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SNAPPY 7: With Miss Politician's main actress, Judy Maina

hey guys I'm Judy miner the main actor internet politician and I am busy yet on 97 if Judy are it was 97 yeah our people have been asking questions and in for yourself tell us a little bit about yourself doing communication I actually was the mean I just people did it I was acting a governor in this show and where are you studying at the moment mass communication yeah all right before you go to news anchor and everything let's talk about your acting why do you start work what it is that you do it but they're all online you can find anything with me you can find all the videos and on YouTube and the trending newsroom you can find him it's foliage in the videos as well there yeah and I'm Wendy distraction when I started acting okay I started in primary school I was in the draw Fleur I only loved acting when I was in teach I can get this rush adrenaline rush and I felt like this is where I belong so when I joined Tina Jima it was like a dream come true so today even though I got small rules I really listen to the best of my ability and then you slowly but surely progress in my activity I say that you want to be an anchor why I don't know I think it's been a passion for me watching it virtually Julia should have been my mogul I used to see her and tell my mom mom I'm going to be like her one day and people happy about it I've always wanted to be in front of the camera that I feel like that's where I belong I love like talking to people interacting with people and if you're different for anything yeah it's like the actual thing you think you're ready I am someone offered you a job here I tell tell us more about yourself you know people don't know who you are they see you they really want to know who you are why even do you know what you're doing and all that can you add up like all the shoes i watch so for me to do this it was like a pat on the back yeah so I only believe that women can change the world and having this opportunity open my eyes so much to like try to create this change in people's minds that we can do it with this thing as the men or even maybe better than you guys so yeah really yes a speaking of politicians you did this show when it was like almost to the election time how they how was it shooting a political show yet there are campaigns going on it's like I had leakage I used to see hello like politician campaigning I kind of bring that sort of energy to this show I was not really into politics before any politician I wasn't all into it I didn't know much about it but one type of I had to go to the Internet and research how the Hillary Clinton talked Michelle Obama that thought everything I saw the passion they had and it also motivated me in this room and so when I started acting I can a jailed through with the help of like my dream or they really motivated me she was a really good person like acting while I wasn't so strong but I grew each day so yeah it was an honor to actually be a politician and the female politicians who were like fighting for more money in Kenya women what do you say about that you know it's so funny that when a woman complains about salary everyone is on her back but when a man complains about whether he's no one is talking about it you see the kind of society we live in I personally didn't mind that okay it was wrong but if it was a guy she wouldn't have but she could have waited until they go to Parliament them Vic she can you never know looking for money all right politics aside when you're home when you're not working or not acting what do you do how do you relax so I either writes porn songs and try to spring them as much as I can yeah but I am very I'm like a big sister to a lot of people most of the time I like hanging out with my family yeah you know and what can you say has been your biggest achievement so far staying alive what's the world miss politician was a very big achievement in my books I think like biggest one yeah I know there's more to come I am sure yeah yeah if if you get a call right now to go and shoot a movie similar rush I love to read the script first and see what it does acting paid so that there's a reason why you're still in school and you've been acting so yeah it doesn't hurt but the exposure I get getting my name out there is this one good thing because I want this to be something that's it's it's not a one-hit wonder and I want to be a one-hit wonder all right I want to go on all right what's the weakest moment it happened on this relationship in it was this episode where I had one and I was living at Thanksgiving reached that stage I was crying because I felt like everyone was expecting so much for me and I felt like the weight is on my children so I started ballet but the modes that we like console me and tell me that it had come back where it was nothing all right are you big in social media how many followers on okay alright do post everything you know the pictures you check another you seen your right point yeah sorry I'm going to give us a few lines later alright um you're a young I'm dating all right someone knowing and how does it turn out very soon what can you tell the Yankees out there who maybe went to join politics I want to join you like online and order the moment you're thinking about giving up I've been on you're on the floor the only way up is up we need to brush yourself off and believe in yourself there's so many challenges people thing especially if you want to be a politician you seem like desperate sexual advances like lack of funds especially for women it's really hard because everyone is looking down on you like you have to do anything especially in Africa everyone is so ugly then like women belong weird but nothing's are changing even men are can excel in it and it's a beautiful thing to have some which everyone I'd rather not to give up on their dream yeah thanks for coming through thank you for me being the first one to interview you can follow [Laughter]

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  1. Peter Irungu
    Peter Irungu June 9, 2019

    Good advice you are going places Judy wish I can meet you when you are in the same mood like the one you had during the whole interview and have a selfie or two as a big fan of you and to hilary good job 👏🏽 God bless you guys

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