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Senior Journalist Damodar Prasad Analysis On AP CM YS Jagan Politics | #JouralistTime

my mother Prasad Susan Verstegen taslim sale of our IGAs was contain more data ppl samiksha and we do Takano world of upon Dalek someone in China samiksha are they with Hungary so cookie someone in China woke up at the Escovedo money the church our only we top part to Polavaram fan chai tea all over him with Manama port a couple of ironic someone into mark like a prize away the kicker someone the intial Chinna poodle Akram Academy cool City Reta modern world I'm not putting a bias with graha like someone in Qi Welcome Center medical Cindy a somber Bunga me Durango to munchies Nehalem on an ad chibuto every graha like someone in China church' week the part of meeting the Gordon time and eleazar with the machete learnt have a crackling avocado Mark Loddon Kurata in coconut yogurt a leg a martyrdom Wilmot landmark a world apart Archuleta the order to move a profit on green chili mercy stunt a gentleman roediger a non Elias Rajasekhara Reddy gotta get it will end at a million yeah it has later the moon looks I cannot turn peaceful that in the contamination Java important Thomson car poco de Vaca TPPA like someone in sovereignty ppl good into tech Church and I put a karateka take they'll be there some party won the Karnataka lo PPX someone in Sumatra demo later McLean on salient asam on now buddy shekharan the Reykjavik Iceland demoon de que la casa de san isidoro lay the mean the can't then you got the sevillana can tonight in the containment rosa made the charities quorum look on the Cottenham to our in trouble on the condom we are not quite but really awesome italian a shame low Cordell super sorry garnet lay that elevation Kanta my Delhi particular Sam would throw a party to my friend a particular Pokemon the Legion Amalia though a which are will be static original yellow yellow or a hobble of Aragon Navarre allocable de Manos even hundreds Alison get 200 first full of Samsung's wouldn't it lo único narrator the Chandrababu Naidu will remain tender I'll simulate a Pathan Assam argument went a professional k equal to I Kappa Delta J relevant a mocha macchiato core pulao to stay Qantas Samaj exam Italian the partition of particular and I recommend a 20-car professional terminate caleb minor father hominy do nanny mister 21st at the monitors to Nevada you must salute estimate from the first women can do comes away they look at the wall and they kind of are lay in a caustic on gigantic attic and eleven never big it has how much call girls away currency Bala personally pinchelow what about gravity worldly wise King about the world cows are you worried good today you can put it shall select someone in jail focus a bit of a tomato twenty some scarring Tamara twenty nirmaan up community with undergone delivery shame Chavez estimate astronomer independent column in the month to blue marker Timothy Rho mu Q mantissa Inga but Cuban three container home layer and could deposit thunder overnight gradual Castaneda he learnt the power of Russia okay we loop a message under have not given three delightful 11:03 day some part about the wife and L even though you need goodies and lvc puzzle volatility is about if I brought somebody got on to me of a meal having a good bit version though Rustom loca what the brother sacrament of eternal kendama Adam Tintin Samaj ever gala predict an alumna render super hot chili powder took at this city who know I shall melt from TV channel motivational pitch every Holly particularly each a telepathic mr. Luger chalice a large astronomer Monaco under this cozy one are in a 24-hour unprotect are the put health and tells the method for the practice at military shall open a particular ki-moon little Opry Pruitt's na da de Barra or develop watch over cook Andrew eh now terawatt about on cottages you are important article said the gap additional twenty Marta was Domini don't know how many delicate a pork and Rohith Vemula would I want to own the murid work so well about a month later academics are layer than equal to Mata candor both look so blue chip building margarine 100 whatever later gravely injuring indeed Aram to theorist overnight which incidentally the district went short share our own take on the tales about so now the in that case I know Connie Raja gave equation leather work a correlation though grant evaluation so if you Jennifer Domini the man roster buried the key Charla to our growth and our freedom sorry hey hey I'm sad man with the Victorian Maharashtra brought the wounded toward our I won't little operating for more today some problem buddy but developed at Calicut budget and I'm at the budget work back now donto another attached to keep up right after decades as the modulation is rate Appa Murray got some Tejada a wonderful calcaño Cooper Nevada and pinch : to medical to kill accommodate 20 are away sapped empanadas a maneuver asterism demonic or PI K and remove Manu hunka Spartan in the theory emerges today a solana minded to went to visit Lee did due to malaria Kunda Roz Danny Lake Linda she has to not to do with an IV romantic go home Chester 20 I'm sure will marry Kayla come on daddy fire can your package in the cavity put ina ye Prabhu Tom oh what a geek for over an airman about this is some porn and that can take a potential you got about polio but I got just arena but it's also seen a chaser shadow I had to work with ISIL assumptions about let them you can the combative are over the camera by 9 meter H insert an ignorant remember it when you put it together last about three but the phenomena by data in Cuddapah Delacourt low panoramas sonic bernie under Monell and annacarl futa jallon korekado contra put over that up with a way to me so much like to Internal Revenue Adama Carla will put the JLA will be sad but Nikita from calico para slamacow solid without without this force no serve only are they everything they're equally common would have put the JC Maria del Taco Gurudwara Sagara Cobra Dania putting in Chia with hangar Krishna de taille the driver is our ikat who know twenty I am lying and it is how you need to wonder if it's a turned us around target also alkyl kelp which a budget a profit on the Orang about antic Mendota Nevada got your enemy you know Goucher either what comes away they utilize antibiotics of me I tend to keep up thumper Manila face-punching arrow and take our chala injury in the boom like Jerry night I will take a good day at least the structure that will turned a cattle now son you're working on that Mako searchers are already know but the little boys are twenty them I mean tanah Merah lived until Waldo don't open de la vaca the white half of condoms on a pond on a 2000 come out it will not be any plainer you cut in a 20,000 South colleagues and supple leather such what I know it's a potential will vertical accuracy okay I quote the Romano granny let it simmer for the lubrication you're not easily return go to char and alumina which Allah brought revel in wonder what booth minutes to share eternity our screen Cheryl Marie that are screech a little cow Kendra mission is Lou K one opera is on the recorder or pilot but right Italy the Italian one Louie boot company so Salmonella moving up again – no Danny sadness I can move Ocala he did a platter we're done what they talk on the pointer bridezilla bargain Zbornak on tap out and we go to Nicaragua Johnny salvini embracing eternal plantain with there something going to interpret East Pakistan Stella gojira's panic occurs in G then then woke up the jury in Cuddapah look at Jerry get to declare crumbly you bring the Arama the salon owner twenty either salvo Danny put the candle appeared occur at the cocoon de Asuka with our he said with an appraiser we look whom come till now it's just innate immunity I think dissipate in the catapult Jenner will mineral dictatorship a lot of other ladies can come to the pencil it's a Walter but I have until the waiver thinner and it went a amount of unable to no company the done you get terms in their will to mean like they never let went to Paris to the cavity mu to kill a chimeric 20m Salah you know they perished a macabre the first family the collectible del I was saying the ppl rather just have money and applaud camera mounted in the route solitary German Romantic Road us a little perversion but in class how much is the mountains and overlapped a meter in she indicated he's how are we did through later why with the Gurdwara garbled whare a deacon touch our God what's your good heroes won't open anymore to buy salut you know till I watch it from Accra manga taboo to know the God you are equivalent Allah we rattle a tighter pants ah la cuenta I would put the red one to me yeah cool day to barter that car to taboo to Manila come on iris to know what happened to Gandhi in the profit is all we need to eat girly girl named Anna Prager t-minus a vagina he put Oprah pensive aptana a thermal we did controller determining out so incarnated a sorrow that mrs. Turner 20% el producto carissima cover Chippenham by the Panamanian law intake car – a car a comedy 20 the Herman we did Kendall a moose amazing so I'd say the nominee 2000 did – he golly we did three man of defined rather than a serpent's re cut to the tab keys to your Kouga maria ostrov's falco sedation oh what a product to murder care more about their appliances to the tram 7d Monica trial simulating the karna and vanilla law ok Patterson aye ye even if you look on family the journey no matter what are not the water you have the car Partington avoid an alpha channel – oh come on Alexa come closer at 20% would have as a nice my couch a large shallow that frontal shallow will be charged a rape charge a scorcher how do you eat trans the Kona side itself suddenly why did talk about the lock attacks in charge now celebrations all about unity if it happened a right to the power or did someone in circle today marine the government assassin equal of a Japan's arena walk out mr. Murray hmm night with Rahmon throughout the ages and I will do DNA someone who can come on theories converted the cartridges are old but while I can take the hangar man just all right look and I won't do it again sorry gear not sacred a notch any kirisaki how many do same Allah much their rights under saturation lagari need to powerful project will admonish undergone you either sama you can cherish shell and you want the chair of this unit 20 by little money on the controlled the matter was them 100 you could have caught the gravity then attendees put it on each character Mahapatra Marines just observe very eg bar it's time Google to define er I'd everything games an average the binder rasa that mean you're gonna find out whatever your arm on up and I said that is called a rostrum son tada I want a loop and Coco put it but he buried a man just a right to borrow an item for a teacher of mine that Florida well I'd won the lower I'm below you put the time Langham until it's come too late to take a another which are 1 million are aware are available to go to our well group I will consume easy steady we're gonna meet you that way though meeting a student they can take with you further with Anthony de neige look at I can you look at her like me Raja Kia with her optica with honey look at Al Haig Abu Sayyaf are there some point the stupid cook with a came on a good way she'll go what ask for a Bhushan is thus a sense of affinity what the puppies are American it meet each other when I had probably need any independent Cheryl quis quondam even oh hey Mercer heroes of Monaco salut Chara right similar qarun de chollet automatically but each animal in width anomaly though very he learn Tina telomere project Malika Sabah al-ahmad ninja manual in Cara's murder dominant get Krishna at the right angle just Hager can against are gay available over the to sternum shallots and the below Sagar I got Kimba Chara boobs I will carry though it won't be me marabous are difficult for tournament available from alhambra for assuming that we'll just create a minimum cavity we also have a shared and charming I think I couldn't a careful approach a pun and over there some settlements audience cannot move can remove around Amanda the Papa Chara mental indicator in Toledo Java for mine is look at iron chelate so theta inch in the carpet a I think inhabited on graphite in sorry he leaked our pond a mere man or a nomad there's habla con el arroz con la cuenta Vail among the Carmichael oh by the Renault lo pan gesture while Rekha mega rose alcoholics 121 degree sugar I reveled in Japan available kombu 220 a muscle wind toward a more wider base you can you talk about Gaza which is a man that I come to water this e Sarah's friend on the alternator the Cooper : d da da da co-development the whole boat our girl was already you Shanley Zygon move hundreds on this club it recording catches our anchovy Salman you see the dista merited a yoga room Desiree this Conde me proud once about one bitch quality water can't about a little bunny reporter is it right they come


  1. Venkata Ratnam Garikapati
    Venkata Ratnam Garikapati July 22, 2019

    హిత వచనాలు. వీని అలోసెంచండి.

  2. Venkata Ratnam Garikapati
    Venkata Ratnam Garikapati July 22, 2019

    సిన్న చాపలు తెనేవాలు పోయారు.
    తిమింగం లాలూ వ ఛాయి.
    సభ్యత. సమ్మకారం.ఓర్పు. వున్నాయా?

  3. ramulu undevalli
    ramulu undevalli July 22, 2019

    stop caste politics. it is not good for the state and country. See the reality.

  4. Jasmine Faluga
    Jasmine Faluga July 22, 2019

    Papam migtha valani enduku thiskuni vacharu 🥺😭😂

  5. Karri Srinivasarao
    Karri Srinivasarao July 22, 2019

    jagan mohn reddy oka sycayastrist maanavula manasu telisina vakkthy anye oka baba type antha kante ayanaku enka palana dakstja emi laedu

  6. Maga Powersar
    Maga Powersar July 22, 2019

    రస్పెక్టెడ్ పీపుల్స్ కామెంట్లు పెట్టరు మేడమ్

  7. JR cr
    JR cr July 22, 2019

    Bongu lo rule. Ma kammollaku rule cheysthe baga chestaru.

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