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  1. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    925 truth

  2. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    in singapore any gay public diosplay 2 years in jail WIN WIN WIN and littering gets you caned! AWESOME!

  3. Steve
    Steve May 24, 2019

    It really doesn't matter what political system certain nations have, such as the US, because they derive their power completely from natural resources and geographic location. The country will still be strong regardless if it's democratic or not, and whether or not the populace is happy/actually took care of/ etc. That's why I try to avoid the argument of: "Democracy is why we are so strong." It's easier to just argue about what you arbitrarily consider "strong" and it has little to nothing to do with the type of government discussed.

  4. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    322 democrats BTFO

  5. Raimonster
    Raimonster May 24, 2019

    Historians? I bet he ment court historians.

  6. 100 000 inscritos sem nenhum vídeo
    100 000 inscritos sem nenhum vídeo May 24, 2019


  7. mahfuz annan
    mahfuz annan May 24, 2019

    Democracy is "opium" for so-called educated people. It's become old-fashioned too. The need of refined, more superior form of government is the demand of time.

  8. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    9:21 gets good if we kept traditional monarchies our stanards of living would be infinitly higher than we have now WOOOO WEEEE

  9. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    politician spends now and other pay later WOW SO BAD INCENTIVE basic incentives all fucked, block it!! simple!!

  10. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    ban governmetn debt, let politicians get the cash outa the people before they do something lol and then people can see whats up and boot em!

  11. Guilherme M. de Carvalho
    Guilherme M. de Carvalho May 24, 2019

    8:49 making fun of Keynes stupidity lol

  12. Guy
    Guy May 24, 2019

    If monarchy is a superior system to Democracy, why did they fall when democracies stood? The 20th century tested the various systems of government under the most extreme stress possible and liberalism proved the most effective.

  13. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    121 dems BTFO in spite fo demokracie

  14. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    we would be infinitly rixcher if we had kept monarchy from 1800s

  15. Mark
    Mark May 24, 2019

    Hoppe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (((Chomsky)))

  16. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    economic theory

  17. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    9:30 objectivism BTFO and all academia BTFO and dems n fascist n commies BTFO

  18. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    dont allow gov to go into debt…….and make total gov spending 1/1,000th of GDP no more spend now give debt to others bs

  19. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    9:23 gets good

  20. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019


  21. James Edward S.
    James Edward S. May 24, 2019

    Hey, has it occurred to anyone else that the Banksters™ deliberately promoted "Democracy" for the express purpose of increasing and maximizing the amount of debt that governments would be willing to incur? Because the Banksters™ know how economics and finance and banking and debt really work and use their knowledge and understanding for evil?

  22. Mark Sage
    Mark Sage May 24, 2019

    The only true solution to free, peaceful living is voluntaryist- anarchy combined with the non aggression principal and good moral ethic's.

  23. Nima sh
    Nima sh May 24, 2019

    In my country, Iran. We have 2 periods in the recent history in which the nation was happy, well off, and progressive.And those 2 occations happened under the last 2 kings, which none were for "democracy".on the countrary, the most terrefying bloody misrable times of our nation has been those we became "democrats".a just open minded progressive king who loves the nation works better than one million democraticly elected president.

  24. Smirky Whitemale
    Smirky Whitemale May 24, 2019

    Hoppe for King.


  25. Thoughtsurfer Zone
    Thoughtsurfer Zone May 24, 2019

    The day they impose an absolute monarchy on me is the day I buy a high power rifle. Good bye king.

  26. Thoughtsurfer Zone
    Thoughtsurfer Zone May 24, 2019

    In a democracy, the people are the permanent care takers of their "house".

  27. Gavin Schuette
    Gavin Schuette May 24, 2019

    835 block obama foundation from getting money as kikbax and taek all money from tesla and clinton foundation

  28. damein noble
    damein noble May 24, 2019

    New Zealand is a monarchy and I wouldn't want it any other way.

  29. Σαμπλε Τεξτ
    Σαμπλε Τεξτ May 24, 2019


  30. Joe Kovalioff
    Joe Kovalioff May 24, 2019

    Speaking of the attitude of monarchs toward debt, I wonder what the debt of Germany and Austria-Hungary was after World War I or of France after the Napoleonic wars? Or Japan after World War II? I would think rather high in these monarchical states.

  31. Thoughtsurfer Zone
    Thoughtsurfer Zone May 24, 2019

    This guy is insane. He wants a goddamn corrupt dictator, there only by birth, making your laws, instead of people responsible to the public.

  32. shawn lilly
    shawn lilly May 24, 2019

    Hoppe is woke.

  33. Beacon of Wierd
    Beacon of Wierd May 24, 2019

    Non-slaves would be a lot wealthier if slaves were still around, doesn't mean we should bring it back, just reflects how you measure wealth. The average wealth is a lot lower in monarchies and "moral wealth" is extremely low since you divide your society into classes with different "god given values".
    Monarchies also held back scientific progress a lot, it's basically the main reason the industrial revolution didn't happen 1000 years earlier since the church and kings worked hand in hand to retain power which meant subduing actual science.
    On a last note, I call complete bullshit to all that you've said about monarchies being more competent rulers, there are still actuall absolute traditional monarchies in the world and they are the least plesant places to live.

  34. Ohad Osterreicher
    Ohad Osterreicher May 24, 2019

    If one is not familiar with Hoppe's other philosophical and economical writings, then it is difficult to understand the logic behind the arguments he advances.

  35. Anonymous Bastard
    Anonymous Bastard May 24, 2019

    A pretty good counter argument to this is Saudi Arabia.

  36. Ain't no Slice
    Ain't no Slice May 24, 2019

    this guy is delusional. Advocating monarchy; and how convenient for him that 'evidence can't be used to contradict theory'. Sure ignore history, and when the contemporary examples disprove you, blame the ''negro''. He's an idealistic as a marxist in thinking a monarch would have his [hoppe] (and its ironic since its really his own freedom he cares about) in mind. This guy has the reasoning of a 3 year old.
    You should be able to convince people to adopt your world view through reason and evidence. The fact he has to advocate force to do it, really says something about his ideology.

  37. Heitor Mello
    Heitor Mello May 24, 2019

    In Democracy desire for other people's property becomes a normal part of civil discorse, instead of being supressed and considered the immoral thing that it is, and as long as you do it by vote, it is perfectly acceptable to steal other people's properties. Is it any wonder democracy leads to social tension and socialism? Even 2 thousand years ago they knew this would lead to social collapse, that's why in Judeo-Christian religion 2 of the 10 commandments are dedicated to preserving property (Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not covet)

  38. Heitor Mello
    Heitor Mello May 24, 2019

    Democracy is a "beautiful" thing: if you vote for the winning candidate, you have consented to everything the goverment does; if you vote for the losing candidate, you have also consented to the goverment's actions because you "agreed to play the game", so to speak; and if you don't vote at all, you still consented to the goverment because you had the option to vote, or just because "you should have voted for the opposition if you didn't like this person", or just because of the Social Contract. No matter what an individual does, he can never take away his "consent".

  39. Dzonatan Gavert
    Dzonatan Gavert May 24, 2019

    This failed god has given us greater prosperity than any other "succesful" god up to this point.

  40. Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 May 24, 2019

    in spite of democracy!!! historian get some facts right but all conclusions wrong

  41. Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 May 24, 2019

    1800s usa when usa became no1 had 1% of GDP total gov spending…..and no regulations of welfare, just courts cops n defense ! 🙂 senators should be chosen by state legislatures!! no public school or gov funding of university 🙂 only payout to defens ecop court!! lets get back to that and smakdown the moronic lawyers n academics!! ayn rand was always right!

  42. Diego Gätjens
    Diego Gätjens May 24, 2019

    Progress never stops and the revolution never ends. Social democracy in liberal capitalism is the way, any other way would be tyrannic, dystopian and lacking a real horizon. A society with no state governed by a technocratic godless neo-monarchy is not a viable society. Physical Remove the rebels.

  43. Edward Skrod
    Edward Skrod May 24, 2019


  44. Mitch Graves
    Mitch Graves May 24, 2019

    This points again to the fact that the American form of government
    could only exist when in the hands of men of character walking in the
    fear of GOD. Those men are even MORE faithful with the power they have
    than any monarch who didn't know GOD and as good and able as any monarch
    who did walk with GOD.
    Further it has the checks and
    balances for the times when human nature overtakes ones morality.
    Monarchs had little to slow their destruction of their realms if they

  45. Nora Snatch
    Nora Snatch May 24, 2019

    In a democracy, no one ever has to be held accountable. The buck never stops. I say, whatever your enemy fears the most is what's best for you. Therefore, fascism must be the best way for the boy in. That, or this

  46. 1275638a
    1275638a May 24, 2019

    this is some good shit

  47. Jason Dunn
    Jason Dunn May 24, 2019

    "If people have collective and equal rights they would use property for the benefit of everyone rather than private owners"

    Gee it's almost as if property rights are incompatible with the rights of the majority of the people

  48. Mac Smith
    Mac Smith May 24, 2019

    This doesn't make any sense. Politicians have children, and kings don't always care about their heirs.

  49. Monika Wheeler
    Monika Wheeler May 24, 2019

    Baby boomers and other generations destroyed the wealth.

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