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The trailblazing candidates who broke barriers in the 2018 midterm elections

I know for a fact none of us
ran to make history, we ran to make change. The historical significance of this evening
is not lost on me the significance of history
is not lost on me. I didn’t come here to deliver a victory speech tonight,
only one of vision and when we realise equity, justice
and equality these rights for everyone,
then and only then will I deliver a victory speech. We are all in this together. Right here in Colorado,
we proved that no barrier should stand in the way of pursuing our dreams. We proved that we’re an inclusive state
that values every contribution regardless of someone’s sexual orientation
or gender identity. And that’s exactly what this is,
not a campaign or an election day but a movement, a larger movement
for social, economic and racial justice in the United States of America. I mean, many of us didn’t run
because we want to be first or make history. We are kind of people that just feel like
it’s really important that, you know, we are focused
on the gun crisis, focused on healthcare, focused on all those things
that seem to be a divide within the United States
Congress right now. … with many firsts behind my name. The first woman of colour to represent
our state in Congress, the first woman to wear a hijab
to represent us in Congress, the first refugee ever elected
to Congress. Growing up in my mother’s pueblo household
and as a 35th generation New Mexican, I’ve never imagined a world,
where I would be represented by someone who looks like me. Tonight, New Mexico, you are sending one of the very
first Native American women to Congress.


  1. John D
    John D November 7, 2018

    So-called Progressives are fooling themselves if they think Muslim Congresswomen is a good thing. See what the Koran says about women in verses 2:222 and 4:34.

  2. Neddale WINKLER
    Neddale WINKLER November 7, 2018

    More Trash

  3. Gordon Pattison
    Gordon Pattison November 7, 2018

    UK here.
    The racist scumbags who voted for Trump had racist grandparents who voted for Nixon. Low educated morons who vote for the same party from the cradle to the grave. Not a brain cell of their own. dinosaurs stuck in a time warp that their grandchildren will follow. Nixon and Trump the gruesome twosome.

    UK. God bless the decent people of the USA.

  4. Silence DoGood
    Silence DoGood November 7, 2018

    Marxists communists and foreigners can't possibly swear the oath of office

  5. Augie Ramirez
    Augie Ramirez November 7, 2018


  6. Shawn Barron
    Shawn Barron November 7, 2018

    We know they caused change, why? Because the Guardian put a generic hip-hop track as the background music.

  7. The Crusader
    The Crusader November 7, 2018

    But her prophet Muhammad was a pedophille and molested a 9 year old child don't take my word for it, it's in there book mentioned a lot of times.

  8. Jeremy G
    Jeremy G November 7, 2018

    Who’s beat is this? 🔥

  9. Imperator Vespasian
    Imperator Vespasian November 7, 2018

    you do know obama was president

  10. The Crusader
    The Crusader November 7, 2018

    The Muslim Somalian woman who won in Minnesota married her brother her name is ilhan Omar well done Minnesota, idiots!

  11. Womp Womp
    Womp Womp November 7, 2018

    Wow they have *insert genetic trait


  12. paul paul
    paul paul November 7, 2018

    Why do lefties think more islam is a sign of a progressive society? It's quite the opposite.

  13. Lohannes Floran
    Lohannes Floran November 7, 2018

    If you fear change be afraid.

  14. Pawel Grom
    Pawel Grom November 8, 2018

    Dems need one more person to be elected to their circus, a person with down syndrome, then they will be fully completed

  15. Grant3arnshaw _
    Grant3arnshaw _ November 8, 2018

    what's the name of this beat??

  16. Jack Caven
    Jack Caven November 10, 2018

    This is the end of the US as we know it … Once these people become the majority they will not vote for anybody but their own ,and when that happens the US becomes where they came from ! Another failed country in the Americas …because that's what these people create !

    GOOGLE TAQIYYA November 18, 2018

    "The trailblazing candidates who have broken barriers in the midterms" Being the first Black women elected to the Idaho state senate that wears contacts and on a year ending in 16 with a full moon or whatever the F this nonsense is on about is NOT breaking barriers ! First does not necessarily also mean there was anything that needed to be overcome or removed to obtain said 'first'. . Hey leftards ! It really IS 2018 and NOT 1650 or 1955 ! The Oakland Raiders were the first to hire as head coach a Hispanic man in the 1970's. The Newly formed Raiders had no barriers regarding race that had to be broken for that to happen.

  18. Salvadore Mendoza
    Salvadore Mendoza January 3, 2019

    hey look it's identity politics. we need more insert genetic trait completely irrelevant to actually doing the job that actual people who can do the job. Alex "mentally slower than a snail" Ocasio cortez case in point

  19. Subrosathefirst
    Subrosathefirst January 9, 2019

    Here are some diverse people who can more accurately represent the population the the U.S. They actually look like real life people! Not so preened, posh and arrogant that they instantly turn me off! Brings me hope.

  20. Subrosathefirst
    Subrosathefirst January 9, 2019

    Especially the Native Americans… Considering it was their land so long ago, and still they are punished TODAY for having land that someone else wants, is not entitled to, but will use force to get!

  21. M Franklyn
    M Franklyn January 17, 2019

    Who cares what somebody does in bed and with whom have anything to do with getting in office?

  22. Tommy Rocket
    Tommy Rocket March 9, 2019

    Any devout Muslim who takes up a position of power/influence within a Christian country’s political party, such as the USA, Great Britain or Australia, does so for one purpose and one purpose alone, to DESTROY and DIVIDE that country’s Christian foundation and way of life! The sooner the reality of this sinister and dangerous ISLAMIC OBJECTIVE is EXPOSED, widely PUBLIZIED and REJECTED at the ballot box the better it will be for each country effected generally.

    Muslims can NEVER be good citizens after migrating to a Christian country. The religion of Islam is founded on the KORAN which STRICKLY FORBIDS the acceptance of any other religion (Quran 2:256), the allegiance to any other religion, forbids them to make friends with Christians, forces them to submit to their spiritual leaders (Mullahs), instructs a man to marry four Women and beat a wife if she disobeys him (Quran 4:34), forbids their ACCEPTANCE of the US CONSTITUTION and British or Australian RULE OF LAW, since it is based on Christian Biblical principles when they believe the Bible to be CORRUPT. Most importantly, SHARIA LAW, or ISLAMIC LAW is a religious law forming an INTEGRAL PART of the Islamic religion and tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of ISLAM, particularly the QURAN and the HADITH. So when you witness a MUSLIM DEMOCRAT swearing allegiance to the US Constitution using the QURAN you are actually witnessing TRAITOROUS HYPOCRACY in its purest form. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  23. ghosttrain2066
    ghosttrain2066 July 12, 2019

    And year later they are a laughing stock!

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