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The Gameshelf: "Diplomacy" – Part 2 of 3

I was wish to find I'm being allied with Hofstra and potentially attacking Germany um it didn't end up working out that way by breaks it is consider possibility unfortunately I can't support you continue to get it done right now you have to tough that we reacted up now all right let's go Canton sing big by the Austria hungry right now so he's trusting you enough if you can grab triest and then if you support me to grab greece we've cut them down to only three Supply centers they're hamstrung um okay something's reasonable yes all right want to start moving on Austria mister what are you planning I was I was classified about thinking uh technical he Mia and the army and Bulgaria is supporting the fleet that is moving from be a G and C degrees so that has to support on it now yeah yeah goodness Oh Austria by grace in 1902 Austria discovers the price of not gaining allies quickly as he finds himself invaded by turkey Italy and Germany all at the same time three of his units become dislodged and must retreat while two of the Supply centers fall into enemy hands well all my plans fell apart pretty much that you I've been trying to talk up neutrality with Italy and Germany and the assignment they were Charlie because Turkey and Russia are working together I can tell those and have traveled Turkey so that side of it I was sort of expecting but but I was surprised by it early Germans move the real game-changing moment though involved France so if you say to have a pic against for eternity then you have to use two years to defend that I've been talked with Italy about invading Germany and I kind of decided to move and I know probably way too early early or not France shocked all of Europe by forcibly wrenching Belgium from German control this maneuver attacking an ally when their guard is down is known in diplomacy parlance as a step and the Army in you are again turning burgundy supports the unit moving from the grenade to Belgium whoa that's everything so what do we resolve that first since we're right there I totally surprised I was pretty sure that we had this 3-way alliance that was pretty much unbreakable they're all very friendly and suddenly I felt well it's trigger nervous I was pretty freaked out when we first stepped Germany because I really thought I knew where she was coming from and it's not to say that I trusted her completely or that we had a really firm alliance but it just wasn't logical at that point in time to stab him and so it's a very unpredictability of it really freaked me out and I thought there goes the whole game really I kind of panicked for a moment so let's start the clock 15 minutes springle three how does like to mention that I have been assured that France would not be moving into all into Belgium and you were France what's up with the English Channel I thought we were keeping that clear they just wanna come hey italy wanna fall kiddo alright russia attempts to capitalize on the broken fellowship by talking to both of the remaining two in turn and she could very easily just you know take anything along here well I well I do but I'm that weak well thank you that was pretty funny I mean it was obvious where he was coming from and if I were a less intelligent person I might have fallen for it it's pretty clear to me that you're being disingenuous I mean what I do not want your help fighting against France because that brings you way too close to the mother country for my come on I see um I don't in fact i I was thinking of a good agreement more like I pull out of aggressing against you in your homeland and you give me Norway and I said well I don't like that you're not giving me anything and she said well not so many words I said well you know I don't have to but she tried to be like well I'll stop you know aggressing against you in st. petersburg if you let me have Norway I'm like cool you can't take Sigma Petersburg anyway hmm but I'm very very very interested in seeing if there's something that sort of we could jointly do against England at some point I will keep that in mind in response to this England chooses to draw her remaining Ally in closer at this point you and I might want to talk about stepping up our agreement because we have a lot of undefended territory yes yes it seemed like it was time it seemed like the right time to start making firmer alliances I saw Anna sort of the weaker link between the two of us I thought that he wasn't as strong as me but that's not necessarily a bad thing because it put him in a position where it'd be harder for him to turn on me so that was a positive can we make an explicit agreement is like I would be happy to win the game yeah okay um can we have that be explicit I mean I realized that you might backstab me I I won't backstab you but I will play a little different with the end I don't I don't want that okay Austria meanwhile seeks an alliance with Italy a little late only to be told to go bother Turkey but yes if the things I can help you to contain or break Turkey England in Germany start to draw up a plan against Russia even while France poses a new threat I would almost say yeah let's bullsh move against France except I don't have any units down I mean all my units are up here right here committed to the Russian yeah yeah go with that England buys time by suggesting that France might want to cool it for a while but if you you know if you do take the English Channel again Germany I are gonna have to make you a priority yes I like that's why I don't really that's why I don't want to do that okay then we'll both keep clear of the channel okay Italy now convinces Austria that it's in his best interest to let him help himself to the Austrian empires west coast you can't hold Trieste there's no way to do it okay what do you suggest any was dead hold Serbia yeah okay a balloon set my feet against Turkey okay I thought but the first couple years of the game we had negotiated a neutrality between the two of us when he turned around and took Trieste it felt like a betrayal to me so I was willing to listen to his suggestions but then considered him my primary target regardless of what we discussed this was the supporting one in this mess I was the attacker but it does it disrupt the attacker yeah it doesn't disrupt it oh so you guys st. Petersburg odessa's England completes the seaside excursion she started two years ago by capturing st. Petersburg one of Russia's home supply centres yep well done it was tense yeah Austria loses another point to Germany while France tenaciously hangs on to Belgium do you want to talk about ways you could get computers Berg back to operating with me or do you just wanna like we can yeah we can we can certainly talk it was terrific to have Sam Petersburg it put me in this really great position of being able to threaten Russia in a way that he knew I could follow up so it wasn't just an idle threat I think I could probably see my way to giving you Norway if you just pull out of st. Petersburg and so then basically you know I will I mean you know if we play diplomacy every granule you'll see how honest I actually am but I will I will say out of our my forever just on this turn opening for for at least this year like I you want to just give yet aback me do you know I figured I put the offer out there so yeah I appreciate it okay I'm sorry what's in that for me um I'll be your friend so I'm not really baby okay we're how much do this is stay on the plastic wall you attack the one you or and and we'll work on the well I appreciate that okay while Austria busied himself were they ignoring everyone the brinksmanship in Russia played out o army in Norway moves to st. Petersburg fleet in Bosnia goes to sweeten the fleet in st. Petersburg moves to Boston see couple month nicely done oh yeah yeah always good to see friends not that was the correct


  1. The Senate
    The Senate June 12, 2019

    Not to be rude but you guys are not that great at this. Overthinking everything and playing too honestly. You need to manipulate your victims before delivering the knockout blow.

  2. Chance D Holley
    Chance D Holley June 12, 2019

    The move that gave Russia STP back was invalid. England occupied the North Coast of Saint Petersburg, it's was not allowed to move to the Bothnian Sea, which is only accessible from the South Coast of STP. This should have resulted in a misorder with England holding in STP

  3. miller
    miller June 12, 2019

    This Russia is an idiot!

  4. bfmisc
    bfmisc June 12, 2019

    Great videos

  5. Riley N.
    Riley N. June 12, 2019

    Austria is hot!

    H3FILTHYMOEDUBBBZ June 12, 2019

    3 future pedos 8:48

  7. Cole Younger
    Cole Younger June 12, 2019

    Great TV. 

  8. Chic1110
    Chic1110 June 12, 2019

    Damn right he is! Especially with that hat. I hope he grew the beard back.

  9. Marvin van Zon
    Marvin van Zon June 12, 2019

    ooh yeah the Juggernaut, i forgot that one, however i have found that, it can be easy to break, i played as France once, and Russia and Turkey formed, the juggernaut, as a response, i allied with Austria, and Italy, and convoyed units into Syria and Smyrna, then Turkey collapsed pretty fast, and then with Austria from the north and France and Italy from the south, we occupied Russia, so it wasnt that hard to take it down, but then again i have only seen that happen once.

  10. MoonDust3
    MoonDust3 June 12, 2019

    I agree with Party, Russia's eyes are gorgeous. 🙂

  11. OtakuSoze
    OtakuSoze June 12, 2019

    I wish it was. 🙂

    However, I'm refering to a tactic employed in "Diplomacy". This tactic makes the two impossible to flank, so all of their forces can be concentrated on the enemies on one front. This makes dominating the board easier for Russia and Turkey. The only way this plan can fail without a betrayal from one of the two is for the rest of the nations to team up and focus only on Russian and Turkish forces and even then, you need strong team coordination and some luck.

  12. Marvin van Zon
    Marvin van Zon June 12, 2019

    Hetalia reference ?

  13. partylikeits1066
    partylikeits1066 June 12, 2019

    Russia is hot

  14. OtakuSoze
    OtakuSoze June 12, 2019

    "…Russia and Turkey working together-"

    Me: Well, the rest of you're screwed.

  15. MrDevling
    MrDevling June 12, 2019

    surviver in teh real

  16. My Name Is Craig
    My Name Is Craig June 12, 2019

    Love these vids…finding people to play this game is difficult.

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