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Steven Cox to Ditch Mitch McConnell With Sound Policies

so he may have heard that a couple of new candidates are challenging Mitch McConnell in the state of Kentucky one of those being a Mia McGrath and another Stephen Cox so in this video I'd like to highlight Stephen Cox's platform if you want to know a little bit about Stephen Cox I'll also leave the link below in the description section very briefly here's some photos of him and he is a 33 year old father from Greenville Kentucky who has a Bachelors of Science in criminal justice with a specialization in homeland security and emergency management under the issues page he has a total of 12 different sections some of these open up some of them just have basic descriptions let's start here a campaign finance reform he will like to increase accountability and transparency in campaign finance making it easier for anyone to run for office the candidates with the best ideas should win not the biggest bank account moving over to cooperative business businesses work to please the shareholders often while hurting others stronger co-ops will enable workers and their communities to have a bigger say and how business is done and here is his reason for running against Mitch McConnell in the 2020 election for your Senate when my dad was in Medicare we couldn't cover the cost of his dentures I was speechless he worked hard for decade to provide for me and my sisters it wasn't easy either my mom died when I was four years old so dad had to go it alone surely after so many years of paying into the system he had earned a set of teeth right well according to the systems that that's not good enough he had kept his side of the deal but Social Security Medicare I haven't kept their side of the deal corrupt Mitch McConnell stealing from us if you look at what politicians like Mitch McConnell have done it's easy to see why there's plenty of money to go around when Mitch needs to pay back corporate donors or neo2 foreign interest however when it comes to serving the people who gave the government their hard-earned money Mitch acts like the coffers have run dry he has found plenty of ways to funnel money to his friends the emails reveal he coordinates project funding with his wife Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao are you a big money McConnell donor that needs a few extra bucks email Mitch in walls you way in the government grant the working-class deserves true representation I've worked hard to provide a good life for my son it's not easy as it used to be to make ends meet I worked long hours and it's honestly a challenge to run for office when you have a normal job so why am i running I'm tired of it why does Mitch McConnell get to make money off of our hard work mitch has done this his entire life first we need campaign finance reform which it should be hard for corporation to influence politicians HR 1 makes it easier for working-class people to run for office but Mitch McConnell single-handedly stopped the legislation from reaching the Senate is rationale I get to decide what we vote on second we need election reform on top of all of that partisan gerrymandering gives it whichever party is in power the ability to reshape congressional districts often polling places are shut down for indefensible reasons voter registration databases are purged without warning together we can make it fair unlike Mitch McConnell who thrives in corporate donations and super PACs that work against our interests I refuse to accept donations from corporations Kentucky first not corporations let's work together ditch Mitch McConnell for good Kentucky deserves the center it represents our values I want to be that Senator and with your help I will be join me in giving all of our stronger voice to help move Kentucky and America Forward and then he wants to in citizens united free public college it isn't specify that's for Community College only or universities as well he is for Medicare for all ceases most of us a one paycheck away from financial ruin medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy and Medicare for all will fix this nightmare and he's got a lot of good information of how health care cost is way out control you see here a graph comparing the different countries u.s. is in the dark orange here second place is Switzerland and that even they are way behind us and you can see most of this cost is going to administration and this administration exists to be a liaison between the physicians and health insurance industry drug companies are driven by money not by actually helping people that's not their primary go doctor's practice defensive medicine to avoid lawsuits and there's been record profits for health insurers so I think it's a pretty nice Paigey has on Medicare for all there's a lot of good information there if you want to learn more about the benefits of Medicare for all and our current the negatives are of our current system and the logic behind why we should move to Medicare for all Enys for modernizing private properties we must expand property rights to include personal data and create new consumer protections is for net neutrality he says preserve our future climate change and trickle-up economics threaten our children's future I think he means trickle-down we can offer them a green new deal and build a world worth looking forward to tenant protection act cities with low vacancy rates should be able to regulate rent and eviction processes union rights right-to-work laws threaten or freedom to organize and bargain for better working conditions we need to protect our rights to fight for better workplaces and voting rights and voter suppression efforts have rigged numerous elections across the country we will expand the Voting Rights Act to protect every American's right to cast their vote so again you can volunteer or contribute to his campaign I have reached out to him for a Skype interview I have yet to hear back from him hopefully you I will I will also send one to Amy McGrath we want to learn a little more about her before we just write her off you guys are always welcome as well to see if you can reach out to him and or you find other ways of which we can reach out to him to set up an interview to get a more exposure so for right now this is the candidate we are supporting tentatively unless Amy McGrath wants to chime in and let us know why she thinks she's a better candidate than Stephen Cox


  1. TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 July 12, 2019

    5:10 no trickle up is right.
    Trick down is reagonomics

  2. Alex Hopewell
    Alex Hopewell July 12, 2019

    Butt sucking sycophant Mich McConnell, a special dose of KARMA is coming with your name on it. Two words: Moral Turpitude. Wrong actions don’t produce Right results. Good things don’t come from dishonest acts. The real Donald Trump finally tells a truth in a tweet!

  3. Uphold the Constitution
    Uphold the Constitution July 12, 2019

    Thank you news reader. Good stuff.

  4. Joe Eoj
    Joe Eoj July 12, 2019

    libtards vilifying those whom they don't l8ike but ignore the pedo-clintons- libtards are the scum of the earth…..

  5. Winston McHetz
    Winston McHetz July 12, 2019

    “Help us Ditch Mitch” I already don’t like where this is going. Running a campaign on how bad Mitch McConnell is is not going to convince people in Kentucky to vote for this guy.

    This is more of a smear campaign than anything else; this guy prioritizes slamming Mitch over the thing that would enable him to obliterate Mitch McConnell; progressive policy proposals. That said, it would be huge to see Mitch McConnell get defeated, and he seems to be for Medicare For All. I’ll continue to look into him.

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