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Tag: 김정은

Trump calls Kim Jong Un ‘rocket man’ again… in a bid to reach a compromise by warning N. Korea

as North Korea sends constant reminders to the US that the year-end deadline is near US president Donald Trump has hinted that Washington might use…


Kim Jong-un sending Trump “Thanksgiving message” with missile launch: U.S. media

North Korean leader Kim jong-un is sending a Thanksgiving message to u.s. President on trumpet through his regimes latest missile launch that’s the common perception…


North Korea “not interested” in Trump’s push for denuclearization deal without gains in return: KCNA

u.s. President Trump appears to be attempting to revive dialogue with North Korea but Pyongyang Valls to resist until Washington brings something new to the…


U.S., postpones joint military drill; Trump urges N.K. leader to ‘act quickly,’ ‘get deal done’

u.s. president all Trump is urging North Korean leader Kim jong-un to act quickly and reach a deal with him on dismantling Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons…


U.S. yet to comment on N. Korean leader’s remark to withdraw S. Korean facilities at Mt. Geumgang

now shifting gears the United States is remaining tight-lipped on North Korean leader Kim jong-un’s recent decision to remove all South Korean facilities at its…