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Trump announces ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is dead

now US president all Trump has announced
that the fugitive leader of the Islamic state group is dead killing himself and
three of his children during a us-led military operation in Syria
the following day Abu Bakr al-baghdadi –zz right-hand man was also killed in a
u.s. strike our eastern jay has more on the death of al Baghdadi a major victory
for President Trump as he faces heavy criticism for his decision to pull US
troops out of northern Syria and fights an impeachment increase launched by
Democrats speaking at the White House on Sunday in a televised address to the
nation u.s. president Donald Trump announced that a us-led attack in Syria
prompted – the world’s most wanted man Islamic state leader Abubakar al
Baghdadi to detonate his suicide vest after
fleeing into a tunnel ultimately killing himself last night the United States
brought the world’s number-one terrorist leader to justice Abu Bakar al Baghdadi
is dead he was the founder and leader of Isis the most ruthless and violent
terror organization anywhere in the world the United States has been
searching for Baghdady for many years he died after running
into a dead-end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way
President Trump added that US Special Forces suffered no losses during the
raid and he thanked Russia Turkey Syria and Iraq for their support following the
announcement French president Manuel McCrone said al Baghdadi’s death is a
hard blow for the Islamic state but just a stage in the fight against a terror
group he added that the fight is Frances top priority in the Middle East
al-baghdadi has long been regarded as the world’s most wanted man with a 25
million dollar bounty on his head and he has been pursued by the US and its
allies since the rise of the terrorist group some five years ago at its peak
the Islamic state under his leadership controlled a tea
skur kilometers of territory stretching from western Syria to Eastern Iraq
the following day al Baghdadi’s right-hand man an isis spokesman Abu al
Assad Alma Hodge ear was also killed in a joint raid between Kurdish LED and US
forces in northern Syria Kurdish officials set the raid was a
continuation of the previous operation that took out al Baghdadi
while the deaths of the top two Isis leaders deals a significant blow to the
terrorist group security experts believe the extremist
organization remains a global threat Eason J Arirang news


  1. John919
    John919 October 28, 2019

    It is a shame when Pres Trump can not trust the people he works with to do right by the people of the USA. #CongressLeaks

  2. The Truth
    The Truth October 28, 2019

    The antichrist announces many things that are not true so…..

  3. Anthony Simpson
    Anthony Simpson October 28, 2019

    hes not dead he's on a island laughing at you drinking margaritas

  4. GMS like minded
    GMS like minded October 28, 2019

    Bull sh. T

  5. meow Rockzzz
    meow Rockzzz October 28, 2019

    Islamic terrorists

  6. Ron Remy
    Ron Remy October 28, 2019


  7. john63ny
    john63ny October 28, 2019

    another made up story. with only a few soldiers in syria and supposingly guarding the oil fields is able to kill a fugitive leader. pls show proof of his body

  8. Pistongreg
    Pistongreg October 28, 2019

    Give me a break trump sound so pathetic

  9. hindi movies and videos
    hindi movies and videos October 28, 2019

    Good luck trump for killing your own son

  10. Don Love
    Don Love October 28, 2019

    🙏In United States is President Donald Trump ‼️‼️‼️‼️ is he going to 👺❓demolishing Isis sleeper cams That Obama Lit come in to the United States☠️☠️ To be Head us check under Obamacare 👺👺☠️☠️Obamacare cold 1CD9 legal execution 30,000 Guillotines To kill Americans☠️☠️☠️ this is true Check for yourself

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