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The Other Freshman Democrat Making Things Happen On The Border

with Congress basically at a perpetual impasse there's a lot of political theater going on these days and for the moment it's not robert muller providing the source material it's immigration the show went on today in South Texas where Vice President Mike Pence toured a border facility with Senate Republicans and they continued here on Capitol Hill or recurring characters from both sides put on a command performance it is time for action this Texan is not going to sit by and watch his State and Texas communities get overrun and abused because the cowards of the swamp sit idly by and cynically fail to do their job Mr Speaker we do have a crisis at our border it is one of morality as we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional and cruelly created by the Trump administration dead set on sending a hate-filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in America it was a scene members of Congress testifying before other members of Congress about the horrors they personally witnessed down at the border but it's hard to blame the House Democrats they can't get bills passed the Senate or the president and they do try to do oversight calling witnesses requesting documents the president stiff-arms up especially when it comes to Muller or Trump's businesses or his family all the juicy stuff everyone up here really wants to know about when the government started separating families the outrage eventually led to a Republican condemnation of the White House and a change in policy and when the number of kids held in border facilities spiked this spring House Democrats made a big show of it they were accused of grandstanding but it seemed to work the number of kids in Border Patrol custody is now way down from that time there's another freshman congresswoman who testified here today when you haven't seen on cable as much as some of the other ones she's leading a Democrats oversight efforts on this issue Veronica Escobar is a Democrat from El Paso she grew up on the border her husband is an immigration judge she knows this stuff Colt I to have legislation that will be coming up shortly HR 22:03 the homeland security improvement act which would increase accountability and transparency at HS so that these conditions these deaths these abuses can be relegated to a dark moment in history Escobar's bill was designed as a check on Border Patrol power it would establish Commission to oversee conditions on the border led by local officials faith leaders civil rights leaders and caters will create a system for tracking children within the border patrol system and among other things would severely limit family separations I've long been calling for the use of a civilian work force inside of DHS processing facilities we do need some social workers we do need Family caseworkers we need people who are doing the processing data entry other things we have a uniformed agents doing all of that right now it is crazy it doesn't make sense these are functions that should be performed by professionals who don't need a gun or a badge I think that it would help get agents back out on the line and it would improve the way that we operate as an agency Escobar knows getting these reforms through the Senate will be tough as in may be impossible tough but she hopes they can still use Congress's power of the purse to hold Trump accountable this is also about looking to fiscal year 2020 and I've testified before the Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security I submitted everything that I was hoping to get in into the bill I'm in close communication with the appropriators there so we'll see I mean it's it's a matter of trying every avenue possible to create change well Democrats act always one with those purse strings this time we'll see I mean we need you you


  1. 32stevo
    32stevo July 17, 2019

    Mexicans are not US Citizens focus on the real issues.

  2. Tiffany JadeDarkStar Barker
    Tiffany JadeDarkStar Barker July 17, 2019

    one sided you know the squads the ones voting down funds

  3. noone business
    noone business July 17, 2019

    They can make board patrol agents just wear body cameras that way they dont have to rely onwitness testimony

  4. kali koka
    kali koka July 17, 2019

    Socilalists unhinged. ….qanon

  5. Alex Morales
    Alex Morales July 17, 2019

    Vice News is clearly left wing biased. People don't understand that this only makes trump look better. He pays these fools no mind

  6. Theguyin915
    Theguyin915 July 17, 2019

    @2:50 Dont trust this lady. I live from where she represents, El paso Texas, shes beyond corrupt , Her husband is an Immigration Judge! conflict of interest much?!?! Plus she wants another pay raise….

  7. Dragon1717
    Dragon1717 July 17, 2019

    She doesn't appear to have America's best interests in mind. She seems like a pro-illegal immigration America-second Democrat.

  8. Apin aja
    Apin aja July 17, 2019

    Dear Vice , YOU DO REALIZE that freshmen democrat voted against funding for border for primary needs needed by the border agent?????? does everyone in vice talk about something that they don't know???

  9. OriginalNex
    OriginalNex July 17, 2019


  10. sayooj vs
    sayooj vs July 17, 2019

    Vice biased

  11. sayooj vs
    sayooj vs July 17, 2019

    Vice tooo.. My god what's happening in media world

  12. OriginalNex
    OriginalNex July 17, 2019

    America does not have to accept anyone if they so wish not to.

  13. Kyle Orgel
    Kyle Orgel July 17, 2019

    talib* the amount of typos between vice's videos and insta posts lately are ridiculous for at this point…

  14. zachary stotz
    zachary stotz July 17, 2019

    Way to go VICE, you have gone mainstream FAKE NEWS!

  15. Nick F
    Nick F July 17, 2019

    0:50 Why are you crying?
    How were you elected to be a leader with such a weak stomach?

    You know theres plenty of countries where people by the score are butchered alive with machetes?

  16. Robert Saxell
    Robert Saxell July 17, 2019

    allow no one to enter

  17. TheHoldout
    TheHoldout July 17, 2019


  18. Ryan Vargas
    Ryan Vargas July 17, 2019

    What would I do without fat Vice dude to tell me how to think? Thank goodness! Orange man bad.

  19. whatchain
    whatchain July 17, 2019

    Fake news vice

  20. Just Joe
    Just Joe July 17, 2019

    You guys suck. You're not trying to fix the root cause. You just want to increase resources just patching up the symptoms. Fix the root cause. Fix the laws. deportation at Port of Entry

  21. Just Joe
    Just Joe July 17, 2019

    Oh f*** you. The president stiff arms them. What a joke you are you. YOU can't blame the Democrats. The Democrats are solely responsible for the Border crisis. The manufacturer crisis. And now they're just crying and wanting everybody to be Let It Go

  22. A T
    A T July 17, 2019

    Trump 2020🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  23. VegasWeddings
    VegasWeddings July 17, 2019

    2:00 that's how you get Repubes to dance to your music: Hit them with laws, laws and more laws. For that poppycock gazette.

  24. Kenneth Alonzo
    Kenneth Alonzo July 17, 2019

    But what do they do for Green Card holders?

  25. Fumbles
    Fumbles July 17, 2019

    So liberals think it was a win when they got the border patrol to stop separating children from human and sex traffickers? Jesus Christ. Just what the US needs sex trafficking through ports of entry. Is #metoo just ignored if it’s an illegal Mexican male with 5 young girls that aren’t related to him?

  26. Jay
    Jay July 17, 2019

    Democrats don't care when Obama seperates families at the border but when it's Trump it's somehow different. Democrats are the real racist fucks playing the race card for everyone who doesn't agree with them and anyone who starts making any sense at all.

  27. suvignan pothuraju
    suvignan pothuraju July 17, 2019

    Well matter of fact rep.Veronica Escobar has acompanied illegal immigrants illegaly into USA for which she should be investigated.

  28. Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un July 17, 2019

    People are flooding the boarder because they know it Gunna be harder to get in soon . that's not Trump's fault for actually doing something instead of some donkey lip service

  29. Fiona Star
    Fiona Star July 17, 2019

    Mane!!! F&$k these demo- demons. Send them kids back to their mamas. How about the homelessness over here ?????? Shut the f up. Trump 2020.. … sign bills

  30. Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch July 17, 2019

    The reporter is very unlikable and may be EVIL. How could he have been hired?

  31. Puff Sassy
    Puff Sassy July 17, 2019

    Seeking refuge? They cross illegally. If they want asylum they have to cross legally

  32. Thrustin Von Helmut
    Thrustin Von Helmut July 17, 2019

    Pelosi will shoot down anything that Mexican lady puts forward. Pelosi is a raging racist.

  33. Foo Bar
    Foo Bar July 17, 2019

    Thank you for posting these for free on YouTube. The reporting and production are superb.

  34. Tara Mcknight
    Tara Mcknight July 17, 2019

    She needs to be voted out . Escabar is a Very Evil Hag .. Save El Paso get rid of Escobar

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