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Global Risks 2011 – Cross-Cutting Risks: Economic Disparity & Global Governance Failures

The World Economic Forum’s report “Global Risks 2011” has identified two risks that are systemically critical to the global risk landscape: economic disparity and global…

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Governance When You Can Do Anything – An interview with Saurabh Dubey ( @dubeysaurabh ) at #Know17

Hi and welcome to IT Chronicles 10 in Tech. I’m Kirstie Magowan. I’m here with our co-host Shane Carlson. We’re coming to you from Knowledge17…

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Leadership in Global Consulting: A Darden “Fireside Chat” with Deloitte’s Jim Moffatt

Please join me, everyone, in welcoming Jim Moffatt as part of our Leadership Speaker Series. [APPLAUSE] So Jim, thank you for being with us, here,…

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