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Total War Three Kingdoms Diplomacy Guide!

what's up guys I'm rat pack forward to you and this is my first ever game guide and there should hopefully be many more to come but today I'm gonna be talking about diplomacy in total war three kingdoms I'm gonna try and keep it quick but there's a lot to cover here so with that let's get into it starting with the basics alright so here we got a early game conquer on campaign I think it's like turn 30 something 32 I'm already in the diplomacy tab but if you didn't know diplomacy tabs in the top left over by your character portrait now if you look down the right you can adjust by diplomatic statuses and here's your color key for that it'll let you know all the the different types of statuses that you have dark green almost teal looking is best friends and it goes all the way down to dark red which is like you're very hostile with them you're probably already at war you've committed some more atrocities it's gonna take a lot of work to be able to trade and make deals with the the hostile factions if you're already broken down to that point to the left of that you can sort all the different types of deals you have all the alliances you have coalition's like I'm giving the students some food because he's a poor Alliance wars wars it'll even show you vassals and things like that even though I don't have any right now then you can sort by name you know I almost never use that one and then relative strengths now relative strengths is pretty important the light green arrows are gonna mean that you're stronger than them and the dark red arrows mean they are superior to you and the yellow dashes mean you're basically on par with each other and this is based off of how many armies you have how wealthy you are in your economy the type of if you're in a big alliance things like that now I'm gonna click on one shout here and forgive me I don't really know how to pronounce a lot of these names I'm gonna screw them up but he is currently global rank one so is literally the strongest faction in this campaign at the moment you can see that by the arrows next to his name same thing with the you know the relative strength there was done here but this will give you a more detailed look at it below that you can see how much food he's generating how much money he has in his Treasury that he has to work with in trade deals how many commanders he has this isn't really that important and his trade influence now trade influence is going to directly account for how much money you're gonna get in a trade deal with them so like if I go to quick deals trade agreement trade monopoly this is a faction specific thing so we're just gonna work with trade deals now I already have a trade agreement with Wan Chou but I can make one with Lu die and as you can see the value is five hundred sixty and this is based on not just his but also my trade influence which is affected you know by reforms a lot of the commerce reforms are gonna give you trade influence a lot of the Commerce buildings will give you extra trade influence and then in the Reform Street you can also get more trade deals available to you so you can get more trades with different factions and this one more thing to talk about trade deals real quick resources now all counties have resources so farm is just gonna give you like food livestock will give you you know that livestock it's an actual resource their grain fishing iron salt there's more specialized ones like silk will be up in the northwest corner of the map up here along the Silk Road you'll have tea you know somewhere down here in the southwest and spice is also down here in the south they're hard to get resources but you can get them without owning the territory by doing a trade with someone who owns a county producing that resource and now there are some buildings that require you to have specific resources available to you in order to even make those buildings and some buildings will even create their own resources like entrepreneurs from some of the Commerce buildings industrialists from some of the industry buildings and you're gonna have to unlock those through reforms and and to build them in your own settlements and you're gonna need specific settlement levels and such and such this is more for an economics guide that I'm gonna make later on though so I'm not gonna go too in depth with that but a quick note on that also is say you lose your trade deal with someone who has silk let's say and you have like a special you know what's the port it's like a silk port silk expedition Trading Post you know a building like this if you lose that silk resource that building is no longer gonna produce it's actually going to start costing you money it's gonna waste a slot in your settlement it's bad news so always you know you're gonna want to keep a good positive standing with your trade partners continuing on here showed threat levels diplomatic statuses and the deals now if you actually click on a character it'll show who they are friendly with what deals they have going on and relative strengths compared to them click on any of these guys it'll you see all these faces are changing now possibly the most important thing which I didn't realize until about 20 playthroughs you can hover over their names and see the faction leaders personality now Liu Bei is a perfect example of a good guy virtuous Paragon he's honorable so he honors treaties will not commit treacherous acts he's much more willing to sign deals with respectful leaders and diplomacy and opposes the ones with a bad respect rating now bad respect rating is like this over here under under my name I'm untrustworthy because I I broke a deal somewhere a little too early and I took a penalty for that and I'll always tell you when you're about to make a mistake like that and you have to accept if you're if you're gonna go through with it so don't worry too much about that just try and stay in a good standing for the most part he's harder to bribe and diplomacy he makes diplomatic decisions based almost exclusively on diplomatic attitude so having a good attitude with him is like the only way you're gonna be able to make deals with this guy he's dependent so very willing to become a vassal of a strong faction but may still turn against a weak master he admires power likes large or aggressive factions so lots of land lots of very strong army you know things like that he's virtuous friendly and kind and diplomacy acting positively towards them or their friends greatly improves diplomatic relations and he always releases captives which I'll get into like war atrocities a little bit later which is kind of ties into that now the exact opposite of Liu Bei is you want Shu this snake over here he's arrogant never joins existing alliances but may create new ones hates if someone disagrees in an alliance vote he's cunning so treacherous may opportunistically turn against friends or allies with enemies if that looks like a good opportunity to get a better position he exploits the tragic weaknesses of the enemy and targets undefended settlements may unexpectedly break treaties with weaker factions diplomatic attitude only has a limited influence on diplomatic decisions so you don't necessarily have to be friendly with this kata to make deals with them he's hateful reacts to negative diplomatic events harshly and remembers diplomatic events for a very long time so this is someone you probably don't want to deal with or if you do you never let your guard down with them and expect this expect your deals with him to break he's just bad news there are other guys like this every single one of these people has different traits okay and so it's always a good idea to now look at who's nearby and be aware of their personality types and maybe form your alliances based on their personality types or you know you want to have good people in your line so you don't want people who are gonna turn on you like wants you another thing to note is that say Liu Bei dies and his heir takes over his son these traits are all subject to change they could be completely different traits later on and that will happen these people will die either old age or maybe they get killed in battle something's gonna happen these people these are all gonna change over time just something to be aware of on top of that as you see I've been using this map here which will shows a lot of things ownership so everyone gets their own color the two most important things being attitude this is gonna show who's friendly with you who's kind of neutral with you and and really the most important thing where your war fronts are so like mines up here at the end of the river I'm gonna showcase this a little bit later what I'm doing up here and then diplomatic status is now this is super important you can pretty much forget about wealth population public order and food like those really don't matter diplomatic status though it's gonna let you see who's a vassal who's a vassal master and who's the allies of that vassal it's gonna show you who you're at war with and who your alliance is at war with it's gonna show you who your allied to and again there's a color code up here that you can look at you can see your enemy's vassals and and this becomes very important later on in the game when people are vassal izing everybody coalition's and military alliances are being formed you're gonna be looking at this map a lot especially if you're playing the diplomacy game which brings just this whole new aspect of the game once you really know how to use it so I mentioned war atrocities now I'm gonna go into a hypothetical here say me and one Xiao are not allies were actually at war with each other and Liu Bei is friends with Wan Chou now I go across this river I sack a settlement there I loot and occupy where I execute his generals after a battle these are all considered war atrocities of some kind and I'm gonna take a negative fact diplomatic standing hit with Liu Bei over here because he's gonna see what I'm doing he's not gonna like it now again another hypothetical same loop I was also at war with one shell they hate each other and I do those same things Lu Bai is actually gonna like that and so you know when when you're fighting people it's not always the best to execute everyone I mean I was doing that early on but a lot of times you you're gonna want a ransom we're gonna get that extra money which is a bonus you might have to fight them later it'll probably open up options to buying characters that you would have closed off with executing people because again for another video about satisfaction and relations between characters in the court and everything you can unlock characters from other factions like Lu boo or you know you can even get gongsan do or like any of these big deal faction leaders they could become your generals if you play your cards right so keep that in mind we already talked about trade deals and trade influence but another thing you can do is you can trade territory now in order to trade territory you have to share a border with somebody that you're gonna trade territory with and for instance like I could trade this livestock farm for this lumberyard here even though who why would I want the lumberyard let's be honest but just for an example you know you would click Liu Bei you're going to negotiate trade deals trade territory let's see what territory was that Bay high livestock farm confirm and then I could go on a trade territory again that's laying yee I want the lumberyard I hit confirm now it's not quite the deal that's gonna work out but I could always trade more things in order to get that territory and bounce out that deal which is where the you know the food and the money comes in like this guy it doesn't really want money but it's pretty low on food so using food you can probably get a lot more out of him you know food return and now side note I was watching somebody's guide and they were just ripping off the AI you know they're really manipulating them they were trading like a hundred food per turn for a territory and then they would negotiate and then they would cancel the deal down here so they didn't actually have to pay all that food returned they just got a territory for a minor faction hit I'm sure this is gonna get reworked at some point and balanced a little bit but you can do some SH I see things and manipulate the AI if you don't care about your trustworthiness you can give them a bunch of money per turn or a bunch of food per turn for things maybe you want a marriage or maybe you want some territory or whatever it is and then you can just cancel those deals per turn and you get what you wanted out of it and and maybe you're like one shoe and you just you just shy stood these dudes out of their it's something you can keep in mind another thing about trading territory though so I'm in a military alliance Liu Bei in one Chou and just from you know game knowledge I know one shouts gonna eventually go to war with copics and do and Liu Yu and and Han Fuu and all these guys now I can come up here and I can take this town and I think there's an iron mine back here or something but I'm a trader I'm not gonna what am i what do I want industry for I want trade I want food I could always trade those territories that I captured for the fishing port in the city or maybe something a little closer to home it's always good to like plan ahead and and know that you can always get territories out of your allies another thing you can do is say we're not at war with them right now but uh work ordinations directing your allies to do specific things like I can have one shall take specific supplements I could literally have him claim all this top area here by just telling him where to go each turn with the war coordination or you know I can't do it right now cuz I'm a I'm not a worthwhile hunter but I am under siege here so I will tell Liu Bei I can tell him to attack this guy he's seizing me and within you know the next turn the next time he gets a chance to move the closest army he has he's gonna march it up to this guy and then when we do have a siege he's gonna show up as an ally of mine and this decisis defeat is gonna be a decisive victory and by by this dude so you don't even really need to have armies if you have allies like you can you can play a totally piece well it's total warrior there's no such thing as a totally peaceful game in a game called total war but if you're really trying to do the the trade deals and you're trying to to play a more diplomatic campaign that is a way of doing things you know like what's gone wrong this is more of a faction specific thing but for every army I get I get minus 35 percent to my trade influence so I get a lot less out of my trade deals the more armies I get so it's useful to have these allies that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you while you're raking in the dough you know kind of pulling the strings from behind the scenes so also deals I mentioned you know making deals over set amount of turn it's always better to ask for money per turn than it is to ask for a direct amount of money you're gonna get more money this way it's just gonna take a little bit of time same you know same thing with food and and basically anything else if you want to cancel a trade deal it's gonna take a certain amount of turns and you can see right here what type of standing losses or gains you'll get from cancelling deals and if you cancel early it'll show you a prompt saying you're you know how many turns you have left with this deal you always want to give it ten turns at least so that you can remain trustworthy when you cancel a deal and then I believe it's another ten turns after that like say you have a non-aggression pact for ten turns and you cancel that it's like another ten turns after that that you can actually declare war and and not be seen as treacherous which again it's gonna affect everybody around you in one way or another depending on that they're friends or allies if the guy that you're screwing over all right now I'm gonna talk a little bit more about the different types of coalition's alliances what a vassal is you know Liberation Confederation abdication annexing all these types of things because these are all different forms of diplomacy also so if you look at one show and you look at his personality traits aims to create an empire of vassals and tributaries never joins existing alliances but may create new ones so in order to get this a military alliance that I had going on I had to become friends with him and he had to invite me to the coalition first so the way you do that is you make a non-aggression pact or you start gifting him payments or food or give him some ancillary x' and especially the things that go on over ten turns any sort of like military access the longer that you keep these treaties and stuff every turn you're gonna get a positive standing modifier with this guy so like if you look we're best friends plus 82 from treaties with them plus 50 personal friendship which is just like the longer that you stay in there good grace the better friends you're gonna become and the you know the longer your friends the better that's gonna be plus 26 supported us in Alliance food so like anything that he ever asked me to do I was like yep I'll do it plus scent favorable deals with us so I gave him like the better end of a deal and plus 31 other values now I'm not really sure what other values are they don't explain that anywhere that I know of so if you figure that out let me know I have a few negative factors you know broken treaties with them broken treaties with our friends treaties with our enemies so let me explain that too so like you're gonna get a lot of non-aggression pacts early on and it's in your best interest not to accept them you're only gonna want non-aggression pacts with people that you know that you want to like become allies with because eventually you're gonna have to break those pacts eventually you're gonna have to go to war with somebody and a lot of these guys when they give you a non-aggression pact that's because you're stronger than them and they know that you're close enough that you can hurt them and they're just trying to save their own butts non-aggression pacts man they are a trap so you know be very careful with who you sign these pacts with they are most likely not in your benefit even though they may seem that way a lot of times if someone offers you a non-aggression pact and you don't plan on taking allies you can get more out of it you can request money per turn or some food for it because normally it's it's something that they want and it's up to you to take it so you have the option of tacking on a little bit more to get the better end of the deal a coalition like the one that one shall invited me to it's like a loose Alliance so what I mean by that is it's gonna help you with any sort of diplomacy you try to do with someone who's in your coalition you're gonna get positive you know attitude towards you the longer you're in a coalition but when it comes to going to war they don't necessarily have to go to war with you they're not you know tied in that deeply with you they you know you're basically just good friends you know they probably will go to war with you if it's if it's right for them but uh that's where coalition's and military alliances defer so a military alliance is like the next step me Liu Bei Wan Chou we're in a military alliance and what that means is if any one of us gets attacked or if any of one of us goes to war we can call on our allies and they are going to back us up they will go to war that's how I'm able to do these work ordinations against the Wang Shao over here at this Yellow Turban guy however other coalition's other alliances other factions are gonna see your military alliance and they're gonna get scared of it they don't like it it's a threat the bigger you are the more conquering you do the worse your standing is gonna start getting with some of these guys so make sure you pick your allies carefully you really wanna like nurture these friendships if you're gonna go for them and they are very useful in the long run just something to keep in mind no vassal icing someone is different so say you beat the crap out of someone and they only have like one or two counties left or maybe they are surrounded by enemies you have good standing with them and they're about to get wiped out you can make them your vassal you will get 20% of their income per turn up to 8,000 gold both of you will automatically join Wars together so anyone need to go there's one your vassal will also have to declare war on you and vice versa and there could be a good or bad thing so you can also offer sub servants which is becoming a vassal of somebody else this is good say if you have no allies you have enough money to work with what you got going on but like you're being attacked from all sides maybe there's someone neutral somewhere you can offer them you know to become their vassal and they'll it'll stop all wars that you have going on and anyone who attacks you after that is also gonna have to feel the wrath of whoever you just buddied up with so another thing you can do when when trying to vassal vassal eyes somebody is guarantee them autonomy now what this does is it stops you from being able to annex them now annexing a vassal would be taking all of their territory and their armies basically everything they have except for the characters in their Court and it all belongs to you now it's now like if I vas alized Han Fuu and annexed him Han Fuu is now gone wrong he is no longer hunt food that faction is gone it's destroyed all the court is gonna go seek employment so you might be able to hire some of them but other factions are probably gonna hire them you also take a big diplomatic standing hit when you annex someone with like everybody no one likes when you annex somebody so it's it's normally better to let them be their own people guarantee them autonomy you might have to fight them later they might stop becoming your vassal once they you know get back on their feet but it's usually the better move it also makes it easier to vassal eyes somebody now I mentioned annexing there are certain factions like Liu Bei who can annex the Hans basically marcha army over to Mt han settlement and you can you know take it for the price of money and not a fight same thing with dong Zhuo or dump in his kid this little bastard when your dog's row you can and you start off the game with all the Hans Vasa lies and you can annex their territories for a cost you know like you can go walk it over here and take you down for free well for like five thousand or depends on the size of the settlement it'll cost different you know amounts of money but an interesting thing you can do like I said I was doing something shy see over here I know I know I'm backed up over here so I didn't need an army to defend myself so I sell my main army all the way down the river here took my trade port eventually I'm gonna take a little yang over here and I'm seating Sean on now whoever controls the puppet Emperor here controls the Hans and you can now annex the Hans as any faction so boom the puppet emperor has been captured document takong ROM the emperor has been captured once again now they are a mere pawn and a larger conflict that's Prime Minister of the Emperor you may annex on Empire territory at a cost I'm basically Dongs row now you know this gives you a big boost to your your whatever you call this you know your marquees you your marquee your Duke you know whatever these are gonna get a big boost all that you just went up way in power people are not gonna like you so much for doing that but it is a power play because eventually I'm gonna go up here I'm gonna take my Silk Road want to piss off my tang and Han sway or whoever that is up there and I'm gonna basically take this whole portion of the map is done as current wrong and meet my allies somewhere in the middle here that was my plan at least for this campaign I haven't played it through yet but uh it's just the way it works so that's annexing in a nutshell also if you're playing as yellow turbans which I haven't done a whole lot of say I mean this is Wang Shao he's an actual yellow turban leader but say I had some you know turban rebel army spring up because of bad satisfaction and they took one of my cities the yellow turbans can walk over and annex those cities again if the army isn't sitting in the city and it becomes their City and they get to do that for free they don't even have to pay for it which is pretty cool because the yellow turbans they're just on a whole nother level of shenanigans so another thing I think I talked about liberating maybe not so when you have the option of liberating vassals and basically what that is is say I'm about to go to war with one shoe and heave a –sold wank wank over here I hope I'm pronouncing these names right this sense of goofy to me sometimes I don't want to get hit in the back by wank wank so I can try to basically release him from his master and then I automatically go to war with whoever his master is because they aren't they don't like that I just took away his you know his pawn and then we go to war together against one shoe it's a pretty good thing especially the later on because some of these guys they're going to try and Basle everyone they can you're gonna want to get rid of some of those vassals so you're not fight fighting wars against multiple armies at once maybe some of those armies will join you in the fight and it'll make make things easier especially later on Confederation Confederate or Confederations I've only been able to do this once it's much later in the game when you're like Emperor the one time I was able to do it the whole map hated me except for like one guy he was like still friendly with me and I ended up basically I was so much stronger than him and he was friendly with me even though he was friendly with me was like a -62 to the trade deal itself and but I was so strong that I was like a 60 so that he actually Confederated with me and what that does is it's basically annexing them without even having to make them your vassal they just they just give up to you they just like yeah we will become part of your faction because we believe in your cause that much or we're kind of forced to believe in your cause that much so that's one way of bringing people into your territory late-game especially if you're trying to have a diplomatic campaign instead of like just to paint the map your color type of campaign and then the final thing you can do is abdication now this this takes some serious planning you have to have great standings you have to be very powerful and let's say you own two emperor seats and there's you know one other Emperor left and you're so strong and maybe you even have good standing with that other Emperor and you're like you know what I have the divine right to be Emperor you basically convinced them to give up their Emperor seat and it's the same thing you're gonna get it it's like an emperor vassal izing another Emperor it is so hard to do if you can do it and pull it off dude grats to you record that take a picture posted somewhere because not a lot of people are getting that one pull it off I'm telling you right now you need to really play your diplomacy game all the way through to the end to be able to pull that one off but it is an option so yeah and that's about all I got for you in this guy I'm sure there's more things to learn but if you have any questions I'll try to answer them in the comments I also stream live on Twitch almost every day at twitch comm slash Rat Pack for one too I'll put a link in the description you can always talk to me there don't forget to leave a like and follow and hit that bell because I will be coming out with more guide soon on thing like espionage in spies economics characters courts and satisfaction and eventually faction guides or if I get a lot of people asking for something specific I'll bump that that up on the list and make it a priority to get out faster but this this guide was thrown together pretty quickly and I know I have poor audio so I do apologize but I will be working on making better videos in the future but with that I'm rat-pack thanks for watching I'm out

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