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Tag: Politics (TV Genre)

U.S. Government’s conspiracy to control New’s Stations, Outlets & Social Media, GP010015

Follow towards Tucson for 7.1 miles. I wouldn’t recommend filming Police. It’ll get you in trouble. Don’t listen to this They’re out to get…

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2015, October 23 – CNN first Democratic Party debate – Lincoln Chafee opening – closed captioned

CHAFEE: Thank you, Anderson. Thank you, CNN, and thank you, Facebook, for organizing this debate. Not only will Americans be electing a new president next…

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U.S. President Obama uses ′N word′ to make point about racism 오바마, 금기어 ′N단어′까지

U.S. President Barack Obama has waded into the debate about race in America in the most spectacular way… by using a word most politicians would…

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