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The 2016 Republican Platform Is Truly Terrifying – The Ring Of Fire

Now that the republican convention is almost
in an end, we have a full very clear picture of their entire republican party platform
for 20116. Now previously we had discussed the fact that they want to take us back to
the 1700 with their war on pornography, wanted to keep women at home in the kitchen barefoot
and pregnant. The platform itself gets even scarier than that when you really starts to
see what’s in there. First of all, obviously more tax cuts for the wealthy, more trickle
down economics. That is part of their platform. Deregulating the big banks. At a time when most Americans believe that
we should do something to crack down on banks, the republicans still want deregulation to
make sure that these banks are able to rip off as many people as possible as long as
they’re going to continue to keep giving them campaign contributions. The Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau would be effectively killed under this republican platform for 2016. They
want to repeal any and every environmental law that they can get their hands on. They
want to shrink labor unions and attack unions under the guys of it’s hurting businesses,
even though all of the available information shows that workers in unions and workers who
are in companies near unions make on average more money than those who are not in unions. They want to make sure that there are no upgrades,
no increases in the federal minimum wage. They want to cut the salaries and benefits
of all government workers across the board. They want to appoint anti-LGBT justices to
the Supreme Court including justices who will overturn repeal Roe versus Wade. They want
to make Christianity the national religion of the United States. They want to make sure
the campaign finance loss are even loser than they are. They want to make sure that we have
more oil drilling offshore and onshore in this country even though we already have more
domestic oil production than at any other point in history. They’re going to build the
keystone XL pipeline. They’re going to build a wall. They’re going to expand fracking.
They’re going to privatize Medicare. Essentially, they’re going to do every single
horrible thing that you could imagine being done to this country. They’re going to rape
the environment. They’re going to screw over workers. They’re going to destroy everything
that President Obama has worked hard to build. They’re going to take us back to the Bush
years on steroids. We know the trickle down economics doesn’t work. Even the guy who invented
it said it doesn’t work and will never work, but that’s not stopping them from saying let’s
give more money to rich people, let’s give more money to corporations. Then maybe possibly
eventually at some point, it could trickle down to the workers. Oh but that’s probably
not going to happen because we’re not going to raise their wages or allow them to form
labor unions to negotiate better benefits. That is the republican America and that is
the difference between the republican and the democratic parties. I’m seeing too many
people say that there is no difference between the democrats and republicans. On a lot of
issues, you’re right. When you look at the party platforms, you get to see a very clear
picture of what republicans actually believe and what they will do to this country. I can
promise you, it is a thousand times worst than what the democrats would do.


  1. Selangor Maju
    Selangor Maju July 22, 2016

    Look at Trump's kid, thats Uday and Qusay of Saddam Hussein in the making

  2. Say What?
    Say What? July 22, 2016

    Trinkle down economics DON'T WORK!

  3. Chester Kendra
    Chester Kendra July 22, 2016

    Wasn't it the Democrats the gor rid of Glass-Steigal?

  4. Up And Across
    Up And Across July 22, 2016

    Republicans = terrorists

  5. Up And Across
    Up And Across July 22, 2016

    I fucking hate Hillary Clinton, but after what I saw at the RNC. Fuck that, Hillary is no where near that level of regressive. Despite her wrong doings, I'm voting for her just so these republican terrorists don't screw the country beyond repair.

  6. No Way
    No Way July 22, 2016

    They are going to do all these things, and if Hillary Clinton picks anything less than a solid progressive as a running mate, I'm going to let them. At some point, it's like being on the Titanic. You can go down to the bilge with a teacup and try to bail the water out, or you can go up to the lounge, order a whiskey rocks, and listen to the band play. If Hillary does not pick a strong progressive running mate, if Hillary Clinton chooses to appeal to moderate Republicans, and" moderate" has never meant less than it means here, if she tries to use Trump as an opportunity to further marginalize my party, I'll be in the bar doing the cha-cha until the water is over my head. I don't have ovaries. I'm not an immigrant. I'm a straight cis-gendered almost WASP. Fuck Niemöller; they'll come for me last. We shouldn't be pandering to Republicans. We shouldn't even be talking to them.

  7. Frederick Warner
    Frederick Warner July 22, 2016

    Your fear mongering fails to impress any one with any brains at all.

  8. Diana Lum
    Diana Lum July 22, 2016

    everything this Farron guy said is a total fabricated lie. It amazes me how he lies so well with a straight face. what Farron is claiming is to fool you and thinks that your clueless democrates. it is just the opposite. here is the simple bottom line:::::. if you like having low paying jobs, no opportunities, a diminishing middle class, high crime and rundown cities, and remaining on food stamps, murdering JIHADISTS in your town and country, have you or your kids drafted in the military and have a total sellout lying CRIMMINAL in the Whitehouse??? then vote for HITLARY!!!! If you dont want what I described under HITLARY!!! vote for TRUMP!!!! Farron is a total sellout lier for the corrupt liberal establishment !!! he will say anything to get you to hate trump and vote for a known lier and CRIMMINAL!!! Farron has no morals and a lier for hire!!!! and thats the real truth!!!

  9. Green Energy
    Green Energy July 22, 2016

    Never Crooked Hillary

  10. Green Energy
    Green Energy July 22, 2016

    The democrats love voter suppression, rigged Diebold voting machines, voter disenfranchisement, losing millions of ballots that are not counted. Look how the democratic party fucked over Bernie Sanders in the primary. The democratic party did not even hide what they were doing. They are the proud election fraud party.

    Not all of us Bernie voters are happy with the democratic party’s actions and will protest during the democratic convention. The democratic party stole the primary. They did not win. Hillary is a pure evil, treasonous warmonger. Her major money supporters are Saudi Arabians who she then gives weapon deals to and they then attack Yemen and other folks. War, War, War and yet more war.

    Democrats are crooked and are the enemy of all working Americans with their loved TPP. Burn the Democratic Party and its beloved crooked corporate bought Hillary Clinton to the ground. Hillary Crooked Clinton is a treasonous, brain dead email server idiot that is above the law. The Democratic Party is dead, is crooked, is only for the rich except in elections and then they lie like crazy and once elected do whatever their corporate and foreign bosses demand. They love elections they can defraud the public to win. Voter fraud! What the hell?

    This Fall’s elections will be stolen by the most crooked party. Both parties are crooked. Let's get an independent observer from a foreign country to certify our crooked Diebold voting machines and elections. No one is talking about the democratic party stealing elections, the news media is owned by super rich democrats. Democrats are so crooked.

    Please do not ask me to give money to these corporate democrat crooks.

    Do not ask me to vote for Hillary Clinton, the most crooked and flawed candidate in my long lifetime. Many democrats are brain washed to think that voting for Hillary is the correct move because of a fear for Donald Trump. That is the wrong reason to vote for any candidate.

    The first issue to fix is our rigged elections. We must be able to determine that the elections are honest and all the votes are counted and all the citizens are easily able to vote.

    This current election is a travesty of what a true representative democracy should look like. Hell the voter rights act has been gutted during Obama’s watch. The Democratic Party is the voter fraud party going forward. All elected officials are complacent with this fraudulent system since this is how they were elected.

    We here in Oregon have vote by mail and 100% automatic voter registration when registering with the Oregon DMV. This was hard won. A template for America?

    Oregon has the most convenient voting system in the country. Since adopting vote-by-mail, Oregon consistently ranks as a national leader in voter turnout.
    Registered voters receive a ballot two to three weeks before an election, giving time to research issues or candidates.

    Voters also receive an official ballot to complete and insert into the security envelope which is placed in the ballot return envelope and signed by the voter.

    This gives Oregon a paper trail. Paper trails are 100% necessary because we have billionaires and foreign governments wanting to steal American elections and succeeding.

    Which party is best a voter suppression and fraud? The Republicans of course; that should give some democrats cause to think about voter fraud. Democrats are more than happy to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the primary using voter fraud; but will face the best voter fraud party in the Fall.

    The elections here in America then go to the biggest, most corrupt crooks? What the Fuck America?

    P. Brooks McGinnis
    Oregon Unaffiliated Voter

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  11. pastalos
    pastalos July 22, 2016

    It's their job to scare us into voting for the likes of Obama and Clinton. The difference between the democrats and the Republicans is that when the Republicans bomb people its not with my vote. I don't vote corporate war. I don't care how much you try to scare me.

  12. Naomi Scott
    Naomi Scott July 22, 2016

    No Farrron Dems use to be different than Repukes . Not anymore they are both the Fascists Corporatist 's There is no difference any more The Repukes are running a Dem and the Dems are running a Repuke

  13. jrvthatsme
    jrvthatsme July 22, 2016

    Green Party is the best option right now.

  14. Carolyn de Lara
    Carolyn de Lara July 22, 2016

    The DNC isn't any better and just as corrupt. The citizens of this country are tired of the awful candidates to choose from and we are tired of the fear mongering. Go third party folks. Exit corporate establishment. They are both toxic for this country.

  15. 46619TAB
    46619TAB July 22, 2016

    I've been voting for 40 years and it's always been a choice of the lesser of two evils but now we have to choose between two evils. Now that Michael Richard 'I hate Gays [and everyone not like me]' Pence is Trump's VP candidate, the race for the White House has become more dire, America can't afford the fantasy of voting 3rd party.
    it hasn't worked in the past and won't work now. America can't afford someone in the White House that makes George 'the idiot' Bush appear to be a rock scientist unless that person is on the janitorial staff, at minimum wage, cleaning the toilets.

  16. grin and bear it -
    grin and bear it - July 22, 2016

    im a union worker most my life. the last 3 contacts have been a nightmare. we lost so much health care. i used to just flash my health card and get a smile from the provider. now i need a credit card with it . oboma?
    flat out we need work for any wages. for get the shit talk. blm all the crap going on put these ppl to work. hilliorys not gonna do it.

  17. Jennie Hughes
    Jennie Hughes July 22, 2016

    Sounds like they're pretty desperate to get Hillary elected .

  18. Bill Joynes
    Bill Joynes July 23, 2016

    Vote Green. !!!

  19. Wordavee1
    Wordavee1 July 23, 2016

    A worker voting for a Republican is like a turkey voting for thanksgiving.

  20. P.M. Lynch
    P.M. Lynch July 23, 2016

    The Republican platform isn't as terrifying as Hillary's foreign policy. In 1964 Goldwater suggested using low-yield atomic bombs on North Vietnam….at that time Hillary was a "Goldwater Girl" …. fast forward Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran , WW3 ?

  21. imaginepeace63
    imaginepeace63 July 23, 2016

    Farron the democrats do not govern by the platform. It is a dam propaganda tool. duh

  22. Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter July 23, 2016

    RNC platform sounds scary but DNC is not that far away from it. Dems talk a lot more liberal than they walk.

  23. Django Marine
    Django Marine July 23, 2016

    #DNCLeaks! Talk about it or lose credibility!

  24. monte68x
    monte68x July 24, 2016

    Reactionaryism is alive and well. Who's destroying America? This will put the Republican party off the map, hopefully for good. And, no, I don't think Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are much better.

  25. Lorrie Sigley
    Lorrie Sigley July 24, 2016

    Obama has been a NIGHTMARE for this country! The American people don't want a PROVEN corrupt treasonous criminal in the WHITE house. Obama has endorsed a CRIMINAL for President. Obama has endorsed criminal movements in the WHITE house which has made it open season on our American heroes in uniform. Obama administration had broken law after law and have gotten away with it. Obama has declared that HE was going to make our Congress irrelevant and just a afterthought. Obama needs to be removed from office with his corrupt criminal treasonous administration and charged as such. Hilary Clinton needs to be put in prison for her many crimes. The DNC HAS STOLEN the election from Bernie Sanders and have treated us like shit! F*CK the Democrats. We are doing our very best here in Maryland to support and get TRUMP in office and turn our great state RED ! We are also doing a wonderful job premoting the movie HILARY AMERICA. Opening day was fantastic. The CORRUPT DNC CAN CRASH AND BURN! BY THE WAY AFTER I HAVE SERVED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR OVER 30 YEARS, I HAVE JOINED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. THEY TREAT THEIR BASE LIKE HUMAN BEINGS.

  26. Samadh1
    Samadh1 July 24, 2016

    So will you guys be covering the new Wikileaks leak, or are you still in Hillary is a perfect angel mode because we have to beat big bad scary Trump?

  27. TurdFurgeson571
    TurdFurgeson571 July 24, 2016

    The Republicans have been forced to the far right by the Democrats taking over the space on the right that the Republicans used to occupy. It's hard to be more right wing on economics, so they have to do the anti-gay, anti-porn, anti-fun etc. thing to give contrast. It's made them into the caricature we see today.

  28. beesprimetimenetwork
    beesprimetimenetwork July 24, 2016

    racist trump train

  29. lightfoot2471
    lightfoot2471 July 24, 2016

    TYT brought me here.

  30. Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez July 24, 2016

    So are the democratic…I will never vote for Hillary Clinton…independent now…

  31. MikaelKKarlsson
    MikaelKKarlsson July 24, 2016

    18th century. – Too liberal!

  32. rahowhero X
    rahowhero X July 24, 2016

    I have come from tyt. Farris is very eloquent and articulate, most impressed, but also annoyed I have only just heard of him.

  33. Code Duff
    Code Duff July 25, 2016

    burn the American dream and destroy democracy.
    Vote Republican

  34. BloodMoneyLLC
    BloodMoneyLLC July 25, 2016

    Aren't the GOP always expressing an extreme fear over implementation of Sharia law? Why does their platform resemble a Christian Version of Sharia law???

  35. Karen Johson
    Karen Johson July 26, 2016

    rnc tells the truth, those of u who think its scary, better be scared, cuz he is being hinest, i found it hopeful and america can be great agin, but i do not listen to main media much, cuz they are full of lies

  36. Fabio Fox Music
    Fabio Fox Music July 26, 2016

    Whoever wins will be the one who out-corrupts the other.

  37. Robyn Palumbo
    Robyn Palumbo August 1, 2016

    Before the cold war, the religious right crazies were not making our laws. I converted to catholicism right after my 18th birthday. I regret that. Christianity is a scam and a hypocrisy. Get out of politics. Preach from the pulpit!! You people are stomping on our founders' legacies.

  38. bigraviolees
    bigraviolees August 15, 2016

    If you vote GOP you arent a good person, period

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