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The Politically Correct T-Shirt

yeah he always wears this fancy stuff so I guess my brother is a fashion geek you recently bought a t-shirt that similar to John oh really a t-shirt with no design not exactly Olympic teacher no a v-neck right they’re so popular so what kind of t-shirt did he buy a black one what did you say that’s like so racist black african-american and I said they’d look bigger I can’t believe look you made them all cry ignorant just our people around you overly sensitive sometimes they seem a barrier your friends always offended if you let me finish you my get it you like to avoid people who are easily triggered oh then this t-shirt is exactly what you need introducing the politically correct t-shirt wait there is only one color tired of overly sensitive people with this t-shirt you can avoid them easily oh my god is he doing that good yeah that Hitler thing don’t say Hitler it’s offensive you’re right I’m sorry I’m just touching you were not you were not you were doing that Nazi salute let’s wait if I were a Nazi would I think that Jewish jokes were not funny hey guys he can’t really be on that that’s a great t-shirt by the way let’s grab a kombucha I’m buying protection from social justice warriors guaranteed the politically correct t-shirt with phrases like asking for a number sexual harassment I’m sorry for having an opinion or I love feminism you can never offend someone with these just listen to what celebrities think of the politically correct t-shirt big fan you’re not gonna spend $50 fine Kisha petition you won’t spend $20 not even $10 but only $17.99 so what are you waiting for order your politically correct teaching on represent calm or go t-shirt shop calm and stay away from problems in this crazy crazy world the politically correct t-shirt even better as a gift on Father’s Day Mother’s Day Independence Day weddings Christmas the possibilities are endless now available at this color and also the same color but wait there’s more [Music]


  1. Namiber - Any Time is TimeLapse Time!
    Namiber - Any Time is TimeLapse Time! December 14, 2017

    "Crossfit is healthy." haha nice one

  2. Reacon
    Reacon December 14, 2017

    Pripomina mi to Jona Lajoieho 😀

  3. 010Adrian010
    010Adrian010 December 14, 2017

    You are getting funnier and funnier by the day. Pome, Peťo!

  4. Domoss Gameplays
    Domoss Gameplays December 14, 2017

    Peter, you deserve way more subscribers for how great are your videos. Relevant topics, Great acting the editing.. Simply everything is pefect! Best of luck to you

  5. Joel Schmidt
    Joel Schmidt December 14, 2017

    You are a legend 😂

  6. Luis vlogs
    Luis vlogs December 14, 2017

    I would actually buy this

  7. Pavol Johanides
    Pavol Johanides December 14, 2017

    masterpiece Peto

  8. Maya Thomas
    Maya Thomas December 14, 2017

    I want it all

  9. Annelie Schulze
    Annelie Schulze December 14, 2017

    Bradly coopers review was really convincing though

  10. David Eliáš
    David Eliáš December 14, 2017

    It’s like Saul Goodman commercial!

  11. HannyS Gaming
    HannyS Gaming December 14, 2017

    mohol si tam dať ešte že keď objednáte hneď dostanete PC okuliare 😀 také ako má pc principal v south parku 😀

  12. Diandex
    Diandex December 14, 2017

    great video, I notice that it looks like H3H3 video but kinda better?

  13. Mono went quirky
    Mono went quirky December 14, 2017


  14. Marco Donno
    Marco Donno December 14, 2017

    Ofcourse it has to be white..*#triggered*

  15. Tomáš Hronsky
    Tomáš Hronsky December 14, 2017


  16. Monika Mahdalová
    Monika Mahdalová December 14, 2017

    GENIÁLNÍ <3 !!!!

  17. Filip Hornák
    Filip Hornák December 14, 2017

    Kamo nice job.. Dobre si to ponal, otocil si to vosvoj prospech 😉 super napad 😀 like like

  18. NoName
    NoName December 14, 2017

    Kedy budú titulky?

  19. Ema Walterová
    Ema Walterová December 14, 2017

    Hey, your content is so good. You are not like the rest of the youtubers that they just say link in bio and that's all. You made a perfect video about the shirt.😀😀😊 Well done Peter

  20. LightSport Man
    LightSport Man December 14, 2017


  21. Motaek
    Motaek December 14, 2017

    Toho zrebneho som videl v blave….vysokí je jak žirafa

  22. Filip Kubica
    Filip Kubica December 14, 2017


  23. Peter Kolár
    Peter Kolár December 14, 2017

    Si totalny frajer! Klobuk dole. A pekne si si z nich prcu urobil za ich pristup a este i na tom zarobis 😁

  24. matus morong
    matus morong December 14, 2017

    Shout up and take my money

  25. Ethan Norman
    Ethan Norman December 14, 2017

    too funny! ill take 5

  26. Ethan Norman
    Ethan Norman December 14, 2017

    hahahha the feminist

  27. Filip Hodulík
    Filip Hodulík December 14, 2017

    Top again Peter. Keep up a good work. Greetings from Brno 😉

  28. Miles Beining
    Miles Beining December 14, 2017

    YouTube Rewind 2018. I can feel it.

  29. my30panic!to chemical manson park
    my30panic!to chemical manson park December 14, 2017

    2:07 by the way, how do you feel about my girlfriend 😂😂

  30. Klaudia Lustig
    Klaudia Lustig December 14, 2017

    How do you get all these people to take part in your videos? 😀

  31. Calico Junction Cat Sanctuary
    Calico Junction Cat Sanctuary December 15, 2017

    You just may make big money with that one.

  32. Fionor
    Fionor December 15, 2017

    alt-right b*shit

  33. Mel
    Mel December 15, 2017


  34. Saitama
    Saitama December 15, 2017

    I work with clothes and for 18$ it's either the T-Shirt is shit quality and printing or that you don't make any profit with it, guess the answer lul

    loved the video tho

  35. Mike R
    Mike R December 15, 2017

    Just leaving my mark here before this guy gets famous. Oh, can I have 2 in medium?

  36. Martin Novák
    Martin Novák December 15, 2017

    wow! aamazing!!

  37. Adam Schmiedl
    Adam Schmiedl December 15, 2017

    t-shirt already on the way!

  38. J & S
    J & S December 15, 2017

    You're a star!!! The best ever!!!

  39. Two Wheels Good
    Two Wheels Good December 15, 2017

    @1:51 white shirt guy has never been to gym.

  40. Chathura A
    Chathura A December 15, 2017

    Hey Peter, I want to let you know that your content is great, but this video is nowhere close to your other skits. Other skits like, where you talks straight to camera about your life experiences with funny segments. I am looking at the comments for this video and it seems like everyone is praising you for doing a great job, but I am just disappointed, cause the jokes made in this video are extremely old, plus the concept of selling your product this way is overdone and not original. Please don't take this comment the wrong way, I am just looking for original content to watch on YouTube and you're one of few Youtubers that produces funny and good original content.

  41. Jan Kučera
    Jan Kučera December 15, 2017

    insta ordered 🙂

  42. Michal Seman
    Michal Seman December 15, 2017


  43. PacIsDan
    PacIsDan December 16, 2017


  44. Michal Voronič
    Michal Voronič December 16, 2017

    Shut up and take my money

  45. Shplupen
    Shplupen December 16, 2017

    You are truly a genius and very quickly became one of my favorite channels

  46. overclocker2020
    overclocker2020 December 16, 2017

    Chlapec ty si prípad 😀 .. Perfektné video 😀

  47. BenArrowVlogs
    BenArrowVlogs December 16, 2017

    Make T-shirts Great Again!!

  48. Brozef
    Brozef December 16, 2017

    doteraz som tvrdil vsetkym mojim kamaratom ze si zachranou slovenskeho youtubu, ale odteraz im budem tvrdit ze si zachranou sveta

  49. bob1na
    bob1na December 16, 2017

    už to nebude nikto prekladať, či ako?

  50. Chikapake
    Chikapake December 16, 2017


  51. PeetH
    PeetH December 16, 2017

    How dare you to discriminate people from US and Canada?! Why do they have a different web site as rest of the world, they are same as any other human being on this world. You hypocrite. Great video tho 😀

  52. Trojtakt
    Trojtakt December 17, 2017

    Ja nechapem, 25000 views do pice, sak to je zase uplne dobre video len jebnuty YTB radsej asi promuje "If you not laugh u dont have soul" a ine bezrozmerne picoviny…

  53. Zdeno Nekvasil
    Zdeno Nekvasil December 17, 2017

    i have to buy one 😀 ….maybe more 😀 😀

  54. 50 Shades
    50 Shades December 17, 2017

    Someone privately messaged me about this video. This is genius.

  55. aby001234
    aby001234 December 17, 2017

    You work very hard on each video man! You deserve way more subscribers. But don't worry this content is timeless, you'll get views one day when you'll be very famous. Good luck!

  56. BlueBanana Studios
    BlueBanana Studios December 17, 2017

    This is so true people get offended so easily

  57. MegaCaryfuk
    MegaCaryfuk December 17, 2017

    May I buy 44 or 88 of them please ?

  58. Zdenka Dolinajcová
    Zdenka Dolinajcová December 17, 2017

    You have different sizes on T-shirts? All bodies are perfect! Im offended. :DD

  59. Ashutosh Kumar
    Ashutosh Kumar December 17, 2017

    Man your videos are amazing it's very sad to see the low view on the recent video

  60. Wiary vlogs LP
    Wiary vlogs LP December 17, 2017

    i am vegan

  61. Hellworm Involutus
    Hellworm Involutus December 18, 2017

    konecne niekto kto nerobi content pre 10 rocne deti 🙂

  62. ItalianInOslo
    ItalianInOslo December 18, 2017

    Too bad the website doesn´t let me buy it from Norway, I siply don´t get through after putting my info 🙁

  63. Aspect
    Aspect December 18, 2017

    Love this

  64. adrokii
    adrokii December 18, 2017

    How did you forced the whole restaurant to cooperate 😀 ??

  65. Cobra
    Cobra December 18, 2017

    dosť nuda

  66. Mikuláš Lazorík
    Mikuláš Lazorík December 18, 2017

    Hmmm, človek čo robí dokonalý content má okolo 100k odberov. Človek čo hraje Minecraft ešte aj dnes má 5x toľko … Mindfuck

  67. rmaleter
    rmaleter December 18, 2017

    Tak toto je neskutocne….MEGA👏👏👏

  68. ChaoticMatters
    ChaoticMatters December 19, 2017

    Lol this is great. Awesome shirt and video

  69. to som ja Tomo
    to som ja Tomo December 19, 2017

    Nikdy som nemal rád trička s nápisom, toto je jediné, ktoré si kúpim!!!

  70. p hamvas
    p hamvas December 20, 2017

    Peter watch Casey's " 1 trick to get 2.5m subscribers' a uz tam nieco hod….. YouTube is dead without your videos…

  71. Filip Honzik
    Filip Honzik December 22, 2017

    Ty si najvetai frajer peto . Top kontent . Kazde jedno video supa ! Najvetsi posun na scene

  72. The First Time Projects
    The First Time Projects December 22, 2017

    Today came my order …I ordered one from one color and second from the same color …I mean the same but diferrent, but they came same like the same…. not sure how I will explain this to the shop 😀

  73. afrn agaga
    afrn agaga December 25, 2017

    jon laoe is back?

  74. kleptoplast
    kleptoplast January 5, 2018

    Hm. The point is, if "black" is applied to people, it usually does not refer to skin color, but to a cultural group with a shared history and origin (aka "race"). Case in point: Nobody would call people with ancestors from Australia or South India "black", although their skin color can easily by much darker than many people who call themselves "black" or "people of color." That's why re-labeling the same cultural category with different names doesn't change its meaning and can be perceived as racist. Interestingly, addressing traits directly when referring to a group of people almost never raises the "racist flag": skin color, (dark/light-skinned), or land of origin (I'm from Lusatia, others from Subsaharan Africa), or cultural groups or religions. This can also be tricky, because when people say "Asian" they usually don't have Russians or Iranians in mind. Words can mean different things in different contexts, that's what I learned from this. And being "politically correct" just means to be aware of these contexts.

  75. Vik N.
    Vik N. January 7, 2018

    haha pure brilliance!

  76. Sanara_qp Hiruzenne
    Sanara_qp Hiruzenne February 28, 2018

    Omg this video Is beeest

  77. Patate Des Îles
    Patate Des Îles March 12, 2018

    T-shirt commandé ! Très belle réponse à ces réactions disproportionnées pour un simple sketch !
    J'espère que ça ne va pas te bloquer dans ta créativité et que tu nous reviendra vite !! I miss you and your hilarious videos…
    Kiss from a french sub 🙂

  78. tom edges
    tom edges May 19, 2018

    Know you what? I think I buy one 😀

  79. Alexander Šaňo Mach
    Alexander Šaňo Mach June 4, 2018

    39 SJWs…

  80. Karim Ulmann
    Karim Ulmann June 15, 2018

    The lack of views on this marvellous video is proof that today’s society is overly politically correct

  81. Edward Temple
    Edward Temple July 26, 2018

  82. Jason Creech
    Jason Creech September 19, 2018

    Awesome shirt

  83. Evelyn Belo
    Evelyn Belo October 10, 2018

    Conservative me loves this

  84. Leonardo Parra
    Leonardo Parra October 26, 2018

    “How do you feel about my girlfriend” lmao dude.

  85. LejindarySprite
    LejindarySprite November 24, 2018

    Why but

  86. Filthy Fred show
    Filthy Fred show December 30, 2018

    Look u made Jamal cry

  87. Jovan Jankovic
    Jovan Jankovic July 10, 2019

    Hoovies garage is going to sue you for the music 😂

  88. Mobin92
    Mobin92 July 25, 2019

    Based Peter

  89. Vincent van Dijk
    Vincent van Dijk July 28, 2019

    African-American is to me actually a racist term. Because not all black people are from Africa or from America. This is a reason I would never use this term.

  90. Levi Lima
    Levi Lima July 31, 2019

    Man! I just did my job sharing your stuff on my facebook page and i really hope you get more recognition for your content because this shit is fire! You're da best. I didn't enjoy a youtuber like I'm enjoying your stuff in a while!

  91. Stephie
    Stephie August 11, 2019


  92. Confused DotCom
    Confused DotCom August 20, 2019

    Hoovies garage

    TILEN FABE August 23, 2019

    Modern art requires skill. hahahaha best one!

  94. RomanoProductions
    RomanoProductions August 30, 2019

    PC goes hell 💝

  95. Thomas Kreisel
    Thomas Kreisel September 1, 2019

    Young people look like these in this video here in Germany. All hipsters

  96. Alexander Stankiewicz
    Alexander Stankiewicz September 14, 2019

    But…it's white! And most likely not vegan!

  97. Rohit Chowdhary
    Rohit Chowdhary September 19, 2019

    But wait…..there's MORE

  98. Jd 04techreviews
    Jd 04techreviews September 20, 2019

    Fuck political correctness, I'm white English British and proud!!!!

  99. Jd 04techreviews
    Jd 04techreviews September 20, 2019

    Eu and north Korea on the shop link 😂😂😂

  100. Emmet Anderson
    Emmet Anderson October 13, 2019

    it aint happy holidays its merry christmas

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