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Top 10 Bipartisan Votes That Show the US Government Isn’t So Divided

For the past few years the media has wanted
to portray the American government as divided into Democrats and Republicans, a supposedly
black and white dichotomy. The two parties supposedly can never be expected
to cooperate, even though many will insist that the parties are functionally the same. This has predated the election of President
Donald J. Trump, but his election has certainly supercharged how the conflict is framed. Don’t you believe it. Many momentous bills have overwhelmingly passed
the two chambers of Congress and have been signed by the president while barely attracting
a blip of attention. Partisans on both sides of the party lines
want to portray the situation with more conflict than there really is even while the majority
of both parties cooperate away from the public eye. 10. Patient Right to Know Act For years, pharmaceutical companies kept doctors
and pharmacies from telling patients about more affordable medications through gag orders. The bill to stop these gag orders passed through
the Senate with 98-2 votes on September 17, 2018. It was signed by President Trump on October
11. As anyone with much experience dealing with
contemporary healthcare costs knows, these are not trifling expenses. It’s estimated that doctors offering more
affordable alternatives will save the public more than $135 million annually. Everyone is entitled to their opinions regarding
how much regulation is necessary or productive, but this is a strong indication that there
are bipartisan ways to deal with runaway healthcare expenses if we take the time to look for them. 9. VA Choice and Quality Employment Act The Veterans Affairs office is one of the
most heavily criticized services in the US government. With more than $180 billion in the annual
budget, it’s one of the larger annual expenses. Yet few will argue that it’s not worth it,
considering the sacrifices made by its ostensible beneficiaries. So it was that in 2017, an emergency allotment
of six billion in funds was voted into law. The focus of the funding was to provide government-funded
medical services to veterans. A big part of the reason the effort didn’t
become a larger news story was that it was signed on August 12, which meant that it was
completely overshadowed in the public consciousness by the murder of Heather Hayer during the
Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Few bills would be able to compete with that
in the news cycle. 8. Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act The National Council on Aging reports that
an estimated one in 10 people over the age of 60 has been a victim of elder abuse, and
every year another five million suffer from it while roughly only one in every 14 actionable
cases is reported. On October 18, 2017, this law was signed with
the intention of greatly expanding the enforcement of laws that protect elders. The law required every state to designate
an Elder Justice Coordinator that would serve the Bureau of Consumer Protection. It also requires the Department of Justice
to make information regarding the investigations public. Additionally, in what seems directly inspired
by a plot in the critically-acclaimed AMC program Better Call Saul, there are increases
for penalties regarding interstate fraud. Furthermore, interstate adult protective groups
are allowed to operate. In total, the Congressional Budget Office
estimated that enforcing this law will cost $21 million, which — if it has a significant
impact on rates of elder abuse — seems like a real bargain. 7. Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability
and Whistleblower Protection Act As said earlier, the Department of Veterans
Affairs is a very controversial organization. One of the controversies associated with it
is that many veterans who should receive coverage or compensation are denied their services
erroneously due to incompetent or corrupt decisions by staff members. On June 13, 2017, the House of Representatives
overwhelmingly voted to pass this law, which would increase fines and pension deductions
for problem employees, and also stop them from receiving pay during the appeals process. The inclusion of additional protections for
whistleblowers was in large part inspired by the Wait List Scandal of 2014. It came to light that many veterans weren’t
receiving medication and other benefits for as many as four months at a time, but that
the delays weren’t being recorded or reported. Still, considering that there were a reported
49,000 vacancies in the Veterans Affairs offices at the time the bill was signed, a reluctance
to fire employees for any reason is fairly understandable. 6. Western Oregon Tribal Fairness Act Between the heated controversy over the construction
of the Dakota Access Pipeline over Sioux land and what the famous American/Mexican border
wall would mean in terms of dividing tribes such as the Tohono O’odham, Native American
rights have been more prominent in the news in recent years. But there has been fairly recent good news
for those tribes as well. On January 8, 2018, this bill was signed into
law, even if it took most of the summer and all of Autumn of 2017 for it to make its way
through Congress. The law allocated 32,000 acres of federal
land to three tribes in Oregon. Those were the Umpqua, Coos, and the Siuslaw. The US government does not have the best record
when it comes to honoring land grants to tribes, but local leaders expressed that they were
pleased with the arrangement. 5. Jobs for Our Heroes Act As reported by Military Times in July 2018,
more than 50% of US veterans have difficulty finding work after the end of their enlistments. There’s apparently not much that the US
government feels they can do to change the minds of most employers, but there is one
career field where it seems the government feels it can significantly expand employment
opportunities for veterans. This bill, which was signed into law on January
8, 2018, has been intended to find veterans work as commercial drivers. There are two primary ways the bill works
to expedite this process. For one, it makes training with heavy machinery
during enlistment valid as meeting the requirements for operating heavy civilian vehicles. It also makes health certification provided
by VA medical professionals valid for health checks related to civilian driving jobs. Such is the sort of legal red tape that leaves
it no wonder that some veterans have trouble finding employment in civilian life. 4. Target Practice and Marksmanship Training
Support Act For those unfamiliar with the term, an excise
tax is a tax on a specific good or service. In the case of this law, which was signed
on May 10, 2019, it would allow taxes collected on the sales of firearms to be used to buy
the land for, and to maintain, shooting ranges, covering up to 90% of the expenses. As one of the bills sponsors, Rob Bishop from
Utah, put it, gun ranges are becoming more necessary for proper gun safety training,
“As this nation becomes more urbanized.” Sounds like a bill that would have needed
to be concocted by a Republican, right? Actually, no — one of the original sponsors
of this bill was Representative Ron Kind. He’s a Democrat from Wisconsin’s Third
District. Party lines are much less clearly delineated
than it often seems. 3. Medicaid Services Investment and Accountability
Act For those who don’t know, Medicaid is a
program where government on the state or federal level provides assistance to low income families
in paying their medical bills. Recently, there seems considerable bipartisan
interest in expanding it. For example, in the 2018 Midterm election
three of the four states with ballot initiatives to increase funding for it passed it, even
though the states in question (Idaho, Nebraska, Utah) generally vote conservative and thus
would not usually support increasing funding for social programs. So it was that on April 18, 2019 this bill
to bolster Medicaid services was signed. The law increased penalties for companies
that misclassify their medications to receive more government reimbursement, specifically
whether the drugs are “innovator” or “non-innovator.” It also provided more protections against
medical bankruptcy for spouses, and parents with children who are suffering from conditions
that require intensive treatment. 2. Water Infrastructure Improvement Act Between calamities such as massive flooding
in the Midwest in the spring of 2019 and ongoing lead-tainted water in communities nationwide
such as Flint, Michigan, dealing with water has recently become a growing problem for
the United States. Against this background, despite its unglamorous
nature, six cosponsors evenly divided between the parties attached themselves to this bill
in December 2018. It was signed into law on January 14, 2019,
a brisk process for any piece of legislation. This act delegates to local municipalities
plans for how to deal with stormwater and wastewater. It establishes offices for an ombudsman to
expedite the process for municipalities to meet full Environmental Protection Agency
standards. There is also, under Section 5, an emphasis
on the EPA being required to promote the implementation of natural (i.e. “green”) infrastructure
process. 1. Natural Resources Management Act Sometimes when an act is signed into law,
it’s not so much a single bill as a bundle of them. When this act was signed into law on March
12, 2019, it was roughly 120 bills that ranged in focus from public land conservation to
water management. Considering recent rumblings in the media
that there would be drilling and mining in national park areas, it makes sense that the
government would be inclined to demonstrate a commitment to environmental protection. The most striking single aspect of the act
was the setting aside of 1.3 million acres of land for federal protection, including
from damage by dam construction. Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley
alone had an extra 40,000 acres added, which in the former case makes a lot of sense considering
the damage that national park suffered during the 2019 government shutdown. Hopefully we can look forward to more bipartisan
environmental initiatives in the near future. Dustin Koski is also the author of the fantasy
novel A Tale of Magic Gone Wrong, a book which he knows from experience has bipartisan appeal.


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    EZ Aquatics August 14, 2019

    No country other than the United States allows pharmaceutical companies to charge whatever they want for their product as well as allowing them to arbitrarily raise the price for no reason other than corporate greed. I don't understand how a country with a population of 350+ million people can be so completely misguided when it comes to, well, absolutely EVERYTHING.

    Then again, consider how stupid the average person is, then remind yourself that half of all people are more stupid than that, so…

  97. iammattc1
    iammattc1 August 15, 2019

    The VA has tens of thousands of unfilled posts, veterans are having a hard time getting jobs, and the VA needs a better understanding of and more helpful attitude towards
    veterans? I have an idea…

  98. Bobby Reynolds
    Bobby Reynolds August 17, 2019


  99. Wayne S
    Wayne S August 19, 2019

    Look. It isn't the government which is divided. This kind of government doesn't lead; it follows. The people are divided, and the people do not want a government that works. Any Republican who works with Democrats (except on a few issues, which this video entails) will face a primary challenge, and vice versa. The people who reliably vote, and certainly the people who vote in primary elections, are partisans, and partisans want to win more than they want functional government. Government has been broken since Newt Gingrich, if not earlier, and voters don't want it to be fixed. If voters did want government that works, they'd get it.

    People blame the government and they blame the political parties, but they never look in the right place to see who's to blame: the mirror.

  100. fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud August 21, 2019

    They all agree to spend money on bullsh1t. Nothing surprising at all.

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