when they think
people aren’t listening or when they don’t think they’re being recorded, they’re talking
about how odd and disturbing Donald Trump’s behavior is. Trump gets hot, put caught on a hot mic and
he’s just praising himself for a, quite frankly, not very funny insult that he told and reminding
people around him how funny it was. This is a microcosm of everything that is
taking place right now and it can’t end soon enough.


  1. Applejacks
    Applejacks December 7, 2019

    Well when you have to flush the toilet fifteen times and all the light bulbs are making you orange . . .

  2. Michael McNair
    Michael McNair December 7, 2019

    What Trump said was a great zinger. He was referring to Trudeau's obsession with repeatedly wearing blackface (two faced) LOL! I"m Canadian and I found it quite amusing.

  3. SaanChips s
    SaanChips s December 7, 2019

    Hahaha Donald Trump everybody's fucking laughing at your stupid fucking ass you are one fucking dumb ignorant moron. How does it feel when people are making fun of you baby Trump so it's not so nice is it now but you're not a nice person you deserve to be sitting in prison for the rest of your life you're a piece of shit to the American people

  4. Glenn Fowler
    Glenn Fowler December 7, 2019

    Trump reminds me of Mohammed Ali except Trumps a chump not a champ.

  5. edvolve
    edvolve December 7, 2019

    "It can't end soon enough."

    BLACKMQQN December 7, 2019

    What a nut job. Not a fake reality show America. Shit is real

  7. Barbara Schmerling
    Barbara Schmerling December 7, 2019

    trump is the most two faced person.

  8. D. S.
    D. S. December 7, 2019

    Dumb d dumb dumb dumb🎼

  9. My Reviews
    My Reviews December 7, 2019

    Trump never thinks he did anything right. He's always embarrassed because he knows he's a loser and he tries to overcome that, but he fails everytime. He must have had a very very rough youth. He was probably bullied all the time.

  10. Joy McGuire
    Joy McGuire December 7, 2019

    He knows Ivanka thinks Justin is hot!

  11. stephan burgess
    stephan burgess December 7, 2019

    What do mean he's like the kid in school. He is the kid in school and hasn't grown up yet. He is the biggest baby in the world.

  12. jk kidding
    jk kidding December 7, 2019

    Kinda like the pussy grabbing hot mike. What a douchecanoe.

  13. dreembarge
    dreembarge December 7, 2019

    It's called chagrin, I think, embarrassed anger.

  14. Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself December 7, 2019

    Wrong. Trump is the man 💪💪💪💪

  15. Bobby T Smith
    Bobby T Smith December 7, 2019

    Trudeau is a POS who is two faced and wears blackface numerous times and only PM who has ethics violations ! Get your head out of your asses, Trump is right

  16. Charlie Mack
    Charlie Mack December 7, 2019

    Instead of you talking so much play some video to back you up

  17. Laurie Elliott
    Laurie Elliott December 7, 2019

    Donald Trump is shameless.

  18. Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason December 7, 2019

    I forgot the name of the self proclaimed stable genius? 🤔 Ummm…What’s his name again? 🇺🇸🍼👶🇺🇸

  19. mushdogful
    mushdogful December 7, 2019

    Insecure? He's a sociopath.

  20. marky mark
    marky mark December 7, 2019

    Suck your watch

  21. Shaun W
    Shaun W December 7, 2019

    Where is Mr. Two Percent ? This guy is begging 2% from NATO partners !!! What a embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jennifer Metzger
    Jennifer Metzger December 7, 2019

    In all seriousness He definitely released that clip of audio. " Wasn't it hilarious when I called him two-faced"!?🤪
    No way in heck he did not release that snippet of audio. He is so friggen fragile. He acts like he wants the world to believe he is a macho guy. But deep down Chump is the shell of a man. One can not possibly be so insecure without deeply rooted emotional issues. It must be exhausting to be Chump. To constantly have to keep up this facade that you are an alpha male when clearly everyone around you can clearly see your true colors.
    If he was not such an embarrassment and danger to our country I would feel sympathy for the man.

  23. Never Trumper
    Never Trumper December 7, 2019

    The President of the Divided Statrs…insulting other world leaders???

  24. FutureChaosTV
    FutureChaosTV December 7, 2019

    #NoBallsTrump and his supporters need to go to an insane asylume for the rest of their deplorable lifes.

  25. Google User
    Google User December 7, 2019

    🤦‍♂️ Trump, the nightmare Boss Baby. 👶

  26. zama202
    zama202 December 7, 2019

    The world loved Obama because Obama willingly bent over
    and let the other world leaders ream him, Trump however has
    turned the table and is now reaming them, LMAO.
    Donald J Trump the best President ever.

  27. HuckFinn
    HuckFinn December 7, 2019

    The Sheer Wonderfulness of Donald J. Trump With Perhaps Nearly Imperceptible Embellishments

    I’m just puzzled as to why a couple of people would bother to post even the mildest complaints against such a wonderfully gifted person as Donald J. Trump. Even though the vast majority of Americans adore his folksy style, family values, moral purity, fidelity, humility, fairness, self-sacrifice, instinct toward forgiveness, righteousness, honesty, transparency, forthrightness, courage, cooperation, moderation, self-control, morality, ethics, solvency, selflessness, patience, maturity, kindness, generosity, prepossessing qualities, intellect, physical fitness, and devotion to our beloved republic, there yet remains perhaps only a couple of individuals who would bother to turn over every possible rock to reveal the most ridiculously petty peccadillo which one should rightfully expect to find even in a “perfect individual”.

    Donald J. Trump is undoubtedly the most intellectually gifted politician in the entire history of our nation. There are some who insist that perhaps only Thomas Jefferson might possibly challenge his mental acuity, but readily admit that even he would only compare as a very “distant second” to the sheer heights of Donald’s cerebral grandeur. No other politician in American history could possibly stand so soundly on the mere recall, fluency and mastery of facts and policy understanding as President Trump and when he is in the room …all others are simply “lost” by comparison to his profound knowledge….of history, science, mathematics, economics, philosophy, geo-political insight, geography and of course…the matter of ethics. The matter of debates is completely obviated by the sheerness of his intellectual gravitas. Even his adversaries hold him in the highest regard as he …more than any other American …past or present… demonstrates the utter respect, compromise and goodwill of the consummate statesman.

    President Trump’s integrity has been rightfully compared to that of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It’s nearly impossible to say if either of these two presidents could really measure up to Donald’s nonpareil standards when it comes to truthfulness and honesty; after all, George Washington is but “rumored to have never lied” whereas no such rumor has ever even soiled Donald’s character. And as to Abe Lincoln, people would probably have to admit that they would give the nod to Donald on honesty as he is completely trusted everywhere . . .even in the South whereas Abe Lincoln was trusted only in the northern “Blue states”.

    Never has America been so enamored with such incomparable giftedness so devoted to the unity of all American perspectives and persuasions. Given the obvious universal respect he wields (in his own mind) and a very careful examination (if that is even necessary) of his body of work (if one can even be found), this could only mean one thing for this wonderful president; he’ll enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean cruise which will immediately commence upon his official retirement from office on January 20, 2021 at midday or perhaps a rather drastic downsizing of his current domicile to one with dimensions close to 8’X12’ but absent maid service and unfettered access to the outside.

  28. Jason Carter
    Jason Carter December 7, 2019

    How much longer can 'you people' continue to call yourselves the "United States" when the divide between the left and the right has become so great ?

  29. craig owensby
    craig owensby December 7, 2019

    It’s not so much embarrassment as feeling diminished. People like Trump who are braggarts do it because they think others, especially the others they want to be liked by, think of them as inferior, and so they seek to change people’s minds through acts and statements that they believe will make the “out crowd” believe they are superior to the “in crowd”.

    Trump is thus behaving like a seventh grader desperate to reshape his external perception because his internal desire to be “cool” is inconsistent with what he knows: That he isn’t one of the cool kids.

    What a shame that we now have the most powerful man in the world being unable to do what real “cool kids” learn when they’re 12 years old: That being “cool” begins with knowing your own real strengths and judging yourself for who you really are, not what others think or say.

    Trump is genuinely suffering from an insecurity complex that was shaped by his father, which Trump first chose to hide behind being a bully, and when he got too old to consistently be able to bully others, he turned his bullying into bravado, which is fake bravery, fake confidence.

    That is why the Don constantly complements himself, why he used to call magazines under an assumed name and tell people how awesome he is, why he said his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever. He knows the facts. Can’t accept the facts of his own mediocrity, and so creates a fake world in his own mind where he is superior, which basis is his own imagination.

    Simply put, Trump has succeeded in life by deceiving himself into believing he is competent.

  30. Artie Kost
    Artie Kost December 7, 2019

    Fuck Trump

  31. o chi
    o chi December 7, 2019

    Impeach Trump!

  32. asianphoenix
    asianphoenix December 7, 2019

    He is a f*cking moron, plain and simple. What shocks me is the followers that he still has who believes that he is the greatest ever. All f*cking morons! The House republicans are beyond being moronic, because they know all the lies and falsehoods that he represents along with being a totally disgusting, pathetic, man-baby. They are below the level of sh*t and stink even worse!

  33. Wil R.
    Wil R. December 7, 2019

    We need to remind ourselves not to get too caught up with trivial stuffs by allowing to get polarized instead we need to focus on being vigilant over China and Russia. After all isn't it United States of America and not United States of Republican or Democrats , Liberals etc? We need to be aware that while we're so busy criticizing and trying to impeach our sitting president the enemy is looking for an opportunity to divide and conquer.

  34. andar komeng
    andar komeng December 7, 2019

    US has a clown president

  35. Maribel Roos
    Maribel Roos December 7, 2019

    Ivanka likes Trudeau so he just incurred her wrath ! That's why he added the but he is a nice guy when he realized what he had just said. Trudeau is a very nice guy and if you ever met him you would think so too. That is why he is liked and respected internationally .

  36. Howard Pavane
    Howard Pavane December 7, 2019

    Hot mic, just as funny as his comment about grabbing women by the pu__y. And now saying “2 faced”. The only one’s laughing are the entire GOP!

  37. SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** December 7, 2019

    DC comics needs to sue agent Orange since he stole Two-Face's name without permission.

  38. Michaël De Bot
    Michaël De Bot December 7, 2019

    New song…..the day the humor died

    ROOKTABULA December 7, 2019

    Amerika's POUTUS is mentally, emotionally and intellectually stuck at age 8.

  40. charles kellam
    charles kellam December 7, 2019


  41. Mads Feierskov
    Mads Feierskov December 7, 2019

    He's literally Cartman

  42. Worshipper *
    Worshipper * December 7, 2019

    Throw the whole NARCISSIST away.😑

  43. Gilles Bonneteau
    Gilles Bonneteau December 7, 2019

    why do you think that because he is the president he suppose to be perfect, sorry but nobody is perfect

  44. José Anker
    José Anker December 7, 2019

    Trump never has a smile on his face, never jokes around or shows a sense of humour.

  45. Deborah Davis
    Deborah Davis December 7, 2019

    When you are so childish (at 73 years old) that you pick up you toys and stomp home, you aren’t “getting in the last word” you just look like what you are a “spoiled petulant child”! It looks pathetic at your age. Huge orange skid mark in history.

  46. Elektric Skeptic Johaniskraut Bernstein Or'Cheard
    Elektric Skeptic Johaniskraut Bernstein Or'Cheard December 7, 2019

    "Well, the jerk store called – they're runnin' outta you!" ~ the US president is a Seinfeld joke.

  47. RusiTonkkari77
    RusiTonkkari77 December 7, 2019

    Hey Americans! Why don't you already get rid of this buttwhipe?

  48. Jonathan Carroll
    Jonathan Carroll December 7, 2019

    God, I long for the days when the preceding much more respectable President was caught calling Kanye a jackass.

  49. Carolyn Davis
    Carolyn Davis December 7, 2019

    45 is so stupid that he makes my head hurt!

  50. Charlie Del Mundo
    Charlie Del Mundo December 7, 2019

    So snowflakes, how does that remark make America great again? Hahaha!! USA is becoming a pariah on the world-stage. Putin would be so proud of how Trummpkopf destroys USA's well established alliances in just two meetings.

  51. Sheri Parkhurst
    Sheri Parkhurst December 7, 2019

    I sure hope he’s embarrassed add that to his insecurities!! this guy is a psychopathic train wreck and no matter how much he thinks he’s “winning “ he’s not. He’s a sad loveless old man who’s never been happy (prob never told his kids he loves them or heard it in return- except 4 ivanka who he’s IN LOVE with) bc he knows he’s nothing but a con artist and will never b included in the big boys club! and now he has impeachment on his record! Hahaha! He will go down in history as the worst president ever and his bend over boys in the GOP will b included. It’s sickening how the republicans stand behind him bc they r so afraid of losing their jobs! But it will happen anyway bc Americans now no (at least the SMART Americans) that he’s not fit for ofc.

  52. Jessie Montano
    Jessie Montano December 7, 2019

    Yes MR Trump…you are funny! That’s why they’re laughing at you.

  53. Supre Macy
    Supre Macy December 7, 2019

    So trump released this “hot mic” as pay back and just looks stupidly lame.

  54. ba sook
    ba sook December 7, 2019

    Trump's foreign policy is making America weaker again…..

  55. Pete 952
    Pete 952 December 7, 2019

    Trump is being Impeached!
    Not up for debate anymore. Trump will be Impeached. His crimes are clear, the Senate must Honor their Oath. Remove this wannabe Dictator from office.

  56. Robert Bjork
    Robert Bjork December 7, 2019

    The only thing funny about Trump is, Trump himself… He's a fucking joke

  57. Robert Browne
    Robert Browne December 7, 2019

    That was the funniest thing a President has ever said. Even Lincoln. People are saying. A lot of people. I'm hearing it everywhere I go.

  58. paul meahan
    paul meahan December 7, 2019

    “Great repartee and stand-up comedy of Donald J Trump”…..the shortest book in the world.

  59. J D
    J D December 7, 2019

    Trump should be set on fire and kicked down a flight of steps. It would make him look less hideous.

  60. Will E. Fistergash
    Will E. Fistergash December 7, 2019

    How was that even a zinger? I guess in the world of inbreds it might be.

  61. Jenny Kevin
    Jenny Kevin December 7, 2019

    my 5 years old boy is much smarter then fat old fake liar trump,

  62. Wolfsong Moondancer
    Wolfsong Moondancer December 7, 2019

    Dump45 is his own superhero. The thing is though, he's beyond saving, even from himself.

  63. mickey thompson
    mickey thompson December 7, 2019

    World leaders and trump… they're laughing at you, not with you.

  64. Otis Driftwoodd
    Otis Driftwoodd December 7, 2019

    Badueche bag tsssss

  65. Kelly Alves
    Kelly Alves December 7, 2019

    “ Hot mikes.” People are sneaking in their with enhanced recording devices.

  66. Buba Zulu Cowden
    Buba Zulu Cowden December 7, 2019

    That was not funny at all,

  67. leo lupo
    leo lupo December 7, 2019

    Trudeau IS two faced ..,, Trump .. great man .. best president

  68. Scott John Soltis
    Scott John Soltis December 7, 2019

    Fifty percent of America worships this guy as some sort of an orange god.  America's best days are over!!!

  69. Austin Hill
    Austin Hill December 7, 2019

    It's pretty minuscule David.

  70. Susan Nilsen
    Susan Nilsen December 7, 2019

    Nothing that involves Trump trying to ruin our democracy and preform self-serving, retarded statements (on the world stage) is FUNNY!!! It's scary and tragic!!!

  71. Jubei
    Jubei December 7, 2019

    Damn it's the shopping channel

  72. Cecily van Heerden
    Cecily van Heerden December 7, 2019

    Just a note…. I'm not a Trump fan (at all!!), but the relentless bad media attention, discussions about his mental health issues and the various ways in which his every move, every word is displayed to underline his poor mental health and personality issues, have me feeling sorry for the guy!!
    Could the media be over-playing their hand and actually be strengthening the loyalties of his support base with this strategy?
    Like Nancy Pelosi, I'm now praying for the poor bugger – yes, to my shame, only now – it feels like I'm watching an injured animal being kicked – he's done wrong, impeachment and further prosecution is inevitable… kicking him now that his down make us the perpetrators of violence.

  73. Be Yourself
    Be Yourself December 7, 2019

    Is this a president? It's (I wouldn't say he's) a garbage container!

  74. Be Yourself
    Be Yourself December 7, 2019

    Now, all the media centers in the NATO are of fake news 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. 5argeTech /
    5argeTech / December 7, 2019

    Trump may call Trudeau 2 Faced. But in the minds of all the world leaders, Trump has LOST FACE. 🖕🖕🖕💩🤡

  76. Ian Harding
    Ian Harding December 7, 2019

    Sorry but he genuinely is useless and pathetic. Such a man child.

  77. Kendra Pimental
    Kendra Pimental December 7, 2019

    Trump is an embarrassment to the u.s.a.

  78. Amy G Dala
    Amy G Dala December 7, 2019

    😂 👍🏻

  79. Angus Osbòrne
    Angus Osbòrne December 7, 2019

    I'm not a real fan of our prime minister but trump calling him two faced is definitely the pot calling the kettle black. As always, the joke is on him!

  80. Connor Wickline
    Connor Wickline December 7, 2019

    is it just me or does this guy remind you of dennis from always sunny. in a less sociopathic way

  81. Mike Wilkinson
    Mike Wilkinson December 7, 2019

    It’s time to unsubscribe from Pakman. The content is ok but those fucking adverts slapped on at the end does my head in!

  82. R Marty
    R Marty December 7, 2019

    Our so called leader is an incompetent fool.

  83. Benjamin Sandoval
    Benjamin Sandoval December 7, 2019


  84. Yen Cho
    Yen Cho December 7, 2019

    Pray for success in im….!

  85. Oscar Montalvo
    Oscar Montalvo December 7, 2019

    As much as I dislike Trump,..I get to the conclusion that I also feel sorry and pity him. He is the victim of his own Ignorance and Stupidity and he must regret every minute of his disgraced political stunt in the White House.

  86. marcusablpn Pike
    marcusablpn Pike December 7, 2019

    That information wasn’t worth the video

  87. Howard Kerr
    Howard Kerr December 7, 2019

    I started thinking, after having a day or two to reflect, that it is sad and a bit dangerous that several countries have leaders that are able to sink to the level of someone like Chump.
    At this NATO meeting, like nearing every gathering in Europe that includes Chump, is "scripted" for…if nothing else, security reasons. Yet, at every meeting, Chump tears up the script and makes all the rest of the world leaders wait on him…how vain, or at least, how undisciplined. Chump allows himself, with his thoughtless behavior, to become the subject of jokes and laughter. A CLASSY person would learn to either stop making it easy for their behavior to be made fun of…or join in the joke.
    Chump looked stupid to those gossiping world leaders, but made himself look even smaller/pettier by not taking it in stride and leaving early.

  88. M N
    M N December 7, 2019

    He' s killing me!

  89. finjibuns
    finjibuns December 7, 2019

    Trump calling someone two faced is a classic case of cunt calling kettle black. he's going to be the 1st president in history who has parties thrown every year to mark the day he went to prison.

  90. Simone Miller
    Simone Miller December 7, 2019

    What a jerk.

  91. Edgardo Sera
    Edgardo Sera December 7, 2019

    A complete idiot of the American presidential history!

  92. Counting Stones
    Counting Stones December 7, 2019

    Dickhead Donny the Playground Bully trying to big himself up again.

  93. Thomas Taylor.
    Thomas Taylor. December 7, 2019

    I'm rubber and you are glue and and you made me cry 😭. Poor baby 😢 Trump. It's about time for someone to make fun of Trump. He is a ass .

  94. Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson December 7, 2019


  95. Trevor Jurgens
    Trevor Jurgens December 7, 2019

    He’s the human embodiment of South Park’s Cartman.

  96. Rusty sprocket repair the fixx
    Rusty sprocket repair the fixx December 7, 2019

    Trump's brain is nothing but a toxic sewage dump where shit just gets lodged in his scull and spues out of his mouth. Crap in crap out ☣

  97. Erik Rogers
    Erik Rogers December 7, 2019

    I'm sure Trump set this whole thing up himself

  98. Immortal SoFar
    Immortal SoFar December 7, 2019

    All of the world leaders are two-faced when dealing with Trump. How else can they talk to him without calling him a complete idiot? That's called "diplomacy" and they are showing more of it than any human being should ever be called on to use!

  99. Heidi Melendez
    Heidi Melendez December 7, 2019

    As usual this president is an appalling mess.

  100. Question Everything
    Question Everything December 7, 2019

    I guarantee you brother Trump knew his mic was hot! Trump had to get something out in the news like he had hot mic and he burn them back. I don't think so, he knew his mic was hot and he wanted a praise himself and act like he burned mccrone so badly. Mccrone used six-year-old psychology on him and got him to admit NATO is great. That's Trump's mine he thinks like a five or six year old I don't know why every Senator every person I called every world leader couldn't put one over on this guy cuz he's very gullible he's easily troll able

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