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Tag: Economic Growth

Financials: The Little-Known Way the U.S. Government Boosts Exports *** INDUSTRY FOCUS ***

Kristine Harjes: The little known way the U.S. government boosts exports. This is Industry Focus. Hi, everyone! Welcome to Industry Focus financials edition. I’m happy…

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Listening to American Job Creators: Is Government Holding Back Your Business?

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf949cocoasubrtf540 {fonttblf0fswissfcharset0 Helvetica;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 Americans have a right to an efficient, effective government that works for them. American job creators deserve…

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