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Trump and May discuss Brexit, the NHS – and the future PM

president Trump wasn't visiting the Queen today just using her gardens at Buckingham Palace as a helicopter park-and-ride his motorcade then took him off towards Westminster made a spoke have seen thousands of well-wishers they looked empty except for police many roads shut down for his convoy most protesters kept well away as he turned into Downing Street on supporter waved us stars-and-stripes coming over today there were thousands of people cheering and then I heard that there were protests I said where are the protests I don't see any protest I did see a small protest today when I came very small so a lot of it is fake news I hate to say just around the corner from Downing Street tens of thousands listen to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn boycotted the state banquet for President Trump last night he said the state visit should never have been allowed we've shown just how to achieve that better place on that better world thank you for being here today for peace but justice Ardis harboured I don't know Jeremy Corbyn never met him never spoke to him he wanted to meet today or tomorrow and I I decided that I would not do that I think that he is from where I come from somewhat of a negative force I think that the people should look to do things correctly as opposed to criticise I really don't like critics as much as I like and respect people that get things done jeremy corbyn's office confirmed there had been a request for a working meeting with the president president gushed praised at to resume and said brexit would and should happen no to resume couldn't get her brexit divorce deal through parliament that deal is teed up I think that is really teed up I think they have to do something and perhaps you won't be given the credit that you deserve if they do something but I think you deserve a lot of credit I really do I think you deserve a lot of credit do you agree with your ambassador that's the entire economy needs to be on the table in a future trade talk a trade deal including the MHS I think we're going to have a great trade deal yes I think we're going to have a great and very comprehensive trade deal with the NHS the president didn't quite hear she probably wished she hadn't helped look I think everything with the trade deal is on the table when you when you're dealing and trade everything's on the table so NHS or anything else they're a lot a lot more than that but everything will be on the table absolutely okay but the point about making trade deals is of course that both sides negotiate and come to an agreement about what should or should not be in that trade deal not how he sees it and it prompted an instant treat from one of those trying to succeed to resume the health secretary Matt Hancock said the NHS isn't on the table in trade talks and never will be not on my watch the president went straight from gushing praise at to resume to inviting her sworn political enemy nigel Faraj in for tea at the u.s. ambassador's residence and he was asked about contact with some of the candidates to succeed to resume as one of them the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt looked on you had a conversation with Boris Johnson could we ask what you spoke about and will you meet with Michael Gove today so I know Boris I like him I've liked him for a long time he's I think he'd do a very good job I know Jeremy I think he'd do a very good job I don't know Michael but would he do a good job Jeremy time the cheek of it amused Philip may the state visit of President Trumpkin had all been tourism Ray's idea flattery to the new president she was first to see at the White House when he took over a president she like others hoped to tame next month she will hand over responsibility for US UK relations to a successor at a time when policy divides our deep and as Britain potentially moves away from EU institutions and seeks closer transatlantic economic ties well our political editor Gary Gibbon and our international editor Lindsey Hilsum are with me now what a bizarre day of pomp and politics yes a bizarre day and and some of the ceremonial which we expect to be yesterday but the Queen was kind of there which means may because she's a lame-duck prime minister there isn't much that Donald Trump can get out of talks with her that was really kind of another bit of the ceremony the interesting politics here which I didn't he's going to leave the scene very quickly is when Donald Trump started talking about the free trade agreement of the United States and what it could mean what he expects of it and that involvement of the NHS which he wants on the table and that is a kind of third rail in British politics and it's been interesting since the Matthew Hancock tweet other candidates have been piling in saying not on my watch as well they're not going to allow it to come into those talks this was a mantra holy of holies the US UK trade agreement that would follow a brexit and now some of these candidates even pro brexit ones beginning to sound a bit like EU leaders were sounding about TTIP not so long ago but one of these people is going to have to deal with Donald Trump a successor to Theresa May and they're gonna find him massively unpredictable there he was gushing at Theresa May and then going down the road to the u.s. ambassador's residence you can see a picture of a couple of other people who have just popped in to see him he'll Duncan Smith and Aaron Patterson so he's already seen them he's seen four Nigel Farage he's spoken to he's spoken to Boris Johnson these are all people with the claim to be Teresa Mays nemesis I mean it's extraordinary role call and we haven't even got to the banquet yes so Lindsey's special relationship begins become sort of potentially abusive relationship Donald Trump has a huge grasp of the NHS he didn't know what NHS stood for and when it came to huawei you know we've had all this stuff about you know the intelligence relationship between Britain and America could be damaged if Britain signs up for far away the Chinese company to do its 5g and he was like no no no it's no problem the intelligence treasure ship is all going to be good he wanted everything to be to be positive today but you know he's he also he said you know that out there there were no protesters just cheering crowds for him you know made me think of an old Simon and Garfunkel lyric all lies and jests still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest and then he was onto his own popularity in the Republican Party well I don't know where he got the figures form but it was kind of poignant because it's certainly his popularity in his party is much greater than hers in hers I have a 90 percent ninety four percent approval rating as of this morning in the Republican Party that's an all-time record can you believe that isn't that something I love records but we have a 94 percent approval rating in the Republican Party so he tells us the relationship between Britain and America actually change I don't think you know whether it changed of course it indoors whoever is in the White House and whoever is in Downing Street but certainly this idea that a trade deal would be easy and it would be simple look make America great again it's as simple as that he's having a trade war with China he's working on India Britain is not that important it is not at the top of the list and any kind of trade deal will be on American terms and of course Britain no longer part of the European Union has far less power it's quite small very small compared to the United States Donald Trump knows that now Gary um while all this has been going on the Conservatives have been trying to work out the new rules of their conservative leadership never one plot line these days and what they've done is tighten up the rules to try and make a very crowded field a little bit narrower they're saying that you can only carry on in this contest if you get in a certain number of MPs first round threshold 16 second round 32 MPs that piling pressure on individuals who they don't think have got enough support to stop this looking quite so chaotic and today they got to them to back out of the contest James cleverly and kicked mult as well will speak to one of those candidates in a moment Sam keema but before we we get to that and of course there's been something of a tiff been going on between the mayor of London and President Trump and Jeremy Corbyn was joining protests in London today of course mr. Trump not one to shy away from confrontation used his preferred mode of communication Twitter to lash out at the mayor that was before he'd even landed yesterday Sadiq Carney said who by all accounts has done a terrible job as mayor of London has been foolishly nasty to the visiting presidents of the United States by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom he is a stone-cold loser who should focus on crime in London not me well that war of words between Sadiq Khan and President Trump has been pretty long-running mr. Trump described mr. Khan's response to the London Bridge terror attack as pathetic and today the mayor called the president the poster boy for the far-right around the world I went to speak to Sadiq Khan earlier today and I asked him why he's been picking a fight with Donald Trump look I'm not picking a fight this all began if you remember when Donald Trump was running to be the president of the USA and he had a policy to ban all Muslims from entering the USA but he said he'd make an exception for me as the Mayor of London and the point I made in a courteous polite manner back then was there's nothing exceptional about me I think your policies are wrong one and I think you're playing into the hands of those extremists who say it's irreconcilable to be a westerner and a Muslim that led to this of you know Twitter a spat from him by the way there's been no response from me but I've got to stand up for our values and that means when I think that somebody who's the unit of America is is used as a poster boy before the floor I around the globe for me to articulate that and say there but you have also compared him to nineteen thirty's fascists that means Hitler is that a sensible comparison if you look at the far-right playbook what it is is picking on marginalized communities picking on minority communities stoking up fair play on people's fares to work on a frenzy what are you seeing across Europe and across the world is the rise of nativist populist movies I think we can't just allow ourselves to sleep walk into situation we've got many many leaders across the globe who have these nativist views and we've got listen you know this is a week where we commemorate the d-day and LAN Liz and by the way I've never objected to Donald Trump coming here on a worker relation as a working relation is it coming here to commemorate d-day my concerns had been the state visit my concerns have been the state banquet all it entails and the wearing of their carpet why because it condones some things seize certain done it give succor by the way to the global far-right movement trouble is as soon as you say fascist 1930s people think holocaust mass murder complete monsters that is not what Trump is the idea you Stoke up fares against immigrants the idea that you pick on marginalized communities the idea that somehow the LGBT community having equal rights is wrong rolling back the progress made on gender equality all these things should concern us do we then need to rethink what the special relationship is I'm not asking for Teresa may heaven forbid to be Hugh Grant in Love Actually what I'm saying is listen there are some things which is really about we think you are wrong talk away from the climate change agreement you know the climate emergency please think about coming back it's really important you can't build a wall around the consequences of climate change we think by the way you know having equal rights for women is really important please understand that if in some states it's almost impossible to have an abortion these are the consequence and this by the way the conversation we have with our best friend are different from the conversation would have with an acquaintance would you have gone to the Chinese state banquet well I wasn't invited before you were you a mayor but would you have gone the point I'm making is it's mic stations in China are different to my expectations on the USA the expectations we have when I closest and I differ I would have invited this preservation of human rights scene no I can't we've got to call them out I've been I'm quite clean relationship not just so would you have gone is the question would you go to a Chinese state banquet now if a state visit I would make sure I wouldn't go there and give the impression that I support some of the things they stand for I think it's important when you meet any world leader you express the concerns you have in a in a paternal collegiate manner diplomacy is very important isn't that isn't a bit that he got right though his criticism of you that you should be concentrating on violent crime in London not the President of the United States your record is bad people are scared in this city and instead we're talking to you about geopolitics but one of the things that good leaders do is do more than one thing at a time so yes but you're not doing that yes you know crime is important so for example unlike the government are invested in policing in London unlike the previous mayor I've raised a council tax and business rates to invest they're not pleased and so we have in London now a violent crime task force making arrests bringing charges but also and crimes growing up no vamos eyes have gone down in the last a year under 25 in trees and bonnet crime have gone down but the context is we've lost a billion pound from there still much higher than they were you know with violent crime across the country slighted going up more than five years ago but in London we're seeing progress in relation to violent crime the other person who wasn't at the banquet last night was such each others the Home Secretary can you think of anything you have in common with Sajid Javid that might mean that he wasn't invited of course listen with both us and the bus drivers I think his presence got a pump with people whose dads drove buses thank you very much well joining me now is Sam Jima the Conservative MP for East Surrey and a party leadership candidate what does today tell you about what Britain's post brexit relationship with America would really be about well it's a foretaste of what is to come under a new deal brexit scenario where a trade deal with the United States is our best option in terms of international trade we are looking for the United States will play hardball they always do and as Donald Trump said he will want everything on the table as far as I'm concerned know the NHS should not be used as a bargaining chip and I think there are a number of colleagues as well who feel strongly about that and that means we should be incredibly careful about this idea of a new deal brexit but realistically I mean when the Americans are saying everything's on the table can protect the NHS when it's in an Odile brexit scenario I mean we're we're beggars not choosers on me well that is why I have I have been against the New Deal Breck see because that end with it that scenario we are out of control not in control and we will be at the mercy of Donald Trump given as they deal that he wants so could you realistically make the NHS a redline or would you just have to relinquish it I think that is why I'm fighting against a No Deal brexit and the whole basis of my candidacy and a reason why I entered the race and stood on a second referendum platform is that the choice that could face us when the new Prime Minister gets in is a No Deal brexit or a second referendum and I think that is the part that we should go down but you're not going to survive are you the first round of voting look my campaign is only 48 hours old nominations closed next Monday in six days time I've had fantastic support how many I will be declaring how he irrelevant I will be declaring my numbers are very soon but it's only 48 hours old some people have been campaigning for weeks and months so give me time but I had some very good support do you do you have more supporters than I could count on one hand is my clue you do right so so you say you're over five I mean have said I will declare the numbers are the coalition of Nations this is a competitive process as other candidates drop out there are also more people available to approach and you would understand why in the competitive process for good reasons you'd only declare your hand too early so that's why how would you get on with Donald Trump I mean he can't even remember Michael Gove and he met him and talked to him for a long time anyone who's Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would have to work with the Prime Minister of the United States have to find a way to work together and so you you would you would have you'd have gone ahead with a state visit you'd have been there at the banquet you've got to work with him but you you puts America first output Britain first Sam Jima thank you very much indeed for joining us now let's go over to that banquet at the u.s. ambassador's residence Winfield house Kaffee is just outside yes Thank You Christian I am just outside this is as close as you can get because if you can see behind me there is very tight security the roads being closed off lots of police but this is where the tonight's banquet is taking place hosted by President Trump himself the guest list is something of a closely guarded secret but I'm hoping to spot a few people coming in and out perhaps I should though keep an eye on president Trump's Twitter feed which is now full of videos of the lavish hospitality laid on for the Trump family and he is clearly reveling in the pomp but beyond the walls of Bucky and palace and Downing Street the atmosphere has been very different with thousands of anti-trump protesters taken to the streets of London and other cities President himself has been largely shielded from the demonstration which he's dismissed as very small and fake news – nurse Ani joined the march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square they described it as a carnival of resistance president Trump described it as fake news and very small organizers claim that 75,000 took to the streets hard to verify but turnout wasn't as big as the last time he visited the polarizing president managed to unite the full spectrum of left-wing causes it's not just about chlorinated chicken even though that is what I'm dressed as today's climate change denial menaces racism is homophobia have you come out on Eid it's important to come out on Eid actually to say that Ron's politics isn't welcome here in the UK but you feel a bit disheartened knowing that all of his minders and the people with him will keep him so far away from this he might not even know what's going on he'll hear the message we're confident about mr. Trump certainly did hear a message even if it was his own version as he was tucked away in Downing Street demonstrators were prevented from marching directly past perhaps at that distance it was easy to mistake their cheers for cheers it was tremendous spirit and love there was great love it was an alliance and I didn't see the protesters until just a little while ago and it was a very very small group of people put in for political reasons so it was fake news the Metropolitan Police said their officers three and a half thousand of them had been deployed made just one arrest although there were some minor skirmishes when a handful of Donald Trump supporters braved the crowds into the wrong protest no I don't think so I was just expressing my support for the United States George Clinton is from Richmond in Virginia Queen Elizabeth should declare a snowflake emergency there's a lot of people are very very said we will not stand for that we will fight with every last breath of our body the Labour leader was in his element here criticizing mr. Trump's policies on immigration human rights and climate change his supporters didn't seem to warrant for the president's description of him as a negative force treated steel uses companies childish language in the same way you know say that he's a loser or comment on his physical appearance or others the childish bullying insults and things like I organizers had hoped that this would be the biggest demonstration in British history they didn't quite achieve that but declared it a success the president declared meanwhile that there was a lot of love for him in London today


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    Biggest joke… trump discussing brexit and the NHS!
    Plan some on privatisation for profit only to benefit a few.
    Disgusting excuse for a man and shame on people who support him.

  4. Joseph Kanyugi
    Joseph Kanyugi June 6, 2019

    Trump visit is a good thing. I saw Theresa May smiling and generally a happy woman, which is rare these days. What you guys in UK should do is to elect Brexit Crusaders led by Nigel Farage. Also, do not wait for any deals with the European Union. Just get out of it, then do deals just the way you would do dels with China, USA, Kenya, South Africa, ad infinitum.

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    The NHS will always be free at the point of delivery as it is enshrined in UK law. We already have private companies doing many of the day to day functional aspects of running the service, cleaning, building maintenance, transport etc. How we derive a trade deal and for what aspects of service is obviously up for discussion.

    Kahn is now admitting he hates trump because he banned Muslims. This is personal, and not worthy of a leader of London. He hates anything that challenges the globalist agenda and the importation of non white votes. BBC and channel 4 are clearly anti Trump and frankly against any leader with a spine. That's why we have endured May for so long.

    As for Corbyn, how can that spineless leader who's already burned his bridges with Trump, really lead this country?

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