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The Low Priced Leader- ASUS TUF Gaming X570 Plus WiFi

what’s going on YouTube how are you doing now today’s video is brought to you by coffee job of any type because I gotta be honest with you I’m I’m totally dragging but today and now without coffee there’d be no video so what that’s it hold on let me get a drink coffee anyways hopefully it’ll wake me up pull one more drink hold on now today we’re gonna bring you a motherboard and that’s perfect for those people in New York those guys those tough guys and I’m saying because we’re gonna bring you the tough gaming x5 70 plus Wi-Fi motherboard that’s right x5 70 for me Zeus coming to market at 199 dollars so with that said though let’s jump in let’s check out the motherboard and let me get a drink of coffee and I’ll see you in a second so first off for you diehards out there here is the box itself so we’ll take a look at the front of the box right here now spin it around real quick take a look at the back of the box I think excite in there something I can’t really talk about the boxes who only cares it’s the Box now this is motherboard I have to say for its price I think that it’s a pretty decent motherboard as we go through it and see the features you guys will see it there are some strange things about this motherboard and we’ll go through that as we go so starting off I see this right here so we’re at the bat we see the nice Wi-Fi antenna this is actually a pretty nice intent all in all – it’s not really you know anything cheap it’s so let me get it out of here rip the bag open hearings get it out of here for you guys and check it out but this is actually a pretty decent antenna yeah it’s actually stuck in your it’s got a point on it all right there we go I got to point out it’s a it’s pretty nice you know comes with the little bottom stand you can make it balanced and sit somewhere so that’s pretty nice it’ll sit right on top your PC so you can connect anywhere up that’s pretty nice I like that exist does a good job on that then we have the motherboard and there you have all the features alright we’re done with that no I’m just kidding we’ll get back to the motherboard in a second and we got this little box right here this little cardboard little thingy here go ahead and take that out we’ll just go ahead and throw that at the cameraman no he’s shaking his head alright so maybe we’ll skip that part today no violence peace out my brothers and sisters have checked no violence here in TECA tomorrow today so we get the manual you guys all know what this is tells you all the good fun facts about the motherboard so there’s that we get some cool case bad stickers these are pretty nice-looking not bad at all now this is weird though now there’s only ah okay there are two SATA cables actually in here 2 2 2 2 so that’s you know enough for a couple of drives beat them you know pleasure probably might be using em too and you may not need that many more than that but a lot of the boards come with more so there’s that get the rear i/o plate please make sure that you put this in your case before you put your motherboard and I don’t know why people are still doing this but it just cracks me up and they did it they’re like hey man what happened it’s like I’m yeah there’s a reason they put that in there it’s not just for good looks you get a little CD rare um this has a Zeus’s greatest hits on it lots of good songs on here like we rock and roll our video card is better than your card no it’s gonna have like all of the different software like the AI suite there’s gonna be all kinds of different software and stuff beyond drivers like you’ll have overclocking stuff stuff for your audio there’ll be all kinds of custom software stuff that goes along with this including the aura lighting and all that type of stuff so a lot of that stuff will be right here on the CD now we’ve got a coupon for 20% off all cable mod cables so with this little coupon right here you can get 20% off which is pretty nice I’m not gonna show you the back but guess what the coupon code is and some sneaky person out there would steal it and use that 20% and you know what maybe you don’t want to use it maybe alright so we also got a certificate of reliability you know what if only when I got a girlfriend make game with one of these cuz I’ve like every chick that I was going out with camera and they’d be like right on I know Jake’s gonna be cool but no you date and then they become a nightmare because I’m talking about for anyone right they’re mean no offense whatsoever maybe yes men should come with one of these as well I should get one for myself that could be a real chick pleaser all right there we go sit that down last but not least we have got the little screws that put on the m2 header so we got that right there so that’s all of the stuff that actually comes inside of the box some of your stuff so let me get it all out of the way and we can move on and move away from this and talk about the motherboard itself which is what I’m sure most people are here for pardon me now let’s talk about the board now this particular board remember I said it’s $199 board so it’s a very entry level board into the new AM platform AMD’s platform excuse me now the motherboard itself is actually a pretty nice motherboard it’s kind of sparse with everything that’s going on with it but it’s also pretty easily laid out as well the CPU this you can use you can use all the third generation or second generation rise in CPUs but depending on which CPU you’re actually using will have some effects on some of the other features on the motherboard and as we go around the motherboard you’ll see what we’re talking about so plenty of space around the CPU I honestly wish that all of these capacitors though if there was a way to push them over a little bit more and they could be covered by the shroud I think that would have been a little bit cooler but as it’s okay I think could have been a little bit better now as far as power connectors go on the top you’re gonna see an 8 a 4 pin and then obviously your 24-pin power is going to be over you know next to the memory where it’s usually always at now at the top of the board there’s gonna be two CPU fans then right next that you’re going to see the first of the or lighting connections now this is for any kind of strip lighting or lighting that you want to use and as we go around you’re gonna see a little nother white connector now this white connector is actually an addressable RGB so you can use this for all kinds of different things strip lights or whatever and the ORA ones they’re actually more I think for using the case lights there’s a few around the motherboard now as far as the memory goes if you’re using a second generation rise in CPU 2666 is the standard clock and 3600 is the highest you can go on overclocking but if using a third generation CPU you can go all the way up to forty four hundred on the overclock standard memory is still 2666 though just like if using a second generation so that’s that’s pretty much how things go as far as the memory goes now right down here you’re gonna see two more fan connectors now one of these fan connectors is actually going to be on at all times actually one thing I didn’t say is all the fan connectors on here you know they do the Q connect so that you can control all the fans through their app this particular one though for the pump it’s going to stay on all the time because obviously the pump some people may you know think of that sucks that you can adjust it to make it quieter but there’s also a danger there because if you turn on your pump and you turn it to low it’s a chance you could overheat your CPU or your video card or whatever you’re doing and you can blow it up you know and the next step we also see one more chasse C’s fan and then there’s a connector right here in the middle this connection is part of the trusted platform module and has to do with different securities on your motherboard I’m not really sure how many people are actually going to use that particular connection because it’s use the store keys passwords and stuff like that how many people are actually going to use it though honestly I really don’t know now there’s also 2 m2 slots on this particular motherboard and like I said depending on which CPU depends on how they perform if you have the third generation rise in CPU then both of them are going to be running at PCIe 4.0 at the 4x mode if you’re running however the second generation then they’re going to be 3x at a 4x mode so not much probably a bit different than speed but obviously there’s going to be something there or you know they wouldn’t have it now once again we see a fan down here you know cooling connections on the motherboard a lot of people like make fun of that’s under like why are we doing this at all you know I don’t know it looks cool how much it really does for the motherboard you only know that when you get a No clocking if it does something and locks up if you don’t have it going so next up we have the different PCI slots now once again it depends on which CPU using this particular slot will be PCIe 4.0 if you’re using a risin third generation CPU and this will be pcie 3.0 all the others will PEEP will be PCIe these will be the PCI PCI a 4.0 1 X slots there’s a few of those as well now if you have a second generation CPU then this becomes PCIe 16x and this becomes PCIe and then it only becomes 4x so there the differences between those things another thing that you guys might find strange about these PCI ports is that they do support crossfire X but check this out they do not support SLI at all I don’t know if this is just the kick and video in the nuts or if it’s just something weird where AMD saying hey we’re only gonna really give the best support to our GPUs but there you have it if you want to use two cards they’re gonna have to be 2 AMD cards now the audio on here is real tech it’s the S 1200 a it’s 8 channel audio has very nice though NIT chicon connectors right here excuse me to cheat on you check on capacitors trying to remember everything in my head and the audio is well segregated away from the rest of the motherboard now if you don’t know what that means the signal-to-noise ratio there’s a lot of noise sometimes from electronic interference and when you segregate the audio away from the rest of the components it makes sure that your audio has a much clearer and cleaner snout you don’t get that same audio interference now as far as SATA connections go there are a total of 8 6 gigabit SATA connections on this motherboard now we see 4 over here these are an angle these are very easy for clean up your case wires and everything as it’s mounted inside of your case you can wrap those around doing great cable management but we also see 4 more also located down here at the bottom of the motherboard now also down at the motherboard there are a couple connections you have a connection right here this is working up a wire for doing your reset and all that stuff but then you have all of your case connections that are all located right here and then we see it the last of the or lighting connections right here now beyond that there are a few more comp orts there is one more fan put one more fan port here another fan port there there’s a comm port there and that’s pretty much everything that has to do with the motherboard itself other than the i/o so let’s jump around to the to the rear i/o now for those people out there who want to use an AP on this motherboard which means it’s gonna come you know with the onboard graphics on it you’ll be able to use the connections on this motherboard because they actually have a display port and an HDMI connection so no matter what kind of connection you have there’s there’s one here now on another board we looked at it actually had a DVI connector and that’s kind of cool I don’t really know useful it is but it’s still there so this particular motherboard actually has six USB 3.0 connections it has real tech standard land we have Intel Wireless LAN you also get bluetooth 5.0 connectivity so that’s cool so that means you could actually stream from your phone onto your motherboard listen to your music and do stuff like that if you so choose I think that’s actually something that’s kind of cool you guys can see all the audio connections are right here there’s also a USB type-c connection let’s see here USB type-c right here and you get a standard little ps2 port so if you have an old keyboard or mouse and you really love using it you can use that with this motherboard so that’s pretty much the motherboard like I said there are a lot of other features as far as the software goes they have their tough stuff that’s in there they have their AI suite all there or lighting stuff all that stuff comes with a Zeus there overclocking tools and stuff like that are also pretty decent and like I said this particular motherboard is only $199 so you do get quite a lot of features plus you get the name a Zeus which you know they have a lot of good support and all that stuff so like usual we will have a link down below where you guys can check this motherboard out maybe purchase one for yourself I’m still waiting for my cpu I don’t know what that goes up I mean waiting and waiting wait right even buy one but now they’re like on eBay people are trying to extort you for a hundred bucks so I’m waiting to what I can get my CPU and bring you all the reviews but I have the board’s we’re checking them out so if you like what you see by the way you can sub the channel I’d love to see you guys here hit that button up there for notifications and if you happen to like the music that you see in the video a video we will have music to all that as well so peace out I’m our cue guys have been watching teka tomorrow thank you


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