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Telstra IN:SIGHT – Technology, entrepreneurialism and global governance – Chris Vein

Humankind are about to add about 2.5 billion
people to the planet, and if we reach that 9 billion people, we will need to completely
rethink how we feed ourselves, how we provide drinkable, potable water, how
we provide energy. Every single sector, every single organisation
will have to transform. And it’s interesting because science, technology
and innovation have always been the raw material of changes like this. It’s entrepreneurship that takes the raw material
of science, technology and innovation and actually applies it to solving some of these
problems. we now have real-time data in order to give
us the opportunity for real-time decision making and understanding the impact of our
decisions real time. You kind of extract that knowledge and you
transfer that knowledge into other parts of the organisation who actually take it and
optimise it and scale it. What that means is we no longer need to wait
for policy to tell us what to do.

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