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Sound Diplomacy – Your Guide To Becoming A Music City

supporting your music economy is easier than you think sound diplomacy's step-by-step guide will help you understand what it takes step 1 recognize your economy take a musical arts venue and count the number of jobs and skills involved there are many more jobs involved with the music economy that it might appear at first it takes a wide variety of skills to create a thriving music ecosystem to support musicians then look at all the jobs and issues related to a venue transporters and parking costs to tax and business rates to government attitudes public utilities and the role of music in education and this is just one part of a music ecosystem look at all the others yep to recognize your ecology find out what you have and map it music is linked to everything just think about it step 3 measure evaluate assess how is this done grassroots first but everything is important everything has very so counted how much could it be worth that fool celebrate what you have once you know what you have show-off through showcases festivals food and drink one of performances heritage tourism networking opportunities and more you make more friends support culture and increase revenues remember music must support everyone across all genres you have amazing musicians it is all about them they are not happy start over cat 6 review repeat assess and to learn more talk to us sound diplomacy get more out of music

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