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Singapore 2nd Party Political Broadcast 2011 : WP – Pt5/7 – 06May2011 [HD]

Speaking for the workers party is Ms Sylvia Lim Good evening Friends and fellow citizens of Singapore Tomorrow you will vote your decision will determine our long term survival as a nation Will the first world parliament be established to ensure Singapore matures as the first world democracy? A first world parliament ensure that the PAP becomes servants and not the masters of Singaporeans It ensures that credible opposition MPs will gain the necessary experience to form an alternative government if and when the governing party fails You have seen and heard the Workers’ Party manifesto and candidates Our candidates will represent you to the best of their abilities Elected Workers’ Party MPs have never and will never oppose for the sake of opposing Nor the elected Workers’ Party MPs vote blindly on key issues and policies close to your hearts and crucial to your lifes Do you want the PAP dominated parliament which will be unable to object to the PAP government’s use of public funds for upgrading HDB flats to punish those who did not vote for them Will you continue to complain about the high
cost of living high HDB flats’ prices high transportation costs high medical bills long waiting time to see specialists and ever increasing electricity prices What will the PAP government continue
to tell you everything is affordable you should ask your family members for help when you have no home on your own what will the HDB tell you? You must vend for yourself is that what you want? You have to decide the stakes are high in this election The PAP continues to use the GRC system to prevent opposition candidates from representing you with your mandate Should you accept 9 non-constituency MPs as a substitute for elected opposition MPs Consider carefully as NCMPs cannot vote on constitutional
amendments and other major laws and policies that may have great consequences for you and Singapore The purpose of NCMP is to legitimize
PAP’s monopoly over power to decide policies and make laws together with
nominated MPs, NCMPs are only feedback units in a national feedback forum called parliament That is the plan of PAP Is that what you want for Singapore you must and you can break the stranglehold of the PAP The PAP is now less able to attract good numbers of high-quality candidates from
the private sector instead they look into the unions, the civil service
and the armed forces for the next generation of leadership for PAP and for Singapore Is that what you want? If you hesitate now you will continue to harvest the consequences
are inbreeding To break the stranglehold together with you the Workers’ Party is concentrating enormous
resources in our GRC battles We offer you the choice of rational, responsible and respectable opposition candidates to represent and protect your interests and
the future of the nation if you do not vote wisely there is a
very real danger of 87 to nil score If that happens Singapore’s political landscape will suffer
the tremendous setback from which we may never recover The future of Singapore is in your hands the choice is yours What do you want for yourself, your children and your family? What will your children’s children say about your decision today when the live in the Singapore of tomorrow Think carefully Vote the Workers’s Party toward the first world parliament
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  1. dogcom sg
    dogcom sg May 6, 2011

    PAP "inbreeding" wow Sylvia, profound!

  2. TheOldmankk
    TheOldmankk May 6, 2011

    Oh yes, you are the mighty Sylvia Lim.

  3. Hairloslee
    Hairloslee May 7, 2011

    You have my vote. Good Luck to you…

  4. Ray Ng
    Ray Ng May 7, 2011

    Good luck~!

  5. Cuddling With a Two-Ton Cephalapod
    Cuddling With a Two-Ton Cephalapod May 11, 2011

    Wow. Much much better, compared to the 2006 GE party broadcast she did. 5 years really improves someone alot…

  6. miang62
    miang62 June 19, 2011

    UH HUH! You sure won the Aljunied GRC! 😀 😀 Gratz!

  7. tkpsbds
    tkpsbds July 6, 2011


  8. rockyboy467
    rockyboy467 July 24, 2011


  9. Shawn Emmanuel
    Shawn Emmanuel January 26, 2013

    Oi cibai dont talk abt silviya lim k……u wan u create ur own party la …..

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