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‘The Five’ reacts to Trump’s fiery Minneapolis rally


  1. Frances Finch
    Frances Finch October 13, 2019

    Trump does not like corruption. He's going to add more names to that.

  2. Sword of ManticorE
    Sword of ManticorE October 13, 2019

    Poor Juan. Does he need a tissue? I would rather listen to a transparent president like Trump than the last two democratic presidents that had the talent to blow smoke up everyone's with their presidential language.

  3. Nick Harris
    Nick Harris October 13, 2019

    Hilary for PRISON FIRST————————NOW

  4. Jimmy Joe bob
    Jimmy Joe bob October 13, 2019

    join shep wan …..

  5. jannie
    jannie October 13, 2019

    That's right Juan, Trump is fighting back. How does it feel. If you can't stand the heat get the hell off the porch.

  6. linda08
    linda08 October 13, 2019

    Juan – Unbelievable Really? Spying, Lying Treason, Bribes, Threats Moneylaundering, and the Rest….You're quite happy with all that, BUT YOU'RE SHOCKED WITH THE PRESIDENT's Words, that ARE ACTUALLY TRUE !!

  7. Taun
    Taun October 13, 2019

    I just noticed an interesting thing about President Trump… Every President that I am aware of, ages visibly during their time in office – the pressures of the job – But Mr. Trump seems younger, even more energized…

    ERIC MATTHEW KEENAN October 13, 2019

    Juan William's is an idiot.

  9. Jim Pennell
    Jim Pennell October 13, 2019

    Juan the Swamp Rat

  10. Steven DelGatto
    Steven DelGatto October 13, 2019

    Why is this such a big deal? Why wasn't Fast and Furious investigated especially when lives where taken on our soil

  11. geesmith01
    geesmith01 October 13, 2019

    Hey Juan, and Trump-haters abroad, wouldn't you be pissed off if you were publicly lied on for 3 years? How would you respond? I admit, POTUS 45 is not Jesus, who you'd criticize for overturning the tax collectors' tables in the church, but regardless to how he talks, he IS making America great again! Talking pretty like your golden boy, Obama just didn't cut it.

  12. chuck deleonardis
    chuck deleonardis October 13, 2019

    the FOUR right wing quacks… and juan. make it up, jesse. and let's not forget the dork. greg. what a dork… can't tour his stupid clown act . no one buys tickets

  13. dunhova
    dunhova October 13, 2019

    Fox news- Why hire Juan? no understand

  14. 45crazykid
    45crazykid October 13, 2019

    Shut the hell up Juan,, you spineless suck pump. What bout your party when they talk smack? Juan here is my thoughts of you and your party habla🖕🏼

  15. JohnnyBlaze6954
    JohnnyBlaze6954 October 13, 2019

    LOL the guy on the right is so butt hurt and angry haha 😂 you know he was the kid with the bad lisp growing up who was made fun of everyday of his life and now he’s just angry

  16. Lon Denard
    Lon Denard October 13, 2019

    Yeesh, I understand being partisan, Juan but how can it be okay for the Democrats to say some of the horrible things they have about Trump and his family but you only focus on what he says about them? "Unsubstantiated", you mean like Russian collision? Like calling him a traitor to the US? Like accusing him of having prostitutes urinate on a bed because it was slept on by Obama? Accusing him a being a racist, anti Semite, homophobe, etc? Accusing him of being a rapist and sexual predator? If wanting to reinstate slavery? Ect, etc, etc…

    I don't even like Trump as a person but at least have some intellectual honesty! I'm seriously starting to suspect that the Food News writers script what Juan says to drum up controversy and increase viewership. I can't believe anyone could be that stupid or one sided. That also goes for some of the staunch Trump supporters on the show as well. How can you completely overlook some of the things he says it does and only focus on what they say?

  17. Jeremy Vculek
    Jeremy Vculek October 13, 2019

    Juan Williams is a sack of garbage

  18. sandy mccracken
    sandy mccracken October 13, 2019

    juan,you make me sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way they bash President Trump and lies on him,and he tell's the truth and you think that's bad ?????????????????? Get over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like Trump I'll tell you the truth ( I CAN'T STAND YOU )

  19. Bored Punk
    Bored Punk October 13, 2019

    Ofcourse the Liberal in the room is offended by the truth.

  20. Mat Watson
    Mat Watson October 13, 2019

    I agree with Juan to a certain extent here. Trump is entertaining but he never seemed to say stuff just for the sake of "shock value".He would always follow it up with a point or supporting view. Here he just insulted…and then left it there. That's not the Trump of 2016.

  21. Ray Biondo
    Ray Biondo October 13, 2019

    Trump is not a politician…. that's why we like him. Plus he's been doing a great job and has the american workers as a priority. MAGA 2020

  22. WashingtonSAFC
    WashingtonSAFC October 13, 2019


  23. Ofty
    Ofty October 13, 2019

    Juan at 8pm kids are not watching a debate. Good parents are helping with homework while others are letting them play games on their phone or computer.

  24. Slasher2344
    Slasher2344 October 13, 2019

    juan makes me laugh, and if Matrix was here, he'd laugh too……(Commando reference)

  25. Raymond Quiara
    Raymond Quiara October 13, 2019

    Please Take Juan He Is Always Downing Trump Send Him To CNN OR MSNBC GET HIM OUT!!!!

  26. Raymond Quiara
    Raymond Quiara October 13, 2019

    Am Serious Always Downing Trump Juan You Gots To Go!!!

  27. Alibaba Blackthorn
    Alibaba Blackthorn October 13, 2019

    Donald Trump (51-50)

  28. B C
    B C October 13, 2019

    Hunter resigned !😉👍👏👏👏

  29. Jay M
    Jay M October 13, 2019

    Trump ridiculed Biden for kissing Obama's behind (as he put on lip balm and boarded Air Force One For Saudi Arabia).

  30. John Hall
    John Hall October 13, 2019

    Trump is only saying the truth that's more I can say for the dem’s
    Why would anyone want a revolutionary like thoughts
    These countries still have problems

  31. Jay M
    Jay M October 13, 2019

    That's a lot of out of work GM workers, US Steel workers and Truckers at the rally.

  32. S. Rathgeber
    S. Rathgeber October 13, 2019

    Dark and gloomy Analysis. I would say the only decent Analysis here. Fox News hosts sold their Souls to the devil, who now sits in the WH.

  33. Debbie Bell
    Debbie Bell October 13, 2019

    We have put up with so much in this country ppl are fed up Juan just fed up

  34. Danny Harris
    Danny Harris October 13, 2019

    Juan it's not dirt and our kids have to learn how to be liberal only.fall in a 6 ft hole or quit

  35. nitrocat
    nitrocat October 13, 2019

    So heartbreaking that we have a president who fights back and speaks the truth.

  36. Vintage Recall
    Vintage Recall October 13, 2019

    Fox fake news………. rename this video to 'Juan reacts to trumps rally'…………. fcuk you juan………. your side are the traitors………. your biden is a traitor………….. and now hunter steps down from the company……… why???……….. because he should have never been there in the first place ………. corruption……….. suck on it juan you globalist piece of crap

  37. nitrocat
    nitrocat October 13, 2019

    Nobody is worried about Biden. There isn’t a democrat alive who can beat Trump in 2020.

  38. cjones29hd
    cjones29hd October 13, 2019

    Juan is such a coward. Trump said exactly the truth cupcake. Get over it. He cant refute anything he said about Biden.

  39. Karen Walkeden
    Karen Walkeden October 13, 2019

    Juan is disappointed Trump doesn't talk like a politician and talk's like an American.

  40. Frey Jepson
    Frey Jepson October 13, 2019

    I think we need a president and an administration that isn't affiliated with either one of the major political parties, because this is a struggle for power. This contention is bringing the worst out of our country. To the point of absurdity. Where are our good people?

  41. Howard Atkinson
    Howard Atkinson October 13, 2019

    Donald Trump is a criminal. PERIOD!

  42. Kenny Franklin
    Kenny Franklin October 13, 2019

    Be heartbroken all you want Juan with your phony outrage!! What’s heartbreaking is the trillions in our tax $ these swamp creatures sold out our country for!! It’s about time someone calls them on their BS, thank God for our President!!!

  43. coldstatic
    coldstatic October 13, 2019

    Much heartbreak, love is over. </3 😢😢😢
    Why Trump, whyyyyyyy do you say these terrible things (that are so true)?
    Thought we were done with Trumps rhetoric, but we ain't. (3 years after the elections, still Idgaf)

  44. Sethh 256
    Sethh 256 October 13, 2019

    The black dude is fake news

  45. Alex Huxley
    Alex Huxley October 13, 2019

    President Trump is playing hardball. If it offends your tender sensibilities — watch Oprah. The press, Hollywood, political “leaders” and academia have been relentless on Trump and his family for years now. Suck it up!

  46. Digi's Dungeon
    Digi's Dungeon October 13, 2019

    fu!k trump

  47. Ernest Perri
    Ernest Perri October 13, 2019

    Greg put down Juan ,he will probably quit and follow Sheppard so everyone will agree with him.

  48. Beacon342
    Beacon342 October 13, 2019

    Trump is taking out Democrats one by one. Biden is in the target now. It will move once he is destroyed. Warren will probably be next.

  49. Kay Gasner
    Kay Gasner October 13, 2019

    I love President Trump! Why don’t you ever speak up for President Trump Jesse?!?

  50. Kay Gasner
    Kay Gasner October 13, 2019

    Jesse, really?!??!!??

  51. Kay Gasner
    Kay Gasner October 13, 2019

    Oops, I meant Juan, not Jesse, my apologies;-)

  52. Googazon Twitterberg
    Googazon Twitterberg October 13, 2019

    Juan is such an idiot.
    Get rid of him. Send him to CNN

  53. Mike Whitfield
    Mike Whitfield October 13, 2019

    Trump is beating on Biden because Creepy Joe actually did what Democrats are pretending that Trump did. Afraid of Biden? Literally everybody knows that Biden is finished, even before this came out.

  54. Black American Patriots
    Black American Patriots October 13, 2019

    💃 JUAN 💃

  55. C W
    C W October 13, 2019

    Dictator. Scary. People being pulled in and with his terrible demeaning language. So humiliating. Young people listening to our President.

  56. Brian NotAnAcronym
    Brian NotAnAcronym October 13, 2019

    Juan shut the fuk up u loser !!!!! A stupid black who got a job cause his color

  57. c s
    c s October 13, 2019

    Juan always a political hack. when faced with the truth of his parties corruption. he could careless about the truth or his own country. he doesnt feel the same when they are talking about trump the same way. just another fake news plant working for the DNC against the US.

  58. Brandon Landa
    Brandon Landa October 13, 2019

    Juan looks tired. I think he wants to retire.

  59. peaberry
    peaberry October 13, 2019

    Juan is part of the swamp. I am going to have to stop watching FOX news when Juan is part of the scene. He makes me sick. Not interested in his whiny OPINIONS. He is NOT NEWS, he's just a biased commentator.

  60. Central List
    Central List October 13, 2019

    Worst president ever!

  61. shirley tompkins
    shirley tompkins October 13, 2019

    where Jared and ivanka

  62. Richard Mills
    Richard Mills October 13, 2019

    How is the Biden/Ukraine thing “unsubstantiated”

    It’s Biden’s own words + the public facts

  63. Liz Tuma
    Liz Tuma October 13, 2019

    What about the actions and returns the Rebulicans are presenting about Trump…the Ultimate Impeachment…for what…the Democratic continue to insulate our President and the Americans that voted for him. They are still brewing over their cancelled vacation Trump took away from. Our country needed serious and dedicated leaders. Democrats wanted to leave and party…Trump cancelled the irresponsible Demo rats taxpayers financied party junget.

  64. will smith
    will smith October 13, 2019

    F the 5
    Oh and Juan is without a doubt on the spectrum

  65. Bill Mewes
    Bill Mewes October 13, 2019

    Consider this… how would we as republicans react if Obama talked about us like that? I’m ok with Trump being real, but this is pretty weak excuses from us.

  66. M Tooth
    M Tooth October 13, 2019

    Yes. Trump was a little vulgar, the Binden's are crooks.

  67. KevinRPD
    KevinRPD October 13, 2019

    Bite your tongue, Juan. The dems poked the bear for 3 years. He’s tired of playing nice. I’d prefer a guy that drops the F bomb at a rally that’s good for the country instead of the ultra presidential and professional conman in an empty suit.

  68. Daniel McGee
    Daniel McGee October 13, 2019

    Shut the hell up juan

  69. Ron Smith
    Ron Smith October 13, 2019

    Yes…Trump should just sit there and take it… Really? Really? Biden attacked him first…did you forget that?

  70. Douglas Palermo
    Douglas Palermo October 13, 2019

    its not heartbreaking the way the left maligns ,lies,and visciously attacks and disgustingly talks about our president! frankly juan the rhetoric from the left is truly heartbreaking!

  71. Frank Pitchford
    Frank Pitchford October 13, 2019

    poor juan you are impossibly stuck with nothing

  72. Conscientious Objector
    Conscientious Objector October 13, 2019

    lol trumpers don't even know what their leader is saying, they just go along la la la

  73. Andy L
    Andy L October 13, 2019

    Juan, the only reason it’s “heart breaking “ for you, because Trump called out Democrat scums as they are and you are a part of it…

  74. 702bigalc
    702bigalc October 13, 2019

    Juan is such a dipshit

  75. Tony Garcia
    Tony Garcia October 13, 2019

    Kids know listen to worse things than what Trump said you Idiot.

  76. Sunshine Patsoph
    Sunshine Patsoph October 13, 2019


  77. beauvan 89
    beauvan 89 October 13, 2019

    Unpopular opinion. Juan knows what's up.

  78. Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown October 13, 2019

    Fire jaun

  79. Timothy Ovia
    Timothy Ovia October 13, 2019

    Agree with Juan so much on this. It’s clearly obvious that the other panelist agree with him on some level considering the fact that they let him finish his take for once…

  80. geminimc692
    geminimc692 October 13, 2019

    Juan uses a misquote (fake news) by Pres Trump saying "the press is the enemy of the people" Juan just proved Trump's real quote that "fake news is the enemy of the people"

  81. Steve Wyatt
    Steve Wyatt October 13, 2019

    Juan's role has to be scripted, He is not that crazy

  82. rizdraver
    rizdraver October 13, 2019

    Fox is a monster of their own making. Their viewers, even in these comments, make it clear they don't want to hear dissenting – WHICH IS FINE. They want to see editorial opinion from their world-view. WHICH IS FINE. Fox was entirely innovative in creating editorial political content on TV annd they should own it. Simply stop saying you're a news channel. It's no big deal. It's not like National Review, Harper's, Time magazine , Mother Jones, Washington Examiner, etc. refer to themselves as newspapers! Fox just needs to stop this charade.

  83. googlefuckedupyoutube
    googlefuckedupyoutube October 13, 2019

    So Trump and his worshipers are interested in corruption by the children of people in a presidential administration?
    Well gosh, I’d suggest you talk a look at Ivanka, because she’s cashing in on trademarks for her personal brand in China…out of a West Wing office while working in the actual administration.

  84. googlefuckedupyoutube
    googlefuckedupyoutube October 13, 2019

    I think it’s important that Trump is now open about his contempt for all dark skinned immigrants, not just the ones here illegally.
    It’s not about border security, it’s just glaring racism.

  85. Beth :D
    Beth :D October 13, 2019

    Yes Greg!

  86. Harper Grace
    Harper Grace October 13, 2019

    JUAN, ONE WORD…BULL‼️ I’m 💯% agree with POTUS for saying Biden GOT RICHED while 🇺🇸 GOT ROBBED‼️ How dare you defend the people who hurt regular TAXPAYERS🤬

  87. Harper Grace
    Harper Grace October 13, 2019

    Just ❤️GUTFELD turn the tables to Juan’s face🙌🏻

  88. Steve Hev
    Steve Hev October 13, 2019


  89. Harper Grace
    Harper Grace October 13, 2019

    Trump: Oh, Lisa…Lisa…Lisa…😂😂😂

  90. Steve Hev
    Steve Hev October 13, 2019

    Iffin it's a fair election the dems in a landslide REMEMBER NO OUTSIDE HELP

  91. Harper Grace
    Harper Grace October 13, 2019

    No, Dana, you’re another BUSH PEOPLE so I don’t expect less from you that you’re one of the NEVER TRUMPERS‼️

  92. Douglas Wilson
    Douglas Wilson October 13, 2019

    The most awesome president ever,ever!!!!!!

  93. Lawrence Mayne
    Lawrence Mayne October 13, 2019

    He's not worried about Biden… He is destroying Biden. He'd be less concerned about Bernie or Warren winning against him.

  94. rizdraver
    rizdraver October 13, 2019

    I'm not fine with the President dropping 4 expletives in a political speech. "Just get over it?" I can't yell at my 6yr old and allow my president to do the same.

  95. Monty O'Toole
    Monty O'Toole October 13, 2019

    Biden is beating Trump? Hahaha!!!

  96. Nancy M-R
    Nancy M-R October 13, 2019

    The Left demonizes EVERYTHING. They aren't interested in anyone's rights but their own. They make the Pharisees and Sadducees look like amateurs.

  97. Energy
    Energy October 13, 2019

    Maybe the fact they have been using and leaching our tax money to fill there own pokits America and Trump are pissed off these are criminals who hyjacked our country to sell it out to China

  98. reachpete1
    reachpete1 October 13, 2019

    Jaun looked uncomfortable here haha
    Id almost feel bad for him but how he manages to stay so delusional is beyond me

  99. Alvin Hazelton
    Alvin Hazelton October 13, 2019

    The silent majority can't wait to vote! That's the only poll that matters to them.

  100. h0gwartz
    h0gwartz October 13, 2019

    he isn't worried about Biden….he is just going after him now because Biden is the news of the day

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