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The Leader in Me: How to Teach Students Leadership

the seven habits are not all we did to learn leadership skills we have a number of leadership tools that help us stay tasks and achieve our goals each student has their own data notebook and in their notebook they keep track of their goals as well as their academic progress and what I really like about that is that it really gives the students ownership of their academic progress this is my dad nope my personal goal is to get better at playing the piano my academic goal is to do better in multiple cases my goal is to learn to tie my shoes my academic goal is to like three stories I remember when I was in school I had no idea my grades until I got I received my report card but our students know where they're at in every area throughout the entire school year and these are my scores that I've got on the quizzes and I guess I knew up to 25 October 26 March we use a lot of quality tools and teaching leadership there are the same tools many business leaders use in making decisions I can use a fishbone diagram to plan my writing I can use the Lotus diagram to play in my service project I can use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast interviewing teachers helps me improve my interviewing skills it also lets the new teachers now how we do business at our school a position in other schools when I came here it was a drastic change a student empowerment here is incredible I had an interview with teachers for about an hour and after which I had interview with students for same time and it was blew my mind that the students questions were significantly harder than teachers questions and it just showed that the leadership they had and the responsibility that had was all on them and the empowerment that had of picking who they wanted to be a teacher there and they knew exactly what they're looking for another way we learn about leadership is to enter be real life visit our school we have all types of visitors teach us about leadership we have had dancers scientists college students business owners inventor from the logo corporation and Denmark and even our governor community service is also an important part of our school each grade level has two community service projects a year students are asked to come up with the idea create flowcharts set goals and I thank you notes at the end students drive every step of the project we have helped local animal shelters individuals with cancer and schools starting in Africa we have unique traditions and school-wide events at our school that allow us opportunities to both learn leadership skills and share them the inaugural ball allows us to showcase our social etiquette and dance skills every outstanding leader knows the social etiquette of greeting and for different cultures that's something different but here the standard is to shake hands firmly and to have great eye contact leadership day allows us to share our school with educators from around the world they come to our school twice a year as students we perform some of our talents for them teach them the seven habits and what leadership means at our school with the leadership model here at combs one things they really have distressing our kids to be leaders in the classroom to do public speaking to get up in front of their class and to speak and so our son Walter you know Conahan watching him practice speeches since he's been in kindergarten he has gotten up and he has stood in front of 4050 adults and was able to make a speech we can the beauty of that is it began when he was five years old in kindergarten so it wasn't this big jump to have to do that in fifth grade it started small and it built so that it wasn't a big thing for him he took it all in stride we are all about developing leaders one child at a time

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  1. Mrs. Alex Tolentino
    Mrs. Alex Tolentino June 30, 2019

    How old are these kids?

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