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SHOCK: Tucker Carlson CORRECT About Trump Iran Fiasco

We know broken clocks can be right twice a
day, but they can be wrong for the, it can be right for the wrong reason. Better said. And that’s exactly what happened with Fox
news. Propagandists Tucker Carlson, after the Trump
Iran fiasco got underway with the unauthorized assassination of Iranian codes leader Kaseem
Solemani, Tucker Carlson correctly pointed out maybe Iran is not the greatest threat
we face. Maybe Americans wouldn’t benefit from escalating
a war with Iran. Maybe we have our own issues to deal with
here in the United States. Now of course the issues, Tucker, things we
need to deal with in the United States are very different from the issues you and I likely
think we need to deal with in the United States. But Tucker has this sort of anti interventionists
side and he is correctly pointing out on Fox news that this doesn’t make a shred of sense. Take a look. Threats in the region. If you don’t live in Washington, here’s the
translation that would be in hostile middle Eastern countries, places where American Jews
would never be in the first place, where it not for the insistent demands of non geniuses
like max boot and John Bolton, but nevermind. No one in Washington is in mood for big picture
questions right now. Questions the obvious ones like, is Iran really
greatest threat we face and who’s actually benefiting from this and why are we continuing
to ignore the decline of our own country in favor of jumping into another quagmire from
which there was no obvious exit. By the way, if we’re still in Afghanistan,
19 years sad, years later, what makes us think there’s a quick way out of Iran and so on? Nobody is thinking like that right now. Instead, chest beaters like Senator Ben Sasse
of Nebraska are making unusual warlike noises. The ones they always make. This is very simple. Ben Sasse wrote in a statement last night,
general Soleimani is dead because he was an evil bastard who murdered Americans, which
is essentially true. So Amani was certainly a bad guy, but does
that make killing him? Quote very simple. It does not. Nothing about life and certainly nothing about
killing is ever very simple and any politician tells you otherwise is dumb or is lying. Yes. Soleimani was linked to the deaths of Americans. Nobody mourns his passing. But Mexico and China are also linked to the
deaths of Americans. Each has flooded our country with narcotics
from which tens of thousands of Americans die every single year. Not that anyone in power cares. So does that mean we get to bomb Wahaca? Can we start assassinating generals and the
people’s liberation army? Maybe. Maybe Ben sassful call for that too. He’s a former consultant and a very tough
character. Tucker Carlson is spot on that nothing will
be quicker, easy. There will be no solving a problem by invading
Iran. There will be nothing simple about assassinating
a leader like Kaseem Soleimani and saying, Hey, great, we did it. We have a horrible track record of being totally
unable to end conflicts that often make no sense to begin with and Tucker Carlson agrees
with me and with many people that Kaseem Soleimani was a bad guy, but the idea that we should
assassinate him and then escalate a military conflict with Iran is a terrible idea. There are right wingers who are experiencing
some cognitive dissonance here because they see Trump really wants it, but another pseudo
hero of theirs. Tucker Carlson doesn’t want it. What do we do? What do we do? This is where you need to be able to think
for yourself. This is an authorized assassination which
if you believe in checks and balances has to be opposed period. This is the possible lead-up for political
purposes to another endless conflict, very expensive one where the winners are military
contractors, the Warhawks, maybe Trump getting reelected and the losers are all the people
that will die. Americans who are seeing their tax money spent
on political conflicts rather than on improving the United States. Merely it’s like we don’t have to go look
for proposals for how to improve things. We’ve got proposals on healthcare and education
and so many other things. Even if you hate Iranian leadership and what
a ran stands for and the religious theocracy that exists there, you still have to be against
this. But then of course Carlson goes on to say,
we have our own issues, issues to deal with. A lot of the issues he wants to deal with
are horrible examples of xenophobia. Tucker Carlson has talks about, uh, the hoax
of white supremacy. It’s not a hoax. It’s a real issue we’ve got to deal with in
the United States. He thinks it’s fake. Tucker has talked about how immigrants coming
to our country make us a dirtier country. He wants to deal with that. We don’t think that’s actually an issue. We find that extremely xenophobic and racist. He’s saying the right things, but for the
wrong reasons. The issues he wants to focus on domestically
are ones that serve his reactionary agenda, like stopping immigration to the United States
by Brown people. And even in the clip, he eventually talks
about how bad Mexico is. Mexico is not bad in the way that many of
our adversaries are bad. People in Mexico are functioning primarily
out of desperation and because of corruption and economic realities, if we really want
to deal with Mexico, we would deal with the reasons that drugs and people come here in
the first place. That’s not Tucker’s view. He’s wrong on this issue, but even Tucker
Carlson recognizes the folly of what Donald Trump is doing here with Iran. I wish he would call Trump out instead of
just calling out Ben Sasse and Mike Palm PEO. I wish he would call out the completely politically
opportunistic nature of this, which is immoral at its core and he doesn’t. But even if Tucker Carlson pierces the echo
chamber of just a few of the Fox news viewers that are watching him, this is still a very
good thing. That being said, I would not be at all surprised
to eventually seek Tucker Carlson kind of fall back to some kind of mild deference to
Donald Trump in general. I’d also love to see Tucker, the fiscal conservative
that he claims to be call out that no one is asking how would we pay for this war in
Iran. I would not agree with him on all of the things
I mentioned earlier, but I would respect Tucker Carlson a little bit if he actually called
out the so-called fiscally conservative, right and said, guys, we can’t just talk about can
we afford it when it’s healthcare and education. We’ve got to talk about it when it’s pointless
politically opportunistic Wars as well. I’m not holding my breath for Tucker Carlson
to do that


  1. Anne Collins
    Anne Collins January 7, 2020

    Watch out Tucker Carson, President unhinged going to berate you on Twitter. I guess Tucker had a flashback back about Iraq and we all know what happened there.

  2. Jason Lambert
    Jason Lambert January 7, 2020

    You have advertisements by the epoch times here, just so you know.

  3. Milan Gans
    Milan Gans January 7, 2020

    It's easy to see who benefits from all this. 1 day after the attack, oilprices went up.
    The prices of oil been dropping for some time now. Pretty sure the oil companies were not happy with this and all of a sudden Trump attacks Iran and prices go up 1 day after. Planned? Isn't Trumps mind always on money?

  4. Colin Moore
    Colin Moore January 7, 2020

    Why doesn't Trump attack China? Oh right, Chinas Army would be more of a match for the US army! Different strengths, different weaknesses, but defiantly not the walkover Trump thinks Iran (and Iraq) is going to be.

  5. Groundbreak Studios
    Groundbreak Studios January 7, 2020

    My question is how is there 0 accountability? I cant drive down the street without my steabelt on and Trump is allowed to commit extortion and assinate people.

  6. Christopher Parks
    Christopher Parks January 7, 2020

    I dont buy it. Trump does something so egregious that it can't be condoned by even the most sycophantic of his following. This is the perfect opportunity to say that it's wrong and use that to claim that they aren't biased by saying "see, we criticize him when he's wrong! We're not biased!"

  7. Kit Levey
    Kit Levey January 7, 2020

    Agreeing with Tucker Carlson is new to me but finally, here I am.

  8. Boost your knowledge
    Boost your knowledge January 7, 2020

    If neocons, enagelist and weapon industry businessmen let America thinks more about fixing its own infrastructure issues, I'm sure USA would be a fantastic country for its nation in (education, unemployment, murder, tax equity, medicine, insurance and etc)) but what a pity that they don't want it.

  9. ILLAngel101
    ILLAngel101 January 7, 2020

    I honestly think Trump did this thinking it would gain him favor in the polls. If so, what a shocker this must all be to him. ………lul American flag tweet.

  10. Eelco Brouwer
    Eelco Brouwer January 7, 2020

    Just focus on the impeachment… don't give Trump what he wants

  11. Miguel Mota
    Miguel Mota January 7, 2020

    Shocking! There is a very tiny, very thin shred of integrity on that man still… color me surprised!

  12. Aslan
    Aslan January 7, 2020

    I think (hope) this might be the thing that unites America, just like Trump wants, but against him instead of for him.

  13. Raistlin 34
    Raistlin 34 January 7, 2020

    You know things are getting crazy when Fox News is the one telling the truth.

  14. Leo_Shazzael
    Leo_Shazzael January 7, 2020

    Tucker has many valid points. He is not binary you know

  15. Steve Pax
    Steve Pax January 7, 2020

    our imbecile president and his gang of morons really screwed the pooch this time

  16. Aaron Sanders
    Aaron Sanders January 7, 2020

    Wow. That was a SHOCKINGLY good monologue from Fucker. For once your "SHOCK:" clickbait title is right.

  17. Robert Roland
    Robert Roland January 7, 2020

    Now this is a completely twisted tale from the twilight zone. Does Lou Dobbs feel the same way?

  18. hans ruby
    hans ruby January 7, 2020

    I know!! Tucker is absolutely right on this. I always thought that he was n't completely stupid.
    That might be taking it too far.!

  19. The Stig
    The Stig January 7, 2020

    That was one confused comment section on the Fox channel.

  20. xxxRadarxxx
    xxxRadarxxx January 7, 2020

    Who are you and what have you done with Tucker Carlson?

  21. DarkRipper117
    DarkRipper117 January 7, 2020

    Like I keep telling people.. Iran has no possible way on wagging a war on the US, this will be a one side war with political gains for the US, and monetary gains for Chinese and Russian weaponry industry.!!!

  22. Mr P
    Mr P January 7, 2020

    Why is he blaming Mexicans! I mean I get it but the demand is here! The problem is here! US leads the world narcotic consumption! It’s easy to blame the supplier and I’m not condoning drug dealers but the US has to accept blame as well. If Mexico doesn’t supply someone else will! It will never stop as long the demand is here! Also pharmaceutical companies are part of the the opioid crisis that has claimed over 400,000 lives!

  23. Jay S
    Jay S January 7, 2020

    It fascinates me that even somebody like David Packman, who's supposed to be an ally, falls for these white supremacists tactics. Which is spewing hate and lies but also sprinkling in some truth every now and then to give said lies credibility. Here now is a title giving the white supremacist lead propagandist Tucker Carlson credibility when in reality this man is a bonafied racist and human scum.

  24. JK JK
    JK JK January 7, 2020

    Some sense at fox?

  25. Jeffery Hammer
    Jeffery Hammer January 7, 2020

    Between the trillion dollar tax cut and a unfunded WW3, Trump bankrupts America. Putin got His money's worth.

  26. Darrell Davis
    Darrell Davis January 7, 2020

    What's with this guy's helmet??

  27. D4md Cykey
    D4md Cykey January 7, 2020

    Here is the main issue and reveal with people like Carlson and most on FN: absolute adjectives, black & white terminology, and binary-thinking. So even when he's capable of making a partially valid point he dismantles any hope of being taken as an honest broker from objectively serious people when compulsively using phrases like

    no one in Washington
    nobody is thinking like that right now
    the ones that always make
    nobody mourns his passing
    not that anyone in power cares etc.

    Trump does this constantly and while it may fool or pass over the radar of sycophants or intellectually lazy people it should always be a glaring red flag to sober-minded individuals when someone uses these tactics with regularity and/or intent. These are invariably usually people that are all-in on authoritarian group-think and rigid dangerous ideology.

  28. Darrell Davis
    Darrell Davis January 7, 2020

    BTW: Carlson is usually spot-on regarding war. In fact, he's probably more consistent than Pakman is.

  29. Dragoner Productions
    Dragoner Productions January 7, 2020

    Shit I must be in the twilight zone for him to start to make sense.

  30. CLVN KLN
    CLVN KLN January 7, 2020

    Propagandist? He condemns pretty much all aspects of the established elite order on a daily basis.

  31. BCT
    BCT January 7, 2020

    Throw Trump into prison or a nursing home.
    Apologize and compensate for this criminal assassination.
    Return to the nuke deal.
    That's the only road back to sanity at this point,and it's nowhere in sight.
    What will follow instead will surely lead to catastrophe.

  32. Mass Override
    Mass Override January 7, 2020

    Do we need a War?Do we want a. War?I wonder how many times in history did things work out that way hmmmm don’t fight TIL dont own a gun TIL.dont follow the law TIL yeah y’all need shut your mouths and concentrate on the big picture question if u see some one getting robbed u going to help or watch and call the cops hmmm yeah sure u would I rest my case

  33. Kevin McClain Sr.
    Kevin McClain Sr. January 7, 2020

    Of course! If you can’t fix it blow it up. That way no one can have it.🤔

  34. Thimolin
    Thimolin January 7, 2020

    That hair wave is getting out of control David. Reminds me Static-X.

  35. Tobi Oluwatimilehin
    Tobi Oluwatimilehin January 7, 2020

    Wow when he came at that senator I almost lost my mind

  36. seapeajones
    seapeajones January 7, 2020

    Holy shit. What a world we live in when I can agree with this dumb Tuck.

  37. Grymme Göta
    Grymme Göta January 7, 2020

    I wonder who and how many that eventually will pay with there lives for this decision.

  38. d
    d January 7, 2020

    David Pakman Show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Pataki Satori
    Pataki Satori January 7, 2020

    Welcome back anti-war left!!!

  40. Rudi Sarasa
    Rudi Sarasa January 7, 2020

    Trump makes American hospitals great again.

  41. Saul Hernandez
    Saul Hernandez January 7, 2020

    Out of the blue we have funds for a war with over 2 trillion but we can't fund a siple UBI. WTF

  42. Bronson McNulty
    Bronson McNulty January 7, 2020


  43. edward morris
    edward morris January 7, 2020

    Im so sick of this john wayne shit!

  44. Hillyan
    Hillyan January 7, 2020

    Everyone denying white supremacy is a white supremacist.

  45. Selvin C
    Selvin C January 7, 2020

    Wht the hell we agree with tucker I'm with tht thought who the hell wants to go into a fucking war. Wht I want is a god dam fatt check pls later for tht war shit concentrate on us put tht war shit to the crib .

  46. Jeff Phakenewz
    Jeff Phakenewz January 7, 2020

    Love Fuckhead Carlson's tirade starting at 2:12 where he rants about Mexico and China flooding the U. S. with narcotics, causing tens of thousands of deaths each year. So, Fuckhead, where's your rant on American Big Pharma, since YOU've opted to open up that rabbit hole? I'm sure you're smart enough to realize that building a wall between us and Mexico AND China AND Big Pharma is a grotesque waste of effort and tax dollars. Right? I mean… correct?

  47. Jeff Phakenewz
    Jeff Phakenewz January 7, 2020

    David, I'm liking the 'I'm Gumby, Dammit' look.

  48. ciociaro irrequiete
    ciociaro irrequiete January 7, 2020

    i hope every trump voters child gets drafted into the military and croaks…MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. A. Lerner
    A. Lerner January 7, 2020

    So Suleimani a "bad" guy (he wasn't actually, he was fighting isis WITH the US)… murder him. Why is everything so black and white ?

    ok so tRUMP ; sexist, misogynist, sexual pervert, sexual predator, racist, bigot, xenophobe, egotist, megalomaniac, narcissist, cheat, pathological liar, tax evader etc etc etc……. GOOD GUY OR BAD GUY ? logical conclusion ?


    ABORIGINAL ONE January 7, 2020

    Isn't this the same group of people who support comments about people not able to afford healthcare should just drop dead in the street? And here we are, pretending to care for Americans lives.

  51. Wadser
    Wadser January 7, 2020

    Only issue is that he pins it all on everyone in the administration except trump. But I'll take what I can get

  52. Anup Mohandas
    Anup Mohandas January 7, 2020

    It's all Jews and Israel.Watch bit chute.

  53. niriop
    niriop January 7, 2020

    The Mexico government and army has flooded the US with drugs?

    I mean, it’s just the same racist garbage.

  54. Joderconelusername22
    Joderconelusername22 January 7, 2020

    So funny how everyone dismisses Salamani as a "bad guy". He was playing for his team the same way the US plays for its team. And given current events, the "bad guy" label fits the US a lot more. Sadly.

  55. Uatu
    Uatu January 7, 2020

    I don't know why y'all are perpetually "SHOCKED" by Tucker Carlson on foreign policy. He's had these views for awhile now. Partisan politics I suppose.

  56. victor soto
    victor soto January 7, 2020

    Since it's inception, the US has been a terrorist country. First it committed genocide on the natives then it's invaded 70 third-world countries just for profit. It has always invaded weaker nations because it is a bully.
    The terrorist action against Iran will end as in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan….a lost cause and only the rich will become richer. This murder was an insane action by an insane
    orange clown.
    The whole world will destabilize and the US will become weak. Americans will suffer from deaths, hunger, etc. American mothers, kiss your soldier-boys goodbye.

  57. Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena January 7, 2020

    David he is gently saying we should invade Mexico..wake up…and discredit bolton before bolton spills the beans.

  58. Valerie Bailey
    Valerie Bailey January 7, 2020

    Tucker your right

  59. Charlie Cross
    Charlie Cross January 7, 2020

    If you thought Iraq was a shitshow wait until you see war with Iran.

  60. Fuqboi McCoi
    Fuqboi McCoi January 7, 2020

    Carlson has pseudo-anti-establishment takes on certain issues, glad this is one of those times.

  61. themeanmachine
    themeanmachine January 7, 2020

    You are forwarding the same BS that a lot of people are saying abount immigration – look, NOBODY with his right mind is against immigration, people are against ILLEGAL immigration. Do you understand that? Do you know what the difference is? I am not from US but if there is one thing I do agree with people like Trump or Carlson is that ILLEGAL immigration is BAD. And if you are trying to make a point by saying that "well they come here because they are poor" then you need to consider that most of Asia, Middle East and Africa IS POOR. Do we take them ALL in? And if not, who should we take in and who should we refuse? Or if not take them in, should we work each and every day, pay high taxes and then send all the money everywhere where "poor people" are living instead of taking care of our people, our children, our sick and old? Are you really sure this is what you want to do? When was the last time you checked how many homeless or poor people are living in the US? Or in your city alone? You are not able to help your own people and you want to "help" the whole world? Are you serious?

  62. Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine January 7, 2020

    Tucker is right on the edge of rage quitting fox I think. He has been simmering for a while now.

  63. blue blue
    blue blue January 7, 2020

    Fucker Carlson is so pretty!

  64. Zeuxis 108
    Zeuxis 108 January 7, 2020

    That shirt looks great on you David! Orange is your color. Very classy! 👍

  65. ღSwnsasyღ _
    ღSwnsasyღ _ January 7, 2020

    Who the hell is this Tucker guy and what did they do with the evil one!!😳

  66. mania dee
    mania dee January 8, 2020

    You know you live in a crazy, post-reality world, when Tucker Carlson is the adult in the room…

  67. VietnamDom0820
    VietnamDom0820 January 8, 2020

    5:06 “If we really want to deal with Mexico” we would legalize cocaine and marijuana here in the United States…both drugs would need to be regulated, with coke obviously needing more and stricter regulations than weed…that will do a lot to reduce the violence happening in Mexico.

  68. Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas January 8, 2020

    I'm an Atheist but I am convinced that Republicans are the real life devils in this world

  69. Bob ap Bob
    Bob ap Bob January 8, 2020

    biggest threat is still Trumps' liege lord Vladimir IV

  70. Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley January 8, 2020

    Family Pressure MUST BE very TRYING! Tucker is an ASSHOLE

  71. Emsley Wyatt
    Emsley Wyatt January 8, 2020

    Beneath trump's superficial stupidity is genuine stupididty.

  72. Narinder Sheoraj
    Narinder Sheoraj January 8, 2020

    Tucker is gay

  73. Narinder Sheoraj
    Narinder Sheoraj January 8, 2020

    I hope his perception is happy

  74. Rumaine Bronzell
    Rumaine Bronzell January 8, 2020

    Let trump pay for the war. His the socalled billion dollar man

  75. Rico Castañon
    Rico Castañon January 8, 2020

    Mexico build the wall..
    Hurry…,.. 💀

  76. InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz January 8, 2020

    What I love is that he has strong opinions on “illegal immigration” and yet, how many white immigrants has he gone after?

  77. Gio Giovanni
    Gio Giovanni January 8, 2020

    Why does our government consider Iran, Syria, Cuba and North Korea a threat to America? They are not a threat.
    So then what's going on! The four countries I mentioned are the only countries left in the world that do not allow the world bank's in there country and Loan there citizens money. The Jewish mob doesn't like that so they are using our military to put pressure on these countries to allow their crooked shylock's in. And if they refuse our government will make a regime change and put somebody in office that will allow the bank in.

  78. Wild World
    Wild World January 8, 2020

    Whelp, everything is fucking backwards. Totally officially backwards.
    Fucker Snarlson giving a rant that's…..ingrained with genuine critical opinion?!?!?!

  79. Patricia Lucious
    Patricia Lucious January 8, 2020

    Amerikkk also murders Americans. Who should b killed over here for that ? I know, I know, ALL REPUBLICANS, who stands by the murderers of 93 yr old men at home in his bed and 12 yr olds playing in a park with a toy gun plus it’s an open carry state yet he’s killed before the car comes to a complete stop plus 20 something school shootings children at Sandy Hook. Plus plus plus. All I’ve mentioned here were Americans. So that can’t b the reason. Pot taking to the kettle. Guess assholes claim do as I say not as I do.

  80. H B
    H B January 8, 2020

    No one should be shocked by the circus at the WH.

  81. izoyt
    izoyt January 8, 2020

    so, china and south america are the reason, there's so much junkies in the states, lol?

  82. Tom Barclay
    Tom Barclay January 8, 2020

    I predict that none… not one of these chest beating morons, who are screaming for an Iranian invasion, will actually go and fight. They're all privileged cowards, and would do anything to avoid being in the middle of a battlefield (bone spurs anyone?).

  83. Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez January 8, 2020

    Low IQ staff in Fox And Friends.

  84. Simon Raworth
    Simon Raworth January 8, 2020

    A broken Fox is right twice a day. Wrong literally the rest of the time.

  85. Jcewazhere
    Jcewazhere January 8, 2020

    Tucker is a pile of racist shit, but this time a kernel of truth floated up from him.

    You're welcome for that image, I hope it sticks forever in association with him.

  86. vilas gaikwad
    vilas gaikwad January 8, 2020

    Mexico is not bad ppl in that country just behead each other because they don't have a job

  87. James
    James January 8, 2020

    Immigration would slow from Mexico if we helped Mexico deal with the plague of the cartels. Do some research on how bad it is. No wonder people are trying to flock over here.

  88. iDroneFilmz
    iDroneFilmz January 8, 2020

    Whats up with the Jimmy Neutron hair do? Or are you going for ace ventura?
    Completely agree with your point of view though.

  89. espro76able
    espro76able January 8, 2020

    The orangutan man just want reelection at any cost

  90. Jamie B
    Jamie B January 8, 2020

    Israel is pushing war with Iran. Trump is their puppet and he's caved in to Netanyahu's pressure

  91. Bernie Demuth
    Bernie Demuth January 8, 2020

    But Tucker doesn't blame Trump implicity.

    FRESHPRINCE505 January 8, 2020

    hopefully trump will have a stroke & we can all get on with are lives 4 years of this ass hole talking every day its old tweet tweet that's all this bitch can do while he dodge the draft 4 times he don't give a fuck about us American people just money money

  93. Donald D
    Donald D January 8, 2020

    No democratic country has ever gone to war with another democratic country..Fact.


    Need to bring a end to Iran theocracy with overwhelming force asap.. the entire military strike and give back democracy.

    Never listen to a man with girls hair and sweater…

  94. polka
    polka January 8, 2020

    You had me until you called soleimani an evil man. What does that even mean? Obama bombed civilians. Is he an evil man? A general belongs to the executive power. He follows orders. If the us destroys your country, it might be an easy decision to harm us presence in the middle east (we can criticise us without supporting iran).
    Where and when did iran kill us soldiers? The best i found was that iran was linked to the deaths of 500 us soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. They talk about groups that were supported by iran. These groups attacked us soldiers in order to defend their own country.
    Do we want to start a war, because some groups supported by iran killed 500 soldiers in the defence of their country in the past 10 years?
    What has us done to iran? Forget about the airplane the us shot down, the regime change and all the other things. Forget about the retaliation of iran. Let us just look at the past years. Iran followed the iran nuclear deal to the word and trump sanctioned them. Their economy is in crumbles. They can't import medicine and food. Their ships are attacked. They are surrounded by enemies. They are not allowed to build weapons. Their population is suffering. Some are dying. What did people in us expect from iran? How would you react if the same was done to your country?

  95. misskat36
    misskat36 January 8, 2020

    Another issue in the US that should be dealt with in the US before starting yet another senseless war is the 22 a day. Which this admin doesn't seem to give a good GD about. So they aren't doing anything to help. Which doesn't surprise me at all.
    If you're wondering "22 a day" is the number of veteran who are committing suicide a day. If you support the war continue re-reading this until that registers.

  96. Frank N
    Frank N January 8, 2020

    Sucker Carlson has a rare moment of clarity. Okie dokie…doesn't change my opinion of the assmunch!! PS-David…WTF is with the 'wish I was Gumby' hairstyle? Sooo not a good look! #sorrynotsorry

  97. Darin Preston
    Darin Preston January 8, 2020

    Tucker always sounds like he is reading from a chapter book.

  98. BestEco
    BestEco January 8, 2020

    If war happens, the innocent, of both countries will suffer. Also, the innocents of other countries will suffer!

  99. Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark January 8, 2020

    I can kill someone and say I was threading as an American as long as the are different race a foreign country race let me say it correctly so everyone that on trial for murder Use What the president says what a time I was threatened so I killed him and let me say a correct I felt threaten so I killed him

  100. gn0015
    gn0015 January 8, 2020

    There's nothing shocking about Cucker Tarlson not in favor for an Iran war. He's been mostly consistent when it comes to foreign policy.

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