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The net migration target and the 2017 election

The net migration target has been the centerpiece of uk government policy on immigration since 2010 It aims reduced net migration to the tens of thousands It was originally due to be hit by 2015 and has remained in place under Teresa May’s leadership so far Net migration is the balance between immigration Which is people coming to live here for a year or more and emigration Which is people leaving the uk to live somewhere else for more than a year It includes all people moving to and from the UK, whether they’re UK or non UK citizens Whether they’re coming as international students family members refugees or for work since 2010 there have been various policies to hit the target. A minimum income threshold of eighteen thousand six hundred pounds a year for anyone who wanted to bring in a non-EU spouse to the UK a Crackdown on abuse of the student migration system where some educational establishments lost the right to sponsor non EU students Stopping people from outside the EU coming to the UK if they didn’t have a job offer Even if they have the right skills and qualifications …and more Despite these policies, net migration is still well above the target, but it has dropped off a bit since the referendum. Whoever forms the next government Will have to decide whether net migration will keep being the leading indicator for developing UK migration policy, or whether we’ll find something new.

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