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Subramanian Swamy explains why revenge drives his politics | Swamy like never before


  1. UniVeda WebAshram
    UniVeda WebAshram July 29, 2019

    There is only one race. Human race. Aria dravida is a nonsense created by colonial purposes.. sad see the lady talking as if its scientific.. colonialism mentality is still pushed by many indians…

  2. Ron Hak
    Ron Hak July 29, 2019

    !0% population of Bangladesh are Hindu and 30% government jobs occupied them.

  3. amrisha narayan
    amrisha narayan July 29, 2019

    What a man destroying every argument of romila thapar s protege

  4. Kannan M
    Kannan M July 29, 2019

    He isnโ€™t worth so much attention and audience

  5. hindustaniiiii
    hindustaniiiii July 29, 2019

    this lady is anti hindu

  6. shomadhan
    shomadhan July 29, 2019

    Many things about Swamy Subramnian will be clear when we know how much money he received from foreign sources.

  7. Ajay T
    Ajay T July 29, 2019

    She is very very naive. She says Muslims in India say they are first Indian and them only they are Muslims. You are absolutely wrong. Have a deep discussion with them and they will come out with their true intentions. I had one with junior colleague who does namaz everyday regularly. His intentions goes like this- he says he is an Indian Muslim. He contradicts that he is not first an Indian. He also says that the national anthem that is played in theatres are a rule to grab hindu votes. The only thing I found in him is his religion feeling has clouded his mind so much that he cannot differentiate between patriotism and religion. If this country's Muslim population grows and if this country becomes Muslim dominated country, then this country will be no different from Islamic nations like Soudi, Iran or Pakistan. Atleast now it's still a secular nation.
    I will give one more example of my long time friend and classmate. He says he supports Jihad in India, and in process even if his own family member dies in a blast, in this process, he will feel blessed. Ofcourse he told me this when we were in college.its been 18 years Now and I don't know about how his brain works now. Now having heard about these kind of views, I get scared, that my son and daughter should never live in a India which will be Muslim dominated. I have no worries or fear from the Muslims who have liberal views, but surely I worry about the Muslims who are not liberal, secular, or who say Islam is the only way to god.

  8. Sumit Sharma
    Sumit Sharma July 29, 2019

    Excellent Debate !!
    Plurality is a Hindu Phenomenon ๐Ÿ‘

  9. Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar July 29, 2019

    She is waste women clearly evident she don"t know anything. Her English and questions are pathetic and boring

  10. Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar July 29, 2019

    a great tamilian.

  11. Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar July 29, 2019


  12. Giju Varghese
    Giju Varghese July 29, 2019

    Dick head

  13. Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar July 29, 2019

    stupid ANCHOR .swamy is not on brahmin fighter.he is indian fighter he himself says

  14. Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar July 29, 2019

    why didnt she say fight with sonia or says algebra is with congress paid.or might the lady is feared to speak

  15. Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar July 29, 2019

    you have to do correction in your introduction graphics ..hanuman ramayan is not old myth…see evidence around..okay…ram setu is real which is given in ramayan. so dumb algebra do homework.dont listen foreigners and spoil own culture by getting paid and influencing westernise here.

  16. Kay Dee
    Kay Dee July 29, 2019

    Poor host …. trying to prove a point…

  17. rationalguy1
    rationalguy1 July 29, 2019

    Superb Shoma. Thank you so much it was such a good interaction. I simply loved the way you stood for indianess. Keep it up

  18. Mad Nr
    Mad Nr July 29, 2019

    PC is still going around scot free, 2 years after this interview. If he is guilty he should have been in jail! Is this a case of you scratch my back and I scratch yours?? Truth needs to come out.

  19. Mad Nr
    Mad Nr July 29, 2019

    Why is his answer on GDP after demonetisation been blanked out?

  20. Biswapradipdas
    Biswapradipdas July 29, 2019

    Libtard Commie repoter anchor…with donkey like fact checks about Bharat.

  21. forever
    forever July 29, 2019

    Shona chaudhary whenever someone nails your pseudo theories you change the topic…You are a idiot

  22. Gautam Kar
    Gautam Kar July 29, 2019

    This soma chowdhary lady is a sick secular idiot media, misguiding the nation.

  23. Surinder Kumar
    Surinder Kumar July 29, 2019

    Dr Swamy if muslims say temple was hindu property and they captured it and became Muslim property. Then by same rule we captured it back and it became hindu properly and end of matter peacefully.

  24. Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma July 29, 2019

    Please see all those bold highlighted Names on the background and you ll get to know what Alzebra is all about.

  25. Anjali Tiwari
    Anjali Tiwari July 29, 2019

    Some Chaudhary is a face of indian media. #shallow #majority bashing #intolerantmedia. Look at the names of individuals on the walls.

  26. Sanjay Sinha
    Sanjay Sinha July 29, 2019

    Irrespective of whatever Dr. Swamy feels about resilience of Hindus, and irrespective of whatever the anchor feels about doing more for muslims, the fact is that Muslims have been consistently expending both demographically and proportion wise in the Indian subcontinent.
    We must frame policies urgently to prevent further erosion for global peace and larger human values which only Hinduism preaches.

  27. Appaji Panchangam
    Appaji Panchangam July 29, 2019

    Factual correction: Ashoka was not a Hindu at the time of Kalinga war. From his grand father on, they were Jains. Nevertheless, there was no king in the entire history who can be compared to Ashoka. Tell me how many Muslim kings transformed like Ashoka and took to the principles of Ahimsa (non-violence)? Please name one.

  28. sanatana dharma
    sanatana dharma July 29, 2019

    Algebra is platform where Hindu leaders are brought and try to cut their head in the name of secularism and pluralism and say Allahu Akbar!! When Hindu leaders try to dominate the conversation they just decide not to push the matter and move on!

  29. Anoop Vinod
    Anoop Vinod July 29, 2019

    at the time 1:21:40 they cut his response…

    For what the hell these videos are being made?
    This interviewer is being targeting him saying her bloody comments and not speaking up the facts. She is simply blabbering saying she's is a spokesperson of equality.

    Now comes the climax. When Swami gives a superb response on what she tries to make a problem, she skips and move on all of a sudden.

  30. K V krishnan
    K V krishnan July 29, 2019

    Will Swamy ever accept whether it is not just emotion but MONEY which BJP amassed by DEMONETISATION and stacked with industrialists. By all accounts RESERVE BANK OF INDIA declared that banks have received by over 25% of the accounted currency in circulation which is black or counterfeit . This money is at the disposal of BJP WHICH THEY CLEVERLY USED IN BUYING VOTERS AND ALSO SABOTAGING THE OPPOSITION. NO OPPSITION PARTIES HAS No CLOUT OR courage to fight BJP who is now to stay

  31. K V krishnan
    K V krishnan July 29, 2019

    The only ambition of Swamy since his birth is to be the finance minister of India, but he is yet to realize and will never. He has been fighting for the past 80 years. He is like curry leaves in South Indian cooking which is considered essential but cast away in the plate after meals. He toppled many governments, abused friends , filed cases and imprisoned many for his objective of becoming finance minister of India. Recently he admitted that possibly he is not destined to be one. SO IT WILL BE NO SURPRISE THAT HE WILL FILE A CASE AGAINST HIS OWN FATHER FOR THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH THAT IS NOW CONSIDERED INAUSPICIOUS THAT HE HE DID NOT BECOME THE FINANCE MINISTER. AN INTELLIGENT MAN BUT NOT WISE AND WASTING HIS LIFE IN LITIGATION

  32. Shankar Kumar
    Shankar Kumar July 29, 2019

    She is a devil

  33. Shankar Kumar
    Shankar Kumar July 29, 2019

    As swamy said give muslims the power by this time they would have killed her and she behaves like a flag bearer of muslims and it's irritating

  34. Shankar Kumar
    Shankar Kumar July 29, 2019

    We have 80% hindu population no media cares about us , atleast have an article on temple maintenance , temple articles etc, but always talks about having other religion and culture and that why when ever i see a journalist i want to show all my anger on them

  35. Peter Aremone
    Peter Aremone July 29, 2019

    Look at all the names of Muslim fanatic bastards highlighted on the wall behind.
    The Left is allied with genocidal rapist Islam & it must thus be exterminated.

  36. Peter Aremone
    Peter Aremone July 29, 2019

    Ashoka was already a Buddhist king when he indulged in the Kalinga Massacre.
    It is a racist & disgusting lie started by British Missionary nazis that Ashoka converted to Buddhism after the Kalinga war.

    Buddhism allows for massacres & genocides in the name of religion – which is why Japanese mass murdered Chinese, Burmese mass murdered Rohingya.

  37. Ramesh Rama
    Ramesh Rama July 29, 2019

    Stupid woman host, did not do her homework. Studies shown that Ashoka was already a Buddhists before the Kalinga war. Read up Indian factual history and not romila thapar or rama guha.

  38. Amitesh Gupta
    Amitesh Gupta July 29, 2019

    The interviewer sucks ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  39. Bhushan Dravid
    Bhushan Dravid July 29, 2019

    Sabka haath sabka vikaas? Is she a journalist?

  40. Kartik Mutya
    Kartik Mutya July 29, 2019

    Inaccurate โ€˜factโ€™, Owaisi did win 3 times as an MP.

  41. Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar July 29, 2019

    Lodu anchor

  42. amrisha narayan
    amrisha narayan July 29, 2019

    The tehelka lady is completely lost..

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