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Tag: Indian Politics

Aai, Politics & Me: Results | #VishayKhol #BhaDiPa

अनीजी का अर्थ मंत्रालय से जुडा रेकार्ड, और जुईजी का परराष्ट्र मामलों से जुडा इतिहास देखते हुए, मैने चाबियाँ मौसीजी को देकर जाने का निर्णय…


The idea of India: Politics and Governance with Sachin Pilot & Sadanand Dhume | Harvard India 2019

good afternoon everyone as I walked into the campus just now I had a very nicely well prepared speech that I thought I'd share but…

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Canadian diplomats in India built marshmallow, spaghetti towers after Trudeau trip |Sheila Gunn Reid

the federal government had to send counselors to the Indian High Commission after Trudeau's embarrassing visit in February 2018 part of the group therapy sessions…