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The Kremlin doesn’t want Trump-Putin call transcripts made public


  1. Poe try
    Poe try September 30, 2019

    Does the Kremlin run things now Fox? Goodbye great economy and innovative thinking.

  2. SL 500!
    SL 500! September 30, 2019

    Why not????

  3. Le combattant
    Le combattant September 30, 2019

    Be Carefull, lots of World Leaders Like Trump and agreed to clean the swamp with him………Nasty Futur is Coming..Some will have nightmares.

  4. Daniel Bools
    Daniel Bools September 30, 2019

    The intensity, frequency, and duration of North Atlantic hurricanes, as well as the frequency of the strongest (Category 4 and 5) hurricanes, have all increased
    since the early 1980s. The relative contributions
    of human and natural causes to these increases are still uncertain. Hurricane-associated storm intensity and rainfall rates are projected to increase as the climate continues to warm.

  5. Michael Huber
    Michael Huber September 30, 2019

    Putin can go fly a kite.

  6. Luke Meier
    Luke Meier September 30, 2019

    I don't believe that the label of democracy means anything unless it is strictly adhered to. Our country has democrats trying to overthrow a democratically elected president and they call that democracy. People are not being held accountable for their lies and ignorance of definitions. Liberals use labels for everything to put forth a pagan satanic agenda against the people. Liberals hate one nation under God plain and simple. If liberals went to heaven they would conspire to overthrow God. Ponder that for a while.

  7. Steve steve
    Steve steve September 30, 2019

    Too Bad Vlad Dump is afraid of putin and the dirt he has on him

  8. N S
    N S September 30, 2019

    The American people don't have to obey Putin just because Trump does. Publish the calls.

  9. James Piltani
    James Piltani September 30, 2019

    Just get rid of AIPAC mafia

  10. TheEnglishLongbow
    TheEnglishLongbow September 30, 2019

    How about the Hillary – Putin calls?
    Let's see Schiff impeached, removed from office, charged with felonies and imprisoned, if not executed for treason.

  11. Terri Fischer
    Terri Fischer September 30, 2019

    Trump tell them no and go jump in a deep lake.

  12. Terri Fischer
    Terri Fischer September 30, 2019

    She interrupts people when they dont say what she wants them to say.I cant remember the other day who she interviewed it was horrible she was very rude.

  13. Roundhead Anderson
    Roundhead Anderson September 30, 2019

    This is the problem, let’s agree hypothetically that Trump has all these awful calls with other leaders, we still shouldn’t see them. Because once he’s eventually out of office that same rule will have to be upheld for future presidents, and that’ll just handicap any chances of communicating with world leaders

  14. dsimpki
    dsimpki September 30, 2019

    "The Kremlin doesn't want Trump-Putin call transcripts made public."

    Of course not. They don't want it revealed that Trump is a Russian asset.

  15. dsimpki
    dsimpki September 30, 2019

    "The Kremlin doesn't want Trump-Putin call transcripts made public."

    Of course not. They don't want it revealed that Trump is a Russian asset.

  16. vamsi miriyala
    vamsi miriyala September 30, 2019


  17. david s
    david s September 30, 2019

    Well its only fair to see all presidents phone calls. Fair is fair

  18. somelikeitcold1
    somelikeitcold1 September 30, 2019

    LMAO… omg… i cant help it! this us comedy is just the greatest ever!

  19. God Bless us all
    God Bless us all September 30, 2019

    Lets start removing the treasonous traitors out of our government,its getting out of control.lets see justice served.

  20. Elias Babich
    Elias Babich September 30, 2019

    And maybe it's a joint strategy and none of your business

  21. David Gagin
    David Gagin September 30, 2019

    Total BS.

  22. Agent Cooper
    Agent Cooper September 30, 2019

    So Trump thinks he outsmarted Putin, Kim Jung Un, MBS but actually he got outsmarted big time. His narcism is his achilles heel. The US is in danger.

  23. Barbara Arndt
    Barbara Arndt September 30, 2019

    Putin says NO….. dear me. Is the US still an independent country? I wonder.

  24. big Cahuna
    big Cahuna September 30, 2019

    this guy has no idea what Putin really wants or plans. The CIA works for the rich and themselves, only. Does the CIA want to make Obamas and Bushs transcripts public also ? Is the Ukraine gov. more corrupt than Americas' corporate gov. ?

  25. Rick Pearson
    Rick Pearson September 30, 2019

    dam people wake-up…..russia takes the astronauts to the space station…how do enemies help each other…just tired of hearing about russia being the bad egg

  26. Save America
    Save America September 30, 2019

    Stupid Trump…he sold the American souls to Putin. Trump is a real traitor.

  27. Mister Sauvage
    Mister Sauvage September 30, 2019

    Trump is Vladimir Putin’s bottom-boy. Fox News knows Trump swallows for Putin.

  28. old timer
    old timer September 30, 2019

    Maybe Mr Putin wants for he and Mr Trump to be treated with a modicum of faith, trust and respect.

  29. John3:16 Pitbull
    John3:16 Pitbull September 30, 2019

    If there was any question at this point that Putin owns #45, this puts it to rest:Moscow 9/30/19 The Kremlin said on Monday that Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of Putin /Donald calls😍. No, don't think so, sorry Kremlin but the US remains a sovereign nation, Donald's efforts not withstanding. No that's a direct warning to #45, it's an assertion that Putin made him and he can break him.

  30. Elaine Teut
    Elaine Teut September 30, 2019

    I really don't think this type of leak would work in Russia.

  31. theonlyexpert
    theonlyexpert September 30, 2019

    Putins goal is world dominance? Whats she smoking? US Has Military bases in 80 countries and is the world expert in regime change and nation building by spreading "democracy". Sorry Putin, USA beat you to that already.

  32. Rosebud
    Rosebud September 30, 2019

    mr. president! Buy the Kremlin.

  33. JND King
    JND King September 30, 2019

    No more releases, no matter what Pres Trump says will be misconstrued and used against him. Shifty can make another fake presentation.

  34. SeekTruthinLight
    SeekTruthinLight September 30, 2019

    They can refuse everything till Trump is out of office… Mean the President needs to be able to speak in confidence with foreign leaders because it may be strategic phone calls which people not in the know would misunderstand or miss-characterize. And it is within the Presidents purview to call for investigation, after hearing facts about possible crimes even if it was about a previous vice President or CIA actions in a foreign country.

  35. Owen Zappa
    Owen Zappa September 30, 2019

    Dan's ears lol.

  36. Chuck1958
    Chuck1958 September 30, 2019

    Trump can straighten things out after the election.

  37. J Ross Pryce
    J Ross Pryce October 1, 2019

    They won’t be made public. Period

  38. ray rose
    ray rose October 1, 2019

    bs..clinton cartel does is all ok.biden crackhead does is ok ..but tell lies on trump thats ok too.but make sure of fair/balance fox news.even when you lie for you dem/libs..

  39. Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler October 1, 2019

    IF Trump has to release more transcripts of his conversations with foreign leaders let's look at all of Obama's, all of Bush's and all of Clinton's phone calls first!

  40. Billy Dean
    Billy Dean October 1, 2019

    They shouldn't as long as the other Nation says no, I would not give them any more transcripts. This was a one time and done.

  41. Billy Dean
    Billy Dean October 1, 2019

    And Obama did the same thing, on record, so don't even act like Trump is the first and no the Dems have no legal right to ask for anymore information off the President's server or private server. You get Clinton's server and emails also the DNC server and all of Tony podesta's and his brother's emails. Oh yeah WikiLeaks already gave them to us and no one seems to care what where in them. Com on people read the emails it's all in them. Except the server Trump ask the Ukrainian Government to see if they can find from the Ukrainian company called Crowdstrike!!!!!!

  42. Tania Davidoff
    Tania Davidoff October 1, 2019

    This rubbish is being fed to you Americans all the time! Trump WANTS to be friends with Russia – a fully democratic country. Same attacks on Putin as on Trump going on. Ukraine a weapon against Putin(a strong leader) and Trump (a strong leader). The communist times are over. Get over it America.

  43. Dominic Smullen
    Dominic Smullen October 1, 2019

    The pot calling the kettle black

  44. Sean Taschler
    Sean Taschler October 1, 2019

    I bet most republicans miss the good old days when they spent their time making up lies about Obama instead of defending the truth about trump.

  45. MARLO
    MARLO October 1, 2019

    This CIA hack is trying to push an agenda! The CIA is the most corrupt agency!! That needs to be dismantled!

  46. Freelander
    Freelander October 1, 2019

    👋What is this .,Why would a Presidents conversations with foreign leaders make its way to the news .
    What was Obama’s conversation with Putin . When he told him when he got re- elected he would do more to help him ? The world heard that one . What was it he did for Putin ?

  47. Tammy Bryan
    Tammy Bryan October 1, 2019

    Thanks for the info Fox

  48. geminimc692
    geminimc692 October 1, 2019

    I enjoy tucker laura jeanine jessie and hannity then i see this garbage … way to poop in your punch bowl FOX

  49. Major blitz
    Major blitz October 1, 2019

    The democrats of fox.

  50. Exiled in Babylon
    Exiled in Babylon October 1, 2019

    propaganda Faux

  51. Kevin Cass
    Kevin Cass October 1, 2019

    Ridiculous. Fear mongering. Clueless 🙄

    RADICAL SIM October 1, 2019

    Yep, Putin has Trump by the *ussy

  53. activechaos128
    activechaos128 October 1, 2019

    Do you see that world leaders. "Never trust the US government". Is that the message that America should be sending?

  54. CyeOutsider
    CyeOutsider October 1, 2019

    They dont want the World to know how Trump is basically Russia's useful idiot.

    As if it wasnt already apparent.

  55. Øyvind Hansen
    Øyvind Hansen October 1, 2019

    When he talks about Ukraine it’s hard to not associate it with a banana republic north in America.

  56. Manuel Elias
    Manuel Elias October 1, 2019

    Fox is making a mess out of this case…. Between them and Rudy, the president may actually be in trouble.

  57. M Brewer
    M Brewer October 1, 2019

    Putins call will come out- History always wins. Trump is the kind of old man that while drowning in the pool will flail helplessly and pull down everyone trying to save him. And once the bodies of the attempted heros are floating in the pool he will crawl out of the pool on top of their lifeless bodies and walk away. Walk away now before he takes you down too

  58. marcy maybe
    marcy maybe October 1, 2019

    Y'all fake

  59. canz tee
    canz tee October 1, 2019

    we live in a world of evil…i want change…..for the better of human kind

  60. canz tee
    canz tee October 1, 2019

    lets not forget all the children being killed and sacerficed right now as we speak and text….
    lets not forget they drink the childrens blood ….

  61. ICUS Free
    ICUS Free October 1, 2019

    What lives in the heart comes out the mouth.

  62. Criss Cross
    Criss Cross October 1, 2019

    2012, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the budget deficit “the nation’s most serious long-term problem.” That same year, House Speaker Paul Ryan called it a “serious threat” to the economy

    2019…The Congressional Budget Office raised its estimate of the projected federal budget deficit Wednesday and is now predicting that the deficit will reach $960 billion for the 2019 fiscal year, which ends on September 30, and reach $1 trillion for the 2020 fiscal year
    The CBO had previously estimated a $896 billion deficit for 2019 and $892 billion for 2020.
    The Treasury Department reported earlier this month that the US budget deficit has already hit $867 billion for the first 10 months of the fiscal year, an increase of 27% over this time last year.

  63. f marz
    f marz October 1, 2019

    This will be a very slippery slope releasing these call's..

    MIKE VON BACH October 1, 2019

    Barron Trump AKA Boris Putin Vlad Putin Is the real dad Of Barron.

  65. Jeff Giesinger
    Jeff Giesinger October 1, 2019

    dear patriots is it just possible trump's patriotism is just self interest?

  66. Gary Cooley
    Gary Cooley October 1, 2019

    Obama and Hillary's phone/email calls during Benghazi would be nice

  67. M E
    M E October 1, 2019

    I would love to hear trumps orders from Putin

  68. Richard Curren
    Richard Curren October 1, 2019

    The GOP is being exposed for what it is. The most treasonous crime syndicate in Americas history.

  69. Rick Fox
    Rick Fox October 1, 2019

    We need some transparency on the phone calls from Baruk and the leaders he spoke with.

  70. exoticgirl1
    exoticgirl1 October 1, 2019

    🤣🤣 it's president Trump that "leaked" these transcripts himself, against the advice of his administration! Holy moly, FOX, can you tell the truth for once in your life here!! The whistleblower didn't leak this, the president did. Shame on you for systematically lying to your viewers! "Thou shalt not bare false witness"….ring a bell??

  71. Somebody
    Somebody October 1, 2019

    Even fox news is turning on you guys. Where are you guys gonna get your news now? just twitter? hahahahaha

  72. trsk
    trsk October 1, 2019

    Putin wants to get rid of democracy as much as the west. Business is better without worrying about people's rights.

  73. HJ
    HJ October 1, 2019

    Anyone with him his against the Constitution and the United States by definition. He wants to hold helpless immigrants to account, while he as POTUS defies the law at every turn. Oh yeah, that's Conservative! Whoopee… IT'S ONLY RIGHT THAT ALL THOSE WHO PROPPED CRIMINAL TRUMP UP BE TAKEN DOWN WITH HIM. Fake News? Try, PHONY REALITY TV, CORRUPT GAME SHOW HOST PRESIDENT, instead.

  74. Robert Quick
    Robert Quick October 1, 2019

    So Unka Putie makes the rules we're to follow… And the Marmalade hued Shitstain on Americas Skivvies will do as he's told….

  75. Estrellakatarinathegreatrussian
    Estrellakatarinathegreatrussian October 1, 2019

    Yeah wonder WHY?? 😂😂

  76. M. Rizzy
    M. Rizzy October 1, 2019

    I can’t wait to see everything laid out.

  77. D
    D October 1, 2019

    Maybe we can work out a trade—Trump/Putin transcripts for a copy of the peepee tape. He can keep one too, as a token of naively misplaced trust.

  78. Me Me
    Me Me October 1, 2019

    This Dan Hoffman freak is a Deep State CIA shill.

  79. B G
    B G October 2, 2019

    Should never have released it

  80. Dallas DautermanDallas
    Dallas DautermanDallas October 2, 2019

    There are those who wouldn't criticize Trump if he pissed in their coffee….this may or may not be sarcasm🤗

  81. muuuuuud
    muuuuuud October 2, 2019

    "praise governmental secrecy!!" -you guys at this precise moment.

  82. J Fort
    J Fort October 2, 2019

    I love it when fox news talks about russia; the comment section is full of russian bots and right wing morons all at the same time.

  83. Naz AK
    Naz AK October 2, 2019

    Dan Hoffman is a reject that doesn't know what he is talking about. Not sure who gave that man a mic. America is not Russia's enemy get over the cold war mentality you dinosaur.The only thing is embarrassing is how democrats are attacking our rightfully voted president on daily basis, and if you going to ask Trump to release any of his private meetings I would like to see Clinton, Bush, Obama's private meetings as well and financial donors that gave Clinton foundation millions of dollars for what? what did they expect in return? people don't donate millions for nothing. It's despicable to see how fast Democrats jump on the band wagon as soon as there is something negative on Trump without even knowing the facts. Trump has my vote for 2020.

  84. A2theE2
    A2theE2 October 2, 2019

    Long live the orthodoxy, they meaning the satanist in power want another world war, Christians killing Christians is the goal. Forsaking GOD and hos commandments Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    1 John 5:3 King James Version (KJV)

    3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous

  85. In truth we trust
    In truth we trust October 2, 2019

    One suggestion…
    Don´t call then…
    The US is, supposed to be, a democracy….

  86. Barbara H
    Barbara H October 3, 2019

    When you are innocent your not afraid. But fighting YOUR own alibi, telling voters there's a conspiracy, accusing fellow americans of treason when no war excists to do so. Tired Of this foolishness. If our government is so incompetent, time to migrate to more stable enviroment. Goodbye Amercia.

  87. manuel acosta
    manuel acosta October 3, 2019

    Putin is an ally ! Not
    Of course he is on trumpet 🎺 ‘s. Side. Duh

  88. Zee Lab
    Zee Lab October 4, 2019

    If Putin helped Trump to win elections and now is telling Trump what to do – than US should hire Putin and pay him big money for that, cause he made USA stronger and in best shape ever.
    The only reason for Putin to help Trump win, would be that he will try to move to America soon and ask for asylum.

  89. Kat
    Kat October 5, 2019

    Putin wants Catholic dominance and mind control for the masses.

  90. Pipito Paerata
    Pipito Paerata October 5, 2019

    With Ukraine Prez permission…..

  91. Bill Katakis
    Bill Katakis October 5, 2019

    Putin is 100% completely in charge of Trump. That's why Trump froze Ukraine aid, very likely on insistence by Putin,, then Trump decided to take political advantage, trading essential aid money for the Ukraine war with Putin,, Ukraine's fight against Putin's tanks,, for a false prosecution against Biden that he could use to get votes. Both things are vile and he's acting against the national security interests of the people of the U.S. This isn't the first time and won't be the last. Trump managed to survive a thousand felonies without going to jail. Those days are over.

  92. Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis October 5, 2019

    Trump for prison 2020

  93. Facts Matter
    Facts Matter October 5, 2019

    Maybe they should do what Jarrod Kushner suggested and install Russian intelligence encryption equipment in the Oval Office so Trump can conspire with Vladimir Putin and other enemies of the United States in peace.

  94. nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 October 6, 2019

    Who CARES what Putin wants????? What is this Russian tv?????

  95. Marcelo Serrano
    Marcelo Serrano October 6, 2019

    It’s evidence of treason … Putin would lose his puppet.

  96. Chester cleveland jr
    Chester cleveland jr October 8, 2019

    I wonder why ? 👁

  97. Ginger OConnell
    Ginger OConnell October 10, 2019

    Publish all of Obama's calls  with Putin as well…

  98. Euan Brown
    Euan Brown October 13, 2019

    God save President Bonespurs. Because no one else can save him now.

  99. JL Lore
    JL Lore October 13, 2019

    I sure the Kremlin does want them released!😒

  100. Ralph Canfield
    Ralph Canfield October 14, 2019

    Of course not .It will prove that Trump has sold America. A traitor he needs to be fired and sent to Russia along with his family where they belong

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