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The Democratic Party Has Lost The Youth Vote – The Ring Of Fire

The latest polls out there have some really,
really bad news, not just for Hillary Clinton, but for the Democratic Party in general. According to the latest polling averages,
voters between the age of 18 and 34, Hillary Clinton only beats Gary Johnson, the Libertarian
candidate, by 2 points. Donald Trump is ahead of her with young voters. During the primaries, Bernie Sanders won the
youth vote, 18 to 34, the millennial generation, by 2 to 1 against Trump and Clinton combined. Those voters who supported Bernie Sanders
in that age group are not going to Hillary Clinton, and instead they are being split
amongst Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, surprisingly, and Jill Stein, although she still holds a
very low single digit percentage of that age group. Now, the appeal of Gary Johnson is understandable. He does have this outsider mentality. He is on the correct side of issues like same
sex marriage, mass surveillance, he is against all those. Beyond that, he is a nut job who believes
in some wacky Libertarian, “Privatization is the best thing” policies. That is horrible for the United States. The millennial generation has to understand
what Libertarian politics would do to this country. It would take government control away from
things like education, from the prison system, fire departments, police departments, infrastructure. We have seen what happens in states where
they do that. The education system, once it’s privatized,
falls apart. The private prison industry is so corrupt
that states are having to back away from them. The federal government won’t even use them
anymore, because they are so corrupt. Infrastructure will continue to suffer, if
we try to privatize that. Prices are going to go up for those projects,
and states are going to run out of money. That’s why we have the federal government. There are basic services, in the United States,
that the government has to provide. Gary Johnson wants to take those away. I’m not saying that the young generation should
flock to Hillary Clinton. I’m certainly not saying that they should
flock to Donald Trump, but Gary Johnson? The Libertarian Party? Probably the worst pick you could make, millennials. The bottom line is that the Democratic Party
has a very serious problem. It’s a problem that we’ve talked about for
years that the Republicans have, and that is that their base is getting older. They’re not growing. They’re not attracting young people. Eventually, they’re going to die off and remove
the Republicans from power. The same thing is happening with the Democratic
Party. While they’ve been talking about it happening
to the Republicans, they were so blind that they didn’t see it happening to their own
party. These latest set of poll numbers prove it. Young people are leaving the Democrats. They’re leaving the Republicans. In 20, 30 years, those 2 parties could very
well be considered the fringe. Libertarians, Greens, they may be the new
majority. For the Greens, that’s not so bad. For the Libertarians, that presents a very
scary future for the United States.


  1. hatsune minecraft
    hatsune minecraft September 16, 2016

    dicks out for hillary

  2. Jack O'Neil
    Jack O'Neil September 16, 2016

    That's why I'm voting Jill Stein

  3. Amanda Garcia
    Amanda Garcia September 16, 2016

    Why am I not surprised? oh wait! Bernie isn't a fake ass candidate!

  4. itsumo212
    itsumo212 September 16, 2016

    I'm no Johnson supporter, but don't you DARE talk down to millennials. It's the baby boomer generations fault that we are in the social, economic, and environmental problems we are in right now and that is not our fault. You can't blame millennials for wanting to blow up a system that has systematically fucked them and this planet for our entire lifetime. We are the most informed, compassionate generation in a long time, and it's gonna take us a long time to clean up the mess YOUR generation created. So don't you dare think you can tell us what to do or how to vote.

  5. Eric Denton
    Eric Denton September 16, 2016

    the progressive media has been shitting on Hillary since the convention ended. that can't have been productive for our side if the overall goal is for Trump to lose. as for Johnson, a lot of libertarians do not like him because he is more sympathetic to the idea of a state run "safety net".

    In a non-bizarro country Trump & the GOP would have libertarian level support and the Gary Johnson would be facing Hillary Clinton.
    Fact is the libertarians have been in line with a lot of liberals on social issues for a very long time. The Democratic party has been dragged kicking on all liberal policies. If the libertarians become more reasoned when it comes to guns & privatization they would be the ideal party for the majority of Americans.

  6. Eric Denton
    Eric Denton September 16, 2016

    the progressive media has been shitting on Hillary since the convention ended. that can't have been productive for our side if the overall goal is for Trump to lose. as for Johnson, a lot of libertarians do not like him because he is more sympathetic to the idea of a state run "safety net".

    In a non-bizarro country Trump & the GOP would have libertarian level support and the Gary Johnson would be facing Hillary Clinton.
    Fact is the libertarians have been in line with a lot of liberals on social issues for a very long time. The Democratic party has been dragged kicking on all liberal policies. If the libertarians become more reasoned when it comes to guns & privatization they would be the ideal party for the majority of Americans.

  7. AJ Beamish
    AJ Beamish September 16, 2016

    All you need to know about libertarians…
    According to all libertarians all other libertarians aren't real libertarians.

  8. pegasus
    pegasus September 16, 2016

    Berners said it .

  9. bigraviolees
    bigraviolees September 16, 2016

    The best thing Hillary can do for this nation is die over the next few weeks and let Bernie take the reigns

  10. Alejandro Betancourt
    Alejandro Betancourt September 16, 2016

    Fucking Democrats are political weaklings. They couldn't get what they wanted during their super majority. They don't deserve the youth vote.

  11. A boy and his shopping cart
    A boy and his shopping cart September 16, 2016

    Muh weed.

  12. Pushing the Limits
    Pushing the Limits September 16, 2016

    Telling the TRUTH is never a bad thing. If Hillary loses because the facts are told she deserves to lose. If Trump wins because the MSM fail to expose him as the con man he is, we deserve him.

  13. mrx00666
    mrx00666 September 16, 2016

    Contact the debate commission and let them know you demand open debates now! (202) 872-1020 or email them at [email protected]

  14. Pissedoff Progressive
    Pissedoff Progressive September 16, 2016

    green is the new blue. Jill2016. if dems want my vote, drop #HRC and #bringbackbernie

  15. Nova Force
    Nova Force September 16, 2016

    i will vote joll stein. but the reason gary is doing well is because more of the same is not acceptable. its not okay to accept dishonesty and playing dirty (like they did to bernie).

    also gary's social liberalisms aspects are great for us. We do understand that a possibly Koch backed libertarianism is a danger. but keeping the system as it is, is just as detrimental as libertarian view points for this company. at least with gary we get someone more honest then the two main stream candidates whom are nothing but avatars for political corruption.

    no thanks to that noise. i welcome with open arms gary or jill even if they aint perfect. they are better then business as usual that disproportionately hurts millenials incredibly so. there is a reason we are worse off then previous generations, and they are doing nothing but platitudes and are pretending to really help or give a shit.

    with hillary we are just a vote so she can get in and push political insider bullshit that doesnt help millenials.

    with trump. we get the brand of republicans we find deplorable. still being anti gay, anti trans, harsh view on mexicans and muslims, religious fundamentalism running rampant, and many other things that voting republic would be voting for what my grandpa wants. and his views are shitty for millenials and will hurt us further because that generation is generally oblivious to the hardships we have to endure.

    indentured slavery is gone but slavery still exists and that is what the two major parties have forced us into. wage slavery.

    so begone both corrupt organizations, and if you both wither and lose power will be the day our government is responsive to its citizenry again.

  16. Pissedoff Progressive
    Pissedoff Progressive September 16, 2016

    funny part is the dumb ass wanna be progressive media is telling ppl to go for HRC. Instead everyone is splitting. if tyt and rof would back jill, more millenials would be moving to her instead of Johnson. u guys seriously need to wake up. if u want a progressive future, u go green.

  17. nuster dom
    nuster dom September 16, 2016


  18. Bob K
    Bob K September 16, 2016

    forget Johnson. too liberal. i'm with Stein.

  19. silat13
    silat13 September 16, 2016

    Because the uninformed kids do not understand that libertarianism is a deluded philosophy that is much like the American government hating reich.

  20. salvatornado
    salvatornado September 16, 2016

    I do not get the Gary Johnston thing. Libertarianism is the antithesis of a social democracy.

  21. James Michael Campbell
    James Michael Campbell September 16, 2016

    So how do you make a fake ass candidate a real ass candidate?oh yeah,because she is a grandmother,loves her family,and global warming will kill us all,gee that knowledge makes her a real ass candidate.
    Remember you are democracy…..

  22. James Michael Campbell
    James Michael Campbell September 16, 2016

    So good advice is"organize"March on your political offices….

  23. Balon Greyjoy
    Balon Greyjoy September 16, 2016

    The Democrats have not lost this 26 year old's vote and they'd have to go full blown GOP insane to do so. Fuck the Libertarians and their garbage economic ideas and the toad known as Jill Stein who has no business being in the conversation for the White House.

  24. Liberty Smith
    Liberty Smith September 16, 2016

    Hillary Clinton is a Liar, Traitor, and Thief!

    Take the Quiz:

    The People are Pissed because the US Government has Abandoned, Screwed, and Betrayed the Middle Class.
    We are Forced to accept Obama Care, Executive Orders, Total Disregard for the US Constitution, The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, TSA, Border Patrol, Mass Spying on Citizens, Uncontrollable Tax and Spend, Warmongering, the War on Drugs, the Injustice System, The Federal Reserve, Violations of the Public Trust, Lack of Transparency, Absolute Lies, the Police State, and the War on the American People.
    We the Sheeple shall not take it any More! We shall Overcome and you shall go!
    Freedom is not free. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It is the duty of all members of the public to take a stand against a tyrannical government.

    Track down the Agency/Security people in charge of the State Department Security and Fire/Jail all of the Security Weenies from the Top Down! They Obviously were not doing their Job!

    Muslims have no intention to assimilate into European/Western cultures this Threatens the existence of our society! When Muslims are in a minority they demand their human rights. Where Muslims are a majority there are no human rights.

    Dear Liberal Hypocrites #1 (Democrats) –
    Dear Liberal Hypocrites #2 (Democrats) –

    The U.S. Economy: Capitalism vs. Socialism –
    The Fall of Venezuela –
    You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela –
    The Gospel According to Government
    Race Baiting 101 –
    If the Government wants to help the average Citizen… Do NOT TAX the first 40K of Income! We do not need any more Social Programs!

    The US Government cannot Fix or Manage Shit! If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in four years (or Less) there’d be a shortage of sand.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower – “Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”

    Benjamin Franklin – “They, who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

    Take the Quiz:

  25. Paul Swan
    Paul Swan September 16, 2016

    infrastructure will continue to suffer if we try to privatize it? Are you serious?! The immense gap in growth between private and governmental construction is astounding. Private construction is faster, cheaper, and made with far better materials. Government contracting is met with under-budgeted, red-tape and faulty projects. Wow do you think the private industry condemns government projects. Unless you are guaranteed payment, you should never work for the government if you go into construction. Look at the recent government contract in Dakota Access. 1. This pipeline would never occur in a libertarian society, because you cannot use eminent domain and private property is a secured right. 2. Enbridge the contracted company is losing millions and millions of dollars because of a colossal government fuck up between the Army Corp of Engineers and the Department of the Interior and the executive branch as a whole.

  26. Paul Swan
    Paul Swan September 16, 2016

    interesting how there are services that have to be provided by the federal government, yet we somehow survived without them in the past. Department of Education, didn't exist until 1980. IRS, didn't exist until in the middle of the civil and was created without any congressional vote or authority. In fact the IRS illegally operated within the executive branch until the 16th amendment was created in 1913. Fire departments and police department are not run at all by the federal government. In fact in some small counties, these services aren't even effective which forces communities to create their own, despite having to pay taxes for the fire and police that do not help them.

  27. VLER1980
    VLER1980 September 16, 2016

    Farron misses the point again. The GOP didn't shit on the libertarians over the last ten to fifteen years, they embraced them. Libertarians are the natural transition plan away from the southern strategy, neoconservative ideology that has governed the GOP for close to 40 years. It appeals to younger conservatives and allows the GOP to reinvent itself within the next decade. Trump can be labeled as both the culmination of their decades long strategy and as an aberration during a transition period.

    On the other hand, Obama and both Clintons have played a dangerous game with DNC politics in trying to balance two constituencies in center right neoliberals and left leaning social democrats. They foolishly have gambled on neoliberal policy in the hopes of retaining a bigger slice of business support. They have spent far too much time and effort hoping to carve off a chunk of the old GOP constituency at the risk of alienating their left leaning base and assuming the mantle of everything wrong with the GOP for the last 40 years.

    Bernie Sanders and his movement were mocked, ridiculed, and subjected to every disingenuous smear possible for pointing this out and yet he still got over 45% of the primary vote. That should have been a warning sign to the DNC that the schism between neoliberals and social democrats was reaching a breaking point but they chose to ignore it with more harmful spin and blatant corruption.

    Well guess what? It backfired and the schism has erupted. The base and youth of the Democratic party feels betrayed and disgusted. They will not take it any longer and the DNC is going to be left dazed in the aftermath while the GOP is already positioning itself for a rebirth as a libertarian bastion.

    So once again, Farron, do not blame voters for the fuck ups of the DNC leadership. They started to believe their own hype about being chess masters and have been cornered into a checkmate. Who knew Colin Powell could nail it perfectly? 'Everything Hillary touches she screws up with hubris.'

  28. Paul Swan
    Paul Swan September 16, 2016

    how do you figure that prices go up in a libertarian society? Yes the federal government subsidizes a lot of the cost, however thy also generate a large amount of the cost through market regulation, favoritism, and corrupted involvement in market power. In Free Market Capitalism the price of goods decreases as the cost of transportation and trade is decreased. You don't have a third party force entering the market to skew demand to a specific industry or specific companies and you don't have a third party generating contracts with companies. These contracts are not subjected to the normal demand of consumers since the government contracts are not conducted directly by consumers. It is these trades and contracts that allow businesses to screw over the consumers because they have a guaranteed revenue stream via the government.

  29. Mark Kilian
    Mark Kilian September 16, 2016

    FREE SHIT! GET YOUR FREE SHIT HERE! progressivism in a nut shell

  30. Mark Kilian
    Mark Kilian September 16, 2016

    you had me with Obama and lost me to Ron Paul. millennials for libertarianism! suck it!

  31. Yoo Jastle
    Yoo Jastle September 16, 2016

    Good news: The debate commission has decided not to invite two lunatics to bleat their nonsense on TV. The real candidates can debate the real issues and ignore the idiotic marijuana argument, which is the main reason Johnson and Stein are in the race.

  32. nicethugbert
    nicethugbert September 16, 2016

    Because the DNC is as much a part of the Kleptocracy as the GOP.

    Have you considered that voter turnout is terrible? People are not voting for anybody in droves.

  33. Ara Blumenfeld
    Ara Blumenfeld September 16, 2016

    Stop shaming millennials, they know better than you Hillary supporter 😄

  34. Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson September 16, 2016

    these millineals voting for Johnson and not Stein are crazy

  35. BramSLI1
    BramSLI1 September 17, 2016


  36. Nerdy B4 It Was Cool 1981
    Nerdy B4 It Was Cool 1981 September 17, 2016

    Bernie would have beat Trump by a landslide! Thanks DNC!!

  37. Joshua Loren Squires
    Joshua Loren Squires September 17, 2016


  38. Drewzy Dog
    Drewzy Dog September 17, 2016

    Libertarian here. I swear we're not all crazy and/or have cognitive dissonance.

  39. No Way
    No Way September 17, 2016

    Hillary could have locked those voters up for the Democratic party. I have always respected her intelligence and political savvy, but she has displayed neither this election. She needs to get a strategist or she's going to lose. Whoever is on her team now is either woefully out of touch, for a political strategist this is like an Olympic diver who can't swim, or they're simply yes people who won't tell hard truth to Mrs. Clinton. How anyone could lose the groundswell that Sanders had created boggles the mind. Clinton could have (and maybe still could) made all those Bernie voters into Democrats if she had turned left after the primary instead of turning right. I give zero fucks about what she believes or if she's a moderate or a liberal or a conservative. I care whether she is going to fight against Republican policy. Is she going to talk about Republican governors like Kasich and Pence bullying women out of health care? Is she going to fight corporate interests and get money out of politics? Is she going to fight for the environment and for, literally, the continued existence of human beings on this planet? It looks like no. Obama brought Kasich to Washington today to push for the TPP. WTF? I don't want more of that. Almost 40 years of that has pauperized many Americans. The Midwest is becoming a third world country and the South kind of always has been in many places. All of this while productivity has gone up. WTF?

  40. piano man
    piano man September 17, 2016

    Gary Johnson believes in Libertarian politics which are all about me, me, me, I, I, I; or Ayn Rand ideals in which selfishness is a virtue, all altruism i.e. the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others should be rejected. We need to realize that we are all on this earth together, and should look out for others, and not only ourselves.
    Jill Stein understands this as did Bernie Sanders.

  41. shankoff1
    shankoff1 September 17, 2016

    This shows just how stupid American youth have become. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who offers them anything close to what Bernie Sanders offered including free public college tuition. Gary Johnson is no Bernie Sanders. Sanders was a progressive socialist, Gary Johnson is a small government conservative Republican, who supports tax cuts for the wealthy, school vouchers, privatizing prisons and the TPP.

  42. rich b
    rich b September 17, 2016

    I'm 54. After Clinton and Obama and now another Clinton ???

  43. fkujakedmyname
    fkujakedmyname September 17, 2016

    ya baby boomers fucked america again hitlery is a neoliberal republicunt too just like gary johnson and trump

  44. fkujakedmyname
    fkujakedmyname September 17, 2016

    Hitlery should be trumps VP

  45. Sean Hanson
    Sean Hanson September 17, 2016

    I support trump because we need to make things much worse before anything will get better, and if not than its time to let the country fail.

  46. BarryLyndon
    BarryLyndon September 17, 2016

    Yeah, I remember same story back when Gen-X was the "youth vote".

  47. Paul Swan
    Paul Swan September 17, 2016

    Can we please get someone of actual economic knowledge on ROF, instead of Farron Cousins. The fact that you claim the green party presents a much better future for America than the libertarian party is laughable. To be honest I'm not entirely surprised that you failed to mention a single true libertarian policy like individual freedom or even attempt to describe Free Market Capitalism. Most media doesn't even attempt to because they never learned about economics,  have never researched economic theory or they believe there just simply is no other alternative to the great John Keynes. The reason why the democrat and republican parties are falling, is because neither of the parties understands the millennial generation. They don't understand that our generation loves to question society. We want something other than the status quo, and the republican and democratic parties only offer what has been their same policy for generations. Why do millennials join the libertarian party? Well they look at the current established economic theory that has been the same for the past 80 years or so- Keynesian Economics. This is the established theory of how our society should function. In a generation that loves to question "what else, or how else" is there something other than the established theory. Well in fact there is. There are many other forms including Classicalism, Free-Market, Supply-Side, Austrian etc. There are hundreds of theories, however anytime someone is searching against Keynesian Economics they will at least hear about the theories associated with free markets and the theory of Free Market Capitalism. This is not a nutjob conspiracy theory. These theories are presented by some of the most esteemed economists in the world. Many people within the Libertarian Party draw their economic conclusions from the likes of Adam Smith, Robert Mundell, Stephen Moore, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Ludwig Lachman, George Stigler, Carl Menger, and Milton Friedman. Research any of these names and youll realize that these men are not "some nutjob". Many of them are considered the greatest minds of the last couple centuries. The fact that the Libertarian Part is the only party that derives their economic platform on economic theory excites this generation. This party accepts "outside thinking" and discussion unlike any other party in our country. Maybe, Cousins,  instead of making crude generalizations about policies, you should describe the fundamental discussions within the party as evidence as to why it wont work in American society. That way you wont appear to be quite an ignorant little boy.

  48. Rendi Case
    Rendi Case September 17, 2016

    Elections are Puppet Shows – So What Can We Do to Reclaim Democracy?

  49. AvangionQ
    AvangionQ September 18, 2016

    By the time the democrats and republicans age out in 2 to 3 decades, it will have become too late to address the existential threat of accelerating global warming … libertarians are no better on environmental issues than most republicans, so they'd be a pick which would doom our nation … we can't wait that long to vote Green Party, who want 100% renewables by 2030 … #ItsInOurHands

  50. Edward Morley
    Edward Morley September 18, 2016

    #neverhillary #nevertrump #nevergary #GoingGreen

  51. Edward Morley
    Edward Morley September 18, 2016

    the polls lie jill stein has everyone my age that I know.

  52. Edward Morley
    Edward Morley September 18, 2016

    Not to mention Garys pro tpp dono how he's doing as well as he is. #jillstein2016 #GoingGreen

  53. Edward Morley
    Edward Morley September 18, 2016

    libertarianism is a joke it cannot work with a population of 7 billion.

  54. mufalme
    mufalme September 18, 2016

    That's bull. Let's see the poll numbers.. People aren't actually into him.. They just hate Shillery and trump.. It's called a protest vote.. Not what they actually believe or would vote. The first option was obviously Bernie.. A little bit of a over dramatic ending there…

  55. vagas99
    vagas99 September 18, 2016

    lmao.. how do u even go from Bernie to Trump? this election has open my eyes to how dumb and also fake the majority of people in the u.s. are, first off you got people who sat here and pretend to be progressives and then turned around and are now giving their vote to a man who said he would jail a woman who had an abortion. a man who is xenophobic. a man who discriminate against blacks and mexicans a racist. a man who does not believe in global warming and who want to cut those programs. a man who now came out with a tax plan to cut taxs for the 1% of mega rich people and corporations in the U.S. a man who outsources his jobs overseas. a man who scams innocent hard working people and the list fucking goes on. cause i could sit here and name all the atrocious things he have done. and why cause yall are upset over some damn email.. and that she took money from doners like EVERYONE else including Trump! l'm not gonna sit here and pretend I love Hillary cause yes she is corrupt there's no denying that, but so is Trump and if you don't see that you're a moron! the guy is knee deep in corruption, and he's an idiot on top of all of that. everyone whose planning on voting for Trump Will live to regret it if he wins. and like all the people who didn't vote for Bernie in the primary, you Will have noone to blame but yourself!

  56. cubey
    cubey September 18, 2016

    Most people today are too stupid to vote properly. Although, based on the 1980 election, it's nothing new.

  57. Julia K
    Julia K September 18, 2016

    Government should not exist. Americans fought for the land and now land belong to MonSatan and Bayer. I think that host have no clue who libertarians are. .

  58. Jeff S
    Jeff S September 18, 2016

    The Democrats and Hillary have big problems, and thus they are using propaganda scare tactics to try to keep millennials from investigating liberty as our solution.

    The Liberty Generation (Campaign Ad)

    Debate Commission Confronts Millennial Defectors (Political parody)

    Jesse Ventura Backs Gary On Aleppo Mistake (Yahoo News)

    Jesse Ventura tells Alex Jones He is Voting for Gary Johnson.

    Why every Democrat and liberal should vote for Gary Johnson this year

    How Young Libertarians Are Saving Conservatism

    Google “Gary Johnson”
    Let Gary debate! #LetGaryDebate

  59. Jeff S
    Jeff S September 18, 2016

    Millennials and Libertarianism

    The Liberty Generation (Campaign Ad)

    Debate Commission Confronts Millennial Defectors (Political parody)

    Jesse Ventura Backs Gary On Aleppo Mistake (Yahoo News)

    Jesse Ventura tells Alex Jones He is Voting for Gary Johnson.

    Why every Democrat and liberal should vote for Gary Johnson this year

    How Young Libertarians Are Saving Conservatism

    Google “Gary Johnson”
    Let Gary debate! #LetGaryDebate

  60. Trish St.Clair
    Trish St.Clair September 18, 2016

    They aren't going to understand. They aren't going to listen. And when the shite hits the fan, they'll blame some goofy conspiracy theory.

  61. cheddyrod
    cheddyrod September 19, 2016

    Are the Libertarians scarier than the Republicans and/or Democrats?

  62. Ellaine Anderson
    Ellaine Anderson September 19, 2016

    Any vote for a third party candidate is nothing more than a protest vote. They don't have a snowballs chance of winning. Whether you like it or not, you are helping one or the other (Trump v Hillary) win. Why waste your vote? Pick a side and vote for, or in this case, against, one of the true candidates actually in the race. Nobody is going to notice your non-vote.

  63. Iota Sutton
    Iota Sutton September 19, 2016

    Lies because Hitlery has dine deals with the prisons.. This was bullshit!! You won't convince me not to vote for Gary.

  64. towanda mccooner
    towanda mccooner September 20, 2016

    Hillary Clinton is falling down, can not walk up stairs, passes out, can not remember if she has had training to handle classified material as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lies about her email and her Clinton Foundation, She is married to a known rapist who she enables at every turn, Hillary Clinton is for sale to any foreign GOVERNMENTS that gives her a donation, she has known brain damage that she lies about…. AND CNN QUESTIONS THE MENTAL HEALTH OF DONALD TRUMP… YOU REALLY ARE THE "CLINTON NEWS NETWORK" YEP! CNN… "CLINTON NEWS NETWORK" HILLARY CLINTON IS BAT SHIT CRAZY, YOU DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR TO KNOW THAT… GOOD LUCK CNN. YEP! BAT SHIT CRAZY… THAT IS WHAT HILLARY CLINTON IS… BAT SHIT CRAZY! CNN even edits videos and audio to make Hillary Clinton sound and look less BAT SHIT CRAZY… BUT HILLARY CLINTON IS BAT SHIT CRAZY!

  65. ILikeMe 123
    ILikeMe 123 September 20, 2016

    Libertarians are nut jobs and far more frightening than trump or the conservatives

  66. Joseph Pace
    Joseph Pace September 26, 2016

    love the channel. you're so fiery! Awesome.

  67. Psychwriter1515
    Psychwriter1515 September 29, 2016

    I don't understand the appeal of Gary Johnson to Berners–he is pro-TPP and could care less about financial inequality or helping out students with college. For libertarians, its all about economic Darwinism–leave them alone, take away government, and let the richest do whatever the hell they want to, including taking business outside the US. Yes, he does want pot legalized and has "liberal" social policies, as in a "let them alone" attitudes toward the LGBTQ community.

    Jill Stein's policies, on the other hand, are equal to or better than Bernies–including loan forgiveness for students horribly in debt, working toward peace rather than war, and the New Green Deal which addresses the three urgent problems of unemployment, disintegrating infrastructure around the US, and the need to address climate change by developing new energy sources. So why Gary? Anyone reading this that was a Berner considering voting for him, check out Jill Stein!

  68. Jon Krueger
    Jon Krueger September 30, 2016

    I'm 26. I voted for Hillary in the primaries. I look forward to voting again for Hillary Clinton.

  69. MegaVergan
    MegaVergan October 2, 2016

    Actually Gary Johnson is the best choice for Millenials. He wants pot legalized, he is pro choice, he is pro same sex marriage, he is the only candidate who openly supports lowering the drinking age, he is against eminent domain, he is against common core, he is against Monsanto not labeling all the crap they put in food, he is against the Patriot act, etc. Many of us Millenials just want change. I personally don't care as much about economic issues as much as I do with social issues, that is why I will vote for him. This response is to answer any questions you may have as to why many Millenials such as myself am voting for Gary Johnson.

  70. Stu Bur
    Stu Bur October 3, 2016

    Good. Now the other demographic groups need to wake up and abandon them too. The Democratic party is rotten to the core. Broken beyond repair.

  71. Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis April 26, 2017

    Yeah because the government does such a wonderful job of running things. Public school is utter garbage and you know it Mr. Leukemia. Stop playing dumb.

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