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Top Iranian General Killed On Trump’s Orders | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Geri Ungurean
    Geri Ungurean January 4, 2020

    You LEFTISTS are possessed. Just leave and go to Russia!!!!

  2. jnprfilms
    jnprfilms January 4, 2020

    Averting is a script and the sidesent pay for the stupidity they do

  3. jnprfilms
    jnprfilms January 4, 2020

    Averting star again

  4. jnprfilms
    jnprfilms January 4, 2020

    People prey to Jesus for protection from the ivel in the goverments

  5. christian signore
    christian signore January 4, 2020

    Lets goooo world war 3

  6. Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez January 4, 2020

    The US is the aggressor. Here’s a real nails

  7. In Vino Veritas
    In Vino Veritas January 4, 2020

    He's NOT top general,he's down.Down below facing the Black Box of Mecca….

  8. somalia queen
    somalia queen January 4, 2020

    if Iran says I will retaliate… no backing up let's see Trump and his misadvisors pay for this…..

  9. Supahfly Spidey
    Supahfly Spidey January 4, 2020


  10. theresa Montoya
    theresa Montoya January 4, 2020

    Thats why some of us people will be dancing. When trump get out.of the white house.

  11. Dlisha Lee
    Dlisha Lee January 4, 2020

    USA troops going to need a lot of prayers with no allies.

  12. rleb blco l
    rleb blco l January 4, 2020


  13. dawgchyper91
    dawgchyper91 January 4, 2020

    Papa John warned us of the day of reckoning..

    Look what happened when we ignored him…

  14. John Lamphier
    John Lamphier January 4, 2020

    Gotta get rid of the poison

  15. Alan Brito
    Alan Brito January 4, 2020

    US under corrupt Trump is only playing the role of a useful fool for the benefit of the Saudi King and the oil lobby. All this moves towards IRAN are intended and sponsored by the dark super pacs the same ones that pay the corrupt republicans to spread the idea that climate change is a hoax for the sole purpose of keeping oil consumption levels high and prices high. This last the great result of the strike. I pay, You pay everybody pays to make them richer, and then the republican mafia borrows money from the Chinese to give it away to this super monsters and to create a greater debt to increase military expending while America does not have modern airports anymore, no modern highways, no massive means of oil free transportation or generation of energy,. There is poverty in US and millions are now living homeless in the cities and certainly America is not the nation of highly educated people neither the healthiest. Everything is made in China nothing made in America anymore and will probably be like that if the republican mafia and Trump keep on getting to manage America for the purpose of benefiting the Saudi King, Putin and every bandit that fill their wallets with millions. If we forget that America is for the people, then you should ask What people?

  16. David Ridding
    David Ridding January 4, 2020

    Get the facts.Trump did the right thing.The Iranians started it Don't Fiuck with the US . DON'T.

  17. Atres_
    Atres_ January 4, 2020

    Did he Bing image search a US Flag? Take a Snap of it. Save it to his camera roll, then up upload it to Twitter? What a psycho, it's so pixelated.

  18. Kristina White
    Kristina White January 4, 2020

    omg here we go….and he don't know

  19. David Martin
    David Martin January 4, 2020

    The funny thing is that the very thing countries like Iran hates the liberals exemplify!!! The LGBTQ community women's rights ect… But the liberals attack the president for his actions! )🤔😏

  20. Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo January 4, 2020

  21. Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo January 4, 2020

  22. The NOOB RIDER
    The NOOB RIDER January 4, 2020

    I don’t really talk about politics but what trump did is wrong he just killed the second most powerful person in iran without notifying the congress I'm not surprised in the least, but this may be the most dangerous thing you've ever done. You may have just started WW3. At least history will note – it was all your fault trump

  23. I LuV Creation
    I LuV Creation January 4, 2020

    Trump is so dumb…Most entitled men like him are idiots… hahah! its almost funny watching him burn

  24. Arounthone
    Arounthone January 4, 2020

    Soleimani got what he deserved , over 600 young Americans soldiers were killed by Iranian IED and sniper attacked between 2003 to 2014 . Solrimani was the global terrorist and attacked the US ambassadors in Benghazi. The mainstream media hate Trump too much and don’t tell the truth about Soleimani . Iran is the headquarters of Al Qaeda.

  25. Anonemesis
    Anonemesis January 4, 2020

    Iran please take out trump for us!

  26. playasdetijuas
    playasdetijuas January 4, 2020

    And thats why you are fake

  27. Rocky jocke
    Rocky jocke January 4, 2020

    United terror state of America will brutally pay for it

  28. tdolz
    tdolz January 4, 2020

    Now the fake news cowards speak.

  29. Oching4
    Oching4 January 4, 2020

    That video of the 80 people running in the streets holding the Iraqi flag after their country was molested by ISIS and the US (who created ISIS) who Soleimani was eliminating despite Iran and Iraq's history, is absolutely hilarious; how dishonorable can these rats become? The "can't be verified" was the perfect cherry on the top. Verify it for the sake of memes, please.

  30. Tommy Vasec
    Tommy Vasec January 4, 2020

    This war only because he would not show his tax returns.

  31. dean matters
    dean matters January 4, 2020

    Trump is a businessman whom needs a war to boost the US economy, take the heat off his impeachment and set his next election up.

  32. Charles Porter Voice
    Charles Porter Voice January 4, 2020

    What a way to get re-elected / start ww3

  33. Mohd Bilal
    Mohd Bilal January 4, 2020

    Why these amerocan azz holes in iraq go to their own country

  34. And then they said
    And then they said January 4, 2020

    Iran just happened to be in Iraq when our embassy was attacked. Iran's Top General just happened to be in the area. ( you know the guy that was saying blah blah blah death to America). Attacking an Embassy is an actual declaration of war. Trump just took him out, preventing a war and crippling Iran.

  35. Penny Munger
    Penny Munger January 4, 2020

    Trump don't want war well he knew by doing what he did he was going to get one. Now he should be on the front line

  36. joe momma
    joe momma January 4, 2020

    It's done. Get over it. Go cry to your mommas

  37. vinnu singh
    vinnu singh January 4, 2020

    Thanks Trump uncle.

  38. Margaret Chen
    Margaret Chen January 4, 2020

    The responsibility of the drone attack must lay squarely on the shoulders of the Trump administration to save lives of innocent US civilians unaware of this secret attack, and the military sent to the battle fields on foreign soil in the Middle East by the US WH must understand that they may never come back. Senators and the Congress people must act wisely and could save the day. I sincerely pray so.

  39. Mitchell George
    Mitchell George January 4, 2020

    Mslsd is fake news. Should have just sent them more money huh Joe.

  40. Jim Nesta
    Jim Nesta January 4, 2020

    Hi, Great Satan here reporting to you from our nice warm quarters down below here in Hades. We have a special two for the price of one deal this week for our friends, the loyal Martyrs of Islam, on missiles and bombs to be used to pacify the agitated masses in Tehran. We're also including rapid air shipment and delivery on designated targets as part of our "warheads on foreheads" program, for no extra charge. After you get blown up by this stuff don't forget that you'll have the opportunity to visit our relaxing and highly therapeutic burning sulfur lakes, bring the whole family.

  41. Link
    Link January 4, 2020

    Liberals are going to complain about Trump. Let’s say Obama did this… He would be heralded as a hero and the media would by lick his proverbial round boys. This shows how antisemitic the Democrats and the media are. You will condemn the actions of a president who kills a man who has ordered the death of thousands and has repeatedly said he wants to destroy Israel, why would any self respecting Jew align themselves with liberals and Democrats… Maybe, for the sake of being PC, we hate ourselves…

  42. Preben Svensson
    Preben Svensson January 4, 2020

    Ali Khamenei could be next…

  43. Stan M
    Stan M January 4, 2020

    Trumpies start war.

  44. Terri Seaton
    Terri Seaton January 4, 2020

    Trump wants to be Obama, as in his popularity after killing Bin Laden. Neither Obama nor Bush was stupid enough to oppose Iran. To be re-elected, Trump will destroy OUR Country!

  45. Dan Piner
    Dan Piner January 4, 2020

    Alec Baldwin, Roseanne, Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz, Pencil Neck SHIFF, Rancid Nancy, Sht Head Schumer. Nobody cares what you think about anything. You and your followers are LOSERS, and you will find out just how big in nov 2020!!!

  46. Razib Baral JOY
    Razib Baral JOY January 4, 2020

    Iran: Trump can't do anything.
    Trump : Hold my drone.

  47. not that yoyo
    not that yoyo January 4, 2020

    Wow, an unbiased news segment.

  48. Russ K
    Russ K January 4, 2020

    The DEMs should spend some money on getting this 2011 video of Trump on TV.

  49. The Electric View
    The Electric View January 4, 2020

    Since Iraq occupation is a warcrime. It's actually perfectly legal to resist it according to The Geneva Conventions. "Coalition of the Willing" does not mean "UN Sanctioned".

  50. Wexit BC. AB. SK.
    Wexit BC. AB. SK. January 4, 2020

    TRUMP 2020!!! 🥂🍾🥂🍾🍻🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  51. 911 _ JFK _ Pan am 103 _ Khobar tower _ USS Liberty
    911 _ JFK _ Pan am 103 _ Khobar tower _ USS Liberty January 4, 2020

    100 people who are celebrating his death are not even being counted.

  52. Isabel Tanner
    Isabel Tanner January 4, 2020

    My grandma is such a boomer

  53. DragonFae16
    DragonFae16 January 4, 2020

    Since when has Trump believed US intelligence agencies? Oh, only when Russia is not involved, I guess. The general who replaces Soleimani would have all the plans Pompeo says was the excuse for the drone attack – so what now?

  54. Safety First
    Safety First January 4, 2020

    Trump is a hero trying to stop another 911

  55. SINON 04ita
    SINON 04ita January 4, 2020

    Ok…. Quando levano dai coglioni Trump?

  56. Safety First
    Safety First January 4, 2020

    Death to Iran!!!!

  57. raptor phil
    raptor phil January 4, 2020

    I often wonder which rethuglicans were part of 911 remember ASK QUESTIONS

  58. Joe Shaji
    Joe Shaji January 4, 2020

    Good job Trump for killing Iranian general

  59. Richie Rich
    Richie Rich January 4, 2020


  60. Deja Vu
    Deja Vu January 4, 2020

    Trump has no idea what he has done

  61. mcken2020
    mcken2020 January 4, 2020


  62. Minarose
    Minarose January 4, 2020

    Trump starts war to stay relevant

  63. bobi7 tanevski
    bobi7 tanevski January 4, 2020

    I Love Israel ❤️ Shalom❤️ ! LORD JESUS Will WIN For us and Israel 🙏! Wake up Church and Repent IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ No more time ! We are Last generation ! Read Bible ! Pray for ISRAEL 🙏 Shalom .

  64. Leeanne Bishop
    Leeanne Bishop January 4, 2020

    hey trump you can run but you can't hide they will get you .

  65. bannon1000
    bannon1000 January 4, 2020

    Well done Trump

  66. FakeDollars
    FakeDollars January 4, 2020

    Breaking news:President Trump wishing happy hollidays to the world….what a shame on xmasnew year celebrations…

  67. Leeanne Bishop
    Leeanne Bishop January 4, 2020


  68. Million Bill
    Million Bill January 4, 2020

    #Iran did not invade #Iraq on lies, killing a million civilians.

    Iran did not drop bombs on #Libya where people are now being sold in slave markets.

    Iran did not arm ISIS and Al-Qaeda to wreak havoc in Syria.

    That was all the US government.

    Who are the “malevolent evildoers”?

  69. Dave Goodwin
    Dave Goodwin January 4, 2020

    So now our government accuses people, finds them guilty, and punishes/kills them BEFORE a crime??

  70. Mike
    Mike January 4, 2020

    Everyone in the Free world is happy the guy is dead except… MSNBC and the demtards

  71. Anders Mueller
    Anders Mueller January 4, 2020

    Who’s joe

  72. Dee Pattison
    Dee Pattison January 4, 2020

    Why the haste in avenging the death of the contractor when the murder of Khashoggi was met with a mild tsk, tsk?

  73. Jim Bean
    Jim Bean January 4, 2020

    Am I the only one who finds it scary how every YouTube video that shows up in search results is Iranian propaganda. This man was a terrorist that killed thousands of Americans. I didn’t see this when bin laden was killed by Obama

  74. outbacktrek
    outbacktrek January 5, 2020

    liarLiar mafiaDon has gone rogue, ordering the US military to assassinate the jointChief of staff of the Iranian military with airForceDrones without declaring War on Iran or congressional authorization thereby committing murder & conspiracy.. just like the other numerous coups done around the world to seize profit&power resources in his & the US name without an act of congress …. ,

  75. Michael E
    Michael E January 5, 2020

    Pelosi and Shifty are very angry, that Trump had their gravy train engineer terminated. She must be kicking herself for not passing the Articles to the Senate the day after the vote.

  76. Rosario Tatis
    Rosario Tatis January 5, 2020

    This is Trump´s way to get off the hook from impeachment…. Now, this is a wake up call: Would American culture defeat another culture that seeks death as pathway to glory??

  77. Kevin Mulcahy
    Kevin Mulcahy January 5, 2020

    What makes these nincompoops think this will stop any plans already in motion?

  78. do nothin
    do nothin January 5, 2020

    Let's burn their red flags

  79. nav sha
    nav sha January 5, 2020

    I can't able to decide who is terrorist…you are attacking other country and killing people..big big problem to understand this..greedy and inhumane same full country America

  80. Trevor Pike
    Trevor Pike January 5, 2020

    Trump has totally capitulated to the Deep State. First he ordered the murder of 25 Iranian Soldier Peace Keepers – in response to the death of one US private contracter (privateer, working for who? doing what in Iraq). Triggering the protest at the US Embassy in Bagdad by people he calls "terrorists" armed with cell phones. Then he orders the murder of General Soleimani who organised the Shia militias to fight ISIS. So Trump has launched the WAR on Iran (for Israel), to please the ZioCon Deep State. So the Deep State psychopaths are in charge and Trump is their puppet. The battle for peace and justice is OVER, LOST.

  81. Shirley Kaplan
    Shirley Kaplan January 5, 2020

    The shmuck was ordered to do it by Putin and it will come out .

  82. Melissa Graham
    Melissa Graham January 5, 2020

    Are you at the Pentagon going to PROTECT us from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT??

  83. Kelvin Gonzalez
    Kelvin Gonzalez January 5, 2020

    What a bunch of ignorants here….so you seriously dont know who this guy was….dont you know this guy was declared terrorist back in 2007(way before Trump becoming president)….dont you know this guy participated in many, many crimes around the world…you dont have to like Trump, but you don't need to be a moron either….

  84. Anne Marie
    Anne Marie January 5, 2020

    Nothing like provoking a war to help your re-election chances and, in Trump's case, keep you out of jail.

  85. p l
    p l January 5, 2020

    good job

  86. Mr Revolution Mars
    Mr Revolution Mars January 5, 2020


  87. Thurman Smart
    Thurman Smart January 5, 2020

    That's a bold face lye.

  88. David Jones
    David Jones January 5, 2020

    Maybe if we killed more of their leaders they will cease murdering us. Name one person murdered on 9-11 whose life was not equal to Osama Bin Laden.

  89. Leonie Gureghian
    Leonie Gureghian January 6, 2020

    Too much arrogance shall be our downfall … & God help the innocent souls

  90. Joseph Lievanos
    Joseph Lievanos January 6, 2020

    No civil rights
    Fake religion
    Iran has brought nothing good to middle East

  91. Clown P.A.N JD 2020
    Clown P.A.N JD 2020 January 6, 2020

    Trump Bravo 👏

  92. Clown P.A.N JD 2020
    Clown P.A.N JD 2020 January 6, 2020

    USA and Israel safer

  93. Alice Sigford
    Alice Sigford January 6, 2020

    Thanks you for let us know

  94. AnDrOID AbUsER
    AnDrOID AbUsER January 6, 2020

    I love Trump

  95. Scot Fretwell
    Scot Fretwell January 6, 2020

    you're welcome iran.

  96. Glitch 25
    Glitch 25 January 6, 2020

    I love the thumbnail. He looks like a good guy. Lmao these media outlets are pathetic at best. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  97. jim walker
    jim walker January 6, 2020


  98. Ana C
    Ana C January 6, 2020

    Trump and Pompeo are100% responsible for this SENSELESS MASS murderer. NOT USA

  99. Dreia
    Dreia January 7, 2020

    There's no reason to think that this assassination will make the world safer

  100. Tim Z.
    Tim Z. January 7, 2020

    Joe and his wife hate Trump! This is propaganda of hate, lies and confusion to smear President Trump.
    The President's decision to terminate a murderous terrorist was morally legal and justified according the laws of the United States. Joe is an over paid low talent low brow circus performer!!

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